Owain Lake Forest

The Owain Lake forest is a 1400 hectare old-growth red and white pine forest on the south-east end of Owain Lake in the Temagami region of Ontario, Canada. It is the third-largest old-growth red and white pine forest left in the world. Research has shown that this forest contains rare and unique combinations of vegetation and soil.

It is the first old-growth stand to be opened for logging under the new Ministry of Natural Resources guidelines for Temagami. The Ontario MNR has opened 73% of the Temagami region to logging, mining and gravel extraction. In spite of the objections of environmental organizations, First Nations groups and private citizens, resource extraction will go ahead in the last accessible wilderness in Eastern Canada beginning immediately.

Earthroots has worked with the Comprehensive Planning Council to establish sensible land-use planning for the region. The suggestions of Earthroots, and many other environmental organizations were ignored in the final MNR plan. A proposal, called "The Wildlands Proposal" which outlines a sensible land-use plan, allowing for logging and mining in ecologically less sensitive areas of the region, was ignored. Only half of the remaining old-growth red and white pine stands left in the world were protected under the MNR plan. Earthroots is engaged in peaceful direct action to protect the old- growth pines of Temagami.

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