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    At the Globe - Aug.28.2002
    - Sovereignty at Risk - deal will allow U.S. soldiers to cross the border and operate on Canadian soil
    - Arabs warn against making war on Iraq
    Tory School Board Takeover
    GLOBE- Witmer leaves Tories without a place to hide
    STAR - How Tories took aim at school boards
    Earth Summit - Aug.26.2002
    - Earth Summit opens with call for action
    - Stun grenades halt anti-Earth Summit march
    - Solar cookers causing stir at World Summit
    At The Nation - 2/9, 2002
    - Who Owns Water? by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke
    - The Water Profiteers by Jim Hightower
       Taking the water profiteers to task, Hightower celebrates "the ordinary folks" who are demonstating great courage and cunning in opposing the Great Corporate Water Rush.
       Around the world there is a growing social movement to protect water as a common resource. Because many large corporations have realized that water scarcity and pollution are going to define the next century, a tremendous surge of activity is taking place around the world to commodify and
    privatize water. Many public interest groups are mobilizing in opposition. One of the most active is Public Citizen, which is campaigning to protect universal access to clean and affordable drinking water by keeping it in public hands.
    Check out "Water for All" for how you can help:
    At the Star - August.26.2002
    - 1 in 32 U.S. adults jailed, paroled or supervised
    - War on terror being used as fig leaf By Thomas Walkom
    (animal rights activist latest victim)
    At the Globe - August.20.2002
    - Ottawa shelves medicinal pot
    At the Village Voice - Aug.2002
    - NUCLEAR WASTE MAKES HASTE: How many tons of high-level nuclear waste to be shipped cross-country to Yucca Mountain
    - Nat Hentoff: Operation TIPS—Will anyone stop Ashcroft's master plan to spy on us?
    - The Feds have detained hundreds since 9-11—why won't they tell us who? By Chisun Lee.
    At The Nation Magazine – Aug.2002
    - Elections in Brazil, the NED in Venezula
    - The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is one of the central vehicles for US manipulation of the South
    - Is This America's Top Corporate Crime Fighter?
    - TOM HAYDEN & DICK FLACKS: Port Huron at 40
    - KATE DOYLE: Mexico Opens the Files
    - JULIAN EPSTEIN: Doublespeak on Guns
    - ERIC ALTERMAN: Farewell, My Cokie
    - SCOTT KLINGER & HOLLY SKLAR: Titans of the Enron Economy
    - Fast Tracking Fast Track
    - No Rush to War
    - Saudi Arabia, the Neo-Cons and a Leak
    - Nation Investigation on Moyers' PBS Show Tomorrow
    - William Greider on Alan Greenspan
    Canada-Colombia Solidarity Campaign - Aug.2002
    - Call to Action in Solidarity with Colombia and in Support of the People of Northern Cauca
    Electronic Frontier Foundation - Latest bulletin  Vol. 15, No. 24   August 9, 2002
    - Read the full issue of EFFector at citizensontheweb
    Prisoners’ Justice Day – Aug.10.2002
       The 27th Annual PRISONERS' JUSTICE DAY vigil took place today at Riverdale Park and the Don Jail.
       Prisoners’ Justice Day is “… the day to remind people that the criminal justice system and the psychiatric system are mutually reinforcing methods that the state uses to control people…
       … August 10th is the day prisoners have set aside as a day to fast and refuse to work in a show of solidarity to remember those who have died unnecessarily – victims of murder suicide and neglect.
        From the Banner…Until All are Free, We are All Imprisoned.


    info (416) 972-9992
        On April 25, 02, BC Liberal MLA Jeff Bray’s office was occupied by ten womyn from the Kimberly Rogers Womyn’s Brigade (part of the Victoria Anti-Poverty Coalition).
    Full story
    Protesters Oppose the War on Iraq – Aug.5.2002
       Demonstrators protested George Bush’s plan for a war on Iraq today in Toronto. NDP MPP Peter Kormos and others addressed the crowd.

    info Email
    Cameras to help keep south Los Angeles alleys clean - Aug.2002
    Jack Layton Runs for NDP Leadership - July.30.2002
       Progressive Toronto Councillor Jack Layton is off and running for the leadership of the Federal NDP. A few hundred people attended his community barbecue at Cecil Street on Tuesday.
    Full Photo at
    At the Villlage Voice – July.2002
    - Nat Hentoff: When the FBI monitors lawful groups, U.S. citizens must resist.
    - Mondo Washington: Failed corporate crook George Bush lashes out against dirty-dealing CEOs.  By James Ridgeway.
    - HORMONAL OUTRAGE: Studies are revealing that hormone replacement therapy does more harm than good.
    At the Nation - July.2002
    - CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS: Tinkering With the Death Machine
    - BRUCE SHAPIRO: Rethinking the Death Penalty
    - JIM HIGHTOWER: POP-ing the Bankers
    - EDWARD HOAGLAND: 1776 and All That
    - HERMAN SCHWARTZ: The Court's Terrible Two
    - Bush and the Billionaire
    - controversy over corporate governance.
    At Corporate Watch - July.2002
    - George and Dick's Amazing Corporate Misadventures
    - Bush: Corporate Confidence Man
    - ALLIANCE FOR A CORPORATE FREE UN: Bayer and the UN Global Compact

    * Nigeria: Women Claim Victory in ChevronTexaco Oil Terminal Takeover
    * Burkina Faso: Thousands March Against Privatisation
    * Uzbekistan:  PricewaterhouseCoopers Advises on US Relations
    * USA: Enron-New York Times Deal Highlights Media's Dilemma
    * USA: Corporate Responsibility vs. Accountability
    * USA: Can Bush Scold Wall Street with a Straight Face
    * USA: Financial Scandals are Being Replicated on a Global Scale
    * USA: Cracking Down on Corporate Crime, Really
    * Africa: Commission Hands Down Significant Human Rights Decision
    * India: Bhopal Survivors Extend Hunger Strike
    At Straight Goods – July.2002
    - Privatization squeezes out hard-fought rights for Toronto workers.
    - Workers pay brutal price for cheap fruit - Sunday Herald.
    - Independence Day from Esso
    - Ontario school board budget struggles reflect provincial funding cuts
    - Rate spread on credit cards highest ever
    Electronic Frontier Foundation - Latest bulletin July 19, 2002
    - Read the full issue of EFFector
    Global Internet Liberty Campaign Newsletter.
    Read the GILC Alert Volume 6, Issue 5 July, 2002
    - Complete newsletter is posted here
    At the Star - July.23.2002
    - Layton makes it official, launches leadership bid
    Road Rage at Car Free Kensington – July.22.2002
       Folks blocking a Kensington Market Street for a Sunday Car Free celebration got a surprise taste of road rage when a muscular gorilla pulled in and tried to drive through. It turned into a case of road rage when he got blocked by the people and jumped out to storm about threatening certain individuals. A drum corp playing on the street up nearer to Presto suddenly turned and marched with the rest of the people to the car … leaving the angry motorist in rising anger as drums and chants drowned out his yelling. One woman jumped in his car, he ran around it and tried to pick a fight with another man … and it continued for some time till he finally gave up and backed out to leave.

    Angry Motorist (in sleeveless T-shirt) threatens locals
    People gather for Car Free celebration

       * In congested Toronto TTC fares have doubled, yet there are 10 percent less buses and 20 percent less streetcars.

    Report by Gary Morton

    Oppresto on Fire - Thursday July 18th 2002

       Nike is funding Presto, a club in Kensington Market as part of a marketing campaign for their new line of Presto sneakers. Teams of Nike-clad youth generate Presto hype on the streets, and participating artists and musicians sign agreements stating that they will not display competitors’ logos onstage or in their art.
       Countering Nike’s campaign to make Presto cool is an organizing group in Kensington that is staging counter concerts on Augusta Ave. This first one had speakers like Ian Thomson of the Maquila Solidarity Network and Dave Meslin of the Toronto Public Space Committee.
       This first concert filled the street with local residents as music blared from a third floor balcony. People mingled and danced and drummed on the asphalt and others in costume carried the party closer to Presto’s doorway.
       Things got a little ugly when folks began throwing stuff at the Presto building. Then a mob gathered at the front. I was inside with a friend of mine, a Vietnamese girl, touring Presto, when the crowd began to chant, Burn Nike Down, Burn Nike Down! Which sort of cut the tour short as we decided to exit quickly.
       Police moved in and took stations behind the Presto windows. Later I found that it wasn’t only folks on the left that oppose Presto, as a more right wing type of person fumed about Nike’s funding of a soup kitchen in the community center across the road.

    Report by Gary Morton

    Contact Oppresto
    info: Rod Caballero (
    At the Star - July.16.2002
    - Ottawa may ease laws on marijuana possession
    - Powell seeking approval of plan to aid Palestinians
    News Digest

    G8 – Full Coverage
    The Detailed IMC News Blast now is now included on the G8 and Take the Capital page at

    Cracking Down on Corporate Crime, Really – July.2002
    By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

    At The Nation – July.2002

    Students Against Sweatshops
       Last Tuesday marked 100 days since twelve Florida State University students were arrested for setting up a "tent city" in front of the school's administration building. The uproar over the arrests, and the continuing presence of a group of anti-sweatshop activists camped out on an FSU quad, have left an indelible mark on this campus known more for holding national titles in football than for student protest activity.
       For the full story on the latest ripple of the national student anti-sweatshop movement sweeping the US, read Jenny Stepp's Nation web report.

    MATT BIVENS: Failsafe Point: False Advertising
    Senators who ask about security at nuclear power plants get a very different picture from that offered in full-page newspaper ads.

    Exxon Mobil-sponsored terrorism in Indonesia.

    Nuclear Power's Menu by MATT BIVENS - The nuclear industry has rolled out the red carpet for Congress with a series of perfectly licit, lavish junkets.

    At Corporate Watch – July.2002

    OIL, GAS AND COAL Afghan Pipe Dreams

    Don't Let Indian Government Bury Bhopal!

    A Tale of Two Coups: Venezuela and Argentina

    Edison's Failing Grade – on for profit education

    Stop IFC Loans to Indian PVC Factory!


    *USA: Poor Countries Reject GMO Food Aid
    *World: The Blight of Eco-Tourism
    *USA: Gay Shame
    *World: New Survey Shows 2001 Grim for Trade Unions
    *USA: Judi Bari vs. John Ashcroft
    *World: Climate Shift Feeds Desert Growth
    *USA: Glacier Threatens Alaskan Fishing Village
    *World: Leaders Won't Commit to Earth Summit
    *G8: Africa Aid is ''Peanuts,'' Say Activists
    *USA: WorldCom, The Latest Corporate Accounting Scandal
    *World: Activists Oppose Public Financing of Caspian Oil Pipeline
    *USA: Seeking Justice For Apartheid Through the Courts
    *Canada: Country Poised to Receive G-8 Leaders and the Alternative People's Summit
    *Africa: Commission Hands Down Significant Decision on Nigerian Rights Violations
    *USA: Memo Cited Bush's Late SEC Filings
    *Peru: New Forestry Law Triggers Violent Protests
    *Europe: HP, Compaq Job Cuts Total 5,900
    *USA: Northrop to Purchase TRW for $7.8 Billion
    *G8: Africa Aid is ''Peanuts,'' Say Activists
    *World: Leaders Won't Commit to Earth Summit


    *Concerned Citizens of Norco Reach Agreement with Shell Chemical
    *AFL-CIO Looking for Researchers
    *Union Wins Strike Against Cement Company
    *Democracy Now! Looking for a Producer
    *Borders CEO: Don't Limit Access to Books, Ideas
    *G8 Failing to Stop the Terror Trade
    *Special Event: Cancer Alley Community Struggle Documentary
    *New Film on Grassroots Globalization
    *The Movement Loses a Visionary Leader

    ORGANIC OPPORTUNITY - People & Planet-Friendly Special Edition

    At Straight Goods - July 2002

    - What Joseph Stiglitz and anti-G8 protestors have in common

    - Character attacks used as weapon of choice against globalization’s critics - Linda McQuaig.

    - Bloom is off the rose of globalization with latest G8 - Mel Watkins.

    - The globalizer who came in from the cold  AlterNet. Joseph Stiglitz,

    - Bush's Mid-East plan-a non-starter - Rabbi Michael Lerner. Offers nothing real to the Palestinians - but plenty for the  terrorists.

    - New program to let Ontario consumers purchase green energy.

    - Canada could supply five percent of its energy needs from the wind by 2010 - The Canadian Wind Energy Association.

    - Will Bruce County become Canada’s Yucca Mountain? - The proposed site for tens of thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste is raising controversy on both sides of the border.

    - The real sin of the Asper scandal - Linda McQuaig.

    - Israeli peace movement builds momentum - Aaron Freeman. Refuseniks are part of a bigger picture of Israelis questioning the sense of Sharon's policies.

    - Sir Mick!  - Jim Kempkes returns to Straight Goods with an animation celebrating the knighthood of Mick Jagger.

    - Concern about Africa is misleading - Linda McQuaig. The global economic system creates obstacles to Africa, not solutions.

    - Exploding tuition fees a disaster for medical education - Dr. Gordon Guyatt.

    - Chrétien's ethics guidelines full of loopholes - Democracy Watch.

    - A market economy, yes; a market society - no!- Ed Broadbent. Former federal NDP leader offers advice to contenders for the job he once held.

    - Documentary of US 'war crimes' shocks Europe- Independent Online.

    - Michael Moore opens “Mike’s Office of Homeland Security”

    - Prisoners in the U.S. war on terror- Toronto Star. Thousands of Muslims are still being detained without charges in the U.S.

    - Stripping away Big Pharma's figleaf- Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman, Corporate Watch.


    ACT-O report on the failure of the Tenant Protection Act and the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal

     SUBMISSION TO THE OMBUDSMAN ONTARIO Concerning the Failure of the Tenant Protection Act and the Rules and Procedures of the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal to meet Ombudsman Fairness Standards
    Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario (ACTO)
    Legal Clinics Housing Issues Committee (LCHIC)

    Bob Levitt Ontario and Toronto Tenants web site

    OCAP report - The (Ontario) Tenant Protect Act: An Attack on Tenants.

    At the Village Voice
    Mondo Washington: John Ashcroft hypes a dirty bomber. By James Ridgeway.

    Nat Hentoff: The separation of church and state is in crisis. Does God need tax dollars to teach?

    Mondo Washington: Who are the lawyers behind Bush's recent attacks on civil liberties? By James Ridgeway.

    Mondo Washington: D.C.'s emergency-evacuation quagmire. By James Ridgeway.

       Poll after poll has shown a decisive majority of Canadians support adopting the Kyoto Protocol.

       Kyoto is the only global framework that can start to reduce greenhouse gas emissions world-wide. After 10 years of international negotiations, years of consultation at home, and significant economic analysis, Canada is in a position to move forward with the rest of the international community and adopt the Protocol.
       The federal government is currently engaged in a series of cross-Canada consultations with hundreds of stakeholders. While Ottawa should be commended for finally tabling a series of options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it is short-sightedly pursuing the idea of “clean energy exports”.
    CLEAN ENERGY EXPORTS: a strategy to promote dirty fossil fuels
       By allowing Canada to get credits for natural gas and hydro-electric exports to the U.S., emissions could grow by the equivalent of three large Alberta tar sands operations, five Ontario coal power plants and two million more SUVs. In fact, by getting this proposed credit, Canada would be continuing to promote the dirtiest fossil fuels, namely coal and tar sands oil.
       Export credits set a bad precedent since many jurisdictions export goods that help keep emissions lower than they might otherwise be. Canada similarly exports cheap fossil fuels which keep renewable energy and efficiency practices out of the market.
    THE ALBERTA GOVERNMENT PLAN: creative accounting for a changing climate
       Alberta is marketing its own plan which ostensibly shifts responsibility for emissions in the Alberta oil and gas industry to jurisdictions where the oil and gas is exported.
       This plan removes onus from Alberta for its skyrocketing emissions from unconstrained growth in some of the most energy-intensive fossil fuel operations in the world.
       Following Alberta’s logic, a pulp and paper mill would not be responsible for its water pollution; the country that bought the paper would be responsible. While the Alberta government states it should not be responsible for pollution from its export-oriented industry, it is collecting billions of dollars in royalties and captures enormous economic benefits from fossil fuel exports.
       You can find an analysis of the Canada & Alberta options, as well as a Kyoto economic cost-benefit study at

    Alanna Mitchell Globe and Mail May 4, 2002
       For the first time, a major study has catalogued the Beginning of the slippery slope to the collapse of Earth's ecosystems. Because of global warming, animals and plants are changing in unpredictable ways.
    Continue reading at:

    Howard Hampton's Hydro Flash, July 3, 20
       On July 2, the price of hydro hit a high of 47.1 cents per kWh. At its peak, the price was 11 times more than the 4.3 cents we paid before hydro deregulation and privatization began. Demand peaked at over 25,000 megawatts and prices soared along with it.
       If you paid $100 a month for hydro before May 1, even a doubling of the overall price would add $100 to your monthly bill, or $1,200 per year.
       There were outages and brownouts in southern Ontario as the province bought power from other jurisdictions to try to prevent shortages. In Hamilton, steel giant Dofasco shut down an arc furnace at 9 a.m. due to high hydro prices. While the company says no one was laid off, their decision could be an ominous sign of things to come.
       In Grimsby, rotating emergency blackouts caused by transformer problems affected 8,500 homes and cut off one man's breathing machine while he slept.

