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At eye WEEKLY - Nov.21.2002
- Second chance for city and humane society
- FUR PROTESTS AT THE BAY Toronto: Freedom for Animals is continuing the bi-weekly protests at the Bay (until it stops selling fur) beginning October 20th.  Please note that the demos are now on Sundays not on Saturdays, as in the past.  For more info on our Boycott the Bay campaign, visit: www.geocities.com/BoycottTheBay
Please mark your calendars…
The fur demos are from noon - 1 p.m. and they take place at the southwest corner of Queen & Yonge Streets.  Join us on:
   Sunday, October 20, 2002
   Sunday, November 3rd
   Sunday, November 17th
   Sunday, December 1st
   Sunday, December 15th

- Eves Government Abandoning Tough Animal Cruelty Legislation - Wed, 18 Sep 
- Peter Jennings Cries Wolf - September 18, 2002
- War on terror being used as fig leaf By Thomas Walkom (Aug.21.2002)
(animal rights activist latest victim)
- Ernie Eves forms new rock group "Guns and Clearcuts" - Thu, 13 Jun 2002
- MarineLand May 2002 Protest: They're Buried on the Hill - May 19th.2002

Toronto Cat Torturers Cruelty Case
Power’s Sentence Appealed - The crown is appealing the weak sentence handed to Kensington cat torturer Jesse Power. There was considerable protest, with many people offended by the judge’s view that Power intended to eat the animal and was somehow less guilty because of that.
   Photo below is of Shadow – a five-week-old all-black kitten rescued recently from Kensington. Shadow says he was sent to cross Jesse Power’s path, insuring bad luck and eventually a severe sentence.

- Activists applaud appeal in cat-torture case - May.17.2002 
- Toronto's cat crisis - April.2002
- Cat killers sentenced - April.19.2002
- Photos of Court House Demo by Jane Murphy - Caged Hamilton
- Animal Activists to Launch a Brown and White Ribbon Campaign - April.18.2002
- Farmed salmon high in PCBs, study says - May.17.2002 

- Puppy Mills and PJ’s Pets Protested in Toronto - Sat. April 6, 2002 

Transgenic Animals (2002) A bit of fly DNA might be about to turn the trickle of genetically modified animals into a flood
- The 582,000 animals that are genetically modified in Britain's labs - May 2002
- Watchdog would halt 'cruel' bid to create GM pets
- Sinning genes make "designer" animals easy
- Jumping genes make "designer" animals easy

- Urgent International Plea for South African “PROBLEM’ ANIMALS”  - March.2002
- Fur Flies as Loco Furrier Attacks Protesters – Feb.9.2002 
- Earthroots calls for an end to wolf snaring in Ontario - Feb 2002
- Migratory Birds Need Better Protection - Feb 2002 
- Time is Running Out for Organ Transplants From Animals– Jan.2002
- Help Prevent the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats - Feb.2002
- The RIGHT TO HUNT TORIES (Opposing Tory Right to Hunt Legislation – Jan.2002
- Hunting the Hunters: Women Hunt Saboteurs - Jan 2002
- Advisory committee recommends ban on xenotransplantation for now - Jan.7.2002
- Christmas Medical Horrors - Five Little Genetically Modified Piggies - Jan.3.2002
- Animals say no to GMO [from the GM Free website]  - Dec.2001
- IFAW: Stopping the Slaughter of Apes for Bushmeat  - Dec.2001
- Hamilton, Ontario - Gore Park Deer Mistreated - Dec.2001
- Protesters hold fake fur fashion show at the Bay - Dec.2001
- Royal's Story - Pound Animals In Research Need YOUR Help - Nov.2001
- Police brutalize animal rights protesters in Little Rock, Arkansas - Indy Media Nov.2001
- Joe Clark Dogged by Animal Rights Protesters - Oct.23.2001
- Ontario Action Alert: Harris to Make Hunting a Legal Right! – 16.Oct.2001
- Autumn Fur Protests - Oct.20.2001
- Star Columnist Ape Angry over Animal Rights - PJ the Cat Oct.16.2001
- Puppy Mills (outlaw them) - from Stephanie Holliday Oct.9.2001
- Peace on a Cloudy Afternoon - (anti-Fur) Sept.22.2001
- AnimalAid  Relief for Companion Animals  of the Terrorist Victims - Sept.2001
- Bill to Shut Down Puppy Mills - Aug.29.2001
- Where Cruelty is Cool - Art System's Showing of Aesthetic Evil  - Aug.25.2001
- Hamilton - CAGED Pickets the Wonderful World of Animals – Aug.12.2001
- Niagara Action for Animals: MARINELAND Protest – Aug.2001
- Support Stronger Cruelty to Animals Laws - Bill C-15 - July 2001
- Globalization & Animal Liberation - July 2001
- Shrine Circus Picketed - Sun.July.8.2001
- Protest at the Laboratory Animal Science Conference- July 2001
- Downtown Animal Torturers May Have Been Stalking Women – June.17.2001
- Skewed Ethics of Animal to Human Organ Transplants - May.2001
- Protesters Oppose Animal to Human Transplants - May. 2001
- Niagara Action for Animals: MARINELAND Protest – May.2001
- Navy Sonar System Threatens Marine Mammals - May.2001
- Lions under threat from George Bush's Big Game Hunters – May.2001
- Cruel City Circus -  March.24.2001)
- Anti-Fur Demo at the IT Nightclub – March.19.2001
- Freedom for Animals Update - Feb.26.2001
- Bay Fur Protest- Sat.Feb.17.2001
- Turf Cat Trapping Councilor -  By PJ the Cat - year 2000

Leaked Cabinet Memo Reveals Eves Government Abandoning Tough Animal Cruelty Legislation- Wed, 18 Sep 2002    From:  Mike_Colle-MPP@ontla.ola.org

    (Toronto) - Today, MPP Mike Colle (Eglinton-Lawrence) released the contents of a Cabinet memo that showed that the Eves government has abandoned its commitment to effective animal cruelty legislation.

The note, prepared for today's Cabinet meeting in Sarnia, clearly shows the government is set to throw out the recommendations of a working group that has been working since 1999 to update the 80 year old Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.  It also flies in the face of over 230,000 Ontarians who signed an OSPCA petition asking for effective animal cruelty legislation.

Instead, the government is set to proceed only with Bill 129, a private Member's Bill that has been rejected by the OSPCA and numerous animal welfare groups as inadequate.

"Bill 129 is a fraud," says Colle.  "It's a PR stunt disguised as something first-rate when in fact it does absolutely nothing but give Ontarians a false sense that perpetrators of animal cruelty will be dealt with."

This decision represents an about face for Premier Eves, who had described adopting tough legislation for puppy mill operators as a priority during the spring.  The Premier had speculated several times about incorporating parts of tougher cruelty legislation proposed by the Official Opposition, including Bill 105, Colle's Animal Cruelty
Prevention Act.

"It is clear that the Eves government has abandoned it prior commitment to stronger cruelty legislation," said Rob Sinclair, IFAW Provincial Issues Coordinator.  "If passed, it will create a two-tier cruelty system where dogs and cats have inadequate protection and other animals have none at all."

Peter Jennings Cries Wolf
September 18, 2002

The special was called "In Search of America," but when ABC News and Peter
Jennings addressed the issue of the reintroduction of wolves to Idaho
(9/3/02), they gave the strong impression that they’d already decided what
they would find before they started to look.

ABC told a story about the federal government forcing Idahoans to accept
wolf reintroduction against their will-- with the wolves, ravenous for the
flesh of cattle and sheep, now having a ruinous effect upon powerless
ranchers.  As Jennings suggested to one Idaho source, "This was a case of
the federal government telling those of you here in the state that it was
going to do what it wanted to do and you didn't have an awful lot of say
in it."

You'd never guess from ABC's broadcast that, according to the Rocky
Mountain News (2/5/95), 71 percent of Idahoans polled actually said that
they supported reintroduction of wolves.  Other polls in Idaho and around
the region have shown similar results (e.g., Idaho Falls Post Register,
2/4/98).  The decision to bring back the exterminated animal was made over
the course of many years, involving numerous public discussions across the
region that resulted in significant changes being made to the rules for
reintroduction, largely to give ranchers more rights and protections.

Jennings calls wolves "one of nature's most efficient killers," and a
source describes them as "a land piranha and a wildlife terrorist."  And
the network went out of its way to suggest financial disaster for
hard-working ranching families: "All of the profit that the ranch is
generating, the wolves are getting," one source claimed.

No statistics were provided to back up this assertion; Jennings says, "The
number of dead livestock is difficult to confirm."  But the Fish &
Wildlife Service puts out a report on losses to wolves every year, based
on reports from ranchers; in 2001, the survey found a total of 138 sheep
and 40 cattle killed by wolves in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.  By
contrast, coyotes killed more than 14,000 sheep in Montana alone, where
domestic dogs killed another 1,100.  Despite Jennings' claim that "the
wolves have found cattle and sheep to their liking," elk and other wild
animals provide the vast majority of the wolves' diet, and predation on
livestock has been lower than the government anticipated.

