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Photo at right is of the Don't Attack Iraq march - Nov.16.2002

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    At CORPWATCH - Nov.2002
    - Tell UNICEF Not to Let McDonald's Use Children's Rights to Sell Burgers
       This week UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, launched a  partnership with fast food giant McDonalds, allegedly to help raise  money for charity - that is McDonald's own charities for children. Of  course, raising the money involved buying "Happy Meals," making it a  clever marketing scheme by McDonald's.  And critics say the partnership
    is bad for UNICEF and the children they work for, because it undermines its credibility as the world's foremost advocate for children.
  • Argentina: Workers Take Factories into Their Own Hands
  • Brazil: Debt Priority Over War on Child Labor
  • USA: Bank in Trouble After Recommending Boycott of Union Firms
  • USA: Cosmetics Industry Approves Controversial Chemicals
  • France: Activist Jose Bove Gets Prison Time
  • USA: Oil, Air, Energy Laws at Risk

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    ACLU NEWS - Nov.2002
       The Pentagon's new Office of Information Awareness is building a system called "Total Information Awareness" that would effectively provide government officials with immediate access to our personal information. Under this program, our entire lives would be catalogued and available to government officials.
       Ruling for the first time in its history, the ultra-secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review recently gave the green light to a Justice Department bid to broadly expand its powers to spy on U.S. citizens.
       "As of today," said Ann Beeson, litigation director of the ACLU's Technology and Liberty Program, "the Attorney General can suspend the ordinary requirements of the Fourth Amendment in order to listen in on phone calls, read e-mails, and conduct secret searches of Americans' homes and offices."
    At the STAR
    - Privacy under attack - Watchdog: Government has lost 'moral compass' Nov.24.2002
    - Christie figures don't add up: Toronto School budget cuts 23 million from the classroom
    At AlterNet.org - Nov.2002
    - Osama Is Under Your Bed
      As the Bush administration rams the Homeland Security bill through, Osama makes one of his rare appearances. Just coincidence?
    - New World Disorder
      How arms dealers profit from the war on terror.
    At the Village Voice - Nov.21.2002
    - Al Qaeda Hits America in the Wallet
    - Nat Hentoff: Ashcroft's Shadowy Disciple
    - The Human Cost of the U.S. Response to North Korea
    At localgovernment.ca
    - Sgro Report: Cities Strike Out (no representatives from our cities) - Nov.2002
    DAVID SUZUKI - Nov.2002
    - Turn up the heat: Take action to keep Canada in Kyoto
    - Air Pollution Fatalities Now Exceed Traffic Fatalities By 3 To 1
    At eye WEEKLY - Nov.21.2002
    - Second chance for city and humane society
    - The futility of fighting Front
     At Straight Goods - 19 Nov 2002
    - Media ignores Bush's own Vietnam service record - somewhere between AWOL and deserter - Linda McQuaig.
    At NOW
    National Day of Action Against War on Iraq – Sat.Nov.16.2002
       With one voice waking in the bracing cold Canadians protested against War on Iraq today.
    - Full Report, Photos & Links by Gary Morton
    At the STAR
    - What schools must give up to keep cherished programs - Nov.20.2002
    - Sgro unrolls urban blueprint - Nov.20.2002
    At CNN.com
    - Senate approves Homeland bill - Nov.20.2002
    At the SUN
    - Prague: NATO Summit set for protests - Nov.20.2002
    - Private clinic stirs fears - Nov.19.2002 ... Coalition of Senior Citizens Organization held a noontime rally yesterday
    At The Globe
    - Vancouver mayor-elect promises Olympic referendum
    - U.S. Homeland Security bill has Internet police powers - life in prison for hackers
     At Guardian Unlimited
    - Hans Blix arrives in Baghdad Arms inspector row erupts - Nov.19.2002
    The United Nations chief weapons inspector, Hans Blix, has accused hawks in Washington of conducting a smear campaign against him.
    Toronto Environmental Alliance Council Watch - Nov.2002
  • Partnership for a Pesticide By-law Launched: Press Release
  • Citizens Slam Water Board at Packed Public Meeting
  • Citizens Angry About Fare Hike At Transit In Crisis Rally

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    At the STAR
    - It's not impossible to fix Tories' costly hydro mess by THOMAS WALKOM Nov. 18, 2002
    - USA Private firm eyes Toronto water system - Nov.18.2002
    Councillors admit companies have lobbied for partnerships Bid to create a Toronto water board fuels suspicions
    - Speakers barred from campus: Injunction stops talk on Mideast- Nov.16.2002
    - Rental housing even more scarce - Nov.16.2002
    IMC Ontario- Nov.15.2002
    - Brazil: Two Thousand Homeless Families may be Ousted
    - Greenpeace Demands Removal of IMC Articles Relating to their Labour Dispute
    - Pictures from Greenpeace Picket
    YAHOO! News - Nov.2002
    - Whisky Island to Run Wave-Powered Bus
    At NowToronto - Nov.14.2002
    From the Straight Goods Bulletin - 13 November, 2002
    - Donations and lobbying from top contractors reveal problem of money in politics - Democracy Watch.
    - Lake Ontario Keeper: Great Lakes under fire from US engineers - Tom Carpenter. The agency that drained the Everglades is taking aim at the Great Lakes.
    The Observer: Bleak life for terror suspects in US jail. Letters to families reveal hunger strikes and suicides.
    At the SUN
    - Riders send TTC a rocket over hike - Nov.13.2002
    At FAIR.ORG - Nov.12.2002
    NBC Slams Universal Health Care
    At the STAR
    - Ontario - Incentives offered for greener energy - Nov.12.2002
    from the Ontario NDP- Nov.12.2002
    Hydro rebate - trying to buy your vote (Taxpayers subsidize for-profit companies)
    WE CAN'T BE BOUGHT - Taxpayer-funded rebates and subsidies to private, for-profitenergy corporations will feed, not kill, the Conservative/Liberal hydro privatization and deregulation monster, the NDP said in reaction to yesterday's government announcement of hydro rebates. Accelerating rather than stopping hydro privatization willen sure long-term hydro consumer and taxpayer pain, said NDP Leader Howard Hampton,the leading voice in the fight for public power. "Electricity is an essential public service that should be delivered at cost on a non-profit basis to Ontario consumers. Turningelectricity into a private, profit-driven business won't get us where we want to go as a province, as a people, nor as an economy," Hampton said. He slammed the rebate as a"cover up and a bribe using taxpayers' money to hide the mess of deregulation that will cost the public billions of dollars in subsidies to for-profit corporations. Ernie Eves thinks people can be bought, and with their own money," Hampton mused.