    Howard Hampton's Hydro Flash is produced by the Ontario New Democratic Party to alert consumers to the risks of hydro privatization and deregulation.
    Tel (416) 325-8300 Fax (416) 325-8222 e-mail

    ZNet Update
    A Conversation with Justin Podur in Gaza

    Tell me about Gaza.

    During my first few hours here in Gaza, just after I crossed the Erez
    checkpoint, I passed an orange grove being knocked down by Israeli
    armored bulldozers. We started to take pictures of what was going on,
    but nearby tanks fired into the air warning us to stop. We went back the
    next day to survey the damage and talk to the caretakers of the grove --
    a family living in a nearby house. The Israeli army had shot up their
    house and their water tank. For three days, the whole family was afraid
    to leave the house.

    The Erez checkpoint is close to the Erez settlement. Perhaps the Israeli
    thinking is that the orange grove could provide cover for some sort of
    Palestinian operation against the settlement.

    Checkpoints are often near settlements. They are sites of tragedies as
    well as mundane hardship. A few days ago, on the June 28th a couple by
    the last name of Lalooh were shot. Their house was near a checkpoint.
    The man had gone out to hang up laundry. He was shot by Israeli
    soldiers. His wife went outside to see what was happening and she was
    shot as well. She died, and the man is in intensive care.

    Another thing you notice at checkpoints is which cars pass through
    easily and which ones don't. Israelis have orange license plates.
    Palestinians have green. At just about any checkpoint, you see a long
    line of green license plates waiting for hours while the orange ones zip
    right through.

    Gaza is completely fenced in. It's like the world's largest prison. To
    the west is the sea. To the north, south and east are electric fences.
    Palestinians are not allowed to leave. You know that famous quote that
    says, "It is better that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent
    suffer"? Well, here, they've locked up more than a million innocent

    Gaza is a land mass of 360 square kilometers. Of that, 58% is in hands
    of Palestinians; 42% is in hands of the Israeli military and
    settlements. In Palestinian-controlled areas there are 1.25 million
    people. In the Israeli controlled area, only 4000. That works out to be
    something like 6000 Palestinians per square kilometer in their areas,
    and 27 Israelis per square kilometer in their areas. Each settler has
    226 times as much space as each Palestinian (leaving aside land

    The economy of Gaza is a disaster. Most Israelis commute elsewhere to
    work. But the Palestinians can't move around. Their unemployment rate is
    67%. People have been living off of mutual aid, hospitality, donations
    and savings, and there is some agriculture, but that can only go on for
    so long. It's been two years now since Gazans have had to function in
    this prison.

    How do people cope?

    People spend a lot of time just trying to get around. The central road
    between Gaza City and the north has a checkpoint -- making the road
    almost unusable to Palestinians. People tend to take the long way around
    on the western road. But the other day, the Israelis set up an impromptu
    checkpoint on this western road, which meant people had to turn around,
    leave their cars somewhere and then try to make their way on foot on the
    beach. The next step, no doubt, will be that the army starts patrolling
    the beach.

    Even the simplest daily practices are a gamble.

    Amazingly, people keep finding ways to live their lives. I had a chance
    recently to visit an art college, where I saw people making sculpture,
    furniture, and paintings. They have few supplies, the graduates will
    have no where to work, and travel to and from the college is arduous,
    but they persevere. Israel claims that if they relax security, they'll
    risk more suicide bombers. But, as many military experts acknowledge,
    these security measures do very little to prevent bombings. What we do
    know about these security measures, however, is that they prevent people
    from creating art, from going to school, from living their lives.

    I visited a technical college where it's the same story. It offers a
    high level of education, but there are so few prospects for the students
    who earn their degrees. They have to sleep over in the school in order
    to attend class with any predictability.

    Have international volunteers been active in Gaza as well?

    Yes. I'll give you an example of a recent action, which I was not at but
    which others told me about. In Raffa in southern Gaza, an Israeli
    bulldozing operation left a broken, open sewer that was becoming a
    serious public health concern. When workers tried to fix it, they were
    fired upon by Israelis.  They asked internationals to protect them while
    they fixed it -- so about 20 internationals came, formed a ring around
    the workers, and the workers fixed the sewer. A small victory, but a
    victory nonetheless.

    Israeli Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer has ordered the
    dismantling of 10 "rogue" settlements. Is this a meaningful gesture in
    any way?

    The problem is not these rogue settlements -- unapproved enclaves of a
    few people in mobile homes. The problem is the Israeli-approved
    settlements, which operate under an entirely separate parallel
    infrastructure. Settlers don't worry about having their electricity or
    water turned off. Their needs and their freedoms are protected by the
    Israeli military. They get to walk through walls -- or what are
    effectively walls for Palestinians. The problem is this systemic
    protection and nurturing of sanctioned settlements, which represent
    daily theft from the Palestinians, and provide the military's
    justification for being there.

    Beginning to dismantle this parallel infrastructure would be a
    meaningful gesture.

    What would a two-state solution mean for Gaza?

    The question is, how would it work? What happens to Gaza? Are Gazans
    going to be able to go back and forth to the West Bank? Would there be
    some sort of bridge or tunnel? Who will control access? From what I've
    seen, people not being able to move around is the root of so many
    problems. Without open passage between the two land areas that would
    make up Palestine, daily life would still be pretty miserable. You can't
    construct two of the world's largest prisons and then call it a state,
    and expect that it has anything to do with peace or justice for

    This two-state solution is not a peace plan, if peace means peace of
    mind and a modicum of control over your destiny.

    What is the direction of this intifadah?

    The problem is there is no goal -- no offensive goal, no defensive goal.
    The point is to be defiant, to maintain dignity. I've heard many young
    men and even children give voice to the idea that they have nothing left
    to choose but how they die.

    People sometimes use the argument that maintaining the occupation is a
    security risk for Israel, but I'm not sure that's true. Israeli
    civilians are at risk due to suicide bombers, but Israel as a nation is
    not. The tragedy is what's happening to the Palestinians. And in a way,
    that's Israel's tragedy as well. What Israelis have to worry about is
    not what's being done to them, but what they're doing.

    Israeli peace activist Neta Golan asked a soldier, "Haven't you learned
    from the suffering our people have been through?" He answered that he
    was working to make sure Jews never suffered again. The problem is that
    in the process of protecting Jews, Israelis are inflicting terrible
    suffering on the Palestinians. It is a suffering that is within Israel's
    control to stop.


    Euphemisms for Israeli Settlements Confuse Coverage
    From:"FAIR" <>

                        Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
                   Media analysis, critiques and activism

    June 26, 2002

    The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reported last month (5/31/02) that at the
    behest of a Likud party minister, the Israel Broadcasting Authority has
    banned its editorial departments from using the terms "settlers" or
    "settlements" on radio and TV. According to Ha'aretz, "it is not clear if
    the editors will obey the order," which was seen as an attempt by the new
    IBA director to curry favor with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. What does
    seem clear is that settlements-- housing built on land illegally seized by
    Israel after the 1967 war-- are such a contentious issue within Israel
    that the Israeli government would like to stop reporters from even saying
    the word.

    Nonetheless, the opinion pages of an Israeli paper like Ha'aretz often
    show a franker debate over Israel's aggressive settlement policy than one
    can generally find in mainstream U.S. media. Direct government
    interference doesn't seem to have been necessary to convince some major
    U.S. news outlets to avoid honest investigation of settlements, and
    sometimes even to avoid the word itself.

    The "neighborhood" of Gilo

    This may be partly due to campaigns by pressure groups within the U.S.
    Take the case of Gilo, an Israeli settlement that some pro-settler groups
    have used as a focal point for their campaigns to eliminate the term
    "settlements" in favor of "neighborhoods." In September 2001, CNN changed
    its policy on how to characterize Gilo: "We refer to Gilo as 'a Jewish
    neighborhood on the outskirts of Jerusalem, built on land occupied by
    Israel in 1967.' We don't refer to it as a settlement," said the order
    from CNN headquarters. CNN denies that its decision was a concession to
    outside pressure, but according to veteran Middle East reporter Robert
    Fisk (London Independent, 9/3/01), sources within the network said that
    the switch followed "months of internal debate in CNN, which has been
    constantly criticized by CNN Watch, and other
    pro-Israeli pressure groups."

    CNN is far from the only outlet that has trouble identifying Gilo. Media
    critic Ali Abunimah pointed out in a June 20 letter to NPR that the
    network's coverage of the recent suicide bombings which killed 26 Israelis
    incorrectly asserted that the attacks took place in "Jerusalem." In fact,
    they occurred in the settlements of Gilo and French Hill, both of which
    are outside of Jerusalem's traditional city limits, on land illegally
    annexed by Israel. Abunimah explained that "while absolutely nothing can
    justify such attacks... geographical accuracy in reporting remains
    supremely important," especiadly given the emotional intensity of the

    A close reading of some of the New York Times' recent coverage of
    settlements illustrates the politics that may be at work in such cases. In
    a May 29 article about Palestinian attacks on Israelis, Times
    correspondent John Kifner reported the Israeli army's efforts to erect
    fortified barriers between Bethlehem and Gilo, which Kifner described as
    "a nearby East Jerusalem neighborhood, where a sprawling Jewish area has
    been built on land seized after the war of 1967." The sentence would have
    been a lot easier to parse if Kifner had called Gilo what it is: an
    Israeli settlement.

    As Kifner indicated, Gilo is built on land seized by Israel after the 1967
    war. What the Times left unsaid, however, is that this seizure is illegal
    under international law. Gilo, like other Israeli settlements on "seized"
    land, was built in violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 446,
    which states that Israeli settlements built on land occupied since 1967
    "have no legal validity and constitute a serious obstruction to achieving
    a comprehensive, just and lasting peace." Resolution 446 also calls on
    Israel to observe the Fourth Geneva Convention, which states that an
    occupying power "shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian
    population into the territory it occupies." Since 446 was passed in 1979,
    the U.N. has issued other resolutions "deploring" Israel's failure to
    comply with it.

    Again, Gilo's status as an illegal settlement does not justify the
    Palestinian killings of civilians there, but it is central to
    understanding why Gilo is such a hot spot. For news outlets to report on
    Gilo simply as a Jerusalem neighborhood under attack, without explaining
    its legal status, is a gross distortion-- especially since the
    Israeli/Palestinian conflict, which has claimed so many thousands of
    lives, is at bottom about who should control the land. Settlements have
    been a central point of contention throughout.

    According to the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem, the settler
    population in the West Bank (excluding East Jerusalem) increased almost
    100 percent between 1993 and 2000, and there are now 380,000 Israelis
    living in West Bank settlements (including East Jerusalem). In a May 13
    report, "Land Grab," B'Tselem argues that this illegal growth is a result
    of Israel's policy of de facto annexing Palestinian land through a variety
    of mechanisms, including economic incentives for settlers so large that in
    the year 2000, "settlement regional councils received grants averaging 165
    percent more than their counterparts in Israel." B'Tselem found that while
    "the built-up areas of the settlements" constitute only 1.7 percent of the
    West Bank, the settlements' broad municipal boundaries and their regional
    councils mean that in fact, settlements control a full 41.9 percent of
    West Bank land.

    Struggles and shrieks

    The New York Times certainly isn't the only or worst offender in terms of
    inaccurate coverage of settlements, but some of its recent articles are
    instructive in how poor attention to detail on settlements can muddy the
    waters in an outlet's coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as a
    whole. Kifner's May 30 Times article about 6 Israeli civilians killed by
    Palestinians does consistently use the term "settlement" where
    appropriate. But the article's lead seems crafted to give the impression
    that the legality of settlements is simply a matter of perpective. Kifner
    described one of the people killed as "a 17-year-old yeshiva student in
    what he believed to be the land of Israel who was killed by a Palestinian
    gunman who believed the land was his." The question of legality is not
    clarified elsewhere. The sympathy shown throughout the article for the
    Israeli victims and their loved ones is perfectly appropriate. What's less
    appropriate, however, is Kifner's failure to contextualize the complicated
    and deadly issue of settlements in a framework of international law.

    Kifner repeated this "he says, she says" approach in a June 4 article. He
    described the construction of an Israeli multi-million dollar luxury
    development on Palestinian land as something that would be "a neighborhood
    to Jews, a settlement to Arabs." Explaining the enormous growth in the
    settler population since the 1993 Oslo accords, Kifner noted that
    settlements have "generated Palestinian anger and frustration." Again,
    this gives the impression that there's no arbiter in the controversy, only
    the emotional claims of competing ethnic groups.

    The sources cited in the Times article give additional insight into how
    U.S. cultural affinities may be influencing the slant of American
    reporting on settlements. Canvassing local perspectives on the luxury
    development, Kifner spoke with both Jews and Palestinians. Or rather, he
    spoke with those that he shared a language with.

    Jerusalem's mayor is quoted explaining that the new construction is a sign
    of the positive influence of "diligent private entrepreneurs that know how
    to make economic considerations," and one of the developers "proudly"
    extolled the amenities of the "neighborhood" being built. In a striking
    contrast, the Arabs quoted by Kifner are presented as simply shrieking
    garbled objections-- because they didn't speak English:

    "The Arabs down the slope were less sanguine. In a grocery store, the
    anger was palpable. 'This land, my father, my cousin,' said the owner,
    Mohammed Abedat, struggling in limited English. 'Turkey here, Britannia
    here, Israel no.'

    "An old woman, dressed in a traditional embroidered garment, shrieked at a
    passing bulldozer."

    It seems that in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, a lot can get lost in

    At the Star - July.9.2002
    - Bush's war on greed highly suspect
    - Bush vows to use all means to topple Saddam
    Molson Indy Protesters Strip to Underwear – July.4.2002
       Instead of the Indy it was called the WHOLESOME UNDIE! In response to the pollution, noise and grime of Toronto’s Molson Indy, protesters stripped to their underwear and hit the Indy track on bikes for a Critical Mass Ride.
       As media and race car drivers paced the track, cyclists ran their own race with Tooker Gomberg as flag man. Prizes went to the slowest rider and the rider with the sweetest undies.
       After the races the protest gang hit the Indy Street Festival downtown, and called on people to oppose Indy by showing their undies. Not everyone was amused. Fervent Indy supporters hollered (nearly all men) a defense of the race from the packed rooftop patio at Hooters. Police moved in to kick us off the road. And one angry man shouted, “You’re hippies! I believe in pounding out hippies!”

       So will this style of protest catch on? Let me say that I hope so. It would be the perfect sort of thing to stage for the pope’s visit this summer.