ABC suggested that ranchers are helpless to stop the wolves from attacking
their flocks and destroying their livelihoods.  "As the wolf population
grows, so do the livestock losses and so does the ranchers' frustration,"
Jennings told his audience. "They are not allowed to hunt the wolf."
Actually, ranchers are allowed to shoot wolves that are attacking their
animals; this rule was not mentioned in the documentary.  ABC also played
down the federal government's routine killing of wolves that prey on
sheep-- nearly 100 have been legally killed since reintroduction began in
1995-- referring to this controversial topic in a single sentence.  In a
striking omission in a documentary that stressed the economic hardships
posed by wolves, the program completely ignored the compensation that the
environmental group Defenders of Wildlife pays to ranchers with documented
losses: some $60,000 last year alone.

"Almost everywhere we went in Idaho, including the state capital, this was
seen as a case of them in Washington vs. us," said Peter Jennings.
Actually, ABC found many more supporters of wolves than it chose to air.
The network shot footage at an Idaho wolf conference, for example, where
most of the participants were pro-wolf, but only used quotes from the
critics they found there (Ralph Maughan's Wildlife Report, 9/4/02).
Perhaps if the sourcing had been more balanced, ABC would not have found
so many inaccuracies when it went "In Search of America."

ACTION: Please tell Peter Jennings that you hope that future episodes of
"In Search of America" will show more balance and fairness than was
displayed in the misleading program on wolf reintroduction.

Peter Jennings
mailto: PeterJennings@abcnews.com

As always, please remember that your comments are taken more seriously if
you maintain a polite tone. Please cc fair@fair.org with your

A transcript of the "In Search of America" special can be found at:

Peter Jennings' response to critics of the program can be found at:

                             (212) 633-6700
                          E-mail: fair@fair.org

Ernie Eves forms new rock group "Guns and Clearcuts" - Thu, 13 Jun 2002
From:  Anita Krajnc <akrajn@chass.utoronto.ca>
Sierra Club Eastern Canada Chapter
   Toronto -- Today the Ontario Conservative government passed the Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act (Bill 135).  "The tawdry record of the Tory government in preserving wildlife species and habitat continues on its undistinguished course," says Dan McDermott, Director of the Sierra Club Eastern Canada Chapter.  "Ernie Eves and his OFAH (Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters) buddies are rocking and rolling to the Tory wildlife policy tunes of 'Guns and Clearcuts,'" says McDermott.
   The Tories' Fire Emulation Guidelines allow massive clearcuts in Ontario.
Today's passage of the Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act cements the increased role of the sports hunting and fishing industry in wildlife management in the province.
   Bill 135 establishes a "right to recreational hunting and fishing" and offloads government environmental responsibilities for managing wildlife to the sports hunting and fishing industry through the creation of a Fish and Wildlife Commission.  Bill 135 allows for more and more control over wildlife management to be transferred from government to third party user groups which practice ecologically destructive activities, such as:
•       keeping deer populations unnaturally high in certain areas of Ontario through feeding of deer in the winter
•       promoting open season on hunting coyotes and wolves, which recreational hunters kill to protect deer populations
•       stocking Ontario's lakes and rivers with non-native species, such as Pacific salmon. These exotics interfere with the breeding cycle of indigenous fish, such as lake trout.
Bill 135 does nothing to protect ecosystems and species, and the hunting and angling lobby has little interest in protecting endangered species.

Website:  www.sierraclub.ca/eastern/asp_bin/pressrelease.asp
Revealed: the 582,000 animals that are genetically modified in Britain's labs
- Tue, 14 May 2002 17:42:14 -0400
Norfolk Genetic Information Network (ngin),

   "Scientists are getting carried away with gene hype and animals are
 suffering. There is simply no justification for the genetic modification
 and cloning of animals for use in agriculture, as drug factories or for
 organ production," Dr Sue Mayer
 Scientists condemn shock report by genetics watchdog as 'irresponsible'
 John Vidal,Wednesday May 15, 2002, The Guardian

 British scientists are genetically modifying and cloning hundreds of
 thousands of animals a year with little health or commercial advantage,
 according to a report by genetics monitoring group GeneWatch.

 The great majority of the 582,000 animals genetically altered in Britain
 in 2000 for medical or agricultural research were mice, but increasingly
 sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, rabbits, birds, poultry and cats are being

 The scale of the genetic experimentation on animals was previously
 unknown and shocked the RSPCA and other animal welfare groups.

 But the report, which drew on peer-reviewed scientific studies and
 patent applications made by companies, was condemned by leading
 scientists as "irresponsible".

 The report, which covers the development of GM animal technologies
 worldwide, says that many experiments are highly inefficient, wasteful
 of animal lives and frequently involve suffering. "Abortion, premature
 death and infertility are regular side-effects of these genetic
 technologies," it says.

 "The extent of animal suffering and the reasons for it are being hidden
 from public scrutiny and debate", says Dr Sue Mayer, one of the report's
 authors who also sits on the government's agriculture and biotechnology
 committee which oversees biotechnology development.

 Of more than 10,000 attempts at animal cloning worldwide so far, says
 the report, there have been only 124 live births and just 65 animals
 have reached maturity. Many of these showed serious physical defects. In
 one peer-reviewed study of 40 cloned calves, 34 showed prenatal
 abnormalities, several had limb deformities, and most were described as
 very slow or weak. In another study of 80 GM lambs transferred to
 surrogate mothers, all but three died inside 12 weeks with abnormal
 kidneys, brains or livers.

 GM experiments and the cloning of animals have increased by 800% in the
 past 10 years and now include attempts in the US to clone pets and
 endangered animals. The majority of experiments, however, are aimed at
 developing pharmaceutical proteins from transgenic animals to counter
 multiple sclerosis, infant diseases, hepatitis, and blood and growth

 So far, says the report, at least 29 human therapeutic proteins have
 been produced in transgenic animals, most in milk, but some in blood,
 urine or sperm. While the companies argue that this could make drug
 production for diseases such as diabetes cheap and readily available,
 GeneWatch questions whether it is necessary to perform experiments on so
 many animals.

 "The use of GM animals in medical research must undergo a complete
 review as the science does not support the vast abuse of animals that is
 taking place," says the report.

 "These experiments should only be undertaken when there is no reasonable
 alternative. Balancing the needs of people for drugs with the welfare
 and integrity of animal species is a complex ethical dilemma."

 Other animals, especially pigs, are being genetically modified to try to
 produce whole organs for humans in xenotransplantation experiments.
 Because of the huge gap between the numbers of organs needed and those
 available, this branch of genetic manipulation has attracted millions of
 pounds of investment, but has had little commercial or scientific
 success so far. Eight companies, including two in Britain, are working
 on GM pigs to develop livers, kidneys, hearts and pancreas.

 Yesterday the Roslin Institute, which developed Dolly the sheep, the
 world's first cloned animal, was highly critical of sections of the
 report. "All experiments on animals need to be justified on a case by
 case basis. GM animals will be increasingly important to advancing
 medical knowledge, the testing of new drugs and to the production of
 treatments for cancer and other diseases at a price society can afford,"
 said Dr Harry Griffin, assistant director of the institute.

 "For GeneWatch to condemn a whole technology based on a few selected
 examples is irresponsible and a gross disservice to the patients who
 will benefit directly or indirectly in the future."

 But he said that he agreed with GeneWatch when it criticised the
 development of cloned pets or endangered species. "That is a nonsense,
 and not a sensible way forward for the technology."

 Dr Griffin also questioned the other major strand of GM animal research,
 which is trying to develop increased food production. "It is very
 premature to introduce cloning into agriculture and we need to look at
 improved success rates," he said.

 GeneWatch also says that governments and academic laboratories are
 developing GM animals with increased agricultural productivity or
 disease resistance. Genes coding for human growth hormones and vital
 proteins have been inserted into a variety of animals.

 The report says: "They have displayed enhanced growth, an increased
 meat/fat ration and increased efficiency of feed conversion but there
 have been high costs to the animals, including gastric ulcers, liver and
 kidney damage, degenerative joint diseases, lameness, lethargy and
 damaged vision."

 Two types of sheep are now being developed for increased wool production
 but peer-reviewed scientific papers suggested that the small increases
 (6%) in production in year one were not repeated later.

 But other scientists reacted strongly. Dr Mark Matfield, director of the
 Research Defence Society, which represents UK scientists in the debate
 about use of animals in medical research, said: "GM animals are proving
 crucial in the understanding of many serious and fatal diseases from
 cancer to cystic fibrosis and motor neurone disease. Scientists take
 their responsibilities towards all laboratory animals, including those
 that are genetically modified, very seriously."

 GeneWatch called for an independent inquiry into the use of GM and
 cloned animals in medical research, an end to secrecy surrounding such
 experiments and tighter regulations to prevent their use in agriculture,
 as pets, for drug production or as organ donors.

 "Scientists are getting carried away with gene hype and animals are
 suffering. There is simply no justification for the genetic modification
 and cloning of animals for use in agriculture, as drug factories or for
 organ production," said Dr Mayer.

News Release  April 17, 2002

               Sentencing of Cat Torturers
  Animal Activists to Launch a Brown and White Ribbon Campaign:
              Zero Tolerance for Cruelty to Animals

Toronto - On Thursday, April 18, 2002, Jesse Power and Anthony
Wennekers will be sentenced by Judge Edward Ormston for the
unbelievably horrible death of a cat.  Animal activists have named
this cat "Kensington," as s/he came from the Kensington Market area.   This
case has been receiving international attention.  The sentencing is at 2
p.m. at Old City Hall.