    DEREGULATION MONSTER STILL A THREAT - The NDP has led the charge for an accountable, public power that delivers electricity on a not-for-profit basis to Ontario's homes, schools, hospitals, businesses and industries. Its mascot, Hydrozilla, stalked thegovernment's hydro media conferences to remind one and all that the hydro deregulation monster is still a threat to Ontarians and their pocketbooks. "Having a public, non-profit power system is the only way to ensure stable affordable prices and a reliable, clean supply that meets government standards. We must continue to fight to derail the Tory/Liberal deregulation monster," said NDP Environment Critic MarilynChurley in Niagara Falls today. "Only the NDP's 10-point plan for accountable public power will rein in skyrocketing hydro bills and encourage new and clean electricity supplies. Just as the electrical generation industry runs from the Ontario market, theTories will try to convince people that a few more incentives will bring them back.Continuing with privatization and deregulation risks power shortages," Churley said. "It's time to get the public sector back into building capacity. We should start with asubstantial commitment to green power and conservation but we should also prepare to build gas-fired plants as well," said the NDP's Environment Critic and MPP for TorontoDanforth. "Price caps and subsidies constitute a billion-dollar Band-aid that the Conservatives hope will hide deregulation's higher prices at least until the next election,"added Niagara Centre MPP Peter Kormos.
    - Hydrozilla: Stop the Hydro Deregulation Beast
    At salon.com - 2002
    - NYC Fines Microsoft for Sidewalk Ads
    PeaceNoWar.Net: Nov.2002
    - US Dollars Yielded Unanimous UN Vote Against Iraq
    At CNN.com - Nov.10.2002
    Removal of dead terrorist's brain creates controversy
    At EAT THE STATE - Nov.2002
    - Health Care For All?  by Geov Parrish
       An Oregon initiative with a realistic chance of passage this week would create the first program in the nation that would offer a Canadian-style universal health care program to all state citizens.
    - Big Industry campaigns lead Oregon to vote down universal health care and genetically modified food measures
    - The New Old Slavery by Geov Parrish
       "Once a drug is sold it's gone, but a girl can be sold over and over before she collapses, has gone mad, committed suicide, or died of disease."--Wash. State Senator Jeri Costa, quoting a British Columbia man convicting of trafficking.
    At the STAR
    - Fighting to win: The `system' doesn't work, and the poor won't let it crush them By John Clarke
    At grist magazine
    - What Would Jesus Drive?- Nov.2002
    Ministers help kick off new phase of anti-SUV campaign
    At Seattlepi.com - Nov.2002
    - How the power shift to the Republicans will affect energy issues
     At Straight Goods - 05 Nov 2002
    - Gore Vidal claims 'Bush junta' complicit in 9/11 - The  Observer. America's most controversial novelist calls for an
    - Did North Korea steal Canada's nuclear secrets? - Asian Pacific Post.
    - Media have let down America on Wellstone tragedy - Stephen Block.
    - Was Paul Wellstone murdered? - AlterNet.
    - Kyoto resisters stuck in the profitable past - Linda McQuaig.
    - If only Iraq were rich in yams, not oil - Gary Gallon.
    - The death of the Internet - Jeff Chester. How industry plans to kill 'Net as we know it.
    - Bowling scores big - and Michael Moore's one man show in London.

    - Housing shell game - Reuel S. Amdur. Less-than-market housing units will still price poor out.
    - Weak link in Ontario's affordable housing plan - Reuel S. Amdur.
    - Homeless fight to retain housing squats - Paul Weinburg.
    - How Canada can abolish poverty and unemployment even in a no-growth economy - Gideon Rosenbluth and Peter Victor, CCPA.
    - Co-ops should be part of solution to Canada's housing crisis - Ian Skelton, CCPA.
    At Indy Media IMC - Nov.2002
    - Personal report on FTAA in Quito, Equador
    At the Village Voice - Nov.2002
    - Chicago Police to videotape protesters
    - Letter from Jenin
       Israel dubs Jenin the Palestinian "capital of terror." But who's really scared in this city under siege? Sylvana Foa reports on checkpoints, kid power, and the advantages of age.
    At WIRED - Nov.10.2002
    - Europeans Outlaw Net Hate Speech
    Wildcanada.net Action Alert - Friday November 8, 2002
       Salmon farming campaign launched to protect human health, wild salmon.
       Chefs, scientists, fishermen, and conservation groups on both sides of the 49th parallel joined on Tuesday October 29th to announce the launch of an international campaign to educate consumers and retailers about the environmental and potential health risks associated with the production of farmed salmon.
    For more information visit http://www.farmedanddangerous.org
    from ACLU Online: November 7, 2002 American Civil Liberties Union
       In a move hailed by the ACLU as a sign of continuing grassroots unease about the Bush Administration's response to the terrorist attacks, a community in Maryland has adopted a sweeping resolution protesting federal measures that violate civil liberties. With a unanimous City Council vote, Takoma Park became the 11th municipality to speak out in recent months against Bush Administration policies.
    - Read the text of the Takoma Park Resolution
    - You can make a difference -- support the passage of a resolution in your community!
    - Visit the Safe & Free homepage:
    - Take Action! Tell the Attorney General to stop his assault on civil liberties:
    - How Free are You? Take the ACLU's fun quiz to find out:
    At the Globe - Nov.10.2002
     - Thousands in Italy join peaceful march
    At CorpWatch - Nov.2002
    ENRON - Unity Platform on Corporate Accountability
       More than 200 global justice groups, including CorpWatch, are resisting the Bush administration's attempt to use the war on Iraq to distract from its under-the-radar attacks on corporate reforms.
    *India: Activists Protest Stance at UN Climate Talks
    *World: US Holds Back Agreement on Global Warming
    *UK: BP Fears US Will Carve up Iraqi Oil
    *Iraq: Baghdad gets Smuggled Winstons
    *USA: Is Google Power a Threat to the Web?
    *USA: Slowdown Sending Tech Jobs Overseas
    *New Database: 325 Corporations with Business in Burma
    *Bay Area Labor/Community March Against Corporate Greed
    Regime Change for the Democrats
    "The Nation Magazine on Election USA 2002
       The collapse of Dick Gephardt's leadership of the House Democratic Caucus didn't occur on November 5, when the party lost seats in an election where history and economic trends suggested it should have gained them. That result was confirmation of a crisis that had been apparent for some time.
    For more, read John Nichols' Online Beat
    For more on Pelosi's background, see Nichols' Nation cover-story from the August 6, 2001
    And for more on Election 2002:
    Capital Games by David Corn
    Rampaging Republicans by Nation Editors
    Less-Than-Zero Dems by David Corn
    Failed Midterms by John Nichols
    [MLNews]  2002
    [DRCNet] ALERT: Stop the Drug War Against College Education!
    Who Killed Senator Wellstone? mart-remote
    Bush Signs $355.5 Billion Defense Spending Bill into Law
    Money For Jobs, Not War March 10/26/02 SlideShow
    [corp-focus] Bowling for Baghdad
    Hundreds of rally photos worldwide. Easy links. Emperor, too! No Blood for Oil... eco man
    American Peace Teams In Iraq inea1111
    More On NATO's New Silk (Oil) Road Rick Rozoff
    Canadian Surveillance Alert: Submit Your Comments! - Nov 2002
    * Canadian Surveillance Alert; Comment Period Extended
        The Canadian government is currently soliciting comments on the so-called "Lawful Access" plan, a broader version of the U.S. Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act (CALEA).  The Canadian proposal expands upon CALEA by covering Internet Service Providers, among other provisions.
        Canada's Justice Department has announced that it is extending its public  consultation on lawful access to December 16, 2002.  The comment period  was previously scheduled to close in mid-November.
        [NOTE: Readers should be aware that many countries will be revamping their surveillance laws in the near future, claiming as Canada has that such "reform" is necessary in order to comply with international obligations. One source of such obligations is the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime, a treaty signed by many nations (including the United States) in late November 2001. The COE convention has not yet been ratified by the U.S. Senate, however.
       The COE process, which mostly took place behind closed doors, appears to be the latest example of a clever U.S. government tactic: work hard in the international arena to get U.S. government views into treaties or other international instruments; then tell Congress that legislation is needed to bring the United States into conformity with international consensus. We saw this happen with the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA, which the Administration claimed were necessary to fulfill our WIPO treaty obligations.]