    Photos by Gary Morton
    squat busted - Wed, 03 Jul 2002
    From:  Jenn <>
      the squat at 246 gilmour in ottawa was dramatically busted last night. riot squad cops gained entry to the balcony via a firetruck extension ladder they sprayed the occupants, likely with pepper spray. 8 people were arrested and taken away in handcuffs. several others had chained themselves to doors inside and were still there as of this report by CBC
    anyone with more up to date details???
    this night raid was certainly to be expected.
    More info at
    At Corporate Media - July.3.2002
    - No US apology over wedding bombing
    US military officials in Afghanistan have refused to apologise following the mistaken bombing of an Afghan wedding party on Monday
    - Cartoon - International Justice Strikes Again.
    - Controversy - Canada-U.S. agree to 'safe third country' refugee pact
    Thunder Takes the Capital - Ottawa G8 Protest Notes & Photos – June 29.2002
    - Read a full report with photos and links to more photos
    At Corporate Media - June.25.2002
    - G-8 site 'a war zone' amid security fears
    - Bush enrages Arab World - says Arafat must go
    - Ottawa offloaded social spending, Statscan says
    At the Globe - June.18.2002
    - Ontario delays tax cuts
    - Opposition hammers Tory document
    - Publisher's firing sets off storm
    At the Star - June.17.2002
    - Arthur Andersen convicted in Enron probe
    - Police defend tactics used against G-7 protesters
    - Israel to build 120km West Bank wall
    - Prominent U.S. politicians back Saddam ouster
    Postering update - 11 Jun 2002
       For over two months now, the Toronto Public Space Committee has been working against the proposed by-law that would restrict postering on 99% of Toronto's hydro poles. The by-law was originally suggested by "staff" at City Hall. Soon after it was placed on the agenda, a glowing letter of recommendation came from Chief of Police Julian Fantino - leading some people to suspect that "staff" could in fact be a reference to the Toronto police.
       However, Fantino's recommendation leads one to wonder: What exactly would their motivation be for endorsing such a law? Would the police be particularly happy guarding hydro poles, waiting to ticket a child who has lost a dog, or an old woman trying to advertise a yard sale or church bazaar? Or would they rather direct their attention to the activists postering for the latest OCAP event or ARA rally?
       Neither the manpower nor financial resources nor political support exist to make this law enforceable in every case, so all other arguments aside, it can be pointed out that anyone who is advocating this change in legislation should know damn well that it is only enforceable SELECTIVELY - and those of us with experience in activism realize precisely who will be the selected targets.
       Of course, there are other arguments - about preserving freedom of speech, and refuting the ridiculous reasons city councillors such as John Filion (Willowdale) and Joanne Flint (Don Valley West) have been advocating this by-law. For example, one notion that has been entertained at previous meetings is that of posters being "a distraction to drivers." I find it hard to believe that those arguing this point have ever stepped onto the streets of this city - otherwise they would have noticed the flashing billboards, moving billboards, rolling billboards (on the side of bus shelters), and giant electronic screens at intersections, all of which are specifically designed to distract drivers. Another problem is that of cell phones or radios in cars - but proponents of this by-law ignore the logic of the situation and the proven facts, insisting that 8x11-inch pieces of paper on hydro poles must be an enormous cause of traffic fatalities.
       Aside from activists, another target of any possible enforcement of this law would be the postering companies that indiscriminately plaster poles with advertising. Yet, in this situation, which is better: For those promoting community events to compete with small-scale advertisers, or for individuals' posters to be illegal in nearly every part of the city while company ads dominate our street corners and the "litter" of corporate power permeates our daily lives?
       There are two fronts that exist here: That of preserving the freedom of individuals to publicize events on public property, and that of limiting the intrusive nature of big advertising. It is important for one to address both issues if our existing freedom of expression is to remain a characteristic of this society.

    Links to other media coverage of this issue are posted at:
    In Solidarity,
    Ernie Eves forms new rock group "Guns and Clearcuts" - Thu, 13 Jun 2002
    From:  Anita Krajnc <>
    Sierra Club Eastern Canada Chapter
       Toronto -- Today the Ontario Conservative government passed the Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act (Bill 135).  "The tawdry record of the Tory government in preserving wildlife species and habitat continues on its undistinguished course," says Dan McDermott, Director of the Sierra Club Eastern Canada Chapter.  "Ernie Eves and his OFAH (Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters) buddies are rocking and rolling to the Tory wildlife policy tunes of 'Guns and Clearcuts,'" says McDermott.
       The Tories' Fire Emulation Guidelines allow massive clearcuts in Ontario.
    Today's passage of the Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act cements the increased role of the sports hunting and fishing industry in wildlife management in the province.
       Bill 135 establishes a "right to recreational hunting and fishing" and offloads government environmental responsibilities for managing wildlife to the sports hunting and fishing industry through the creation of a Fish and Wildlife Commission.  Bill 135 allows for more and more control over wildlife management to be transferred from government to third party user groups which practice ecologically destructive activities, such as:
    •       keeping deer populations unnaturally high in certain areas of Ontario through feeding of deer in the winter
    •       promoting open season on hunting coyotes and wolves, which recreational hunters kill to protect deer populations
    •       stocking Ontario's lakes and rivers with non-native species, such as Pacific salmon. These exotics interfere with the breeding cycle of indigenous fish, such as lake trout.
    Bill 135 does nothing to protect ecosystems and species, and the hunting and angling lobby has little interest in protecting endangered species.

    Humanize Toronto has launched a campaign calling upon the City of Toronto to make the TTC free every time a Smog Day is officially declared.
    Sounds too expensive?  Here's their solution: "City Council covers the TTC's lost revenue for that day, and then sends the bill to Queen's Park and Ottawa, 50-50."  Sounds good to us.
    For more info and to download and sign the petition check out:
    Council Watch Volume 9 - June.2002
    Get informed and take action to green up Toronto.
    This edition:
    Opposition grows against the City's proposal to giveaway control of our water system
    Comment on the City's Draft Official Plan
    Attend the Toronto Smog Summit
    Public Health tackles West Nile Virus and household products that contain mercury
    At NowToronto - June.13.2002
    - GARDEN PARTY - Guerrilla Planters Sow Seeds of Subversion in the Dark
    - JUMPING JACK - Layton's NDP Bid Could be Ambushed at the Pass
    - MURKIER AND MURKIER - Latest Twist in Mumia's Case has Disciples Wondering
    Protest Notes on Toronto NEO-NAZI CONCERT SHUT THEM DOWN Demo! Sat June 8
    - read the full report with photos
    At The Nation Magazine – June.2002
    - ARUNDHATI ROY: War Talk: Summer Games with Nuclear Bombs
    Corporate Welfare - Ontario Premier Ernie Eves Gives 51 Million in Corporate Welfare to Wealthy Biotech Industry - June.8.2002
    - Story at the Globe.
    The People's Summit, June 21-25, Calgary, Canada 2002
    G6B The People's Summit, June 21-25, 2002 University of Calgary
    Saren Azer
       On June 26 & 27, 2002, the leaders of the world's most industrialized countries, the G8, will meet in Kananaskis, Alberta. They will make critical decisions that will have global impact. Past G8 Summits have consistently failed to offer an effective means for individuals, civil society or even other states, to provide input to, or engage in, meaningful dialogue with G8 leaders.
       We believe, therefore, that an alternative forum, offering a means for the views and concerns of all of the world's peoples to be expressed and considered, is sorely needed. As such, from June 21-25, 2002, the G6B (Group of 6 Billion – reflecting the entire global citizenry) will be held in Calgary, offering a forum to generate and discuss ideas and solutions that will promote economic activities that are beneficial to people living in all parts of our world, but that also reflect full respect for human rights and the environment.
       The G6B Conference will offer an alternative view of the planet's future; one which is not rooted in increased militarism and poverty, and decreased human and civil rights. Committed to bridging the divides and inequalities that exist between the developed and developing world, the conference will bring forward recommendations in six theme areas: trade & economy, human security, health, education, environment, democracy & governance.
       The Conference brings renowned speakers, respected experts, and activists from the frontlines of poverty and conflict, together with an anticipated audience of 500, to explore a number of crucial issues and recommendations within the G6B's six themes. Consistent with the priorities of the G8, all sessions will have a special focus on the issues of Africa.
       The International Society for Peace and Human Rights (ISPHR), has taken the lead in organizing this conference and is now working with a steering committee made up of other national and local organizations including; Amnesty International, Partnership Africa Canada, Rights & Democracy, CLC, RESULTS, University of Calgary G8 office, and the Calgary African Community.
       We would like to invite all individuals and non-governmental organizations who share this philosophy and these beliefs, to join with us in this endeavour.
       For more details about the conference and on line registration, please check our website at or contact Lynn Foster @ 403-202-0638 or by e-mail: .
    Saren Azer, Chairperson, Amnesty International (12/26), International Society for Peace and Human Rights
    Tel: (780) 436-0210
    ACLU Online: Ashcroft Ushers in New Era of Domestic Spying - June 2002
    The e-newsletter of the American Civil Liberties Union
    At Straight Goods – June.2002
    - How to make TV work as a tool for social change
    - Turn the page on publishing. Devastated by monopolistic practices, Canada's book publishers deserve Ottawa's help.
    - Darkness follows Day. Stephen Harper’s recent history as the president of the National Citizens’ Coalition offers a clear look at what he really believes
    - Study reports rubber bullets unsafe - Toronto Star.
    - New Canada-US agreement will refuse entry to thousands of refugees
    - NDP rookie steals spotlight from Harper
    - Insider reports on Pickering cost overuns
    - Stephen Harper’s strain of anti-Canadianism
    - Coca-Cola: Latin America's second religion - AlterNet
    - Patients more likely to die in for-profit hospitals
    - Chemical industry fighting lawn pesticide bans with increasing success
    - Ontario approves gutting of forests - Toronto Star
    - The Liberals' plans to sell parts of BC Hydro is courting financial disaster
       At the June 4 Water Consultation with Irene Jones, City Water Advocate, a standing room only crowd of 200 plus packed the committee room to hear about the City plan to give up control of our water system.
      City Councillors, citizens and representatives of citizen, environmental and labour groups detailed their concerns and overwhelmingly rejected the City’s plan.
       The City report recommended that the City abandon direct public control of our water system and adopt a new management system – one that is unpopular, expensive and less accountable.
       Worse still, the report did not give a clear picture of how the proposed Municipal Service Board system would work or how it might affect taxes, staffing, public health and other municipal services.
       On June 11 attend a special joint meeting of Policy & Finance and Works Committees.  Citizens and representatives of groups can make five-minute deputations.  You don’t need to be an expert – just speak from the heart and tell them what you think about the water plan.  It will make a difference.
    Joint meeting of Policy & Finance and Works Committees, June 11th- 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
    Committee Room 1, City Hall
    To make a deputation call Trudy Perrin at 416-392-8027
    Global Internet Liberty Campaign Newsletter.
    Read the GILC Alert Volume 6, Issue 4 June 6 22, 2002
    - Complete newsletter is posted here
    Free expression
    [1] US courts issue key Net speech rulings
    [2] Russian Net speech curbs debated
    [3] New legal battles over deep weblinks
    [4] Turkish Internet restrictions draw fire
    [5] Jordan jails online dissenter
    [6] Mystery surrounds end to Chinese blocking of news sites
    [7] Court refuses to throw out charges in Russian E-Book case
    [8] Study recommends education, not Net blockers
    [9] US Congress considers new virtual images ban
    [10] Egypt clamps down on Internet speech
    [11] Daniel Pearl video back online
    [12] Report: marker trick fools crippled CDs

    [13] Euro data retention decision provokes alarm
    [14] New US gov't rules may allow massive Internet spying
    [15] US gov't investigates Verichip tracking implants maker
    [16] Euro regulators probe Microsoft privacy woes
    [17] US Net privacy bill passes important hurdle
    [18] Interactive TV privacy fears grow
    [19] US cell phone tracking scheme still on hold
    At Corporate Media - June.6.2002
    - Candid McDonough to quit as NDP leader
    - Israeli tanks attack Arafat's HQ
    - Nuclear exchange possible: Musharraf
    - CPP invests in networks, biotech, pools
    - Car bomb kills at least 17 in Israel
    At the Globe - June.3.2002
    - Chrétien fires Martin
    Guerilla Gardening in a Chemtrail Jungle– May.27.2002
    * Notes on a Guerilla Gardening expedition by Gary Morton
    At NowToronto and EYE - May.30.2002
    - Plan to Nowhere - Suburban Mel Not The Man ....
    - Showdown in Cowtown
    - Burning issue -The politics of high-tech garbage disposal are heating up
    Electronic Frontier Foundation - Latest bulletin, May 24th, 2002
    - Read the full issue of EFFector

    * Check Out the New EFF Action Center
    * ALERT: Turner CEO Says Bathroom Breaks are Theft
    * Librarian of Congress Rejects Proposed Webcasting Royalty Rates
    * California Supreme Court Hears DVD Trade Secret Case
    * Hollywood Wants to Plug the "Analog Hole"
    * Court Rejects Review of 2600 Magazine Digital Copyright Case
    * Supreme Court Maintains Ban on Internet Censorship Law
    * Prevent Court-Ordered Surveillance of TV Users
    Ontario Health Coalition Report Paints Disturbing Picture of Ontario’s Privatized Long Term Care
    - May.30.2002
       The full report is available at
       Toronto – The Ontario Health Coalition released a report today on the privatization of Ontario’s long term care sector.  Called “Ownership Matters” the report draws conclusions from the key trends and outcomes of increasing private ownership and operation in Ontario’s long term care facilities.
       “For the first time, Ontarians are paying for the construction of long term care facilities that will be owned and operated by corporations for profit. But is privatized long term care “faster, better, cheaper”? The evidence is that it is not. Our research shows that Ontario has by far the highest rate of for-profit long term care in the country and we have among the worst levels of care”, noted Irene Harris coalition co chair. “Our long term care facilities are suffering under the burden of heavier care requirements as hospital beds have closed. While staff workloads, accident and injury are on the increase, regulations guaranteeing minimum staffing levels have been eliminated. These trends must be changed.”
       “The bottom line? Seniors’ protections in long term care facilities are being systematically eliminated while opportunities for profit are being expanded”, concluded Ethel Meade, seniors’ representative on the coalition. “Care for the fastest growing population in the country is being turned over to a powerful for-profit nursing and retirement home sector. As a senior, I think about this as one who may require a bed in one of these facilities and I am deeply disturbed by the  serious deficiencies in protections for the residents and staff.”
    The Age of Inequality - May 2002
    Here's the latest evidence of the startling growth of income and wealth inequality, in the United States and around the world:
       The Washington Post's Ceci Connolly reports this week on the development of a new innovation in healthcare delivery: "boutique" or "concierge" coverage for the world's super-elite.
       Leading medical providers like the Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins in Baltimore are establishing special programs to give platinum service to the well-heeled. Depending on the program, the super-rich customers may receive massages and sauna time along with their physical, housecalls, and step-to-the-front-of-the-line service in testing facilities.
       Using these services are a worldwide elite class of business executives and royalty -- the "winners" in a system of corporate globalization that is generating morally repugnant economic disparities.
    Here are some other measures of the gains of the wealthy:
    * Executive pay at top U.S. corporations climbed 571 percent from 1990 to 2000.
    * There are presently nearly 500 billionaires worldwide.
    * U.S. corporate tax payments are slated to drop to historic lows as a result of the tax bill enacted into law earlier this year. According to Citizens for Tax Justice, corporate taxes will plummet to only 1.3 percent of U.S. gross domestic product this year, the lowest since fiscal 1983, and the second lowest level in the last 60 years.
    * More than half of the tax cuts enacted last year that are scheduled to take effect after 2002 will go to the best-off 1 percent of all U.S. taxpayers.
    Even in the United States -- the nation that is supposed to be the biggest winner from globalization -- the average person has watched skyrocketing executive compensation and wealth accumulation, but has not been able to climb even a few steps up the economic ladder. Average real wages in the United States are at or below the wage rate of 1973.
    Meanwhile, poverty remains pervasive in both the United States and around the world.
    * One in six children in the United States live in poverty.
    * In 2000, a full quarter of the U.S. population was earning poverty-level wages, according to the Economics Policy Institute.
    * Around the world, 1.2 billion persons live on a dollar a day, or less.
    * Tens of millions of children worldwide are locked out of school because their parents are unable to afford school fees.
    * More than a million children die a year form diarrhea, because their families lack access to clean drinking water.
    No Water? Drink Coke! May.2002
       US giant Coca Cola draws water freely from the common groundwater resource available to it in Kerala- the basis for its profits.  This comes at a tremendous expense to the community who are left with dwindling water resources in the area because of Coke's thirst for profits, as well as polluted water because of Coke's operations in the area.  Nityanand  Jayaraman looks at the concerns surrounding Coca Cola's operations as well as the big picture- privatization of water for profits at the expense of community access to water.
    Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting - May.24.2002
    POWER SOURCES: On party, gender, race & class, TV news looks to the most powerful groups
    A study of ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News in 2001 shows that 92 percent of all U.S. sources interviewed were white, 85 percent were male and, where party affiliation was identifiable, 75 percent were Republican.
    THE "OH, REALLY?" FACTOR: Bill O'Reilly spins facts and statistics
       If it’s spin to back up your arguments with bogus facts and statistics, and to dismiss numbers that don’t fit in with your preconceptions, then Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News Channel show isn’t, as he repeatedly claims, a "no-spin zone"-- it’s Spin City.
    Ontario & Alberta the Worst at Forest Protection – May.2002
      The federal government earned top marks for protecting Canada's national parks, but all but two provinces received failing grades.
       Eleven of the provinces and territories have laws that fail to protect their parks, says the study by David Boydat the University of Victoria.
       Alberta and Ontario are the worst. They earned a grade of F minus, the worst grade possible. Logging takes place in 75 per cent of Ontario's Algonquin Park and Alberta's Dinosaur Provincial Park has been continuously violated by oil and gas exploration.
       Continuation of such destructive practices will strip down and degrade the ecological systems in the regions. Degradation of ecosystems means the loss of the top predators. Wolves and foxes are responsible for controlling the population of rodents and small animals like raccoons and skunks.
    At NowToronto - Ongoing
    - Don Wanangas at City Hall
    Straight Goods Bulletin - May 2002
    - U of T settles with anti-depressant drug critic
    - Economists without borders - Mel Watkins. Not often noted for altruism, lawyers and economists offer their skills to a new battle against global poverty - and pleasantly surprise.
    September 11 furor grows
    - What did Bush know, when did he know it and why did he do so little beforehand?
    - "Government ethics" does not have to be an oxymoron
    - A year of needless cuts and broken promises in B.C.  Seth Klein, CCPA. The remaking of B.C. is being justified by false claims.
    - Ernie Eves' short life as a departure from Mike Harris - Hugh Mackenzie,
    - Power privatization would make it tough to control pollution
    - More dirty coal NAFTA, privatization, and pollution.
    - Report links childhood development and economic prosperity - CBC News.
    - Cuba joins the Axis Of Nonsense - Guardian.
    - BC injured workers could lose everything due Workers' Compensation cuts - CBC News.
    New CKLN Site – May 24.2002
       CKLN's sexy new website is up - look!  it moves!  and yes, we are streaming live once again. Check us out at our short & snappy new url-
    At the Star- May.23.2002
    - OPP to probe lobbyist's actions
    At the Guardian - May.22.2002
    - Fear of nuclear war over Kashmir
    MarineLand May 2002 Protest: They're Buried on the Hill - May 19th.2002
    - photos and writeup
    NDP News Digest - May 21, 2002
       NDP PROBES ENRONITIS AT HYDRO ONE - The Ontario Securities Commission will investigate Howard Hampton's complaint about business relationships that seem too close for comfort between Hydro One, its external auditor and various spin-off companies.  The NDP wants tight conflict rules to govern the role of senior executives who move from an external auditing firm and its consulting arm to work directly for their clients' firms.
       At issue is a one billion dollar outsourcing contract between Hydro One and a spin-off consulting company created, and later sold to outside investors, by Hydro One's auditor, Ernst & Young.  Hydro One entered the deal despite a warning in its prospectus that the companies involved "have not previously provided the extensive range of services covered by the agreement to any other electric utility company."  Yesterday the United States Securities and Exchange Commission filed charges of violating auditor independence rules
    against the same auditing firm, Ernst & Young, in a case that's almost exactly like the situation at Hydro One, Hampton revealed.
       What Ernst & Young says, in both the U.S. case and the Hydro One case, is that it separated its consulting business two years ago. "That wasn't good enough for the American authorities.  It shouldn't be good enough for Ontario," Hampton said.  "The Americans launched an investigation and yesterday they charged Ernst & Young with violating the rules. The premier, as an investment banker himself, knows what the rules are
    around this. He knows how Enron and its auditor, Arthur Andersen, played fast and loose with the rules and got into trouble. There's enormous concern about how 'Enronitis' may have spread to many more companies."