After the two men are sentenced, a brown and white ribbon campaign
will be launched called:  ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.

The ribbon campaign will be part of Kensington's living memorial.  A
memorial fund called Kensington's Animal Legal Defence Fund (KALDF)
has been created; it will work to prevent acts of cruelty to animals
by educating and supporting the legal and law enforcement
communities, and by promoting a national policy of zero tolerance
for cruelty to animals.

"We vow to keep Kensington's spirit alive.  Kensington will never be
forgotten," says Suzanne Lahaie, co-founder of Freedom for Animals.

"Cruelty to animals is a daily occurrence.  Too many cases go
unreported and unresolved.  The goal is to end animal abuse," says Susan
Krajnc, member of Kensington's Animal Legal Defence Fund.

Donations to Kensington's memorial fund should be made to:
Kensington's Animal Legal Defence Fund
P.O. Box 418
704 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada  M5S 2S9
Tel:  416-593-9542

                              - 30 -

P.O. Box 418
704 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, Ont.  M5S 2S9
Tel:  416-596-2331
Email:  free_animals@hotmail.com
Website:  http://www.freeanimals.org

Migratory Birds Need Better Protection - Feb 2002
From: Green Living <grliving@dsl.ca>


The Federation of Ontario Naturalists (FON ) and the Wildlands League have joined with
a number of other Canadian and American environmental organizations to demand that
Canada act on its treaty obligations to protect migratory birds.  An investigation led by
the Sierra Legal Defence Fund on behalf of the groups has found no evidence of even a
single federal charge being laid over the destruction of migratory bird nests, despite
estimates that logging operations destroy as many as 85,000 such nests each year in
        The Wildlands League and FON have joined with Canadian Nature Federation,
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Earthroots, Federation of Ontario Naturalists,
Great Lakes United, Sierra Club of Canada and Sierra Club (U.S.) to ask NAFTA's
Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) to investigate the Canadian
government's failure to enforce its own environmental legislation, resulting in the
widespread destruction of migratory bird nests during logging operations.
        The Canadian Migratory Birds Convention Act (MBCA), based on an international
treaty between Canada and the U.S., obliges each country to protect migratory birds.
Migratory birds can only thrive if their habitat is protected in both their nesting and
wintering grounds and along migratory corridors.  Our failure to act to protect species
that may travel thousands of kilometres each year could be an indicator of a larger
failure to protect continental ecosystems.
        The CEC must now decide whether to investigate the Canadian government’s
failure to act on its responsibilities for enforcing the Migratory Birds Convention.  (The
CEC has already started an international investigation of the U.S. government’s lack of
action to protect migratory birds.)

What You Can Do
You can email federal Environment Minister David Anderson (E-mail:
Anderson.D@parl.gc.ca - be sure to include your full name and postal mailing address)
and ask him why the Canadian government is not doing more to protect migratory
birds.  Point out that Canada’s forests, as breeding and nesting grounds, are critically
important to the survival of these long-distance fliers and that we owe it to them and to
ourselves to ensure that Canada provides safe nesting sites that they can return to
year after year.

The full CEC submission is available at www.wildlandsleague.org/cecsubmission.pdf
(Acrobat format)

Animals say no to GMO
[from the GM Free website]

There's a more serious problem with the idea of disposing of tonnes of unsaleable GMOs into animal feed. Animals are refusing to eat it.

Recently, American journalist Steven Sprinkel recently spent four months collecting reports from farmers growing GM crops. His article, entitled "When The Corn Hits The Fan" details the following observations:

*Cattle who were put out into GM corn stubble wouldn't touch it.

*Pigs wouldn't eat the ration when GM crops were included.

*A farmer said, "If you want your cattle to go off their feed, just switch them out to a GM silage."

*A farmer said that his cattle broke through a fence and ate the non-GM hybrids but wouldn't touch the GM Roundup Ready corn, even though they had to walk through the GMs to get to the non-GMs on the other side of the fence.

*A cattleman saw the weight-gain of his cattle fall off when he switched to GM feed.

*An organic farmer with a terrible deer problem on his soybeans found forty of them mowing down his tofu beans while across the road there wasn't one eating the Roundup Ready GM soy.

*Raccoons romped by the dozen in a field of organic corn, while down the road there wasn't one ear that had been touched in the Bt fields.

*Even mice will move on down the line if given an alternative to GM crops.

Sprinkel asks, "What is it that they know instinctively that most of us ignore?" He predicts, "When the rotting corn hits the fan, it will make a tremendous mess, with the debris lying equally on the tables of the great leaders of the world as well as on the plates of consumers."

Hamilton, Ontario
Gore Park Deer
Fri, 30 Nov 2001 01:09:28 -0500
From:  "Pete & Jane Murphy" <pmurphy148@cogeco.ca>
To: mayorwade@city.hamilton.on.ca

Dear Mr. Wade.

I know that you have many important issues to deal with, now that you are the mayor of "The New City Of Hamilton".I
am very glad that you are,I voted for you. I am a former 15 year resident of Ancaster, and could not think of a more
appropriate person to take on this responsibility.I stand behind you and I cannot imagine the frustration and "red tape"
you must be experiencing.
   Having said that, I need to express my concern about the deer that are penned in Gore Park over the pre-Christmas
season.I have just recently taken an interest in this,and I have been appalled at the conditions these creatures are
forced to be confined in.
   I have visited the deer enclosure twice in the past three days and I have noticed inadequate treatment. Particularly
Wednesday November 28th, there was a deer that was being attacked by the other's;they would not allow it to drink or
eat. It was also bitten several times in front of children and a camera crew from Mohawk Collage. At the time I spent
an hour and made three separate phone calls to City Hall ,Finally they sent an officer from the SPCA to check on the
situation.This accomplished nothing.
   A Hamilton city worker informed us that there had been a complaint lodged on the previous Saturday regarding a
similar incident.Obviously this situation was not taken care of appropriately .
  Please stop this unnecessary abuse of innocent animals,all this does is teach children that this is acceptable;I for
one do not want my child to be taught this lesson.

   Yours truly

   Jane Farrington Murphy.

Joe Clark Dogged by Animal Rights Protesters - Oct.23.2001
By Gary Morton

   Federal Tory leader Joe Clark got embarrassed by protesters and their dogs as he attended a fundraising dinner tonight in Toronto.
   Folks from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Toronto Coalition For Bill C-15 and Freedom for Animals picketed at City Hall, across from the hotel and drew more media attention than Clark.
   Clark has been attacking Liberal Bill C-15, which would increase penalties for animal abuse. Some Tories have been listening to corporate farming and other interests that want exemptions put in the bill. Should that happen the bill would become a bill of cruelty rights, enshrining rights for researchers, pharmaceutical companies, factory farms and so forth to be as cruel as they wanted to animals.
   Though protesters did not confront Clark, I went across the street with a friend and entered the reception at the Grand Ballroom. We walked thru a thick crowd of mostly white males in expensive suits. These were nearly all famous Tories … and being a usual Tory opponent the scene had a nightmarish feeling for me. At one point Bill Davis and Hal Jackman were passing, Tony Clement and some Harris Tories were to the left, John Nunziata and friends to the right and so on.
   Finally Clark appeared, coming down the escalator. I stepped out in front of the cameras, gave him a flyer and asked him to support animal rights. He said he'd take a look at it then plunged into the waiting crowd.

contact Rebecca Aldworth at:

Ontario Action Alert: Harris to Make Hunting a Legal Right! – 16.Oct.2001
From: "Plourde, Denise" <DPlourde@contactpsc.com
   On October 5th 2001, the Government of Ontario announced its plan to make hunting and fishing a "legal right" under the proposed Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act. If allowed to pass, this legislation would elevate the recreational slaughter of wildlife to the same level as such fundamental liberties such as the freedom of speech and assembly.
   The government has also proposed to establish a Fish and Wildlife Heritage Commission, to be made up of representatives from the hunting and fishing lobby. Under the proposed legislation, the Commission will gain almost exclusive control over wildlife management in Ontario.
   Ontario residents have only until NOVEMBER 4th to submit letters in opposition to the government's legislative proposal. Please print off and sign your name and address to the letter below (or better yet, write your own letter) and let the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources know that you object to the proposed Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act and the establishment of a Fish and Wildlife Heritage Commission.
*** To be sure that your letter is received and counted, please send it directly to PETA at the address below, and we will take care of delivering the letters to the Ministry of Natural Resources. Please mail or fax letters no later than October 31st to:
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
c/o Animal Alliance of Canada
221 Broadview Avenue, Suite 101
Toronto, ON M4M 2G3
Fax: 416-462-9647
letters must be hand written and must have the
Enviromental Bill of Rights Registry number which is EBR: AB01E6001  Without these two elements letters will not be considered at all.