    Links: View the call for comments:
    Residents Return to the Pope Squat – Nov.2.2002
       - read the report with photos
    What's in the works for our Waterfront? - Nov.2002
       Billions of dollars and over a thousand acres of land from the public purse; two new natural gas co-generation (heat and electricity) plants;  a garbage incinerator; burial of tons of toxic soil; lots of new roads; creation of biotechnology industry clusters; weak protection of ecology; and not enough affordable housing.
       Tell the City and the Waterfront Development Corporation what you think:
    - Economic & Social Benefits, Tuesday,November 12, 7:00-9:30pm, Metro Hall, 308/309, 55 John St. (King & John)
    - Environment, Monday,November 18 7:00-9:30pm, YMCA Central, 20 Grosvenor St. (just south of Wellesley Subway)
    - Parks & Public Space, Tuesday,November 19, 7:00-9:30pm, YMCA Central, 20 Grosvenor St. (just south of Wellesley Subway)
    - Urban Design & Transportation, Wednesday,November 20 7:00-9:30pm, YMCA Central, 20 Grosvenor St. (just south of Wellesley Subway)
    At NGIN- Nov.2002
    - Force-feeding the hungry - Eat GM or starve, America tells Africa
    IMC NEWS UPDATE | November 2002

  • http://indymedia.org/archive/features/2002/10/2002-10.html#5680
  • http://indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=212853
  • http://indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=213638

    From The Front Lines Of The Environmental Struggle
  • http://indymedia.org/archive/features/2002/10/2002-10.html#5665
  • http://indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=212485

    - Squat!Net: http://www.squat.net/
    SYDNEY: WTO, November 13-15, 2002
  • http://nowto.cat.org.au/
  • http://sydney.indymedia.org/

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    OCAP - National Give it or Guard it Housing Protests
    (Toronto October 26th 2002)
    - Photos & Report by Gary Morton
    From the NDP -Nov6.2002
    NO HYDRO CUT-OFFS IN WINTER - People should not have to worry about shivering in the dark without electricity during the winter if they can't pay their soaring hydro bills, NDP Leader Howard Hampton said today. Hampton introduced his private members bill, the No Freezing in the Dark Act, that would ban utilities from cutting off anyone's hydro between Oct.1 and May 1 for failing to pay their huge hydro bills. "Overcharged hydro consumers deserve more from lawmakers than a cold shoulder," said Hampton. "We need a law that guarantees that no one will be cut off during the coldest months of the year." Being able to afford hydro is becoming a real problem under the Conservatives' deregulated and privatized hydro system, Hampton said. "There's real fear out there among our seniors and people on fixed incomes that they will have their hydro cut off because they just can't afford to pay," he said. Local utilities are under intense financial pressure in the Conservative government's new system. Hampton says it's up to the province to ensure consumers don't suffer. The best way to do that is to cancel privatization and deregulation immediately and build a strong public power system.

    TENANTS TAKEN TO CLEANERS - The Conservative-Liberal hydro deregulation disaster is going to hit tenants particularly hard in the pocketbook in another rip-off built in to the new private hydro system. "Most tenants pay hydro through their rent and landlords can increase the rent to make tenants pay the sky high bills that we've been seeing. Yet when it comes to the rebate, it will go to the landlord because the landlord pays the actual bill," Howard Hampton revealed. "Why are you letting landlords pocket these rebates when it's tenants who will pay the high hydro bills through their rent?" he asked the Tory energy minister. "This is unfair even by your standards."
    From the Straight Goods Bulletin - 29 October, 2002
    - Corporate Canada bankrolls Martin's leadership bid.  Some democratic reform!  Multi-Million dollar backers will have more impact on political choices than increased rights for MPs.
    - $9-billion surplus undermines poverty plea in health care debate.
    - "Your children are not safe" - but WHY?  - Michael Moore.
    - Everything you need to know about gun control in the US - The Guardian.
    - Great Lakes reactors emit tritium into water - Bruce Centre.  Canadian guidelines ten times higher than US.  - Food manufacture: some facts - World Watch Institute.
    - Agrochemicals, food retail, and environmental consequences.
    - Exposing illegal Canadian electronic waste dumping in Asia.
    - War is a racket - Major General Smedley Butler.  The oldest, easily the most profitable, and surely most vicious way to make money.
    Toronto Council Watch 12 -  Oct 2002
    Get informed and take action to green Toronto.

  • TTC Fare Hike(s)
  • Iskand Airport
  • Keep Drinking Water Public
  • User Pay for Garbage?
  • Drive Through By-Law
  • Beach Clean up Plan coming

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    At the Sun -  Oct.29.2002
    - Animal group's feast for eye ...PETA protesters go hi-tech
    CBC News - Oct.2002
    Serious problems have been revealed by an audit into how the Toronto police force deals with public complaints.
    At the Star - Oct.24
    - Ralph Klein Heckled in Toronto
    - Loss of rental units hits Toronto hardest
    NDP News Digest - 23 Oct 2002
    PUSHING KYOTO - Ontario's premier should stop acting like "Ralph Klein's poodle" and make Ontario the "green giant" of renewable energy and smog reduction, NDP Leader Howard Hampton said today. New Democrats want the Conservatives to endorse and sign the Kyoto Accord and shun Klein's attempt to sideline Canada's role in reducing the world's greenhouse gases. "Ontario Power Generation has been running its coal-fired plants far too much, pumping out 37 million tons of greenhouse gases. Power profiteers will choose the bottom line over clear air every time. We need legally binding targets with tough enforcement. Premier, promise today to sign on to Kyoto and help Ontarians breathe easier," Hampton demanded.
    FARE FUNDING - Hampton and MPP Michael Prue did double duty pushing for transit funding for smog-choked Toronto. "Greenhouse gases and smog are getting worse," said Hampton. "That means your transit funding cuts have made more people sicker in Ontario. Why are you putting more cars on the road when you should be fighting smog and greenhouse gases by seriously funding transit?" Prue continued, "If the TTC approves the 10 cent increase they're
    talking about, fares will have increased by 46% since your party took office. That's an extra $438 out of the pocketbooks of transit users every year. We've proposed an extra $113 million per year for the TTC under our Ontario Transportation Trust Fund. Premier, will you adopt our plan so transit riders don't get hit in the pocketbook again?" The NDP's Transportation Trust Fund allocates two cents of the existing provincial gasoline tax for municipal transit systems and roads across Ontario. Of every litre of gas, 44 cents of the price are for provincial and federal taxes.
    END LIFETIME WELFARE BAN - NDP Poverty Critic Tony Martin appealed to the premier to lift the lifetime ban on people who mess up while receiving social assistance. Prompted by the current inquest into the death of Kimberley Rogers, Martin blames the Tories' inhumane welfare policies for much of the difficulty faced by citizens like her living on the margins of society. "Premier, can you tell me how anyone can be expected to live on $520 a month? Your government has cut social assistance so much that no one can live on it, and then if they mess up, you cut them off entirely. Your welfare policies forced a pregnant woman to stay locked in her house without any income. This is beyond inhumane. Will you raise social assistance rates to cover the minimum costs of living? At the very least will you end your governments inhumane lifetime ban?" Martin said.
    At NowToronto - Oct.24.2002
    Global Internet Liberty Campaign Newsletter.
    Volume 6, Issue 7, 22 October 2002
    - Greek government backs down on gaming ban
    - New proposals to enhance digital fair use rights
    - China arrests another Net critic
    - Internet Archive censors anti-Scientology site
    - Cybercafe chain faces Hollywood copyright threats
    - Leaked memo reveals US gov't illegal email spying
    - British Celldar trackers worry privacy experts
    From ARC News - Oct.2002
       The proposed plans for the Front St. extension show a road that could have as many as six lanes!  When you include turning lanes cyclists and pedestrians could face an eight-lane intersection at Bathurst St. and Front St!  Planners also predict a 200% increase in traffic on some neighbouring streets.  The Front St. extension is looking more like a Front St. expressway and does not adhere to the vision expressed in the new Official Plan.  A new group called the Citizens Against the Front Expressway (CAFE) has formed to oppose the plans. They are holding their next meeting on Oct. 22nd at 7PM at the Nativity of The Mother of God Cathedral (Dundas and Crawford, NW
    corner of Trinity-Bellwood Park).   Check out their website at http://battlefront.respect.to/