    SEVEN-FIGURE SALARY SENSATION - Lack of Conservative government action to
    cancel the obscene pay packages of nearly $13 million to four Hydro One
    executives, paid to them whether they choose to leave or are asked to leave,
    had Howard Hampton and the NDP prompting Ontario's new premier to get with
    it.  Last week, the Premier promised a review of what Hampton termed "the
    orgy of excessive salaries, bonuses and pay outs" to the executives of Hydro
    One, part of the public hydro system that the government wants to privatize.
    "The four senior people at Hydro One get almost $13 million. The rest of us
    get higher hydro rates. And these high-flying executives get it for
    quitting!  Incredibly, they rake in the dough if you privatize and they rake
    in the dough if you back off.  Premier, you've had five days to figure out
    what everyone else in Ontario already knows: Hydro One and OPG is liking
    winning the lottery for senior executives, except they don't even have to
    buy a ticket.  What are you going to do about this bloated excess?" Hampton
    At the Star - May.21.2002
    - Secret video shows shelter overcrowding
    Police and demos - May 2002
      Toronto Police Accountability Coalition draft brief on police and demonstrations and other stuff is at
    Electronic Frontier Foundation- Latest bulletin May 16th, 2002
    * Court Rejects Review of 2600 Magazine Digital Copyright Case
    * Supreme Court Maintains Ban on Internet Censorship Law
    * Prevent Court-Ordered Surveillance of TV Users
    At the Village Voice - May.2002
    - Mondo Washington: In Afghanistan, more U.S. troops were killed by air accidents than by enemy fire.
    New on> May.2002
    - Bush and ''Angolagate''
    In the News
    * USA: Ex-Im Bank, Corporate Welfare at Its Worst
    * World: Corporate Bribery on the Rise, Says Survey
    * Central Asia: World Bank Chief In Talks Over Pipeline
    * Costa Rica: Offshore Oil Drilling Scrapped
    * USA: Court Says Nike Must Defend Its PR
    Bulletin Board
    * Maya Indian Urges Shareholder Activism Over Belize Dam Project
    * Bad Girls Take on Big Tobacco
    9-11 news from Mike Ruppert  - 17 May 02
    At PJ the Cat's page - May 2002
    - The 582,000 animals that are genetically modified in Britain's labs
    At the Star - May.17.2002
    - Activists applaud appeal in cat-torture case
    - Hydro executive cash deals called a 'rip-off'
    At the Globe - May.17.2002
    - Farmed salmon high in PCBs, study says
    - Bush faces furor over knowledge of Sept 11 attack
    At Eye - May.16.2002
    - A telling birth
    - School board spying on student politics
    - Ratepayers gather to fight development
    At NowToronto - May.16.2002
    At the Star - May.14.2002
    - Liberals cling to 4 seats in votes
    At the Guardian - May.13.2002
    - Opec chief warned Chavez about coup
    - EU 'horror' at Afghan jail conditions...prison camp in northern Afghanistan compared to Auschwitz.
    Electronic Frontier Foundation- May 10th, 2002
    * Judge Rejects Challenge to eBook Case
    - Read the full issue of EFFector
    At Eye - May.2002
    National Save Medicare Day
    - Tie a ribbon for health care
    - ID hassles for the homeless
    At the Star - May.12.2002
    - A day to tidy Tent City
    - Gay teen thanks supporters
    - Access to information in peril
    At the Globe - May.12.2002
    - Hydro One hiring under attack
    - Israel jails Canadian escorted from church
    At Mainline - May.11.2002
    - Billions for war, but not for the people.
    At the Post - May.12.2002
    - Militants get hero's welcome in Gaza City
    e.NDP - News from Canada's New Democratic Party - May 10, 2002
        OTTAWA - New Democrat MP Dick Proctor has laid out NDP concerns about the new
    Public Safety Act (Bill C-55) proposed by the Liberal government, arguing it should not be rushed through Parliament, as the government is demanding.
        "We will be opposing Bill C-55 vigorously because it amounts to nothing short of a sneak attack on human rights and gives virtually Orwellian powers to certain federal cabinet ministers, particularly the Minister of Transport," Mr. Proctor told the Commons Thursday.
        He said not only New Democrats oppose the bill, noting Federal Privacy Commissioner
    George Radwanski has expressed "deep concerns about the legislation, so much so that he took the relatively extraordinary step of releasing publicly the letter that he wrote to the Transport Minister on the topic...His concern was that the bill's provisions could fundamentally and unnecessarily alter the balance between individuals and the state that exists and should exist in a free society such as Canada."

        OTTAWA - NDP environment critic Joe Comartin today condemned the Liberal government's abandonment of a commitment to ratify the Kyoto Accord on greenhouse gas emission.
        "Jean Chrétien has sent a clear message to the world that his government has no intention of signing the Kyoto Accord and that Canada's environmental commitments aren't worth the paper they are written on," Mr. Comartin said. "Now the Liberal government wants to weasel out of our commitment and base any ratification of the agreement on new measures that effectively allow Canada to do nothing and continue to pollute."
        He noted Canada spent years working with the international community in negotiating the Accord, but has consistently backed away from important pollution reduction targets on the grounds that Canada cannot afford to take an independent position from that of the U.S.
       Earlier this week NDP House Leader Bill Blaikie told the Commons, "The real corruption story in Ottawa is not limited to the way the Liberals give out contract. It is also about the way the Liberals' position on the Kyoto Accord has been corrupted."
        "It has gone from one of commitment to one of cowardice now when it comes to the Kyoto Accord," he said. "The Minister of the Environment used to talk about his intention, then he talked about his preference and now he is talking about having to make a decision. The Liberal government's position on Kyoto has changed."
    At - May.2002
    - ENRON Bulldozing Bolivia
       Enron's Cuiaba gas pipeline project -- built with US government support -- is an ecological and social disaster cutting through the last tall dry forest in the world.
    * USA: Internal Memos Connect Enron to California Energy Crisis
    * Australia: Power Rip-Off Exposed
    * Africa: Pact to End 'Chocolate Slavery'
    * Asia: General Motors Swallows Rival
    * Gates Foundation Urged to Keep Philip Morris Out of Nutrition Initiative
    * Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Storage Infringes on Native Rights
    * Rainforest Activists Launch ''Dinosaur Tour''
    * Aung San Suu Kyi, Human Rights Activist Released
    At - May.2002
    - Newsweek Exposes Use of Child Soldiers Abroad,But Turns Blind Eye to U.S.
    At Cable Pulse - May.12.2002
    - Massive Peace Rally In Israel
    Conflict in the Middle East– May.2002
    - Latest  Updates - Links & Articles
    At Straight Goods – May.2002
    - Harper ducks Calgary by-election campaign against NDP's Bill
    - Innovative green loan fund facilitates fair trade coffee - Paul Pellizzari.
    - The professionalization politics bleeds over from US to Canada – Aaron Freeman.
    - Halifax Daily News editor jumps ship over CanWest editorial policy - Bruce Wark.
    - London-based Index on Censorhip reports CanWest controversy.
    - Apartheid in the Holy Land - Desmond Tutu, The Guardian
    CIA Takes Control in Palestine – May.9.2002
       Reuters reported yesterday that George Bush is sending CIA director George Tenet to the Middle East to work with Yasser Arafat in creating a new security force to route out suicide bombers. This action follows a suicide bombing that killed 16 people in a pool hall in Israel. 60 others were wounded in that same attack.
       With movies like Truth and Lies about Sept. 11th playing in North America, people that suspect CIA complicity in the WTC attack will likely find this new CIA activity suspect.
       Wouldn’t it be possible for the CIA under Tenet to gain control of a core group of suicide bombers, and then direct them to attack in the United States? After a bombing in an American city, the CIA could then release paper work linking funding for the attacks to Saddam and then launch a war against Iraq, with the hidden motive of gaining control of its oil fields and strategic location.
       Conspiracy theories aside, questions must be asked about any version of the Palestinian Authority that has become a tool of the CIA. Will such an outfit in any way represent Palestinians?

    Gary Morton
    At The Nation Magazine – May.8.2002
    rogue nature of US foreign policy:
    - Lonesome Cowboy (April 29, 2002)
    - Rogue Nation
    UK news on GMOs - May.8.2002
    - Trade war fear as public resists GM food
    - Pink castle 'blocks' GM crop tests
    At - May.2002
    - Economics and the Kyoto Protocol
    Toronto Marijuana March  – Grass Makes You Green – May.5.2002
    - Read the Full Report with Photos
    At Corporate Watch – May.2002
    - The War on Terrorism's Gravy Train
    * Colombia: Human Rights Groups Criticize U.S. Military Aid
    * Philippines: Preparations for U.S. Military Base Sparks Alarm
    * Mexico: Legislation Strikes Blow Against Privatization, Secrecy
    * USA: Bush Chokes Reactive Chemical Regulations
    * Justice in Bhopal Tour
    * Biojustice 2002
    from the NDP - May.2002
     OTTAWA - NDP health critic Judy Wasylycia-Leis has introduced a bill in the Commons that would lower prescription drug costs for Canadians by removing the Patent Act's controversial notice of compliance within patented medicine regulations.
        "The government's failure to reel in skyrocketing drug costs is putting incredible pressure on our whole health care system," Ms. Wasylycia-Leis said. "This bill will remove a hurdle to cheaper generic drugs for all Canadians and eliminate an unjustifiable perk given to big pharmaceutical corporations."
        The patented medicine regulations' notice of compliance allows for the automatic extension of brand-name drug monopolies for 24 months simply on a patent holder's allegation of infringement. This is the only regulation of its kind in Canadian patent law.  It is not required under any existing international treaty and is only in effect in one other country, the United States.
    At Global Policy - May.2002
    - The US Hit List at the United Nations By Ian Williams
    Interview with Shakir Baloch -  May 2002
       Firsthand Testimony from Canadian Citizen caught up in America's Post-September 11th Frenzy
    Marijuana March  – Grass Makes You Green – May.5.2002
    - Read the Full Report with Photos
    At the Observer - May.5.2002
    - Watchdog would halt 'cruel' bid to create GM pets
    At Alternet - May.2002
    - Congress Attacks Human Rights
    ACLU News - May.2002
    - Witch-Hunt In Escalating South Dakota HIV Investigations
    - ACLU of MA Sues Holliston School Officials for Punishing Students Over Protest Signs
    - ACLU Calls for Return of Items, Unsealing of Affidavits Used for Raids on Muslim Establishments
    At Maritimes Indy Media - May.2002
    - Maritimes summit of the Americas protesters sentenced to 45 days in jail.
    Washington DC Antiglobilization Rally - May.2002
    - Realplayer Slide Show
    At the National Post - May.5.2002
    - Liberal sheep turn to lions as Chretien faces backbench unrest
    At the Guardian - May.5.2002
    - Aids fear as Bush blocks sex lessons
    At the Star - May.5.2002
    - Councillors upset by Lyon's suspect donations
    At the Globe - May.5.2002
    - Colombian fighting results in 60 dead
    Ontario - Stop Eves' Corrupt Hydro Privatization ! - May..2002
    - Stockwell walks out of hearings after being jeered
    Here's the ongoing schedule for Stockwell's hydro hearings.
     Niagara Falls - Monday, May 6, Hamilton - Monday, May 6, Windsor - Monday, May 6 , Toronto - Tuesday, May 7
       Individuals and groups wishing to appear at the hearings are invited to contact 1-866-433-8889. To provide for the broadest possible range of opinions and viewpoints, all interested parties not appearing at the hearings are invited to make written submissions to the Minister. Submissions must be received no later than May 8, 2002 and may be delivered as follows:
    By fax: 416-326-3947  By e-mail:
    Hydro Sell Off-find out what you can do:
    At the Guardian - May.3.2002
    - An army against Le Pen
    - Land of the fat
    At the Globe - May.3.2002
    - Privacy commissioner 'deeply troubled' by anti-terror bill
    At Eye - May.2.2002
    Toronto the horrible: The world's worst climate-wreckers live right her
    At the BBC - May Day 2002
    - May Day protesters clash with police
    At the Village Voice - May.1.2002
    - Mondo Washington: A designer of the WTC wins an award for innovation in contruction technology
    New on Corporate Watch – May.1.2002
    - Fabric from GE Corn: Greenfleece or Greenwash?
    * Nigeria: Protestors Take Over Chevron Rig, Leave Peacefully
    * USA: Military Seeks Broad Exemptions from Environmental Laws
    * USA: Feds Reject Andersen Settlement Offer
    * Italy: Government Resumes Talks After Mass Union Strike
    * Ecuador: Labor Abuses Rampant in Banana Plantations
    * Venezuela: After the Counter-Coup
    * Africa: Controversy Continues to Dog Major World Bank Projects
    * UK: Report Says World Bank/IMF Policy Provoke World Wide Protest
    * USA: IMF/World Bank Meetings Open as Protestors Gather
    * USA: Activists Look Ahead After Vote Against Arctic Drilling
    * Haitian Plantation Workers Under Wave of Repression
    * Unions Forge Global Network
    * Activists Expand World Bank Bonds Boycott on Eve of Summit
    * Police Attempt to Block Corporate Globalization Protests
    60 Unnecessary Dolphin Deaths in Norway – May.1.2002
    From: Gwen McKenna <>
        Norwegian researchers have been given permission by their government to shoot up to 60 dolphins, in order to find out more about the diet of the Atlantic white-sided and white-beaked species.  This is totally unnecessary.  There are numerous ways of investigating the diet of dolphins, which do NOT require killing the dolphins.
    Sincerely, Gwen McKenna
        EMAIL LETTERS TO:, Ministry of Environment (MD), Miljoverndepartementet, Pb 80130 Dep, 00030 Oslo
    FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting E-News: April/May 2002 -  May.1.2002
    The City of Toronto has set up a monthly online newsletter to keep you informed of the City's cycling initiatives; bike lanes, special events, bike paths, cyclist training programs, bike parking and more.
    Subscribers will receive information about the Toronto Bike Plan (a ten year plan to improve cycling in the City) and the Cyclometer newsletter detailing issues happening within the City and bulletins on how you can become involved in making Toronto a better place for cycling.
    At The Nation Magazine – May.1.2002
    - Special page of resources on the Middle East.
    - DOUG IRELAND: The Center Folds  (May 13,2002)
    - DANIEL SINGER: Le Pen's Pals -- Blood and Soil (Dec. 23, 1991)
    - MICHAEL MASSING: Losing The Peace?
    - WILLIAM GREIDER: The Enron Nine
    - JASON LEOPOLD: Bill Simon's Enron Ties
    - LIZA FEATHERSTONE: Strange Marchfellows
    - WILLIAM F. SCHULZ: Shouting Fire    (Review)
    At Straight Goods – May.2002
    - War  spreads to Pakistan's Tribal Area
    - Non-native species threaten biodiversity
    - Questions for Ernie Eves on Electricity
    - CanWest censorship, bias includes the Middle East
    - Americans begin to ask: What happened on 9/11
    - Petition for public inquiry into media ownership
    - Venezuela coup linked to Bush team- Guardian Observer
    Peace Action Coalition Marches in Toronto- Sat Apr 27 2002
    Digital Photos by Gary Morton
       The 44 political action and citizens’ groups composing the Toronto Peace Action Coalition staged an action for global peace today. Themes of the rally and march were Canadian Troops Out of Afghanistan; End the Israeli Occupation of Palestine; No U.S. Nuclear Blackmail; No to U.S. intervention in Columbia; No New War on Iraq; End the Sanctions; Defend Civil Liberties; Stop the Racist Backlash, Another World is Possible!
       NDP MPP Peter Kormos, Hanadah Loubani of Palestine House and others addressed the crowd at Queen’s Park. They called for an end to the violent Israeli occupation and illegal settlement of the West Bank.
       A long march took the demonstrators around downtown Toronto through U of T to the Israeli Consulate and down to the US Consulate on University.
       The diversity of the groups and chants was obvious to residents as they watched the march pass. One reason for such a long public march may have been the refusal of the corporate media to report in any depth on peace protests and dissent. As rallies and marches on peace and poverty issues are ignored this spring, organizations continue to increase street visibility to make up for the lack of media exposure.
       It is not necessary for Canadians to die in Afghanistan, killed by reckless American bombers in a war that is not a war, so armchair bullies here can cheer for bloodshed and a Canadian combat role. Yet TPAC and the Independent Media are the only forces in society informing the public fully on these issues.
       Similar protests were held in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa and Winnipeg.