United Animal Nations - Sept.2001
AnimalAid  Relief provided for the Companion Animals  of the Terrorist Victims
- Full Story at www.uan.org/news/animalaid.html

Peace on a Cloudy Afternoon - By Gary Morton, Sept.22.2001
    Three events that point to a lack of peace took place in Toronto today. One was titled A Call for Non-Violence! The others were Car Free Day and an anti-Fur Demonstration at the Bay.
- read the full article with photos

Bill to Shut Down Puppy Mills - Aug.29.2001
   Liberal MPP Mike Colle has a Private Member's Bill to shut down 'Puppy Mills' and to give more power to the SCPA to protect animals.
   Through your efforts and countless others who want stronger laws for the protection of animals and tougher penalties for their abusers, we can succeed in passing Provincial legislation to put a halt to these fly-by-night operators who abuse animals and take advantage of pet owners.
  Email, phone, or fax your local MPP and ask them to support my Private Member's Bill to protect innocent animals, consumers and to encourage speedy passage of my bill when the house resumes on September 24th 2001.
   If you want to know who your MPP is in your riding do the following: Go to http://www.ontla.on.ca and click Member and then Search By Address for the contact info that you need.
     You can also contact the S.P.C.A. website at http://www.ospca.on.ca or call them  at 1-888-668-7722 to find out how you can help.
    If you want a copy of a petition calling for the shutdown of puppy mills to post at your local pet store or vet, please email my office.
  Regards and thanks again for your support.
  Mike Colle M.P.P.
  Critic for Consumer and Business Services
  ( 416) 325-8707

Where Cruelty is Cool - Art System's Showing of Aesthetic Evil
By PJ the Cat (Aug.25.2001)

* This new report is a true story of an Art Gallery and artists involved Animal Torture in the Kensington Market Area of Toronto.

* Since the article came out Bruce La Bruce wrote a column in EYE in defence of the artists engaged in animal cruelty. I include my letter on it first. Note also that LaBruce  revealed that the rats Art System artists photographed after mutilation were purchased alive at a pet store. Earlier they had claimed they were dead. The letter also highlights anti gay and racist actions by a director of Art System

LaBruce Way Off on Art System and Animal Cruelty

   Bruce LaBruce is way off the mark in his August 30.2001 column covering Art System, Daniel Borins, Jubal Brown and the incidents of butchered cats and rats. His description of the gallery as 'one that makes the city seem cooler than it actually is' can only be seen as offensive.

   LaBruce quotes the gossip mill and the story of ritual cat slaughter, dancing around pentagrams and so on by the directors of the OCAD student gallery (Art System). He concludes with a view of them as victims persecuted by the police and animal activists.

   I did see Aesthetic Evil, the gallery show in question. It featured a video of a man having sex with dead fish and a large photo of a butchered rat. Other photos of rat mutilation were apparently seized by the police and a letter posted at the show by Richard K. assures us that the rats were dead before the work was done on them.

   LaBruce's article reveals that the rats weren't dead. They were purchased at a pet store. So it looks like Richard K. wasn't telling the truth. Other facts were also misrepresented and since the only source is Jubal and company, we can only conclude that LaBruce got hoodwinked.

   My own opinion after investigating it is that Art System has been trying to promote a new genre of animal torture as art. Jesse Powers did some revolting videos of cat skinning partially as an attempt to produce for that market, and that makes Art System culpable in the corruption of a young artist. It is not proper for a student gallery to leave animals dead and a person like Powers criminally charged and in need of psychiatric help.

   LaBruce is also a prominent gay writer, and though I'm not gay, I have taken into account evidence relating to the possible anti gay and racist nature of Jubal Brown.  In 1998 he posed for a photo op under a swastika and came under fire from the Black  Students Alliance and the Jewish Collective at OCAD.  He was also accused of stalking a South Asian woman and writing Jewish Dyke Control Freak on the poster of another who was the chair of Pink Out  (OCAD Lesbians/Gays/Transexuals) at the time. Called to account before a student union meeting, Brown gave a Sieg Heil Hitler salute.

   Yes there's a full moon this long weekend and perhaps Jubal and friends will be skipping around that pentagram again. They'll wave their dead rats, swastikas and piranhas and call out to Beelzebub. If they start to snicker it'll be over how easy it was for them to fool LaBruce.

PJ the Cat

Where Cruelty is Cool - Art System's Showing of Aesthetic Evil

   The outdoor market area of Spadina thru Kensington used to be a stray cat's paradise. Its alleyways, spicy odors and tasty trash being soul food for fur and paws. A lifetime could be spent holidaying in the aging streets. Yes, it was that good.
   It’s too bad that paradise is easily lost. In Kensington it didn’t last. The cat artists came and took it away.

Background on the Case:

   This year police arrested 21-year-old Jessie Powersand Anthony Wenneker, 24 on charges relating to seventy videotapes depicting acts of cruelty, torture and indignities against animals -- including a cat, an orangutan, a fox and a pig. They seized animal remnants, live animals, old dentistry tools, 70 videotapes and a video camera.

   One of the confiscated videotapes depicts Wenneker, Powers and a third suspect named Matt in a prolonged act of torturing a black and white cat. Details on the rest of tapes have not been released. Some videotapes were allegedly made by Powers while he worked for the Royal Ontario Museum in 1998, skinning dead exotic animals for researchers.

    Background on Art System:

   Art System is funded by the Ontario College of Art & Design Student Union through student fees. The co-directors of Art System, Jubal Brown and Daniel Borins, have been widely quoted in the press supporting their arrested friend Jessie Powers, saying that it is not for them to decide what is art.

   Animal rights people think Art System either promotes or is involved in animal cruelty. In a recent post sources said that Jessie Powers used a live kitten in an art show at Art System. The kitten was placed in a cage and then on top of a burner. To try to keep her paws from burning the kitten was made to dance in the cage.

   A week ago on Friday night, Art System threw a party. About 100 people showed for it. Some of them Toronto artists, anarchists and activists and fairly well known. Many came over after the Reclaim the Streets rally.

   A person attending reported that the art showing featured morbid art of the usual variety but also included some perverse animal cruelty. Police raided the place that night but only to seize beer being served. The art on display was part of a show called Aesthetic Evil.

    A Visit to Art System

   A number of people from Freedom for Animals live in the Kensington area, and on this endlessly sunny Saturday we met up with others and took a leisurely stroll through the crowded streets to Art System.

   Evil is fleeting when friends are together, and we didn't notice anything out of place until we came off a side street onto Spadina. There we spotted a huge red pentagram in a second story window. This traditional symbol of witchcraft or Satanism being the only sign marking the Art System gallery.

   Few cats would dare enter, but I did … and together with others in the group viewed the show.

   There was one large photo of a butchered animal, which got photographed and put on the web in the public interest.

   A number of drawings had bits of animal mutilation and stuff like children with severed animal heads and so on. Much of that was in small works and hard to see.

   Most people were not concerned with drawings. Art that uses real animals in scenes of cruelty, indignity or butchery is what bothers them. Especially when the display is created through torturing or killing live animals.
Sample of drawing

   Some of the art didn't involve animal cruelty and a few pieces were good. Others ranged from poor to pathetic. Retched porno photography showed a scene of an ugly fat man masturbating. A portrait type piece of a black man was included in the show and since there was no explanation as to how it fit in, some people must have saw it as a racist depiction of blacks as evil.

   In the tradition of saving the worst for last, Art System had a TV at the back displaying an obscene video. Though I didn't watch it, others reported that it shows a man chopping the head off of a fish, having sex with the corpse and finally masturbating over shotgun shells.

   Photo pieces created for the show got seized before being displayed. A letter mounted and signed by Ryan Worrell and Richard K. mentions that police grabbed the photos. A wall beside the letter features black squares that stand as a protest against the seizure.

   These photos involved rats and the artists state that the rats they used were already dead. The letter also stands as a testament to their stupidity, as they took these photos into Blacks for developing and Blacks turned them over to the police.

   Considering the indignities the artists at Art System can perform on fish, we should be thankful to be spared a vision of what they can do with rats. And there really is a question here as to whether these guys are artists or dirty rotten gutter rodents.

   They may feel persecuted, but animals feel victimized, too. Not much sympathy will come from me because as a cat and a predator, I wouldn't mind chopping up a few psycho human artists for my next showing.

   Censorship is a shadowy issue here. If you write fiction, editors are the vehicles for removing displays of bad taste and mindless cruelty. In art the claim seems to be that everything is censorship. Folks like Jubal Brown and Daniel Borins don't want to admit that in their quest to be on the Cutting Edge, they've left the realm of art and entered a genuine realm of evil called criminality.

   I do have to credit them with being clever. Jesse, Jubal, Daniel and friends have managed to get the issue of art and animal cruelty into a political debate that stigmatizes everyone that gets involved. Animal rights activists get labeled as people that want censorship. Art critics, teachers and other defenders of art get labeled as supporters of hideous cruelty. Other students at the Ontario College of Art & Design are now stigmatized in the neighbourhood where they live, and OCAD in general is starting to be seen as a school of sickos.

    OCAD and its student union are responsible for seeing that the gallery in some way reflects the expression of its students, the school and the community … yet Jubal and Daniel are on their own trip, and have hijacked Art System as a vehicle of their personal perversion.

   Aesthetic Evil is the material they show in public. I'm more concerned about stuff that gets created for that market and isn't being shown, or is shown in secret. There are nasty people that will pay for sadistic films, so there is a strong profit motive that could corrupt some artists. Of course the other motive is that some forces in the art community are trying to categorize sick material as cool stuff. They want to create a new genre of animal snuff art.

   Art System's next showing is by invitation only and it is called Magnum Spectaculum Monstruosum. So I gather they will move up in the cruelty world through it.

   Here is an excerpt from Richard K. on Aesthetic Evil.
   "… and when we people have had our minds filled with depravity are we then infected by it and therefore depraved? Not at all, because for better and worse we are all already depraved and refuse to be excited by anything less than rebelliousness, perversion or treachery. … Aesthetic Evil is the beauty … , our love and lust for the beauty in death and oppression…."