    Community AIR, the group opposing the expansion of the Toronto City Centre Airport (Island airport), won a small victory at the first Waterfront Reference Group meeting.  They came out in force to raise concerns about increased noise and air pollution if the expansion plans go ahead and managed to have the plans for the airport expansion
    sent back to city staff for further consideration.   Community AIR wants to see the airport closed and turned into a 200 acre waterfront park.  Check out what they are doing next at www.communityair.org
    Toronto Smog Seven Acquitted! -  Tue, 22 Oct 2002
    Toronto Action for Social Change   tasc@web.ca
    Smog Seven Found Not Guilty!
    Decsion Essentially Says Plice, Not Demonstrators, Caused Mischief by Blocking Roadway
            The seven smog protesters on trial for criminal mischief 14 months after they were arrested at the headquarters of Ontario Power Generation, Canada's largest polluter, were found not guilty by Justice Parry today (October 22) at Old City Hall. The seven--Shane Sarsfield, Angela Bischoff, Kirsten Romaine, Greg Bonser, Mary Hutchinson, Matthew Behrens, and Sue Breeze--defended themselves during the Sept. 12-13 trial which preceded the decision.
            In a brief decision, the judge noted that many of those charged were "veteran" protesters" who knew how to "pick up the gauntlet" when it comes to protesting social injustice and that, while the demonstration was a "valid and necessary exercise of rights," he did think the organizers could have used some introspection in terms of planning to disrupt traffic in an area with hospitals.
            Parry did note in his decision that one mitigating factor in the resisters' favour was the fact that ample notice of the demo had been provided to emergency officials long in advance as well as to the public, and that police on horseback, bicycles, cruisers, and video teams were more than prepared to handle the situation.
            Nevertheless, he found that the way in which police set up--blocking the curb lane of traffic on University Avenue with both officers and a van--was the cause of any traffic backup and delay any ambulance might have faced the day of the demonstration. Hence, the charge of interfering with the lawful use and enjoyment of property could not stick against the demonstrators.
            "While it's a relief to be declared not-guilty after having had criminal charges hang over our heads for the past 14 months, it's a concern that police continue to treat nonviolent protesters as criminals, laying serious charges that are often accompanied by strict bail conditions that seek to limit the right to protest," said Matthew Behrens, one of the seven.
            "We had hoped that the judge would have touched on the fact that in our five previous criminal acquittal precedents, all focused on the growing criminalization of dissent. People concerned about homelessness, the environment, and a host of other social ills should not have to wait 14 months or two years or however long it takes to be vindicated in the court process for showing up at a Charter-protected protest and being busted by the police.  It's clearly a strategy by the police to repress voices of dissent and intimidate people."
            Sue Breeze, another of those acquitted, sighed upon leaving the courthouse, declaring, "It's a victory for us, but the crime of air pollution that's killing over 2,000 people every year in this province continues, and the corporate criminals at OPG and in other positions of power have not been brought to account. Hopefully our acquittal today will
    send a message to them."
    IMC NEWS UPDATE | October 18, 2002