    Contact TPAC
    Info: Paul 416-406-8645/978-8741 (Toronto Peace Action Coalition)
    Montreal - Apr.28.2002
    - Police defend arrests of demonstrators
    - Advocacy groups denounce police tactics
    - CSIS warns of G-8 violence
    At Eye - April.2002
    Toronto's cat crisis
    Police picnic (Protesters who gathered for Tory convention say police violence reached new heights)
    At the Guardian - April 25, 2002
    - Children become the new martyrs of Gaza ( Boys,14, shot dead on way to suicide mission)
    At the Star- April 25, 2002
    - Rotting bodies removed from Bethlehem church
    - Government pulls anti-terrorist bill
    Toronto - Thousands March for Palestinian Rights  - April.21.2002
    - Photos and Reports)
    At the Village Voice - April 24.2002
    - Police in Brooklyn are using high-tech surveillance cameras to monitor housing projects. Is it a  violation of tenants' civil liberties? By Stephen Witt.
    -  What's behind an entertainment reporter's $10 million lawsuit against the Walt Disney  Company and the Post? By Cynthia Cotts.
    -  Mondo Washington: The education of Bush interpreter Karen Hughes. By James Ridgeway.
    Latest Ontario Hydro Privatization information - Apr 2002
    For the latest Hydro Privatization information you can visit:
    - Ontario Electricity Coalition
    - Ontario and Toronto Tenants (click on the Your Utility Costs Page)
    - Howie Hampton's NDP Public Power page
    At the Nation - April.24.2002
       The size of weekend demonstrations -- 75,000 in Washington, 15,000 in San Francisco and thousands more in other cities -- represented a major step forward for the peace movement in the US.
    - LIZA FEATHERSTONE: Breaking The "Consensus"
    - JOHN NICHOLS: Tens of Thousands Protest Bush Administration Policies
    Global Internet Liberty Campaign Newsletter.
    Read the GILC Alert Volume 6, Issue 3 April 22, 2002
    Complete newsletter is posted here
    [1] Vietnam jails 3 over web articles
    [2] US Supreme Court strikes down virtual images ban
    [3] European Parliament rejects Net blocking
    [4] Cuba reportedly bans computer sales
    [5] Spanish LSSI bill provokes Net speech worries
    [6] New report warns against Australian Net censor proposal
    [7] Controversial crippleware bill finally unveiled
    [8] Bahrain gov't censors opposition webpages
    [9] New Chinese rules against "sensational" Net reporting
    [10] ICANN faces more criticism, lawsuit
    [11] Google Scientology weblinks controversy
    [12] BT weblinks lawsuit runs into trouble
    [13] Swedish newspaper site fined for chatboard comments
    [14] Indian gov't plans ID-based web restrictions
    [15] Study: most of world's population still offline
    [16] US gov't holds off regulation of Verichip implant trackers
    [17] New Japanese Net tapping case renews privacy fears
    [18] Yahoo, Ebay privacy policy moves spark criticism
    [19] New Zealand plan would mandate spyware installations
    [20] D.I.R.T. spyware endangers Net privacy
    [21] US gov't keylogging case ends without disclosure
    [22] New Windows Media Player spies on users
    [23] Big Brother Awards ceremonies held in UK, US
    [24] EFF picks 3 new Pioneer Awards winners
    [25] New GILC member: TEA (Hungary)
    Animal Cruelty Case - Apr.19.2002
    - Photos of Court House Demo by Jane Murphy - Caged Hamilton
    At the Globe - Apr.19.2002
    - Cat killers sentenced
    April 20th - Thousands March in Washington Opposing War and Globalization
    - Photos Page
    - BBC  Thousands rally at Washington summit
    At - Apr.2002
    - U.S. Papers Hail Venezuelan Coup as Pro-Democracy Move
    Ontario bi-election May 2nd
    There's by-election May 2nd. Josh Matlow is running against Ernie Eves.
    At the Star - April...20.2002
    - Province may not sell Hydro One, judge rules
    At the Guardian - April...20.2002
    - Bush says Israeli invasion of Jenin must be investigated
    - Tears of a clone ...  is this the end of the road for a cloning?
    - Four Canadians killed in 'friendly fire' in Afghanistan
    NPD Conflict over Middle East Crisis
    - Bob Rae Parts Company with his Senses  By Gary Morton – April.18.2002
    Poster Rally - Tue, 16 Apr 2002
    From:  Grant Orchard <>
         Just came from a postering rally in front of City Hall. Couple of hundred people there. Several speakers (good short speeches) including Billy Bragg who is in town and came by, Ken Ramsden from Peterborough sang a great song by Don Freed, 'Poster Squad', Gian Ghomeshi (from former Moxy Fruvous), Avi Lewis and others.
       Quite a few media there; ethnic, CBC, Radio Canada, Much Music, Tor Star, and so on. It's plus 28 or something like that and sunny so a good day for it.
       Hopefully the CBC will show something tonight on their News!
       The bylaw comes before Council this thursday at 4 pm so everybody is being asked to pack the Council chambers for that debate.
    Council Watch 1.7 - Tue, 16 Apr 2002
       This issue contains listings for the April council meeting, updates on the effort to ban pesticides, a mid-term report card on TTC Commissioners, info on the Island airport and more.
    Electronic Frontier Foundation- Latest bulletin
    * ALERT: Thank Gateway for Standing Up to Music Industry Bullies [global]
    * Blizzard Freezes Bnetd Gaming Platform, Sues Own Customers
    * Hollywood Backs Down After Copyright Office Threatens Internet Radio Privacy
    * EFF at Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference
    Straight Goods- 15 Apr 2002
    - First-hand account of Venezuela counter-coup
    Conservative media pushed Venezuela coup but outraged people defeated it
    HungerCount 2001: Food Bank Lines in Insecure Times Canada's Annual Survey of Emergency Food Programs
    Report Available in English and French at:
    Food Bank Facts 2001
     * 718,334 people in Canada received emergency groceries from a food bank during the month of March 2001 - a 90% increase in food bank use since March 1989
     * 632 food banks with 2,123 affiliated agencies operate in Canada
     * while Ontario and Quebec assisted the greatest number of people, Newfoundland  continued to show the highest rate of per capita food bank use at 5.4%
     * 41% of food bank recipients were children and estimates suggest that almost 60% of households accessing food banks were families with children
     * almost 65% of food bank recipients received social assistance, 12% were working poor and about 7% received disability support
     * most food banks provide a 3 to 4.5 day supply of groceries on a monthly basis
     * over 1.2 million hours of labour, including more than 800,000 volunteer hours, contributed to the operation of food banks in Canada during March 2001
     * since this study was conducted, economic conditions have worsened and food bank use has increased substantially with further intensification following September 11
     * through United Nations' international agreements, the Canadian Government has committed to ensure the right to food for all people of Canada – yet they have left the responsibility for fulfilling this human right to the volunteer sector
    ONTARIO HEALTH COALITION - Save Public Medicare! Apr.16.2002
       Saving Public Medicare is sparking one of the largest community based campaigns ever seen! This historic campaign has hit a cord across Ontario with  38 communities eager to participate and the list growing. Communities still   have time to join the campaign so call to be included.
    Save Public Medicare! Community Contacts:
    Belleville - call Virginia at 613-962-8442
    Bowmanville - call Cathy at 905-985-9963
    Brampton - call Eugene at 905-792-2894
    Brockville - call Bobbi at 613-342-5086 or email
    Burlington - call Ed at 905-681-0242
    Chatham - call Aaron at 519-351-9148 or email
    Cobourg - call Bill at 905-377-8375 or email
    Cornwall - call Madeline at 613-933-2390or email
    Fort Erie - call Julius at 905-371-3071 or email
    Fort Frances - call CUPE 795 at 807-274-3181
    Guelph - call Carole at 519-823-2923 or email
    Hamilton - call Fran at 905-516-5690
    Kenora - call Donna at 807-468-7203 or email
    Kingston - call Ross at 613-374-5258 or email Charlie at
    Kitchener-Waterloo - call Orville at 519-893-3974
    Lindsay - call James at 705-324-7841 or email
    London - call Peter at 519-433-4403 or email
    Midland/Penetanguishene - call Vern at 416-443-7662
    Niagara Falls- call Julius at 905-371-3071 or email
    North Bay - call Dawson at 705-497-9434 or email
    Orangeville - call Connie at 519-848-6762
    Oshawa - call Jim at 905- 434-5922 or email
    Ottawa - call Abe at 613-244-2817 or email Leslie at
    Owen Sound - call Len at 519-389-4490 or email
    Peterborough - call Bev at 705-292-9277
    Port Colbourne - call Rose at 905-834-1145
    Renfrew - call Sue at 613-432-7208 or email
    Sarnia - call Arlene at 519-869-6826 or email
    Sioux Lookout - call Donna at 807-468-7203 or email
    Sault Ste. Marie - call Elsa at 705-949-6235 or email
    St. Catharines - call Kim at 905-227-2881 or email
    Sudbury - call Brian at 705-674-3455 or email
    Thunder Bay - call Evelina at 807-344-5027 or email
    Timmins - call Ben at 705-235-8121 x 7599 or email
    Toronto - call the office at 416-929-1545 or email
    Welland - call Robert at 905-735-4223
    Windsor - call Mike at 519-256-8082 or email
    Woodstock - call Violette at 519-539-6626 or email    April 12,2002
    Your Community Not On The List? Call Us
    Ontario Health Coalition 15 Gervais Drive, Suite 305  Don Mills Ontatio M3C 1Y8    Phone 416 441-2502   Fax 416  441-4073  Webpage:
    At the Star - April...15.2002
    - Shelter bylaw raises strong reaction
    - City's homeless are abandoned
    - Taxpayers pay Baird's doughnuts and dinner
    - Unions launch challenge to hydro privatization
    At the Globe- April.15.2002
    - Canada's Kyoto waffling draws European ire
    - Greenpeace targets Alberta premier's house
    At the Post - April.13.2002
    - Canada accused of corporate sellout as environment ministers meet in Banff
    Puppy Mills and PJ’s Pets Protested - Sat. April 6, 2002
        People from around Ontario gathered under the Freedom for Animals banner today to support animal rights and
     protest puppy mills and animal neglect.
    - Read the full report with photos
    At Straight Goods – April.2002
    - Disastrous electric power privatization
    - Rate spread on credit cards highest ever
    - A proposal to lower credit card rates
    - Eighteen tales of media censorship in new book - Michelle Goldberg, AlterNet.
    - FCC ordered to rewrite US media ownership rule - New mergers to come?
    - To Bush: Curb violence by taking action to reduce TV watching - Commercial Alert.
    - Solar solutions to the water problem - San Diego Union-Tribute. Solar devices could bring clean water to all the world.
    - Facing the Facts: A Guide to the GATS Debate
    CORPWATCH: Biotech's Third Generation - Apr.2002
       From golden rice to anti-viral tomatoes, is the biotech industry's third generation good medicine or good marketing? Author Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero asks, "what are the environmental and public health consequences?" His questions are more important than ever as the government leaders, citizens groups and industry are set to meet on the UN Convention on Biodiversity in the Hague next week.
    - Can't Change the Science? ExxonMobil Tries to Change the Scientists!
       Despite ten years of effort, Esso/ExxonMobil hasn't been able to stop the world's climate scientists saying that global warming is here and is caused by burning oil, coal and gas. So what does the oil giant do next? It tries to change the scientists. First on the hit list is Dr Robert Watson, a well-respected, former NASA climate scientist who has led the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for nearly six years.
    In the NEWS
    *USA: DeLay, Enron and the Marianas
    *USA: Andersen Operations Split
    *Colombia: World Bank, IMF Threw Economy Into Tailspin
    *Chile: McDonald's Faces $1.25 Million Food Poisoning Lawsuit
    The Nation – Apr.2002
    Wal-Mart's "Ascendance"
       It was announced yesterday that Wal-Mart, the discounter that has become the dominant force in American retailing, has taken over the top spot on the annual Fortune 500 list.
       "Wal-Mart and the Waltons got to the top the old-fashioned way: by roughing people up. Their low, low prices are the product of two ruthless commandments: Extract the last penny possible from human toil and squeeze the last dime from its thousands of suppliers, who are left with no profit margin unless they adopt the Wal-Mart model of using nonunion labor and shipping production to low-wage hellholes abroad."
    Fight for our right to Poster in this City – April.7.2002
       The City of Toronto’s proposed postering (ban) bylaw is going before City Council on April 16 - 18.
    Phone, write and fax the Mayor and City Councillors to express your outrage and opposition at this attempt by the City to thwart our freedom of expression under the Charter and our legal right to poster!
    The agenda for the Council meetings will go to the Councillors on April 11.
    GreenPeace – April.2002
    - Tell Jean Chretien to ratify the Kyoto Procotol on Climate Change  today!
    - Stop Japanese Whaling. Despite a ban on commercial whaling by the International Whaling Commission, Japanese whaling ships recently set sail with plans to kill 160 whales in the North Pacific. Please take a moment to email the Japanese embassy in your country and tell them to stop:
    --------- – Apr.2002
    Woman "eight weeks pregnant with clone"
       Controversial fertility specialist Severino Antinori tells a conference his human cloning programme is at “a very advanced stage”,ZbbjhdibgjEF&oid=UcjjbCB
    QUESTIONING BUSINESS- quotes & links - April.5.2002
    from People and Plaent Friendly
    A sequence of quotes and links to provoke thought and discussion on the relationships between people,
    business, and the planet.

    "Toxic sludge is good for you!"