   So in the end we walk away from Art System and into the warmth of a summer afternoon … and reflect on the idea that Art System isn't about freedom or freedom of expression. Death and oppression is the driving force there.

PJ the Cat

Support Animal Rights and Stronger Anti-Cruelty Legislation
Toronto Coalition Bill C-15 Anti-Cruelty Law

Freedom for Animals
416 596 2331

Contact Info: Art System
327 Spadina Ave
416 542 1222
email art-system@on.aibn.com
Next Showing by Invitation only
Magnum Spectaculum Monstruosum
Sept 7 to 15 12 to 5 pm

Ontario College of Art & Design
Mr. Ron Shuebrook
100 McCaul St.
Toronto, ON  M5T 1W1
Tel: 416-977-6000 ext. 216
Fax 416 977 6006
Web http://www.ocad.ca/

Ontario College of Art & Design Student Union
100 McCaul St., Room 115
Toronto Ontario M5T 1W1
Tel:  416-977-6000 Ext. 241

Support Stronger Animal Cruelty Laws - Federal Bill C-15  –July.22.2000
   Canada's animal cruelty laws have not been amended since 1892.
   From now until September it is extremely important that we contact our Members of Parliament to
support effective legislation against cruelty to  animals!!!
   The Bill (C-15) proposes to amend the Criminal Code section on cruelty to  animals to
-Raise the maximum penalty for intentional cruelty from two years to five years in prison.
-Not set limits for fines (the current limit is $2,000).
-Give judges the authority to order anyone convicted of cruelty to animals to pay restitution (for example, veterinary bills and shelter costs) to the animal welfare organization that cared for the animal.
-Prohibit anyone convicted of cruelty to animals from owning an animal for however long a judge considers appropriate.
-No longer treat offences as property crimes.
-Make it illegal to brutally or viciously kill animals.
Toronto Coalition For Bill C-15 Anti-Cruelty Legislation
Toronto Coalition Bill C-15 Anti-Cruelty Law
To find out who your MP is & their constituency office contact info:
or call: 1-800-667-3355

Hamilton - CAGED Pickets the Wonderful World of Animals – Aug.12.2001

* Editor's note – The author criticizes http://news4hamilton.com/  and their coverage of the circus protest, but he seems unaware that the news4 article is standard corporate media journalism. They use a formula to provide fair coverage that gives a voice to both sides on an issue. Generally it works to give a big voice to corporate or powerful interests and a small meow to the forces of animal justice.

   Fairness can't be created through a formula and attempts at it kill genuine insight and in-depth coverage. Human journalists in their present evolutionary state could do a bit better, but not much better. That's why this page is edited by a cat.
PJ the Cat

The Big Lie Under the Big Top
Report by Gary Morton for PJ the Cat's Animal Rights Page:

   Is the Wonderful World of Animals really all that wonderful? Well, let's begin with some Photos and Signs:

   Shari says - Teach Your Children a Lesson in Kindness. Don't take them to the Circus,
because Elaine knows that – These Animals are Dying for you to Visit.

Don't Support Cruelty
or Dan will ask you to Explain the Whips and Chains to your Kids
while a mysterious woman in dark glasses tips you to the fact that Animals Hate the Circus.

Yes - Don't be accused of Enjoying the Abuse
inflicted upon Performing Prisoners
as part of an Education in Cruelty.
   We arrived at the Mountain Arena to find the protest underway, and had barely said hello when news4hamilton.com/ arrived. Later I checked their coverage on the Internet and in the public interest I include their text report at the bottom of this post.

   Though the News4 written report paints a kindly picture of animal trainers, their video report mentions that they weren't allowed into the circus with a camera.

   A couple of the younger women from Caged did get in with a camera and eventually got kicked out. They noted that some animals were held on chains that were far too short, and perhaps they would have discovered more had they been in there longer.

   I feel that way because animal circuses are not drawing huge crowds and animal rights protesters are reducing the crowds even more. On such a low budget, trainers could not possibly have the money to properly care for the animals. Most profits would in fact come from squeezing money out of their care costs.

   The Garden Brothers, owners of Wonderful World of Animals, have been hostile to protesters recently. At an initial protest in Welland they sent a belligerent drunk out to harass two young female protesters. It really does give the impression that they have something to hide.

   Picketers did much better at the Mountain Arena. Elaine handed out free videos that detail the animal rights side of the story and they were gone quickly. We also managed to flyer many of the cars going in and out and got into the parking lot to ticket all of the vehicles with more leaflets.

   The leafleting worked so well one little boy emerged shouting, "They only killed four animals today!" A woman exiting said she understood how the training was cruel after watching the dancing bears perform while reading our flyer.

   It appears that public attitudes can be changed if enough dedicated people make an effort. Animal circuses can probably be put out of business completely if actions continue against them.

   In Hamilton I didn't encounter many of the hostile sorts of people that feel animal rights activists are nuts. Instead I got that argument back in Toronto at a poverty protest event. Some of the guys at it came forward with the argument that animal activists are not progressive like they are … so I replied that animal rights groups from Toronto up to Niagara have a majority of women members while many of the usual Toronto activist groups have a surplus of shouting, fist-waving men … that do very little other than that.

   Some males even try to humiliate other men over their involvement in animal rights stuff. Dan - in the photo listed above - had to endure a verbal assault from circus goons that called him a sissy and fairy and so on as they attacked his masculinity.

   People that think animal activists aren't progressive should take a close look at some of the creepy people that run circuses and marine worlds. Circus trainers think it's progressive to beat, shock, stab and tie animals for trick training. They have no problem making animals travel in rail cars that can be smoggy, freezing or boiling hot … and they don't care when chained animals are forced to stand in their own excrement or beat their heads against their cages.
Gary Morton

Here is a copy of the text from the Hamilton news. They also have video coverage at the site.
email info@news4hamilton.com
Circus Under Attack - 6:00 p.m. August 12, 2001.
By Leah Borkwood
   Kids lined up to see the lions, tigers and bears while the circus was in town. But CAGED picketers lined the streets in protest of the exploitation of circus animals.
   "We're protesting the cruel life of these animals," says action co-ordinator Elaine Marion.
   "These animals have been defeated by brutal training and are left in small cages that aren't suitable for their size or take into consideration the pack behaviour they have."
   But workers from the Wonderful World of Animals say animals at this circus are treated extraordinary well. One of the bear trainers, Derrick Rosire has worked with animals all his life and treats them like his personal pets. He says an animal the size of his bear would not be so friendly if it had been mistreated.
   "These animals are part of our lives not just a hobby," says Rosire. "I've spent thousands of hours with them."
   Part of the agreement with the city was for the SPCA to check in on the animals daily and it appears that everything is fine. In these types of situations the SPCA looks at living conditions and the availability of food, water and shade.
   "The conditions were fine," says animal control officer Joseph Lamantia. "All had fresh water and shade with feeding schedules and regular cleaning of the cages."
   The "Wonderful World of Animals" spent four days in Hamilton at the Mountain Arena on Hester Street and moves on Sunday to the next city.
Contact CAGED animal rights group
info 905 526 8188
Email "E.M. Marion" <macinnem@muss.cis.mcmaster.ca>
Email the Wonderful World of Animals (Garden Brothers)
Richard W. Garden
Ian M. Garden Jr.

Globalization & Animal Liberation
From: "pattrice le-muire jones" <pattrice@bravebirds.org
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001
    The international trade practices which commonly are grouped under the rubric of "globalization" pose a grave danger to our efforts to free the animals. International trade agreements such as those enforced by the World Trade Organization can and already have undermined national animal protection legislation. Moreover, as animal liberation and environmental activists in the U.S. and Europe have made progress against the animal agriculture industries, those industries have been making plans to export their operations to developing nations.
   Right now, the meat industries are working hard to develop markets and establish operations in low-income nations, far from the prying eyes of animal liberation activists. Worst of all, they are doing so under the guise of hunger relief, aided and abetted by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. If we don't stop that process, we will see not only more animal abuse but also more pollution and poverty in the nations which can least afford those problems.
   The good news is that an international coalition of animal liberation, anti-globalization, and environmental activists is coming together to oppose the exportation of factory farming to low-income nations. Our target is the upcoming World Food Summit this November in Rome, at which the FAO will be charting the course of hunger relief efforts for the next few years. We are taking a two track approach, with some activists and organizations working on ³within the system² approaches like lobbying and letter writing while other activists and organizations plan for big demonstrations in Rome and DC this November.
(1) Forward this message widely.
(2) Visit http://www.bravebirds.org and click on World Hunger for  background information. You will probably find the FARM and CIWF position papers to be the most useful in providing you with basic facts and arguments.
(3) Use newspaper coverage of the current events in Genoa as an excuse to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, explaining that this aspect of globalization will lead to more hunger in low-income nations.
(4) If you work with an animal liberation organization, bring this issue to the attention of the group. We are asking all animal rights groups to at least mention the link between hunger and factory farming in one of their publications or educational events between now and November. We also need organizations to sign or write lobbying letters to the FAO and to the U.S. delegation to the UN. I can provide sample letters if they are needed.
(5) Contact me directly if you would like to receive regular email alerts concerning this project.
(6) Contact me directly if you might like to serve as a local organizer for this project.
(7) We are trying to keep track of all of the work being done on this issue so please do get back with me to let me know what you or your organization has done or is planning to do.
pattrice le-muire jones

Shrine Circus Picketed - Sun.July.8.2001
(Shiners' Circus funds Privatized Health Care in the USA)

Animal Slave Trade
   Today in Etobicoke, Freedom for Animals protested the Shrine Circus and their cruel use of animals as entertainment. The Shrine Circus is running shows across Canada, and like other circuses they don't inform the public of the dismal life of domination, confinement and violent training their animals endure. Basic needs to roam, exercise and forage are taken from them and cruelty is well documented on web sites like http://www.zoocheck.com/ and http://www.circuses.com/

Make a compassionate choice. Say no to the circus.
   Of course the Shriners disagreed with our picket message, and when they weren't drowning out our megaphone spokesperson with music and barking or calling in the police, they shouted to the crowd that proceeds would go to a Shiners Hospital in the USA.
   So Canadians attending are supporting poor quality privatized health care in the USA.