    - U.S.A.: ANTI-WAR October 26, 2002
    - ECUADOR: FTAA  October 27-November 3, 2002
    - SYDNEY: WTO November 13-15, 2002
    GreenPeace News – Oct.20.2002
    - Why attacking Iraq will not solve the problem of weapons of mass destruction:
    - Listen to Alice Leney narrate the launch of a Star Wars test firing from Kwajalein missile range in the Pacific. Scroll to the bottom of the page at
    Diary: Greenpeace activists report from the Brazilian rainforest community action
    from the Straight Goods Bulletin - 16 October, 2002
    - Feds Need a Doctor - They're Paralyzed - Gillian Steward. Federal government mangles medicare approving Alberta's first private hospital
    - Tax credits for disabled put at risk by budget - Reuel S. Amdur
    - Ontario electrical rates explode in wake of privatization and  deregulation - On-line responses include Hydro Hotheads club and on-line petition .
    - NDP leadership candidates debate the issues
    - Hospital drug errors a 'silent epidemic'- Ottawa Citizen.  Mishandled medication probably kills hundreds yearly
    - USAF acknowledges beam weapon readiness- Aviation Now.
    - How mobile phones let spies see our every move - Burke and Warren, The Observer.
    - Cheney: Investigators, Keep Out  - MSNBC.  The vice president blocks an independent commission to investigate 9-11
    At the Globe - Oct.17.2002
    - Romanow prescribes expansion of medicare
    Iraq - War for Oil Articles
    - "Oil Moves The War Machine," by Michael Klare
    - "Oil and the Bush Administration", by Mark J. Palmer
    - "Cheney & Halliburton: Go Where the Oil Is," by Kenny Bruno and Jim Valette
    - "A discreet way of doing business with Iraq," by Carola Hoyos, UN Correspondent - Financial Times, Nov 3, 2000
    - "In Iraqi War Scenario, Oil Is Key In Issue: U.S. Drillers Eye Huge Petroleum Pool," by Dan Morgan and David B. Ottaway
    - "Iraq: the Struggle for Oil ," by James A. Paul Executive Director,Global Policy Forum
    At the Village Voice - Oct.9.2002
    - Dreaming Green Stanley Aronowitz Wants to Build a Progressive Party—Crack by Crack
    - New York's homeless crisis is back—and so are the developers who figure out how to make money on people in need.
    - Mondo Washington: Seventy-four Democratic members of the House desperately try to monkey-wrench President Bush’s drive to win congressional backing for attacking Iraq. By James Ridgeway.
    Bicycle Friendly Business Awards Polluted by OPG Win – Oct.9.2002
       The Toronto Cycling Committee grants yearly awards to businesses that support cycling as sustainable urban transportation. Categories are Best Bike Parking, Bicycle-Friendliest Suburban Business, Bicycle Commuter, Best Small Business, Best Large Business, Best Skills Development, Best Overall.
       This year the category of Bicycle-Friendliest Suburban Business got permanently dropped. It seems there isn’t a single business in Toronto’s vast suburbs worthy of an award. Perhaps a suburban super-sprawl highway award would be more suitable for that area. Instead of a trophy mounted with a cycle, one could be made with a mounted tangle of cars and highways.
       Ticketmaster and Grass Roots were a couple of the winners, but they got overshadowed by Ontario Power Generation (OPG). OPG won an award, yet here we think they should have won two awards. A second blackened lung award should have been presented to celebrate OPG’s successful plan to pollute Toronto with coal-fired generating plants.
       Some people think activism died in Ontario a while ago. Perhaps the sellout to OPG (a publicly owned company that uses donations to cycling to distract from its dirty policies) is a final stake through the heart.
    At NowToronto- Oct.10.2002
    From the NDP News Digest Oct. 9, 2002
    DISABLED STILL WAITING - Four months have passed since the Conservatives promised MPP Tony Martin they'd review and improve the meager amount going to people on the Ontario Disability Support Program. "You promised to review the Ontario Disability Support Program and look into raising their benefits," Martin said. "Minister, do you even know the poverty line for people living in cities is $18,371? Do you even know a single person on ODSP gets a maximum of $11,160 a year? That's $7,211 below the poverty line. What kind of government is yours that would sentence people with disabilities to a lifetime of abject poverty? Commit today to increasing the benefits for people on the ODSP."
    At Other Media - Oct.9.2002
    - U.S. activists on peace mission in Iraq
    - Health care cash control rates `F'
    - Bush yields anti-union weapon to end lockout
    - Thousands protest cuts as B.C. legislature session opens
    Frightening private hydro forecast
    From the NDP News Digest Oct. 8, 2002
    HOLY HYDRO, HAMPTON! - Last week the premier told Ontario consumers to wait one year before pronouncing hydro privatization and deregulation the high-priced dud Howard Hampton always said it would be. But a study released yesterday looks ahead a year and concludes that under hydro privatization and deregulation high consumer prices and power shortages are here to stay. "We already know there's a strong possibility of brownouts, blackouts and price spikes next summer," Hampton said in Question Period. "Premier, will you join me and 80 per cent of Ontarians who are already on the public power bus and stop the hydro sell-off madness? Your own IMO Market Surveillance Panel says we don't have enough power and the private sector isn't bailing us out. Premier, why are putting our economy at risk by fiddling for a year while the lights go out? The Panel is also investigating several examples of gaming. That's the Enron-style market manipulation that became so famous in Cali! fornia. Your own panel says we're in danger of becoming California. That would hit consumers with skyrocketing rates and blackouts. Premier, will you stop the hydro madness and halt privatization and deregulation today? Turn back from the precipice now. Reviewing the Ontario Energy Board will not lower hydro rates -- only a regulated public power system can do that."
    From the Straight Goods Bulletin - 8 October, 2002
    - Michael Moore to US Democrats: "You're Either with Us Or You're Fired"
    - Linda McQuaig. Regardless of motive, PM wise to ignore military and corporate lobby in favour of health, education and housing.
    - Missing Vancouver women victims of public policy - Libby Davies. The criminalization of drug users and sex workers places them at greater and greater risk.
    - Why having a national home care program is a women’s issue - Jean Ann Lowry.
    - Biotech companies give appearance of softening to activist demands in new scheme to marry agribusiness with spy technology - CorpWatch.
    - Accounting scandal at Mother Earth, Inc. - Salon. Put that rainforest on your spreadsheet and suddenly the global economy looks different by trillions of dollars.
    - America's newest weapons - blinding lasers - In These Times.
    At Truthout - Oct.2002
    - Bush's Press Secretary: Administration Welcomes Hussein Assassination
    Electronic Frontier Foundation -  Oct, 2002
    * Hollywood Slams Electronic Frontier Foundation
    * EFF Supports ACLU Effort to Protect Anonymity of Online Speech in Landmark Case
    * Deep Links: So Scary It's Funny: Ed Felten's "Fritz's Hit-List"
    sometimes good things happen - Oct .2002
    an update from Cathy Crowe on the status of the Tent City residents...
       After the horror of the September  23 assault on Tent City it's great to say that once in a while a great thing can happen! Here is a brief update on what is now happening to people post Tent City eviction.
       The men and women (and dogs) evicted from Tent City have been in various locations since September 23, in part due to the TDRC pressure on the City to invoke their Critical Incident Protocol. This meant that some people were (and still are) sheltered in the Kingston Road welfare/motel strip. Others were communally sheltered at Woodgreen Community Centre with the exception of a couple nights across the street at Jimmie Simpson Rec Centre. Woodgreen, Social Housing Connections, Seaton House staff, Salvation Army, TDRC, PARC, Regent Park CHC maintained intense ongoing support through this trauma period. Particular thanks goes to Woodgreen for making their space available for an extended period of time and for the commitment they made to respond to people's huge physical and emotional needs. Woodgreen housing workers, City Staff and Social Housing Connections have truly gone above and beyond to help shelter and HOUSE people.
       On Friday October 4 we knew that Woodgreen had to return to their normal functioning. For the last few days bureaucracy was sped up (I have never seen that happen before!) and people were assisted with all the logistics of the rent supplement program which included getting ID, getting on Welfare, finding landlords, the signing of leases, etc. etc. Today it was quite exciting to see that a number of people had secured housing. People in the motels will stay there until next week when priority will be placed on assisting them in finding housing. A small number of people will go to 60 Richmond shelter tonight and be assisted again on Monday. Others will go to motel rooms thanks to PARC which facilitated and PAID for that option. Several others who are not able to tolerate shelters or take their animals into motels were provided with tents - again thanks to Woodgreen.
       Ongoing support for those moving into housing will be provided by a collection of people. Today, Friday afternoon, the mood at Woodgreen was happy and light. People were proud of their WIN and grateful for the public support they received. Many have made public statements to the media indicating they believe all homeless people should have the same opportunity they now have to enter housing.
       Naturally, the struggle is not over yet. People will face hardships in affording food, moving their belongings from Tent City, furnishing their places, missing their former neighbours. Some people are still lost to us and we are putting out the word and searching for people from Tent City who can be assisted next week at Woodgreen.
       The details of the rent supplement program are way too complicated to go into here except to say that Tent City people struggled for a long time making the right for housing a national issue. The outcry over their eviction leveraged monies - and so it should have. Tonight some people have entered their new homes!
    Cathy Crowe
    At the Guardian - Oct.3.2002
    - US hardline on Iraq leaves full-scale invasion a 'hair-trigger' away
    Anti War - Oct.2002
    400,000 join Don't Attack Iraq march in Britain
    - writeups,photos,audio
    At the Star- Oct.3.2002
    - Tory Minister quits over expenses
    - Criminal probe launched in city's leasing fiasco
    - Lastman left sputtering
    At the Globe - Oct.1.2002
    - PM plans old-time activism
    At Nature - Oct.1.2002
    - Genes caught skipping from bacteria to beetle
       Tokyo team claims first direct evidence of horizontal gene transfer.
    Corporate Watch - September 27, 2002
    - Chiapas' Last Stand Against Corporate Globalization
      A battle is raging in Chiapas' Montes Azules Integral Biosphere, Mexico's Garden of Eden. The last stand against corporate resource exploitation is taking place in this remote, lush tropical jungle, home to Mayan communities. Best known for ancient pyramids and endangered species like the toucan and jaguar, this modern day "El Dorado" is now
    threatened by the search for black and green gold: oil and biodiversity. Ryan Zinn reports from Mexico.
    BC on the Rocks - Sept.2002
    - Wholesale Privatization of BC Parks Already Underway
    At the Sun/Globe - Sept 29.2002
    - Squatters housed (Tent City residents to get six months free rent)
    - IMF protesters rally without incident (649 People Arrested)
    Web Sites for Federal NDP LEADERSHIP CANDIDATES - 2002