    * GREEN BUSINESS & Environmental Economics
    Transgenic Animals – new articles – April.2002
       With designer rodents coming, how long will it be before monster rats kill us all?
    - Gene-tinkered chicken lays 'designer' eggs
    - Australia produces cloned, GM dairy calves
    - Quick and Easy, Transgenic Rodents Designed to Order
    Palestinians Protest in Toronto– Sat.March.30.2002
    (On Easter Sunday World moves toward WWIII)
    - Full report and photo by Gary Morton
    At the BBC - March.31.2002
    - Clashes at Australian refugee camp
    At the Village Voice - March.2002
    - Nat Hentoff: Why Rumsfeld needs to read the Constitution
    Toronto families got poorer over last Decade – Apr.2002
       Lean times came to Toronto in the 90s says a study prepared for the United Way by the Canadian Council on Social Development.
       Toronto families went from being better off at the start of the decade, when compared to all Canadians, to worse off at the decade's end.
       Despite the economic recovery in the last half of the 90s, poverty rates in Toronto got worse. The boom was a bust for many Torontonians, especially the poor. At the decade's end, the distress among Toronto's most vulnerable was evident everywhere -- in the growing number of people living on the streets, in rising evictions and use of emergency shelters, and in the increase of hopelessly long waiting lists for assisted housing.
       The number of Torontonians considered poor was 23.3 per cent of the population in 1999. For one-parent families, the poverty rate rose to 42.0 per cent in 1999.
       The median income of one-parent families living below the poverty line in
    1999 was just $10,100 a year, which means that their entire monthly income was $82 less than the average rental cost of a two-bedroom apartment.
    Amnesty International Releases – Mar.2002
    - Equatorial Guinea: Detainees held incommunicado risk being tortured to death
    - USA: Amnesty International calls for investigation on alleged beating of inmate in Kentucky jail
    - Brazil: Less than human -- Life in Belo Horizonte police stations
    - USA - Military commissions: Second-class justice
    - Guatemala: Twenty years crying for justice
    At Cable Pulse - Mar.2002
    - Activists Aghast over cat torturer
    * includes web poll on animal cruelty laws.
    At Democracy Watch - Mar.2002
    - Democracy Watch calls on Harper and Eves to Disclose who they Owe.
    Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting - Mar.2002
    FEAR & FAVOR 2001
    - 2nd annual report on how power shapes the news
    - Think Tanks in Time of Crisis: 2001 survey of the media's institutional experts
    GET on the bus to D.C.!
       No more war! US out of Colombia! Defend our civil liberties. Fight the IMF and World Bank! Stop the racist attacks! Free Palestine!
       On April 20-22 a series of protests in Washington DC will focus the energies of the anti-war/ anti-racism movements, coinciding with the spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.  Saturday, April 20th begins with an anti-war/pro civil
    liberties protest combining the forces of the US's largest anti-war and anti-globalization coalitions.
      Other actions against the School of the Americas, Plan Colombia and US support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine will also take place.
       The Parkdale Action Coalition will be sending a bus down for the April 20th demonstrations.  The bus will leave Friday arrive Saturday morning and return again that evening.
       Ticket are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are priced on a sliding scale of $80-$100 per person.
       If you are intrested in going please contact Jordy at Sponsor sheets are available for those who can not afford to go on their own.
    A better world is coming
    Jonathon Hodge <>
    Transgenic Animals
    - Sinning genes make "designer" animals easy -  Mar 2002
    A bit of fly DNA might be about to turn the trickle of genetically modified animals into a flood.
    - Jumping genes make "designer" animals easy
    e.NDP: News from Canada's New Democratic Party- March, 2002
       OTTAWA - New Democrat finance critic Lorne Nystrom has condemned Finance Minister Paul Martin's decision not to advocate an international tax on financial speculation at the international conference of financing development in Monterrey, Mexico, this week.
       "Billions of the world's people are living in poverty while a handful of money traders gamble with the futures of national economies," Mr. Nystrom said Thursday, noting that in March 1999 the Finance Minister and 130 Liberals voted in favor of a motion put forward by Mr. Nystrom calling on the federal government to pursue the concept of the Tobin Tax, an international tax on financial speculation.
       The tax on foreign currency transactions would be designed to deter currency speculation and the economic devastation it causes to national economies. It would be small enough that there would be no impact on legitimate long-term investment. The tens of billions raised from the tax would be used to fund international development assistance.
       Last week Mr. Nystrom paid tribute to James Tobin, the influential economists who first proposed the tax and who died March 12 at the age of 84.
       "James Tobin won the Nobel Prize in economics and belongs to that rare breed of economists who believed that economic policy must serve the common good,"
       Mr. Nystrom told the Commons. "Tobin will be remembered for his vision of a tax on international currency transactions, the Tobin Tax, which would have helped alleviate the devastating effects of financial speculation. Thanks to James Tobin, the world will eventually be a better place for all of us to live in."

        OTTAWA - New Democrat MP Yvon Godin brought before the Commons last week the case of a constituent forced to repay more than $17,000 in employment insurance benefits after being accused of working under the table for her former employer.
       The accusation was based on the fact the unemployed worker, while in a coffee shop where she had previously worked, accepted a delivery on behalf of the owner. A Tax Court judge who ruled on the case recommended it be reviewed by Human Resources Canada.
       "Unemployed Canadians who have to rely on EI are being persecuted by the federal government," Mr. Godin told the Commons. "These are people who have contributed to EI for years, but the minute they need to draw on it, the government treats them with suspicion and contempt."
       He said his constituent's case was just one example of the inhumane treatment Human Resources metes out to its clients.
       "The federal Liberals waste valuable public resources chasing honest Canadians with groundless accusations of fraud," Mr. Godin said. "Instead of further victimizing those who have already suffered the loss of their jobs, the government should take a good look in the mirror and ask what kind of fraud it is to collect close to $7 billion a year from working people for EI premiums it never intends to pay out in benefits."
    At Indy Media - March.2002
    - Dead Microbiologist Of The Day
    Just one day after the latest scientist-killing, yet another     occurs. Another Top Microbiologist Dies - 12 In The Last
    Background info here:
    Anti-GM campaigners take their protest to prison - March.2002
    At Straight Goods – Mar.2002
    - Many advantages to small towns getting smaller - Mick Lowe.
    - Bush neck-deep in FuneralGate The Skeleton in Bush's closet is back from the dead
    - Romanian villagers oppose Canadian gold mine at Rosia Montana
    - Campbell's welfare policies will be a disaster for people of B.C. - Reuel S. Amdur.
    - Don't subsidize business by rolling back labour rights - David Fairey. KPMG finds Canada and BC already have competitive advantage from low labour costs.
    Ontario Common Front Opposes the Tory Convention(Toronto, March 22nd & 23rd 2002)
    Page of Complete Reports Includes

  • Help with Legal Support
  • One of the 58 (arrested) by Stephanie Holliday
  • Report & Photos on the Protests By Gary Morton
  • Video Activists Coverage
  • Photos by Doug & Graeme