An Elephant Speaks
   We had to know if the Shriners were telling the truth so Dave jumped a back fence and went in to talk to the elephants. The big fellow in the photo says that Shriners are not very honest. They are really a bunch of drinkers and put the money into a general fund that also supports their yearly convention antics. They also aren't nice to elephants as the animals spend most of their time cooped up in transport and breathing heavy doses of smog in endless parking lots. Then of course the hooks are used on them to force them to do tricks.

Circus Animals Dying to Entertain You
   And it is true that animals die. Our elephant friend says that in 1994 an elephant named Tyke freaked out and was shot after trying to escape from the Shrine Circus. Tyke broke loose and got several blocks before being shot.
   These animals are stressed, but in spite of that the Shiners put baskets on their backs and use them for kiddie rides at the circus.

    Like the last picket sign photo says, circuses are no fun for animals. And they aren't educational either as they teach kids that animals are toys and not creatures to be respected and treated with proper care.

More photos:
Big Top and a couple Elephants
Working the lineup with signs and flyers
Signs for the people and cars

Protest at the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science Conference

Photos – July 7.2001

  • Killing in the name of CALAS
  • Our Protest (Megaphone) Spokeswoman.Tanjah Karvonen

  • II and dedicated animal activist of many years.
  • Protesters Clowning Around with Signs
  • Photo of Duke – the homeless dog - rescued at the protest

  • Animal Activists Show to Protest Callous CALAS Conference
       Over twenty Freedom for Animals people showed up Friday at the Marriott Hotel in Toronto to demonstrate against CALAS. The CALAS conference ( http://www.calas-acsal.org/ ) advertised a weekend of fun and festivities, including a chance to practice killing live animals.
       CALAS is an outdated organization celebrating its 40th Anniversary in Toronto. As well as killing animals with old-fashioned barbaric methods, CALAS now recommends new and repulsive killing methods such as micro waving animals and grinding up animals.
       Protestors are working to raise awareness of the fact that animals are being harmed in research at the University of Toronto Department of Zoology and the Toronto Zoo. Animal researchers like to claim that their work is medically necessary, but opponents point out that zoological research has no medical benefit.
       Medical research using animals now demonstrates a lack of imagination on the part of researchers. To get funding, researchers like to have labs with animals to put on a show of research capabilities. Yet the fact remains that they have gone about as far as they can with testing on animals. More progressive companies test cosmetics and drugs without any use of animals and label the products accordingly.
        Many people feel it is unfortunate that institutions like the University of Toronto are still back in a Dark Age of animal cruelty.
        Perhaps it's too easy to be kind, when you have been educated to be cruel to animals.
    For more info email rosemaryamey@hotmail.com.
    see http://www.universityoftorture.com

    Downtown Animal Torturers May Have Been Stalking Women – June.17.2001
    By Gary Morton

    Toronto – Three men involved in an animal torture ring may have been stalking women in an animal rights group in the same Kensington Market area.

       Animals were kidnapped by the young men and their deaths were filmed. One of the torturers apparently sees himself as an artist.

       Also located in Kensington Market is the Freedom for Animals group. Its two key organizers are Suzanne and Susan, working on cat rescue and demonstrations on animal rights issues.

       Near the end of last November Suzanne began to receive sick flyers and at times they were placed by someone that knew the way she would be walking. They were done as elaborate and colorful posters.

       I have photocopies of the flyers, some of which feature a graphic of a University of Toronto Church of Euthanasia with a 416 CUT-CATS phone number.

       Freedom for Animals was protesting animal cruelty in regards to dentistry at the U of T when the material began to arrive. It is also known that the torture ring used dentistry tools on animal victims.

       Other graphic flyers follow a sick racist line. One is titled EAT A CAT for JESUS by the Toronto Chowmein Society. The Chowmein Society then goes on to produce other flyers in support of animal testing, and in support of eating cats. One flyer appears as a sick missing cat flyer and ends saying you can help find it by calling the Toronto Chowmein Society.

       It is highly possible that the harassment aimed at Suzanne of Freedom for Animals was the work of the same animal torture group. These men were nearby in the neighbourhood and may have been seeking recognition for their vile acts through contact with the women who would be most offended by the cruelty.

       Jesse Powers, 21 and Anthony Wenneker, 24 will be at a bail hearing tomorrow at Old City Hall. A third unidentified man is being sought. A flyer being posted in the downtown area by Freedom for Animals has a photo of the unidentified man and a photo  of a cat that was filmed as it was tortured to death. Police need to find the owner of the cat.

       Police say they do not have the resources to investigate this case, and that is a key reason for the involvement of citizens and animal rights activists. Through flyering and questioning local residents a better picture and new evidence may develop on the torture ring.

       A Cruelty Case Hotline has been set up at 416 593 9542
       Freedom for Animals is at free_animals@hotmail.com

    At the Star - May.2001
    - Brutal video reveals dark side of swim-with-Flipper fantasy
    Mexico centre's mistreatment of captive dolphins enrages biologists

    The Skewed Ethics of Animal to Human Organ Transplants
    A report on the Toronto Public Forum – Sat.May.26.2001
    Report by Gary Mortongraphic

    * photo is of earlier protest

       The Canadian Public Health Association held a public meeting on Xenotransplantation today in Toronto. A panel of experts - medical, ethical, legal and animals rights - addressed a selected citizen panel of 17 members and a public gallery of ordinary citizens.

       Dr. Gary Levy headed the expert panel. He had numerous arguments in favour of cross species transplants. The only strong opposition to Xeno came from people in the public gallery and animal rights activist Liz White on the panel.

       In an odd twist the panel's expert on ethics said he wouldn't try to sway us in either direction then he concluded by saying that we don't know what don't know. He feels that the public forums are a good first step. In easier words he wants us to go through some weak consultation then forge ahead with animal to human organ transplants.

       My own feeling is that the experts are saying that "because we don't know what we don't know or what in the hell we are doing, we must alter the Charter of Rights and numerous other protective laws in order to facilitate Xeno. Then after we have changed the entire face of law, society, ethics and animals we will have created a new class of citizens that are stigmatized by carrying animal transplants and must live under a regime of illness where nearly all of their rights as citizens have been removed.

        Dr. Gary Levy and the supporters of Xeno believe the "challenge is to bring in legislation so the necessary and drastic impositions on individual rights Xeno requires will survive a charter challenge."

       Lawyer Megan Evans outlined the legal confusion. It involves the law of consent, privacy law, the Charter of Rights, animal rights, jurisdictional questions, food and drug acts and more.

       If you get an organ transplant from a genetically altered pig you must consent to mandatory treatments and to being monitored all of your life. You'll be quarantined if necessary, will give up confidential health information and must bear up against media attention. There will also be restrictions in immigration and mobility law and you won't be allowed to have children.

       Yet under existing law we can withdraw consent at any time. That means they would want you to sign a contract to surrender your rights under section 7 of the Charter of Rights … a contract that would be invalid unless the Charter itself is changed.

       Next up is third party consent meaning that those in close contact with a patient such as family and spouse must consent to being monitored all of their lives.

       The reason for the restrictions is the possibility of PERV Infections. These are viruses that exist in all animal cells and may infect humans and spread to others creating an xenozoonosis epidemic. Meaning we will have introduced diseases from animals into the human chain.

       The experts say the probability is low and they also say they really don't know.

       In spite of the legal hitches and the frightening possibilities we are told that there are five Canadians that have undergone Xenotransplantation of some form. They are at large and under some form of surveillance.

       One woman on the panel said she has received a successful human transplant and calls the restricted rights for animal organs a new Charter of Rights to allow Life. A woman in the audience disagreed. She had a mother who suffered unbearably from a transplant and she describes it as more like a Charter of the Rights to allow people to live in Pain and Misery. That is because transplantation destroys the immune system. The failure rate is high.

       If the public hearings have a purpose, it appears to be to garner societal consent or the consent of the public at large for Xeno and the medical/pharmaceutical industry that hopes to profit from it.

       Liz White of the Animal Alliance says it has little to do with ethics and more to do with attracting research dollars. We are to engage in risky experiments in preference of public health programs. She feels there are many other ways our finite public health dollars could be used to save more lives. There are 16,000 people who die of smog every year. And though it wasn't mentioned, many people lose livers because the same pharmaceutical companies that want to sell drug cocktails for organ transplant acceptance have already fed us the drugs and foods that killed our organs in the first place.