  • Bill Blaikie: www.billblaikie.org
  • Joe Comartin: www.joecomartinndp.ca
  • Pierre Ducasse: www.pierreducasse.ca
  • Jack Layton: www.jacklayton.ca
  • Bev Meslo: www.bevforleader.ca
  • Lorne Nystrom: www.nystrom2003.com

  • --------
    Ottawa Rally - End Israeli Colonialism- Sept.29.2002
    A Quick Reportback from Amazing Ottawa Rally!
       Today was the End Israeli Colonialism: Unite for Justice demonstration and rally in Ottawa. A few thousand (estimates are between 4 thousand and 15 thousand, with me leaning towards 10,000) people showed up in Ottawa for the event. There were people and groups from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, St. Catherines and other groups around the country. Similar actions were held in London, Ontario and other cities accross Canada.
       The march was extremely well organized, to allow everyone to feel comfortable and safe at the event, regardless of ideology. Groups represented in the march ranged from human rights groups (Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, the organizers), to peace-groups, to families, to Jewish-peace and Justice groups(Jewish Youth Against the Occupation, Montreal Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation, Jewish People's Liberation Organization, and more) , to the "Left".
       The march was around downtown Ottawa, culminating on Parliament Hill with speakers and cultural presentations, including dancing and singing (including some Syrian Rappers).
       Some pictures can be found at http://www.montrealmuslimnews.net/ottawapalestine.htm
       Congratulatons to the organizers and all who attended. As we say in Hebrew, Yasher Koach.
    Max Silverman, joeyjoejoe@rogers.com, Jewish Youth Against the Occupation
    Police Army Demolishes Tent City Toronto- Sept.24.2002
    Report and Photos by Gary Morton

       The long hot summer at Tent City on Toronto’s waterfront ended today with a police raid. Home Depot, owner of the land, moved in aggressively and by surprise. A hired security firm came with dogs, bulldozers, banks of spotlights and an army of police (on cycles, horses, in cars and paddy wagons) for backing.

       By sunset the residents and supporters were protesting outside. Cops lined the fence, security people and a lot of cops roamed the property, and a huge goon was setting all the surrounding fencing with barbed wire toppings. Some evicted residents had puppies and dogs. Cats and kittens remained locked in some of the small houses while a huge bulldozer remains parked until tomorrow. A security chief told me that any remaining animals would be turned over to the humane society if found. Otherwise they will be bulldozed under with the tiny houses.

       Under a deal with the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee, residents were allowed in to claim some belongings. Councillor Olivia Chow announced arrangements to move the people to shelters and hotels for the time being.

       Some of the squatters were weeping over the loss of their homes. And it really looks bad on the city, province and the feds, that people find tents on contaminated land preferable to the overcrowded city shelters. The message really is that people squat because they want housing. None is being created by the feds, rents are out of control and the province hasn’t come through with its promise to provide rent aid. All of it meaning that the issue is really only beginning, and not ending through this cruel eviction … they can’t bulldoze all of us under yet … though they would if they could.

    Photos by Gary Morton
    Before Raid:
     (Aug 2002 - Visitor Poses in Front of Tent City House

    During Raid:
    At the Gate
    Bulldozer and Cops Wait to begin Demolition
    Security Guard Inside Tent City
    Police Line and Spectators
    Police Horses
    Pope Squat Banner
    Cops Behind Fence
    Homeless Man and Dog
    Homelessness is a National Disgrace Banner
    Homeless Dog
    Big Security Guy Setting the Fence for Barbed Wire
    American Civil Liberties Union: Oppose Latest Version of the Faith-Based Initiative - 17 Sep 2002

    1) Support Civil Rights: Oppose The Faith-Based Initiative!
        Over a year ago, amid great controversy, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 7, a bill that would implement President Bush's plan to give taxpayer dollars to religious organizations to provide social services without requiring them to play by the same civil rights rules as everyone else.
        Recent reports suggest that the sponsors of the Senate version of President Bush's faith-based initiative, Senators Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Joseph Lieberman (D-CT), are working to cut a bring the bill to the floor.  While the Lieberman/Santorum bill, S. 1924,The "Charity Aid, Recovery and Empowerment (CARE)Act," has some improvements over the House version, it continues to jeopardize civil rights, privacy and religious freedom because it does not include explicit prohibitions against discrimination.
        Without this protection, the Bush Administration will allow religious organizations to discriminate against applicants for jobs on the basis of religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, HIV status or any other characteristic that a religious organization finds objectionable.
        Take action!  You can learn more and send a FREE FAX to your Senators from our action alert
    at: http://www.aclu.org/action/care107.html

    2) Stop the Government from Turning Neighbor Against Neighbor!
        In one of the most misguided responses to the terrorist attacks, President Bush is proposing a program to recruit one million volunteers to act as spies and informants against their neighbors. Due to intense public outrage, the Administration has now announced a scaled back version that would exclude postal and utility workers.
        Despite what Attorney General Ashcroft and the Justice Department have said, the threat of this dangerous program, Operation TIPS (Terrorist Information and Prevention System), has unfortunately not yet abated. As it stands now, TIPS would still recruit volunteers who work in the transportation, trucking, shipping, maritime, and mass transit industries. The only way to disable TIPS once and for all is through congressional action.
       Take action! You can learn more and send a FREE FAX to your Senators urging them to trash
    TIPS at: http://www.aclu.org/action/tips107.html
    Straight Goods Bulletin - 17 September, 2002
    - Gulf War veterans oppose re-invading Iraq
    - US lines up disaster relief for Iraq in advance of invasion - Ken Hechtman.
    - Florida terrorism 'crisis' riddled with misreporting from CNN on down.
    - Welfare denial leaves single mother hopeless - Susanne Shaw.
    - Canadian oil pipeline in Amazon - Toronto Environmental Alliance.
    - Truckers need more respect, not more hours! - Help stop new regulations that would require truckers to drive 84 hours, or more, a week.
    At the Star - Sept.19.2002
    - U.S. was warned of Trade Center threat
    Peter Jennings Cries Wolf- September 18, 2002
       The special was called "In Search of America," but when ABC News and Peter Jennings addressed the issue of the reintroduction of wolves to Idaho (9/3/02), they gave the strong impression that they’d already decided what they would find before they started to look.
       ABC told a story about the federal government forcing Idahoans to accept wolf reintroduction against their will-- with the wolves, ravenous for the flesh of cattle and sheep, now having a ruinous effect upon powerless ranchers.
    - Read the full article.
    Earthroots Special Announcement: Temagami Photos - 18 Sep 2002
    Portions of Temagami remote old-growth and wilderness forests are threatened by clearcuts. These cuts, planned by Liskeard Lumber and given approval by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources will damage important wildlife habitat, disrupt eco-tourism land trails and canoe routes, and disrupt the integrity of native spiritual sites.

    Earthroots and 30 wilderness activists entered the forests of Temagami from September 12-17th to learn more about old-growth forest ecology, build trails and strategize. These dedicated activists traveled into this remote forest via canoe, bike, or plane. CityTV and Bob Hunter recorded the weekend's events.

    New photos from the gathering camp can be viewed at the Earthroots website at

    Also be sure to read the NEW Temagami action alert at

    Couldn't make the gathering but would like to get involved? Contact Louise Molloy, Earthroots forest campaigner at louise@earthroots.org.
    Hampton Wants to Spray Pesticides to fight West Nile ??!@#@@! - Wed, 18 Sep 2002
    From:  Gomberg and Greenspiration <greenspi@web.ca>

    Hi Friends of Greenspiration:

       My day got off to a bad start when I heard Howard Hampton on CBC radio this morning urging the spraying of pesticides to kill the West Nile mosquitos. right.