  • ---------
    At the Guardian - March.27.2002
    - US paves way for war on Iraq
    Attack base to be moved into Qatar to bypass Saudi objections
    Electronic Frontier Foundation- Latest bulletin
    * ALERT: Congress Calls For Public Participation on Digital Music Issues
    * EFF Position on Joint AOL-Time Warner/Intel Pro-DRM Statement:  A Step in the Wrong Direction
    * Media Conglomerate Threatens Suit Against Gamer Community
    - Read the full issue of EFFector
    New on Corporate Watch – Mar.26.2002
    - Starlink Corn Invades Mexico
    *Mexico: UN Summit Protesters Hit Streets
    *Mexico: Skepticism as UN Summit Opens
    *Canada: Feminist Calls for Anti-Globalization, Anti-Fundamentalism
    *USA: Students Campaign for Fair Trade Coffee
    *Empowering Democracy conference
    * New Progressive Web Portal
    The Lollapalooza of the Left - Sun, 24 Mar 2002
       After a full day of speeches, music, games, organic food, workshops, talking and general carousing, singer Michelle Shocked strapped on her guitar and took the stage for the performance that would finish the first stop on the Rolling Thunder Down-Home Democracy Tour.
       For a full report on yesterday's day of Rolling Thunder in Austin featuring Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Jim Hightower, Molly Ivins, Granny D, and 7,000 energized Texans, read the latest installment of John Nichols' Online Beat.
    Currently available at:
    Rolling Thunder site
    Guerrilla Media Re-launches Censored CanWest Satire Website - Mar.26.2002
       Guerrilla Media (GM) today officially relaunched it's GlobalBS internet parody portal at <>. The GlobalBS site has previously been shut down twice by CanWest lawyers.
       "Vancouver Sun President Dennis Skulsky and his lawyers have been working overtime to censor GM's skewering of the Sun's sycophantic coverage of the BC Liberals and their radical, scorched-earth agenda," Onymous explained.
       "In addition to calling in the RCMP to investigate the parody paper, CanWest have used legal threats to shut down two previous online addresses of GlobalBS."
    At Indy Media - Mar.21.2002
    - Bush Delighted by Military Training to Beat Up Protesters
    At the Village Voice - Mar.21.2002
    - Mondo Washington : Saddam Hussein and the next election; Plus: Residents of Afghanistan and Pakistan think they've been nuked by depleted-uranium (DU) bombs. By James Ridgeway.
    The Nation on Women's History Month - Mar.21.2002
    - NATION EDITORS: The Education of Women, August 30, 1866
    - MRS. NORMAN DE WHITEHOUSE: Woman Suffrage in New York, June 1, 1918
    - STELLA CROSSLEY DALJORD: What Will They Do With The Vote?, September 4, 1920
    - ANONYMOUS: The Making of a Militant, December 1, 1926
    - ANONYMOUS: Mother Worship, March 16, 1926
    - HANNAH M. STONE: Birth Control Wins , January 16, 1937
    - NATION EDITORS: The WAAC Is A Start, May 23, 1942
    - ELIZABETH HAWES: What Women Vote For, September 23, 1944
    - RAMONA BARTH: The Feminist Crusade, July 17, 1948
    - KATHA POLLITT: The Strange Case of Baby M, May 23, 1987
    - GLORIA STEINEM: Why I'm Not Running for President , July 20/27, 1992
    - KATHA POLLITT: Happy Mother's Day, May 28, 2001
    - JENNIFER BAUMGARDNER: The Pro-choice PR Problem, March 5, 2001
    - LAUREN SANDLER: Ms Moves West, July 7, 2002
    U.S. Consulate No Protest-Zone Liberated! -  Wed, 20 Mar 2002
    From: TASC <>
       TORONTO, March 20, 2002-The no-protest zone on the sidewalk in front of the U.S. Consulate in Toronto was finally liberated today as a space where protests against U.S. policy could occur.
            About 15 members of Toronto Action for Social Change, Hamilton Action for Social Change, and Homes not Bombs gathered today and risked arrest by openly defying the policy which has prohibited such gatherings there since September 11, 2001. (Since that date, groups which have attempted to hold protests there have been told to cross over to the other side of University Avenue).
            Despite the presence of some two dozen Metro Police, RCMP, private security, members of the Anti-Terrorism and Counter-Intelligence squad, and an obviously eager police wagon crew, no arrests were made.
            Instead, the group stood for over an hour in the "first day of spring" rain, handing out flyers and joking that just as Czechoslovakia enjoyed a 1968 Prague Spring of liberation, perhaps this was one small signal of hope for a 2002 Toronto Spring.
            Some of the protesters dialogued with police and RCMP, asking why there was a sudden turnaround on the issue of sidewalk protests since we had decided to make an issue of the no-protest zone. Hems and haws were the order of the response, however, with the explanation that "there's been no turnaround," "we didn't have details of that demo" where people were turned away, or "there is no policy, it's a case-by-case threat determination" which allows police to decide how to respond to demos.
            On St. Valentine's Eve last month, a group of about a dozen people had attempted to deliver a letter to the consul general regarding the detention of numerous Canadians held in American prisons as a result of racial profiling, but were denied access to the sidewalk in front of the building by police and RCMP who explained this was now standard procedure to "protect" everyone concerned. (Once the placards and banners had come down, though, the group was allowed to pass in front of the building on the way to the subway-hence, the issue was not a question of security, but the type of message we were bringing).
            The group subsequently wrote to the consul general explaining why they would return in defiance of this policy. That letter was immediately passed to the RCMP.
            Plans for today's demo were not as well received as we had originally hoped; some questioned the wisdom of going to the consulate because they felt the security hysteria would cloud the issue of freedom of speech and assembly, while others felt we should have gone through a process of approaching the police brass to get some sort of determination about who, exactly, should be allowed in front of the building.
            In the end, however, we felt that this was a matter of principle, and that the security hysteria which has been responsible for the denial of civil liberties to thousands of people across North America-largely of Middle Eastern or Arabic background or Muslim faith, as well as those who protest these violations-should be confronted head-on by simply showing up at the public sidewalk in front of the consulate with our messages about ending the war and releasing political and racial profiling detainees.
            We also felt that this should not be a matter of talking with the police beforehand, because standing on a sidewalk with a placard should not be a matter up for discussion with armed agents of the state. Such an approach, we feel,  almost instantly declares us somehow guilty of wanting to do something for which approval would hopefully be granted by those in power.
            Whether the sidewalk will remain a liberated space is, of course, up to all of us. Today was a test which worked, but we must continue to reclaim public space regardless of how unpopular or difficult the consequences.
            Special thanks to folks who came in from as far away as Stratford, Durham, Dundas, Kitchener and Hamilton.
            For more info. contact TASC at PO Box 73620, 509 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto, ON M6C 1C0,
    From: Bob Levitt <>
       The City of Toronto, Planning and Transportation Committee will be holding a public meeting, Monday, March 25, 2002, convening at 9:30 a.m., in Committee Room 1, 2nd Floor, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West.
       Item #1, scheduled for 10:00 a.m. is "Harmonization of the sign by-law concerning posters on utility poles".
         The blue-covered agenda, as well as staff reports "1" and "1(a)" are available from the lobby of the 4th floor of the West Tower of City Hall during business hours.  Just go up there an into the brown expanding file folder titled "Planning and Transportation Committee".
    Committee Members (all city councillors) are:
    Joe Pantalone (Chair),
    Mario Silva (Vice-chair),
    Gerry Altobello,
    Brian Ashton,
    Joanne Flint,
    Pam McConnell,
    Peter Milczyn,
    Howard Moscoe,
       The recommendations to be considered include permitting postering only on 2,000 collars to be put around utility poles/lamp standards across Toronto.  (Yes, only 2000 locations for all of Toronto.) Each collar is estimated to cost $30.
       There is also to be 500 Community Bulletin Boards/Kioks put up for postering throughout Toronto at a total cost of $250,000.
    These will be the only `permitted' places for putting up posters.
    The poster can be no larger than 22 cm X 28 cm (8-1/2" x 11").
    No two similar posters for the same event/issue can be closer than 100 metre apart.
    Glue will not be permitted to be used.
    Posters are to be dated.
    The poster is to be displayed for not more than 30 days, or 5 days after the end of an event, in any, whichever is earlier.
    Signs may be removed at any time and without notice by the City.
    Illegal signs will be removed and a fine levied of the greater of $60 per sign or the actual cost of removal and disposal of the sign.  This is in addition to any other fines or penalities.
     Additionally, fees for putting up signs may be considered in the 2003 City Budget proposals.
    At the Guardian - March 20, 2002
    - Antarctica sends 500 million billion tonne warning of the effects of global warming
       Scientists stunned as ice shelf the size of Wales falls apart in a month
    Mar.20.2002 - The Romanow Health Care Commission is requesting the public's input into its work through an on-line survey.
    To participate, click Here
    Go to the red bar that says "CLICK HERE TO BEGIN THE WORKBOOK"
    At the New Scientist - Mar.20.2002
    - Aid Plan could throw 20 Million Off Land in India
    Urgent message from the Toronto and York Region Strike Support Committee
    JOIN US to rebuild public services
     OPSEU STRIKE LOCATIONS and Solidarity Pickets across Toronto
    v     720 Bay Street (Local 524)
    v      Ontario Place  (Local 523)
    v     400 University Ave & 505 University Ave  (Local 527)
    v     2/40/135 St. Clair Ave West  (Local 532) v     770 Birchmount Ave (Local 586)
    v     Queens Park Complex 790/900 Bay, 50/80/95 Grosvenor, 56/62/677 Wellesley,   (Locals 502/503/505/508/509/513/579/)
    v     5700 Yonge Street  (Local 504)
    v     1448 Lawrence Ave E., John Rodes Centre, Kennedy Rd./401   (Local 506)
    v     2/45/47/90 Sheppard Ave E. (Local 510)
    v      Metro West Detention Centre, Disco Rd. (Local 517)
    v     Mimico Corrections Centre, 130 Horner Ave & 185 Judson St. (Local 521)
    v     2195 Yonge St. –OHIP  (Local 533)
    v     2300 Yonge Street  (Local 534)
    v     1201 Wilson Ave. –MTO Downsview  (Local 536/538/542)
    v     81/101 Resources Rd  (Locals 545/553)
    v     7765 Hurontario St., 2/4 Robert Speck Pkwy, 1650 Dundas St. E, 165/5464 Dundas St. W. (Local 546)
    v     Thistletown Centre, 51 Panorama Court  (Local 547)
    v     Ontario Science Centre 770 Don Mills Rd. @ Eglinton (Local 549)
    v     5775 Yonge St. (Local 555)
    v     2275 Midland   (Local 585)
    v     5 Parkhome 4140/5160 Yonge St. (Local 599)
    v     Toronto East Detention, 55 Civic Road  (Local 582)
    At the Globe- March.17.2002
    - Anti-brutality protesters arrested in droves
    - Street fighting erupts after EU summit
    At Counterpunch - Mar.17.2002
    - The New Empire Loyalists
       Former Leftists Turned US military Cheerleaders are Helping Snuff Out Its Traditions of Dissent by Tariq Ali
    EU Summit Protest Barcelona - Mar.2002
    - Photos
    At the Guardian - March.17.2002
    - Army fear over Blair war plans
    At the Star - Mar.17.2002- Mass arrests incense Palestinians--------
    At Amnesty International - Mar.2002
    - USA: Post 11 September detainees deprived of their basic rights
    At Alternet - Mar.12.2002
    - The War on Dissent WidensJim Lobe
    At OpenFlows - Mar.2002
    - Police Raid Booksigning for Stupid White Men
    - The Commodfication of Education
    At the Nation – Mar.17.2002
    - JIM HIGHTOWER: Campaign For A Living Wage
    - TIM SHORROCK: Crony Capitalism Goes Global
    - THE ONLINE BEAT by John Nichols
    - FAILSAFE POINT by Matt Bivens
    - KATHA POLLITT: God Changes Everything
    - CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS: A Princess's Story
    - JONATHAN SCHELL: Letter From Ground Zero: Manhattan
    - RAFFI KHATCHADOURIAN: Relearning To Love The Bomb
    Read "The Making of a Militant," originally published by "Anonymous" in the December 1, 1926 issue of The Nation.
    New at Corporate Watch - March 15, 2002
    - Vote for Fair Trade Chocolate
    In the News
    •  USA: Andersen Charged for Shredding Enron Documents
    •  Ecuador: Amazon Indians Appeal Texaco-Case Ruling
    •  Brazil: Ten Dam Protestors Hospitalized
    •  Mexico: Environmentalist Speaks About Saving Forests
    •  Canada: Giant Food Chain Rejects Chemical Pesticides
    •  Africa: Cyberia Takes Foothold
    - Poll Finds Large Majority Favors Campaign Finance Reform to Ban Soft Money
    - Check out our new Enron Issue
    Free Tibet in 2002 – Toronto Rally Notes and Photos (March.10.2002)
       Flurries sailed in icy winds. Gusts tore at the faces, flags and signs of protesters gathering at Queen’s Park. In the shifting sun and cloud it was so cold that Toronto felt like the peaks of Tibet.
    - read the full report with photos
    Canwest censors GM satire site – 13.Mar.2002
       Guerrilla Media (GM) today officially relaunched it's GlobalBS internet parody portal at <>. The GlobalBS site has  previously been shut down twice by CanWest lawyers.
       "The online lampoon delivers timely, over-the-line satire which ridicules the self-interested follies of BC's elites," said GM spokesperson Ann Onymous. "Especially Gordo's Liberal junta and their CanWest cheerleaders."
       "Vancouver Sun President Dennis Skulsky and his lawyers have been working overtime to censor GM's skewering of the Sun's sycophantic coverage of the BC Liberals and their radical, scorched-earth agenda," Onymous explained.
       "In addition to calling in the RCMP to investigate the parody paper, CanWest have used legal threats to shut down two previous online addresses of GlobalBS."
       The current top story on GlobalBS website covers President Dennis W. Skulsky's "War on Satire," including secret intelligence reports that civilisation as we know it is threatened by shadowy satirists who possess "weapons of mass-amusement."
       Another recent article reveals BC Finance Minister Gary Collins' plan to turn BC into a Batista-esque Banana Republic.
       The site also contains the full content of GM's infamous February 21, 2002 Vancouver Sun satirical wrap that prompted Skulsky's aggressive campaign to "seek out the perpetrators... of the counterfeit newspaper... parodied in poor taste."
         Onymous promised that, despite Skulsky's big-bucks legal thuggery, the satire portal will continue to be updated weekly to "tweak the noses of  BC's rich and powerful."
       Visit the current GlobalBS site at <> - and stay  tuned to <> for legal developments and GlobalBS address updates.
    At the Star  - March.14.2002
    Big jump in Toronto poor - Needy suffered in the boom: Study
    At the Village Voice - Mar.13.2002
    - Mondo Washington: What it's like at President Bush's bunker? By James Ridgeway.
    At the BBC - March.13.2002
    - US admits killing Afghan civilians
       The US military has admitted killing women and children in an air strike in Afghanistan a week ago.
    At Arabic News - Mar.12.2002
    - Arafat compares Israelis to Nazis
       Arafat says the current practice by Israeli  forces of tattooing numbers on bodies of detainees is reminiscent of  practices by the Nazis
    - Zinni to seek immediate implementation of Tenet plan
    At the Star  - March.11.2002
    - Terror suspect's lawyer walks out of 'sham' trial
    - Banks under credit card attack: Class-action suit seeks interest cap of 5 per cent
    At Info Shop - Mar 10 '02
    - Report from Barcelona #2: Reclaim the Streets by Clarissa Peterson
    - Photos
    At the LA Times -  March 10, 2002
    - Brand USA By NAOMI KLEIN,
        America's attempt to market itself abroad using advertising principles is destined to  fail.
    At Wired - Mar.11.2002
    Spying: The American Way of Life?
    At the BBC - March.9.2002
    - Five arrested at GM crop protest
    Notes and Photos on INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY-  March 2002
    Unite for Peace & Global Justice -  Organized by Women Working with Immigrant Women
    - view the full report
    G8 Activism Web Sites - 2002
    Ottawa actions -
    - Solidarity Village a community of resistance
    At the Guardian - March.10.2002
    - Bush wants 25,000 UK Iraq force
    At Counterpunch - Mar.7.2002
    - Congressman McInnis Equates Enviro and Animal Rights Groups to al-Qaeda
    At MotherJones - Mar.6.2002
    - Afghanistan's Environmental Casualties
    At the Village Voice - Mar.10.2002
    - Researchers Seek Approval for 'Frankenfish'
    At Amnesty International- Mar.7.2002
    - Violence against women - a hidden form of human rights abuse
    - Israel/Occupied Territories: Inaction is complicity
       Amnesty International called on the international community to act immediately to save Palestinian and Israeli lives by insisting on an international presence in Israel's Occupied Territories.
    Hadley Inquest Jury Recommendations – Mar.2002
       Recommendations after the tragic murder of Gillian Hadley by her husband Ralph.
    War on terror
    Prison fury: the betrayal - by John Pilger The Mirror (UK)  March 2002
    At Amazon Watch - Mar.2002
    - Protests against Ecuador’s new OCP pipeline turn fatal
    - Heavy Military Presence and Media Blackout Continue
    FBI Pulls Yahoo Discussion List. - March 7.2002
    - the raisethefist saga continues
        Only after about a week of being back up and moving,   government agencies continue to monitor the site. Frequent hits from the U.S   Department of Defense, US federal courts, and other government agencies  continue to visit the site. But that's not all. The Yahoo   Discussion List ( was just   recently pulled off line.
    Urgent International Plea for South African “PROBLEM’ ANIMALS”
       White hunt clubs and racist laws are exterminating wildlife in South Africa at a shocking rate through institutionalized slaughter via government support.  Whole species of animals are systematically destroyed through the violence of armed and dog-assisted white-only hunt clubs. Authorized by a fifty-year-old piece of apartheid-era legislation that allows any six persons who are not black to form a hunt club, these ‘clubs’ behave like terrorists by invading and damaging any private property – even a wildlife sanctuary.
    Please read the post  to fully understand the problem and what you can do to help.
    Making the Links Radio- Mar 2002
       Making the Links Radio  is Canadian and does in depth social analysis/change programming.
    Electronic Frontier Foundation - Do you know your online rights? – Mar.2002
        Have you received a letter asking you to remove information from a Web site or stop engaging in an activity? Are you concerned about liability for information that someone else posted to your online forum? If so, this site is for you.
    ACLU Action Update: Support Basic Rights for Foreign Children – Mar.2002
       Each year, more than 5,000 foreign-born children who are unaccompanied by a parent or guardian are apprehended by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.  Many of these children are asylum seekers while others are victims of human trafficking for sweatshop labor or worse.  The great majority are detained by the INS without access to an attorney, opportunities for education or contact with family members.  Some are even housed in juvenile correctional facilities, often with violent criminals.
       To remedy the situation, legislation has been introduced in the House and Senate that would require the appointment of legal counsel and guardians and would ensure that unaccompanied children are housed in an appropriate shelter or with foster families.  This legislation is necessary to prevent children from being forced to struggle through a system designed primarily for adults.
       Take Action!  Children must be treated fairly by our immigration system.  You can read more about this legislation and send a FREE FAX to your Members of Congress from our action alert at:
    Transgenic food can enhance AIDS, Hepatitis B [shortened]
       New Delhi, Mar 3.2002: Even as the final verdict on the safety of genetically modified food is still awaited, an Indian expert has raised fears on their consumption claiming transgenic food could enhance several auto-immune diseases and also pose problems of toxicity.
       "If a plant is genetically modified at any time either by conventional breeding techniques or genetic manipulation, it ultimately results in the introduction of new proteins which can bring about drastic changes in its properties," S Prakash, Senior Biochemist, Department of Gastroenterology and Human Nutrition, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), said in a paper presented at a recent National Convention on Transgenic Rapeseed-Mustard.
       Such genetically modified plants, with changes in their amino acids, can inhibit the self-formation of antibodies, substances which assist in combating harmful foreign bodies, thereby enhancing auto-immune diseases such as Hepatitis B and AIDS, Prakash said.
       "Foreign DNA fragments that are not fully digested in human stomach and intestines can also play an important role in aggravating such diseases," he said. Prakash said certain genetically-engineered products called "neutraceuticals," which have recently hit the market with promises of reducing the risk of cancer and lowering levels of cholesterols, could actually do more harm than good.
       These neutraceuticals are manufactured by artificially adding antioxidants -- compounds that scavenge free radicals reducing the risk of cancer -- as opposed to certain plants which naturally contain these substances, he said. Acceptance by the human body of antioxidants in their natural form from plants is 100 per cent while studies have shown a very low percentage of accepance from artificial sources. Moreover, the body uses only that amount of antioxidant which it requires the rest remain unutilised.
       The excess antioxidant reacts with other sensitive compounds in the body leading to the production of toxic chemicals, he said adding excess Viamin C (also an antioxidant) has been linked to gastrointestinal cancer.
       Prakash said some of the biotechnology companies were misleading people into using genetically modified products manufactured by them.
    OTTAWA - New Democrat Leader Alexa McDonough has introduced in the House of Commons the NDP's 12 Point Plan to Save Canada that calls on the federal government to adopt a budgetary policy to promote Canadian sovereignty.
       "Across the country concerned citizens are fighting for a Canada that includes strong and properly funded public health care and education systems, a clean environment, fair taxes and fair trade," Ms. McDonough said. "A visionary federal government would take up the challenge of Canadians who are thirsting to rebuild a country based on citizens' principles rather than corporate profits."
       The NDP plan calls on the government to enact measures relating to the environment, Aboriginal peoples, democratic reform and social policy, among others. The NDP is also calling upon Canadians to express their views through the Party's web site where comments will be posted.
    For more information:
    At Straight Goods - March 5, 2002
    - Philippine president questions US-claimed al Qaeda link to local guerillas
    - What Really Happened on Sept. 11th?  - Part Six
    - Publisher's Welcome: Bush Doctrine threatens the entire world
    - Energy deregulation and you
    - Enron helped shape Ontario Hydro sell-off - Hampton
    At the Star & Globe - March.5.2002
    - Afghan war escalates; 48 U.S. casualties
    - 83 Guantanamo prisoners on hunger strike
    - Police derail protest at Tory debate
    At the Guardian - March.4..2002
    - Blair gives strongest hint yet on taking war to Iraq
    At the Star - March.4.2002
    - U.S. bombers keep up Afghan strikes
    Toronto City Council Watch – March.2002
    - Latest Newsletter
    At Ontario Indy Media – March.2002
    - Riot cops being trained at Burlington school in prep for Tory convention?
    At Amnesty International- March.2002
    - Guatemala: The lethal legacy of impunity
    At the Vancouver Sun - March.2002
    - The truth is out there ... right?
       At first, it all seemed so obvious. It was  those Islamic terrorists. Osama bin Laden. Mullah Omar. George W. Bush had nothing to do with it ... did he?
    At the Village Voice – March.2002
  • KIDS IN CAPTIVITY Immigrant advocates say that over a third of the INS's juvenile detainees languish for months in isolation, scared and alone. Alisa Solomon reports..
  • Nat Hentoff: John Ashcroft wants your reading list.

