Date Description
17-Oct-96 Lea Ann Mallet is arrested for a second time while escorting David Suzuki to the protest site. Suzuki, the host of the TV show "The Nature of Things" was not arrested.
20-Sep-96 2 protesters approach heavy machinery at the logging site and lock themselves to the machinery using bike locks. It takes the activists 5 hours to be removed and both are arrested.
17-Sep-96 2 protesters lock themselves to a an access bridge on Rabbit Lake Road. Police use a chain saw to cut a hole in the bridge to remove the protesters. Both were arrested but work was held up for 2.5 hours.
16-Sep-96 Ma-komin-ising Anishnawbe and other First Nations persons hold a traditional Native ceremony to welcome the members of the Forest Action Camp to the region. Ontario Provincial Police intervene and arrest 4 native and 4 non-native participants. 3 protesters lock themselves to heavy machinery with bike locks and holdup road work for 3 hours. All 3 are arrested.
05-Sep-96 2 more protesters affix themselves to the to the concrete block barricade for a total of 7. Approximately 3pm a large group of police move in and declare the blockade a "crime scene" and arrest without warning everyone on site (7 protesters + 14 support people and spectators).
04-Sep-96 Approximately 4pm the police request a meeting with the blockade spokesperson Lea Ann Mallett. She is without warning arrested, placed in handcuffs and charged with criminal mischief and intimidation.
03-Sep-96 4 protesters affix themselves to 800 lb. Concrete blocks setup on Rabbit Lake Road. 1 protester sits high up in a tripod behind the blockade.
30-Aug-96 Approximately 40 activists set up the Earthroots Forest Action Camp on the Rabbit Lake Road leading to the Owain Lake Ancient Forest.
27-Aug-96 OPP Suspect a bomb blast severely damaged a bridge on a logging road in the Temagami wilderness.
Jul-96 Ontario Government announces plans to open ½ of Temagami's ancient Red and White Pine forest ecosystems to logging and the majority of the land base to mining.
Jun-96 The Ontario Government delivers the final the Comprehensive Land Use Strategy for the Temagami area.
1989 Road blockades by the Teme Augema Anishnaiban and environmentalist cause media headlines and hundreds are arrested, including Bob Rae then opposition leader and future Premier of Ontario.
1985 Ontario Government announces plans to build the Red Squirrel Road into the heart of the wilderness south of the park.
1983 Lady-Evelyn-Smoothwater Wilderness Park is established but critical headwater and old growth forest areas are excluded.
1975 Local outrage stops government plans to build a downhill ski resort on Maple Mountain, a sacred native site.
1964 Original Temagami Preserve abolished.
1901 Temagami originally established as a reserve to preserve White Pine in 1901.

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