    If this sounds like a bone-headed idea to you, call the NDP leaders office  right away at: 416-325-8300, You can fax 'em at: 416-325-8222

    * You might want to mention that his "cure" of spraying would be worse than the "problem" of west nile.
    * Remember Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring about DDT and the dangers of spraying chemicals to "get rid" of mosquitos? The toxic chemicals end up in the food chain, in our food, in the atmosphere, etc.
    * We have West Nile because of the warming climate. The way to head off these sorts of problems is to invest in programs to cool the planet.
    Building bike paths and changing lightbulbs to compact fluorescents come to mind.
    I just rejoined the NDP after several years lapse (to vote for Jack Layton as leader). I hope that Mr. Hampton will backpedal soon,

    Leaked Cabinet Memo Reveals Eves Government Abandoning Tough Animal Cruelty Legislation - Wed, 18 Sep 2002    From:  Mike_Colle-MPP@ontla.ola.org
        (Toronto) - Today, MPP Mike Colle (Eglinton-Lawrence) released the contents of a Cabinet memo that showed that
    the Eves government has abandoned its commitment to effective animal cruelty legislation.
    - read the full article.
    Global Internet Liberty Campaign Newsletter.Volume 6, Issue 6 Sept 12, 2002
    Complete newsletter is posted here
    Free expression
    [1] China blocks Google, Altavista search engines
    [2] Greek court throws out game ban case
    [3] BT weblinks patent suit fizzles
    [4] Vietnam pushes harsh Internet restrictions
    [5] Chinese & Korean Net music sites face legal woes
    [6] Britain ponders tough new Net copyright rules
    [7] Protest site decries weblink bans
    [8] Egyptian Net poster faces jail time
    [9] Corporate parody website hit with trademark threats
    [10] Anti-DMCA lawsuit centers on Net blocking software
    [11] Internet becomes key free speech outlet in Iran

    [12] Canadian plan to make Internet spy-friendly
    [13] Recording giants seek Net provider's help to spy on customer
    [14] War of words over Euro data retention plans
    [15] Microsoft settles Passport privacy case with U.S. gov't
    [16] New Bulgarian telecom law may have privacy implications
    [17] Surprise US spy court ruling criticizes gov't officials
    [18] Ukrainian Net provider license plan worries privacy advocates
    [19] DoubleClick settles U.S. multistate privacy probe
    [20] US university official job-shifted over web break-in
    [21] New reports document erosion of online privacy
    [22] US gov't refuses to issue new mobile phone privacy rules

    [23] New GILC member: Reporters Sans Frontieres
    At the Village Voice - Sept.2002
       Where were you when they shredded the Constitution? One year after the 9-11 attacks, Alisa Solomon meditates on Ashcroft, the fate of immigrants, the death of due process, and other signs of clampdown. Plus Coco McPherson runs down the lowlights of this hellish year.
    I Hear America Sinking by James Ridgeway
    Straight Goods Bulletin – Sept.2002
    - West Nile Virus - A manufactured crisis - Lynn Landes.
    - Clement's semantics in Banff disguise fatal poison pill - Minister Tony  Clement's lip service to the Canada Health Act hides dangerous agenda.
    - Legal aid fails to defend - Reuel S. Amdur.
    - Canadian water - the true cost is in the tax bill - Suzanne Elston.
    - Customers and union fight for Ontario's "People's Bank" - David Cox.
    - Watch for Supreme Court decision on video surveillance  Mick Lowe.
    - Nanticoke Submarine Cable would multiply Ontario air pollution.
    Corporate Watch - Sept.2002
    - BEYOND 9-11: Everything Didn't Change
       A New Yorker looks at the  squandered opportunities to remake US consciousness and global policy following last  September 11th.
    In the News
    - USA: Enron's Giant Bandwith Scam,  Daily Enron
    - USA: Nuclear Reactor Guards Feel Vulnerable to Attack,  Environment News Service
    - USA: 12 Things to Do Now About Corporations,  YES! Magazine
    - Africa: 9-11 Viewed from Abroad,  National Public Radio
    - Malaysia: Dark Twist in WTC Scraps' End,  Associated Press
    - USA: IRS Kicks Back Corporate Fines,  Daily Enron
    The Nation's September 11 anniversary issue - 2002
    - Enemy Aliens and American Freedoms by David Cole
    - The End of Empire by William Greider
    - Changing History by Eric Foner
    - Whose Security? by Charlotte Bunch
    - The Left and 9/11 by Adam Shatz
    - The Art of 9/11 by Arthur Danto
    - Standing up for Dissent by John Nichols
    - A Green Ground Zero by Amanda Griscom & Will Dana
    At NowToronto - Sept.2002
    - FMTA advocates getting neighbours evicted for pot smoking
    Lastman Attends anti Palestinian Talk
    Netanyahu Picket in Toronto - 10 Sept
    From:  joeyjoejoe@rogers.com
    Dear friends,
       Today was the speech in Toronto, Canada by the former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. We, of course, arranged an information picket outside of his venue.
       We were met by a counter-picket, however this was not the usual suspects of JNF supporters out to say yes to Likud, this was (for the most part) the JDL (jewish defense league (a registered domestic terrorist group inside the USA)) and Kahanists(a registered foreign terrorist group according to the USA). This was the first time they had mobilized in Toronto in a long time.
       The police had segregated the "picket" area into 2 sections, barricaded apart, with a police buffer zone in the middle. Knowing the Kahanists,  this was a GOOD move.
       The picket lasted for about 2.5 hours, and the anti-Netanyahu side had around 200 people in total, and the Kahanists et. al. had about 100 at it's highest point. Ironically, most of the Kahanists did not go to see
    Netanyahu speak, but just blindly defended him. Their signs read "The Arabs are occupying Israel" (well known Kahanist racism) and "Zionism=Democracy", and others.
       The only violent moment occured when one JDL terrorist snuck around behind our group, lunging a fist-sized rock at us, hitting one protester in the shoulder, in the end he was alright. The police after explaining
    20 times what had happened went to look from where the rock came, but couldn't find anyone.
       Netanyahu never came through the front door, and either entered through the back, or came 5 hours before his talk was scheduled for. Our very conservative, Jewish mayor Mel Lastman showed up however, and made a big entrance out of a limousine, ignored us, and went inside. It must be spread far and wide that this "mayor" made a very clear political statement- Netanyahu is a legitimate and acceptable person to celebrate and praise.
       Some of the positives of the picket was that there was a very large anti-Netanyahu Jewish contingient, myself included. Another positive is that most of the chants that upset or bother alot of potential members
    of the Palestinian solidarity movement were not there. There were a few "Zionism is Racism" which we have been trying to avoid, and a few "Hey hey, ho ho, we support the PLO", which is ok, except that some have lost faith and hope in the PLO. But generally, the slogans were anti-occupation, not generically "anti-Israel" or anti-semitic. There was also very limited "Allah Hou Akhbar".
       Overall a very succesful picket, which coupled with the shutdown of his talk in Montreal, and the picket of his talk in Manitoba definately sent  a clear message:

    Towards Peace and Justice!
    Max Silverman
    Stop Bush’s War on the World – Sept.9.2002

       Protesters were out in Toronto as Jean Chretien and George Bush met in Detroit to discuss Bush's plans for war on Iraq. The USA appears to be ready to move with Britain in a new military campaign against Iraq.

