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Earthroots is a ten-year old environmental organization dedicated to research, education, and peaceful direct action in defense of our forests.

We have been active on boreal forest issues, James Bay Hydro-electric Project and land-use planning in the Temagami region of Ontario, Canada. We have a pilot reforestation project active in Eritrea and are active in the Taiga Rescue Network and the Forest Stewardship Council.

Earthroots is organized in two co-operative groups. Earthroots Coalition carries out peaceful direct action in defense of forests, Earthroots Fund is a registered charity in Ontario funding research and educational projects on forest issues and international reforestation projects.

Since 1986, Earthroots Coalition has been active protecting the old-growth red and white pines of the Temagami region. In 1989, Earthroots (then the Temagami Wilderness Society) blockaded the Red Squirrel logging road. Over 300 people were arrested in what is to date the largest peaceful action in an Eastern Canadian Forest.

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