       Dr. Gary Levy likes to say that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that even if we increase Ontario's abysmal record in human organ donations there will never be enough organs for all of those in need.

       Personally I like to say that no matter what we do there will never be enough organs for all of the half dead old geezers who feel they have a right to live on forever in some state of moral and physical ugliness.

       Liz White notes that animal rights will not be protected at all under Xeno. There isn't a public watchdog or any way to know the extent of animal cruelty taking place. Animal care committees in research legally prohibit speaking out publicly. Researchers are reviewed by peer committees and the failure of labs to comply is kept secret.  She believes Health Canada should say No to clinical Xeno trials on humans and redirect public funds away from research defined by illness to research defined by wellness.

       Dave Marshall of Freedom for Animals brought up the issue of incredible animal cruelty with a reading from the public gallery. He notes that Mike Harris gave parent company Novartis 1.5 million to set up here after a connected company, Imutran, got booted out of the UK for animal cruelty.

    Here are a few excerpts from that article.
    Terrible despair of animals cut up in name of research

        THE SHOCKING truth behind Britain's most high-profile animal experimentation project is revealed in confidential documents seen by the Daily Express. The secret papers show horrific animal suffering despite claims to the contrary
       The project, carried out by Cambridge-based Imutran, involves transplanting genetically modified pigs' hearts and kidneys into monkeys. Thousands of pigs, monkeys and baboons have been used.
    …a baboon which survived for 39 days with a pig heart was suffering in the last days of its life. Its heart had grown in weight by three times.
    …one monkey which had a pig heart attached to the blood vessels in its neck was seen holding the transplant which was "swollen red" and "seeping yellow fluid" for most of the last days of its life.
    …animals are described as quiet, huddled, shivering, unsteady and in spasm. Some had swellings, bruising or were seen with blood or puss seeping from wounds. Others vomited, or suffered from diarrhea.
    … over a quarter of the animals died on the operating table or within a few days because of "technical failures" in the surgical procedures. In one experiment, this  accounted for 62 per cent of lives. In another, 13 out of 22 monkeys died within two days of the operation.
    … there have been a number of awful mistakes. One monkey had to be "sacrificed" when researchers discovered the pig kidney it was about to be given had been mistakenly frozen.
    ... it said that a study of nine baboons who had a pig heart sewn onto their arteries showed that no "transgenic heart underwent hyperacute rejection". But secret data shows the experiment was actually carried out on 22 baboons. The company picked nine out of the ten baboons who had lived longest, probably because they were on different drug regimes. Two of those excluded from the published paper died after suffering a "hyperacute" rejection to the organ.
    …on average, a baboon survives only seven days after having its heart replaced by that of a pig. AND it is clear the longest survivors were kept alive with massive doses of drugs.
    ….monkeys are transported halfway across the globe in tiny cages. In one shipment three animals died - probably from suffocation – in a 35-hour trip from the Philippines. All the animals used for xenotransplantation experiments at HLS die or are killed. It can be a long exit - a research goal is to keep the animals alive as long as possible after transplant.
    …a female monkey had to be euthanased the day after she was given a dose of a drug four times higher than recommended. The records note that she was shaking and grinding her teeth….


       Now that we have seen the skewed ethics and cruelty of animal to human organ transplants do we decide to go ahead with Xeno or abandon it?

       The answer is that we probably don't have a choice. We can't make choices any more because transnational pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment have already made our choices for us. That is really what the public consultations are about. They create a forum to lead us and our government toward decisions they have already made.

       They want to save us and their profit margin and jobs.

       In spite of that we will all die in the final analysis and we will never be able to go back and fix the mistakes we've made … choosing Xeno doesn't have to be another one of those mistakes.

       Life is hard enough when we're healthy and strong. Swallowing animal organs and drug cocktails and being too sick to ever fully live and love is a fate worse than death.

       People that don't care about incredible cruelty to animals aren't going to care about incredible cruelty to people with animal organs inside them.

       So in the end I say let us die and leave the future to the healthy people that deserve to live it.
    Canadian Public Health Association
    Xeno site
    Have your say

    Protesters Oppose Animal to Human Transplants - Friday May 25, 2001
    (Opposition to XENOTRANSPLANTATION Begins in Toronto)

       Protesters wearing pig noses and medical gowns gathered at Toronto General Hospital in Toronto today to initiate opposition to XENOTRANSPLANTATION. After flyers were distributed to the public, they marched to the back of the hospital for a vigil where the experimental pigs are kept.

    Xenotransplantation a New Medical Horror Story!

       Xeno is connected with dangerous new experimental work in genetic engineering. It is the transplantation of organs or tissue from one species to another.

       In Xeno animals become enslaved as organ factories. Initial experiments have genetically manipulated pigs with human genes inserted into their DNA.

       The pharmaceutical industry really has no idea what the short and long term consequences will be. Incredible ethical question are involved.

       Do we want to tamper with the human race and animals in such a way?

       Will we be humans or animals or neither?

       Is it progress to again torture and tamper with animals?

       Can such dangerous experimentation ever be justified, especially when the motive is only profit. (Pharmaceutical companies will sell these organs and the drug cocktails to facilitate acceptance at a price only the rich can afford. A Wall Street Investment Firm estimates the worldwide market for transgenic organs could reach $9B within 10 years)

       Why don't we increase donations of human organs and why is this being done in secret? (In April 1998, 12 transgenic pigs arrived secretly at Mirabel airport from Britain. The pigs were engineered with human genes so that their progeny would theoretically make suitable donors to humans in need of organ transplants. The company behind this is Immutran, a British pharmaceutical company, subsidiary of Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis. At the same time, there was an announcement of a $1.5M grant from Novartis to the University of Western Ontario to establish Canada's first Xenotransplantation Chair. Later, a collaboration was announced with the University of Guelph, Western and Toronto.)

       Can the cruelty of the pre-clinical trails ever be justified? (Pre-clinical trials have occurred at Western. Scientists transplanted kidneys from transgenic pigs into baboons to see how long they could survive with the organs of partly human pigs. Human clinical trials would be at University of Toronto through the Toronto General Hospital.

    Protest Sponsored by Freedom for Animals and University of Toronto Animal Rights Advocates.
    Contact Freedom for Animals
    email - free_animals@hotmail.com

    They Deserve to Be Free: Niagara Action for Animals: MARINELAND Protest – May.20.2001
    - View Digital photos and a full report on Sunday's Animal Rights protest at MarineLand.
    Navy Sonar System Threatens Marine Mammals - May.2001
    The U.S. government may allow use of a powerful new system despite evidence that military sonar kills marine animals.
    For more info & to send a letter:

    Lions under threat from George Bush's Big Game Hunters – May.2001
       Former American president, George Bush senior, and his old ally, General  "Stormin' Norman" Schwarzkopf, are pushing the government of Botswana to lift a ban on trophy hunting of lions.
       Bush's former vice-president, Dan Quayle, is also among the signatories  along with Gen Schwarzkopf. Both men went hunting in Botswana last year. Rich Americans, Europeans and Japanese pay about $30,000 a time to kill a lion in Botswana.
       The government decided to impose the ban in part because American shooters favour lions with thick manes for their walls, leading to a disproportionate killing of mature males. The shortage of such beasts is now so great that hunters have been making use of a mane-extension service back in the United States where fake hair is weaved in to give their trophies an extra flourish before they hang the heads.
       Lions are systematically in decline in population size and health primarily as the result of hunting. The number of lions in Botswana has declined by  about two-thirds in 10 years. Lion population in Africa has fallen from about 50,000 to fewer than 15,000 over the past  decade. The surviving lions are largely confined to four viable populations in southern and east Africa.
       The nature of lion hunting has changed from colonial days. Faster vehicles and high-powered rifles have further reduced the already bad odds against the animals. South Africa offers the "canned lion" service in which a trapped animal is virtually delivered to the barrel of a gun. They are released into what are no more than fields surrounded by fences and "hunted". They have no chance of escape.
       Tales of horrendous suffering by the animals abound. Some supposed hunters are so inexpert with guns that they take a dozen shots to kill a lion. Sometimes the killing takes place on the same game farms that foreign  tourists believe to be conservation centres. While the parks emphasize the breeding of lions to the visitors waving cameras, over the hill the hunters are shooting them with guns.

       There were once hundreds of species, but only five exist today, and four of them are endangered. Fewer than 12,000 rhinos survive in Asia and Africa. In Africa poaching has been so ruthless that black rhino numbers have fallen from 60,000 to 2,500 in 22 years. Horn from African rhinos is worth $1,800 to $5,000 per kg, and horn from Asian rhinos up to $46,000 per kg.

    The demand for ivory was behind the decline of the African elephant, which fell from 2m animals in 1970 to between 286,000 and 543,000 today. The number of Asian elephants has been reduced to between 34,000 and 51,000 animals in the wild.

    Fewer than 30,000 exist in the world today, a 30% to 50% decline that has occurred in the past decade. The vast majority can be found in Borneo, where they are protected. The trade in body parts, particularly skulls, continues despite the efforts of the authorities to eradicate it.

    A population estimate in 1996 was between 4,600 and 7,200, and there are now no more than 4,500 Indian tigers. The Siberian tiger is the world's largest cat, but only 200 remain. The demand for tiger products has increased, with the bones and other body parts being used for traditional Chinese medicines.