       Americans used to demand proof of a just war. But that was yesterday. Today Bush wants United Nations approval for a war of convenience. Knocking out Saddam would put Iraqi oil fields under American corporate control, put the squeeze on Iran, boost the US economy and rescue Bush’s sinking popularity.

       To frighten us Bush says Saddam is developing weapons of mass destruction. Yet he doesn’t actually have them, while nations like India, Pakistan and Israel do have them and threaten to use them. Scarier still is the fact that the USA has the largest supply of weapons of mass destruction, and will use them whenever it is convenient to do so.


    protest info e-mail: dropthesanctions@hotmail.com
    At the Star - Sept.9.2002
    - Protesters force Ex-Israeli PM to cancel speech
    - Canada not asked to join Iraq strike, PM says
    - A resistance to the disease of thought
    On historic day, (Sept 11th) U.S. turns away from eloquence By Lewis H. Lapham
    - Taking stock of Bush's war on terror By William Walker
    At the Nation - Sept.2002
    Ongoing - No Rush to War on Iraq page of articles.
    - List of antiwar marches and protests coast to coast.
    Oppose Culture War Against Raves! - 5 Sep 2002
    TO: ACLU Action Network Members
    FR: Angela Colaiuta, National Field Organizer
       A new kind of social event that mixes an electronic music concert, light show and dancing--popularly known as raves--has been portrayed as dangerous, sinister drug fests and the people who attend them as criminals who only use the events to sell drugs to youth.  Raves, however, are a legitimate cultural event just like rock concerts, art exhibitions and film screenings, and are an important outlet for youth culture today.
       In a misguided spin-off of the "War on Drugs," the Senate is considering the Reducing Americans Vulnerability to Ecstasy (RAVE) Act, S. 2633, legislation that targets raves and would impose huge fines and even prison time on the owners of venues into which customers bring controlled substances. No matter how much security event managers put in place, they can be held responsible for the actions of just one customer.
       Holding club owners and promoters of raves criminally liable for what some people may do at these events is no different from arresting the stadium owners and promoters of a Rolling Stones concert or a rap show because some concertgoers may be smoking or selling marijuana.
       Take action!  You can learn more and send a FREE FAX to your Senators from our action alert at:
    At the Village Voice – Sept.2002
    - BETTER HOMES AND SQUATTERS - How a radical movement is coming of age.
    - Nat Hentoff: Attorney General John Ashcroft—it's time to call for his resignation.
    - Mondo Washington: Why Uncle Sam's a bigger bully than Saddam. By James Ridgeway.
    CKUT Radio: Under Occupation -  Sat, 7 Sep 2002
    From: stefan christoff <christoff@dojo.tao.ca>
       As the Israeli defense force continues on it's path of destruction and violence throughout Palestinian communities in an attempt to crush the Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation. The repression and brutality which Palestinian activists, communities and people experience on a day to day basis become clear with the ³lockdowns² or curfews which have imposed on Palestinian cities like Nablus.
       We spoke to Sam Bahour a Palestinian, writer, father and businessman living under the Israeli occupation. Sam looks at the context of the Israeli occupation, the realities facing Palestinian society as the school year begins and economic apartheid which the occupation has created leaving much of Palestinian society in poverty.
    -> To listen to the interview with Sam Bahour visit:
    A Straight Goods Bulletin - 6 September, 2002
    - School trustees’ deficit-running stand echoes wishes of Canadians - Linda McQuaig.
    - News tells tale of environmental crisis over fossil fuels - Suzanne Elston.
    - Sellout of environment- Maude Barlowe. Globalization overshadows environmental agenda at Summit.
    - Partnerships at World Summit - Viviane Weitzner, The North-South Institute. Reflections on a 'new' buzzword.
    - NDP Leadership race question of the week: - Jean Chrétien was a master at baiting voters with strategic voting. How can the NDP avoid this trap?. Straight Goods e-interviews the candidates - and four reply.
    Two environmental activists who scaled the outside of the CN Tower last year have been found guilty of mischief.
    Electronic Frontier Foundation - Sept, 2002
    Read the full issue of EFFector
    * Death Knell Sounded for Web Radio?
    CORPWATCH - 9/5/2002
    CORPORATE-FREE UN - Sustainable Development: RIP
    Sustainable Development is dead. It's demise came, ironically, at the World Summit on Sustainable Development, CorpWatch’s Kenny Bruno tells us from Johannesburg.  It's not that the phrase wasn't invoked. It was, ad nauseum.  But sustainable development was deemed to be whatever compromise governments happen to reach on trade, subsidies, investment and aid, and whatever projects corporations see fit to finance. The silver lining? Resistance is alive and well in the streets.
    *South Africa: Earth Summit Plan Adopted
    *South Africa: Summit Delegates Jeer US Policy
    *World: New WTO Director Submits Plans for South
    *USA: IRS Kicks Back Corporate Fines
    *USA: What Do You Mean 'Us,' Boss?
    *USA: Long Island Breast Cancer Study Missing the Nuke Connection?
    *USA: Export Agencies Sued Over Global Warming
    *Taxpayers Unknowingly Support Big Oil
    *Big Tobacco Wins, Kids and Taxpayers Lose in California
    *Corporate Greed Infects Downtown Washington
    *Bayer Responsible in Pesticide Deaths of 24 Children in Peru
    At the Globe - Sept.5.2002
    - Senators want pot legalized
    - Israel should ease Palestinians' plight, U.N. envoy says
    At NowToronto - Sept.5.2002
    While Dubya preached democracy to sell his "war on terror," the U.S. was busy exporting a terror of its own
    - Soweto Showdown
    At the Guardian - Sept.4.2002
    - Humiliation for Powell at earth summit
    Reclaim Goes Off as an Easy Street Party - Sept.1.2002

    Photos by Gary Morton
    * I messed up most of my photos but here are a few.


    Other Photos at Indy Media

       Reclaim the Street peaked with a street dance as marvelous as the sunny weather we’ve had all summer in Toronto. As the long slow snake march reached Yonge and Dundas in the heart of the city, spirits rose, young people began to dance in a circle, and the rest of the crowd streamed around the corner, creating a car-free zone on the street.
       Drummers clicked out their steady beat of celebration, balloons popped in the air – dancing and chalking of the street began … going on for a long time after the DJs set up with a cool portable record machine that blasted dance music through a few large speakers.
       Some top dancers were shaking it up around that while others were moving with the drummers a brick toss to the north.  I twirled on roller blades on the road out front of the Hard Rock Café … kind of like being in one of those old roller halls where you revolve to the music … only the street is much better.
       Police on horses made a menacing silhouette in the background, and though they had made a couple charges during the march over from Kensington and Denison Park, they backed off on Yonge and let the party happen. They actually came off better than some of the Neanderthals from the dull side of the activist community, who a day earlier were arguing with me, saying the streets are made for cars and people that unite to reclaim the street are a nuisance.
       Those are probably the same guys that say we shouldn’t breathe the air because the sky was made for plane pollution.
       When you’re at Reclaim the Street, you get the feeling that streets are for people … you wish thousands more would come out and bottleneck all of the ugly speedways.
       Every party has to start somewhere … the small 5th Toronto Reclaim the Street was a good one.  It should be a lot bigger … bigger than say, the police department, car engines and the fat mouths of its critics.
       So if you’re sitting around in your yard or at the Pope Squat, that can get boring … make it better, reclaim yourself on a green street.

    Gary Morton http://CitizensontheWeb.com

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