    City of Toronto Fee Attack on Pets - April.2001
        According to the city budget, as of April 2003, it will be illegal for you to own an unlicensed cat or dog in Toronto. In order to "facilitate the reduction of Toronto's stray cat and dog population," each and every cat and dog will be registered for a fee of $110 per year per dog and $75 per cat.
       Pets picked up on the street without ID will be considered to be strays and either put up for adoption or exterminated.
       This law must be opposed vigorously as it is anti-animal and discriminates against the poor, children, the elderly and disabled who want to own pets but can't afford the fee. It will also make pet adoption difficult as fees for animal care are already high enough without a city fee being added.

    Cruel City Circus
    (Toronto – Freedom for Animals Protests the Garden Brothers Circus and Animal Cruelty – March.24.2001)

       It's Toronto, early Spring and Saturday at SkyDome. The Garden Brothers are in town and they want you to bring your kids, plunk down the cash and Step Right up to the Cruel City Circus.

    Cruelty – What Cruelty?

       Of course the Garden Brothers would have you believe that they rescue animals and that circuses are places that are fun and sweet. What they don't tell you is that they are really prisons where trainers use whips, guns, hooks, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods and stupefying drugs to force animals to perform for audiences of laughing humans.

       Circus elephants are hit, beaten, shocked, chained and whipped. They travel in cramped trucks and like the other animals must perform when sick. Bull hooks are jabbed into the sensitive skin on their faces, toes and behind their knees if they don't obey.

       Prison conditions are not suited to animals and especially not to elephants as they are social animals that can weep. Captives often have tears running down their faces, and right from the beginning baby elephants are tied down, beaten and starved for a month to break their spirit for the circus.

    Freedom Circus

       A wicked wind blew down from the tall buildings as we assembled by the walkway into SkyDome and the Circus. It chilled us, and like the horrors of the circus – stung like whips, jabbed, knocked off hats, popped balloons and sent signs tumbling.

       But this was the Freedom Circus to protest Garden Brothers, and the will of the protesters prevailed.

       Before long parents and kids were streaming into the Circus and we were performing out front. In the cold we found it warmer to march in a circle with signs, so we did that while Sherry, our juggler performed in the centre.

       Off to the side our ringmaster, Suzanne held a bamboo whip and used a red sound amplification horn to inform the passing people of the cruel nature of the circus. Scott did large sidewalk chalk art on the walkway and it said - This Way To Torture and Cruel Circus – Animals Have No Choice but You Do.

       Jen was on the walkway holding a sign that said Wild Animals Belong in the Wild. Nadia's said The Slave Trade is Alive and Kicking and others had large pictures of animals in chains and cages. Jacqueline and John had a double-sized one of a weakened elephant in chains. Others like Dave, Jean and Susan did the flyer handouts.

       To the east of us another group watched. These were people with cameras and notebooks. They said they were a group studying the nature of protesters. So it was rather amusing to have people gawking at us like we were animals of a sort. Except we were there in the biting wind because we wanted to be there and not because we were tortured. And we did stick it out. Freedom Circus lasted for a couple hours and had a solid effect on the circus customers.

    So Who are these Weird Protesters?

       Yes – who are these folks under study? What do they believe and why are they protesting at the circus when they could be shopping?

       Freedom for Animals people are scattered across the age spectrum. Some are quite young, yet others are middle-aged to elderly. In today's crowd there were the Toronto people including women from Kensington Cat Rescue, folks from Niagara Action for Animals, Mississauga and Markam.

       They believe in understanding the true nature of animals and in being kind. That's to animals and humans.

       The media never tells you this but most animals rights people are vegetarian/vegan. They aren't meat eaters and don't wear fur. Very few of them are single issue protesters and nearly all are well informed on other issues relating to politics and health. Their health is better than that of the mainstream crowd, and some work in health-related occupations - a couple people at today's protest were from Noah's Health Food Stores.

    So is there a Happy Ending to all of this?

       I'm afraid not and that means the protests must continue, and if you want the circus banned in Toronto you have to phone your city councillor and the mayor and demand it.

    Unhappy Ending – Tonight the Garden Brothers are counting the cash and in the city sky-scrapers the cold wind is howling like a demon. Voices of the cruel circus and cruel city echo in the gusts, and down below in the dark the restless animals are in their cages. They are tired, sore and frightened. Soon they'll be on the road and if they are dreaming it is of warp-faced humans that laugh and stare like monsters. They don't know that some of us can be kind. Their masters will not let them attend the Freedom Circus.

    Upcoming Events:

    Freedom for Animals - Sun. April 1
    Kensington Market Stray Cat Rescue one year anniversary!
    Funraiser.  2 - 5 p.m. at the 519 Church Street Community Centre.
    A wish from the felines: a cat tree -accepting donations.
    Vegan potluck -cold buffet. Video showings.
    For more info: 416-596-2331.

    Protest at McDonalds - April 18.2001
    Noon to 2 pm
    Protesting animal slaughter, oppressive labour policies and junk food.
    For more info: 416-596-2331.

    Contact Freedom for Animals
    email - free_animails@hotmail.com
    web - http://ffa.engine.ca/

    Anti-Fur Demo at the IT Nightclub – March.19.2001
       Freedom for Animals held a spirited demo tonight at the IT Nightclub on Church Street. You could call it a trendy event on all sides. Except for the darker side of fur, which is an incredibly cruel factory farming industry that tortures and chews up animals by the millions.
    - read a full report by Gary Morton
    HOW NOW, MAD COW? - Friday, March 9, 2001
       Comment by Worldwatch Institute researchers, Brian Halweil and Dani Nierenberg on how globalization, economics and poor animal husbandry are responsible for our current animal-borne epidemics.
    - read the full article

    Freedom for Animals Update - Feb.26.2001
       The Toronto Freedom for Animals group met tonight and discussed issues and actions for 2001. Here's a brief update.

       Freedom for Animals will be protesting at the McDonald's Eglinton and Yonge outlet on April 18th. This demonstration will involve handing out flyers and serving veggie burgers. Animal costumes are needed. An organizing meeting will take place March 12th at 519 Church Street from 8 to 10 p.m.

    McDonald's is disliked because it
    - serves junk food and promotes it as nutritious.
    - exploits workers - pays low wages with no overtime pay.
    - swallows land in poor nations for cattle and grain. The large-scale meat production wastes resources. Huge quantities of grain produce a small supply of meat. A plant-based diet with fairly shared land would create self-sufficiency in food for the people of the planet.
    - destroys rainforest land for cattle ranching.
    - tortures animals as they are raised without freedom of movement or access to fresh air and sunshine. Slaughter practices are not humane.
    - damages other cultures through the creation of junk food outlets.

    Out of Africa into Chains
       On Saturday March 24th Freedom for Animals will protest the Garden Brothers Circus at the SkyDome. This will happen from 1.30 to 3 p.m. at 277 Front St W at John St.
       The protest will take the form of a Freedom Circus. People are needed to hold banners, act as clowns, paint faces, leaflet, drum and make noise, etc.
       For more on Circus Cruelty see - http://www.circuses.com/

    Save the Cats
       Kensington Market Stray Cat Rescue will be one year old on April 1rst and something will be planned for that date.
       Web site - http://ffa.engine.ca/katweb/katframe.html

    University of Torture
       Other continuing campaigns are the actions against the Bay on the fur issue and the actions against the University of Toronto over Brain Experiments done on Conscious Monkeys.
       Fur - See - http://www.furisdead.com/
       Brain Experiments on Conscious Monkeys - http://universityoftorture.com/

    Meeting Place
       Now that the group has the basement hall at 519 Church, plans are to use it for vegetarian cooking classes, arts and crafts, theatre, poster making, etc.

    About the Group
       Freedom for Animals is a meeting place to discuss animal rights issues and to take action by networking with animal activists locally and worldwide … organizing events and campaigns year round.
       F for A opposes any exploitation of animals, be it for food, material, science, entertainment, sport, etc.

    Contact Freedom for Animals
    email - free_animails@hotmail.com
    web - http://ffa.engine.ca/
    Suzanne Lahaei
    phone 416 596 2331

    More items of interest
    * On Monday March 26th Freedom for Animals meets from 7-9 p.m. at 519 Church Street.
    * March 13th is the International Day of Action Against the Seal Hunt and Freedom for Animals will leaflet at Liberal HQ at Yonge and St Mary from noon to 1 p.m.
    * Protection of Wolves web site - http://www.wolvesontario.org
    * Animal Voices - animal rights show, Radio CIUT 89.5 FM, Thursdays 2 to 3 p.m.

    Turf Cat Trapping Councilor By PJ the Cat - year 2000
       Toronto Councillor George Mammoliti has declared war on us cats, and in doing so he has proved that fringe lunatics sometimes do get elected to city hall.  Mammoliti boasts today that 239 of my unlucky friends have been captured and turned over to animal control since he started loaning traps to constituents.
       Mammoliti himself has probably trapped many of my friends as he claims that he hides in the bushes waiting to grab cats.
       People are baiting these traps and there is no guarantee that animals are being treated in a humane fashion. Facts are the citizens are not animal control officers and the practice of cat trapping should be outlawed by city council.
       Here at megacityelection.com, we are calling for voters in WARD 7 - York West to turf Mammoliti. And also to ask candidates in the election to support a ban on cat trapping and to oppose cat roaming bylaws.