  • ---------
    INTERROGATION AT US BORDER by John Clarke – Feb.2002
    * US Authorities Detain OCAP organizer John Clarke and demand to know the whereabout of Osama Bin Laden
    At GE Food Alert - February 26.2002
    - Monsanto Moves to Control Water Resources & Fish Farming in India & the Third World
    At the Globe - Feb.27.2002
    - Klein on cutting smog: Just 'quit breathing'
    - Protesters in Victoria tent city evicted
    At the Nation – Feb.2002
    - From Protest To Politics by Marc Cooper Porto Alegre, Brazil
    - A Prayer for America by US Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich
    - Better Safe...? (racial profiling) Diary of a Mad Law Professor by Patricia J. Williams
    At Earthroots - Feb.26.2002
    - Earthroots campaigners scout site of future Temagami clearcuts
    - Earthroots calls for an end to wolf snaring in Ontario
    At Straight Goods - February 26, 2002
    - Admit it - energy deregulation is a failure
    - For-profit health care won't benefit patients
    - Declaration of Israel's Refuse-niks
    - Why don't the banks come in for tougher scrutiny?
    - Mazankowski handsomely paid by Power Corporation and Great-West Lifeco
    Frank Dorrel has produced a fantastic video - Feb.26.2002
       ‘What I’ve Learned About US Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World' about what the CIA has done to Third World countries over the past 50 years.
    At the Globe- Feb.26.2002
    - Squatters to be evicted from B.C. Legislature lawn
    At Mainline - Feb.24.2002
    - Olympics: Police Fire Rubber Bullets at Rioters
    - "Stupid White Men" hits #1 on national bestseller list
    At the Village Voice – Feb.24.2002
    - Winter Olympic fans ordered to cheer on cue (Should there be a gold medal for obedience to foolish authority?)
    - U.S. Troops in the Philippines (US to label armed combat as a military exercise)
    - Beyond Survival: Freed From Slavery and Terror, Mauritanians Fight for Those Left Behind
    At the Star- Feb.24.2002
    - Thousands protest B.C. Liberal government cuts
    Global Internet Liberty Campaign Newsletter – Feb.23.2002
    - Euro Net hate speech censor plans revealed
    At Indy Media -  Feb.24.2002
    - Photos - The Canberra Free the Refugees Rally
    - Madrid: Riot Cops beating demonstrating municipial Cops
    - Sept. 11 families say ‘War, not in our names’
    NDP News – Feb.14.2002
       OTTAWA - New Democrat MP Svend Robinson told the Commons Monday illicit drug use should be dealt with as a health issue and not a criminal issue. "Our present approach to the issue of marijuana is steeped in hypocrisy," he said. "I cannot tell the House how many times I have spoken with young people who say the most destructive drugs in our society are alcohol and tobacco. Yet those drugs are entirely legal. This does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that we should encourage the use of marijuana. It means we should recognize that the so-called war on drugs has been an abject failure in every sense of the word. Many have come to that conclusion. " He noted decades ago the Le Dain royal commission recommended decriminalization of marijuana yet there has been effectively no change whatsoever.
    Mr. Robinson said: "Last year a committee of the European Parliament adopted a report on drug use that came to the blunt conclusion that 'legal sanctions against drug possession and use appear to have no effect whatsoever'. The report recommended European nations press ahead in the direction many have already taken: that treating drug use is a matter for health professionals and not police officers. This means making the use and possession of small amounts of drugs de facto legal while concentrating resources on health and social programs to reduce the harms of drug abuse."
    Amnesty International – Feb.24.2002
    USA: As President Bush calls for rights in China, he ignores the execution of child offender at home
    At Organic Consumers – Feb 20.2002
    - Starbucks Global Week of Action
    At Indy Media - Feb.22.2002
    - Police Raid Indy Media in Italy
    - Police Given ORDER to SHOOT at G8 in Genoa
    ACLU News - Feb.21.2002
    - Discriminatory Photo ID to Vote Laws Coming in USA
       A disproportionate number of racial and ethnic minority voters, as well as voters with disabilities, neither have the required ID or the money to get it.
    New Dudley George Website - Feb.2002
    The myth of competition -  Feb.19.2002
    World Corporate Takeover- from the transnational corporations observatory
    - The four stages of consolidation & other Issues
    At - Feb.20.2002
    - Pentagon Propaganda Plan Is Undemocratic, Possibly Illegal
       The New York Times reported today that the Pentagon’s Office of Strategic Influence is “developing plans to provide news items, possibly even false ones, to foreign media organizations” in an effort “to influence public sentiment and policy makers in both friendly and unfriendly countries.”
    At - Feb.2002
    - Commission: Bush Administration Turned Its Back on Civil Rights
    At Anti Bush - Feb.20.2002
    - Korean Students burn the American flag near the U.S. embassy in Seoul
    British Columbia Liberals Declare War on the Poor: Letter to UN - Feb.2002
       Letter to the United Nations documents the attack on the poor by the BC Liberals. Single mothers and children are the biggest victims of these drastic social assistance cuts in British Columbia.
    At Green Left - Feb 19.2002
    - ACEH: `Australia is helping the army to kill my people'
    - AFGHANISTAN: Civilian massacres mount despite US victory
    - Thousands converge on Canberra to defend refugees' rights
    At - Feb. 15, 2002
    - Deporting to Death?   A Los Angeles gang-peace organizer faces an immigration ruling that his supporters say could be a death sentence. by Jeff Chang
    At Socialist Worker - February, 2002
    - Ripped off by Enron - From India to California
    Indy Media Shutdown – Feb.18.2002
       Indy Media sites are being shut down worldwide due to racist posts or alleged racist posts. A troll is also posting porn to the sites and it is now being removed.
       Apparently Indy Media in Switzerland has been shut off over a cartoon by Latuff where a jewish kid in the Warsaw ghetto says "i'm a palestinian". is not part of the Indy Media collective and doesn't allow posts to go online directly without being reviewed by the editor.
    GE piglets entered food chain in Canada -17 Feb 2002
       A GM pig ended up on the menu of a funeral banquet in the states while cloned calves entered the human food chain in Japan. Now material derived from 11 piglets genetically modified to develop a different kind of swine waste has been rendered into animal feed in Canada.
    Here's some federal reassurance (not to say obfuscation)
    Canada NewsWire
    Attention News/Health Editors:
       Federal officials today announced joint action to control an inadvertent disposal of genetically modified animal material from a University of Guelph research facility
    Toronto to Cut Help for Homeless Children – Feb.17.2002
       The City's proposed budget includes a $2.6 million cut to Hostel Services in the City of Toronto. This devastating cut would reduce support services to homeless families staying in shelters by 75%.
       It's not too late to stop this disastrous cut to crucial services. Call, email, fax or write the Mayor and key Councillors and let them know that enough is enough.  Ask them to vote to restore the $.6 million into the budget.
       Cuts include:
    - Children who stay in hostels or motels would lose access to the children's recreation program, which includes: toy lending, homework clubs, recreation activities etc. Shelter stays for children average 4 months, often in a small room in a motel on Kingston Road in Scarborough.
    - The loss of children's recreation and day care staff also means a loss of respite services for parents. Single mothers head 59% of the families in the motels.
    - Reduction in support program of 75%
    - Loss of 40 jobs out of 56 people providing support services
    - The cut also targets counsellors who assist clients in obtaining identification, accessing welfare & drug cards, as well as providing basic information on how the client can get back on their feet and out of the shelters.
    - Additionally, staff who organize activities (card games, movie nights, crafts) will be eliminated. This will be particularly hard for those clients who are infirm, elderly or unable to spend the day on the street.
    - Staff who provide medical referrals & intervention, supervision of medication and basic first aid will also be eliminated.
    - Worldwide campaign to end violence against women and girls
    "When I left class... to get home, I was confronted by some officers, about 11 men... The first officer slapped me, kicked me and then I saw what looked like a gun butt coming... When I woke up in a dark room everything was gone... For 13 days, I was raped by I do not know how many men." (Female student interviewed in Liberia, April 2001)
    At the Guardian- Feb.2002
    - Scandal of scientists who take money for papers ghostwritten by drug companies
       50% of the articles on drugs in the major journals across all areas of medicine" are actually ghostwritten by industry
    Electronic Frontier Foundation - Latest alert
    - Official Says Industry Groups Should Decide Your Rights
    The International Monetary Fund Funding Deforestation - Feb.17.2002
    - How IMF Loans and Policies are Responsible for Global Forest Loss
    Military Goods from Canada Aid Human Rights Violators
    Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) - February 16, 2002
       During the year 2000, the Canadian government allowed military exports to governments that:
    (a) were engaged in war,
    (b) were widely known for their systematic and violent repression of civil liberties (including the use of torture, ill treatment of prisoners, extrajudicial executions, and politically motivated prosecutions) and/or
    (c) have severely repressed, or in some cases completely outlawed, all trade union rights (including the right to form unions, to hold strikes and to bargain collectively).
        Canada's military exports to the following governments in 2000 are of particular concern due to their human/labour rights violations:
    Argentina*, Bahrain*, Botswana, Brazil*, Chile*, Egypt*, Greece*, Guyana*, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Korea (S.), Malaysia*, Mexico, Morocco, Oman*, Peru, Philippines*, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania*, Thailand*, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Venezuela and Zimbabwe*
       (Asterisks indicate governments that received Canadian firearms, large calibre weapons or ammunition in 2000.)
    US Military Spending: The US is now a rogue superpower.
       It is by far, the world's largest military spender and exporter.  It is openly discussing the possibility of launching military actions against dozens of countries.  Because 46% of the US government's total budget now goes towards the military, it easily outspends the rest of the world's military budgets combined. (The US will spend $776 billion on their military over the next fiscal year, out of a total federal budget $ 1,696 Billion.)
    See: "Where your income tax money really goes. The US federal budget for fiscal year 2003"
    Online issues of "Press for Conversion!" the quarterly publication of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade:
    - "Power Politics: Oil, Terror and the War Against Afghanistan."
    - Taking Over the World: Militarism and Corporate Globalization
    - Canada's Military Exports: Fuelling wars & abusing international human/labour rights
    - A People's History of the CIA: The Subversion of Democracy from Australia to Zaire
    - Nonviolent Resistance to War and Injustice
    - Building a Culture of Peace
    People and Planet Friendly Special Edition - Feb.2002
     - Daring to Ask
       This Special Edition summarizes some very serious questions being raised about the events of September 11, even including the possibility of CIA and top US government complicity in the attacks.
    At Corp-Focus - Feb.2002
    - Resisting the Assassins' Power By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
       Book article about Walking on Fire: Haitian Women´s Stories of  Survival and Resistance
    Kananaskis G8 Site - Feb.2002 has been developed by, the Alberta Wilderness Association and the Calgary-Banff Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society to educate people from around the world about the threats facing Kananaskis Country - from the 2002 G8 Summit and from commercial and industrial development.
    At Rueters - Feb.2002
    - Washington Plans Unprecedented Camera Network
    Waiting For a Miracle - Feb.2002
    - Time is Running Out for Organ Transplants From Animals
    Toronto Council Watch Volume 4 - February, 2002
    City Council Environment Agenda
  • Restrictions on leaf blowers would reduce smog emissions
  • Garbage Incinerator for the Portlands?
  • Small Businesses May Get Free Pick Up of Recyclables
  • Councillors Ask City to Crack Down on Polluting Dentists
  • Road Salt an Environmental Villain

  • --------
    At Straight Goods - Feb.13.2002
    - Consumers force chocolate industry to takes steps to stop slave production – Paul Pellizzari.
    - What Really Happened on Sept 11th?  - Part 3 (Osama bin Laden)  - Barrie Zwicker.
    - What Really Happened... Part 4 (the Oiligarchy
    - Anti-Taliban Afghanis bombed, caged and beaten by US forces - Washington Post.
    - The cost of bombing Afghanistan - data and resources about the consequences of bombing Afghanistan.
    - Yes, THAT Andersen  - Enron villain kissing cousins with consulting firm that pocketed $55 million of the $66 million it ‘saved’ Ontario kicking people off welfare.
    - Will Bruce County become Canada's Yucca Mountain? - The proposed site for radioactive waste is raising controversy.
    - Political time bombs litter Ontario - Mick Lowe.  Harris will leave a legacy of problems.
    Fur Flies as Loco Furrier Attacks Protesters– Feb.9.2002
    News and photos on the National Anti-Fur Day Toronto Protest by Gary Morton
    - view the full article
    Help Prevent the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats - Feb.2002
       The torture and consumption of dogs and cats continues in Korea and a report to be released soon reveals that it is also happening in Canada on the West Coast.
    to help see -
    Stem Cell Ethical Controversy Unnecessary – Feb.12.2002
    ISIS Report: Hushing Up Adult Stem Cells
       The science and technology of adult stem cells are running streets ahead of embryonic stem cells. But are the scientific establishment and the mainstream press hushing that up? Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins reviewed recent advances that make embryonic stem cells research unethical and unnecessary. Adult stem cells isolated from different tissues are developmentally as flexible as embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells have been used successfully to repair damaged heart, and to treat a variety of disorders from auto-immune disease to cancer. Furthermore, they can be multiplied for many generations in the laboratory, and established cell lines obtained.
       The controversy over using embryonic stem cells seems redundant if they are not really needed.
    Black History Month & The Nation - 11 Feb 2002
    - ANGELA ARDS: Rhyme and Resist, July 26, 1999
    - PATRICIA J. WILLIAMS: America and the Simpson Trial, March 13, 1995
    - JESSE JACKSON: On Patriotism, July 15, 1991
    - JAMES BALDWIN: Notes on the House of Bondage, November 1, 1980
    - MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.: Let Justice Roll Down, March 15, 1965
    - W.E.B. DU BOIS: I Won't Vote, October 20, 1956
    - LANGSTON HUGHES: The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain, February 3, 1926
    - WILLIAM WHITE: The Eruption of Tulsa, June 29, 1921
    - OCTAVIUS BROOKS FROTHINGHAM, The Liberator Released, January 4, 1866
    At Nature - 11 February 2002
    - Double take on cloning - Two new cloning studies have scientists scratching their heads.
    At the Guardian - Feb.11.2002
    - Cheney tour lays ground for military strike on Iraq
    PC Leadership Candidates’ Terrible Record on Health Care - Feb 2002
       Jim Flaherty - just this past spring implemented budget "freezes" that are really cuts that have caused literally thousands of Ontarians to lose their homecare services. Worked with Tony Clement to arrange and announce the building of the first two hospital "Public Private Partnerships" in Canada.  The plans are for for-profit hospitals in Ottawa and Brampton -owned, operated, built and designed by profit-seeking companies. Throughout the leadership campaign has said he embraces private - read, for profit - health care.
       Ernie Eves -  among so many other things, cut almost $1 billion out of hospital budgets in his term as Minister of Finance - closing 9,000 critical, acute and chronic care hospital beds and laying off approx. 25,000 hospital workers including nurses.(We then spent millions trying to rehire them.) Loves tax cuts that give the most back to the wealthy. Recently slipped up and said that he'd like to enable people to "jump the queue" and get faster health care services if they can pay out of pocket for them (2 Tier Medicare). Realizing his mistake, he tried to backtrack.
       Elizabeth Witmer - despite her "kinder, gentler" image, presided over the privatization of home and long term care as Minister of Health - handing over nursing home licenses and home care contracts to profit-seeking corporations convicted of massive fraud and sued for abuse and neglect of residents in the U.S. Was Health Minister through successive rounds of cuts to seniors' homecare.
       Tony Clement - where to start?  Has announced two private hospitals that will provide huge amounts to private developers at the expense of the next generation of taxpayers and will rob the public of control over critical hospital services.  Wants to impose user fees and means testing for seniors for drugs and homecare.  Loves "for profit" health care where the public pays the bills but public services are handed over to profit-seeking corporations.  Favours user fees and delisting. As Health Minister, has presided over the firing of homecare CEOs who dared to complain about the thousands of elderly Ontarians who just got their homecare services cut again.
       Chris Stockwell - has stated that he wants to charge OHIP premiums to Ontarians (another name for a regressive "flat tax" for health care, this means tax cuts for the wealthy and tax increases for poor and working people).
    George W. in the Garden of Gethsemane - Feb.2002
    - An Open Letter to George W. Bush from Michael Moore
    At Newsbytes - Thu, 7 Feb 2002
    - Jailed Teen Anarchist's Supporters Accuse FBI Of AIM Hack
    At the Nation– Feb.2002
    - Commandos Kill, the CIA Pays: David Corn's Capital Games
    - Capital Games Archive
    - Material on the Enron scandal
    - Nader calls Enron "the supermarket of corporate crime for our time
    Friends of Canadian Broadcasting - Feb.2002
    - Ever-larger Campaign Contributions From Fewer Broadcasters Threaten Canadian Democracy
    Robert Lederman - Feb.2002
    - Giuliani Invokes Hitler-Rockefeller-Bush Conspiracy to Explain 9/11
    At PJ the Cat's Page
    - Migratory Birds Need Better Protection - Feb 2002
    At Straight Goods - February 2002
    - Overkill, The War on Terrorism, and my friend Danny Pearl – exclusive from the Phillippines by Christopher Johnson. US military buildup and Western media hype threaten to trigger massive bloody upheaval.
    - Canada on the path to a security state? - Bill Blaikie.
    - Disguised corporate advertising? - Randal Marlin. Self-serving PR raises doubts about corporate ethics.
    COAT's quarterly magazine - 2002
    Theme Issue: "POWER POLITICS: Oil, Terror and the War Against Afghanistan."
    At CorpWatch - Feb.2002
    - The Whole World Was Watching: New York Protests the World Economic Forum
       World wide demonstrations last week posed a test to the anti-corporate globalization movement and its targets. Kenny Bruno reports from the Anti-World Economic Forum protests in New York that parts of the movement an A for attitude. Surprisingly, he says the police passed. The WEF, well, they flunked as usual.
    - Globalizing Hope: Another World is Still Possible
       The only way to really describe the World Social Forum that just ended  in Brazil, is a global political "carnaval." The astounding event, an alternative to the World Economic Forum, was part-political convention, part-art and music festival and part-intellectual gathering of social movements. CorpWatch's Joshua Karliner, still recovering in Rio, files this dispatch.
    ·  Afghanistan: Oil Execs Revive Pipeline From Hell
    ·  Brazil: Tobacco Makes Farmers Sick
    ·  France: Activist Gets Jail for Ransacking McDonald's
    ·  Costa Rica: Eco-Tourism Slump Endangers Wildlife
    Feb 6th National Day of Student Action
    At the Star - Feb.06.2002
    - Medicare system still viable, Romanow says
    - Tuition protests fall on deaf ears
    - U.S. probes reports that allies massacred
    At the Globe - Feb.5.2002
    - Quebec opposes new Young Offenders Act ... the law is unconstitutional and violates international youth-protection treaties.
    - Poverty costing too much, report says
       Ottawa's failure to follow through on promises to eliminate child poverty in Canada is costing Canadians too much, the National Council of Welfare said Tuesday.
    At the Star- Feb.5.2002
    - Eggleton faces new fury over prisoners
    - Canada accused of failing to care for troubled troops
    At the Online Journal - Feb.2002
    - Enron: Ultimate agent of the American empire By Larry Chin
    At the Guardian - February 4, 2002
    - Report calls for stricter checks on genetically Modified foods
    Notes on the Ontario Health Coalition Save Medicare Action Plan
    By Gary Morton Feb.3.2002
       The premiers and the feds would have us believe we are in a health care crisis. But are we really running out of money in Ontario when Mike Harris just gave 2.2 billion dollars in tax cuts to big corporations? Health care spending has actually shrunk in Ontario despite the aging population, and many people believe the health care crisis has been manufactured so cutbacks in care can fund tax cuts. And of course privatization will benefit the large health care corporations that give generously to politicians.
       Ontario’s Health Coalition has decided to intensify the struggle for full public health care. During a series of public meetings across the province they have decided to go door to door with a personal appeal. The campaign will begin at the end of February with the opening of a number of campaign offices and it will lead to a national Medicare for Life Day in spring. The day will feature pro Medicare lawn signs, ribbons, and window signs and so on.
       Tied to this are other committees and actions – women’s initiative, student essay contest, testimonials, campus campaigns, community forums and tours.
       Contact: Ontario Health Coalition (416) 441 2502  e-mail web

       A number of health care fact flyers you can distribute now reveal that the solutions governments are proposing for Medicare are non answers.
    - User Fees: Penny wise and pound foolish. No money is saved and the rich still see their doctors while the poor and low income must cut back.
    - Public Private Partnerships: Hospitals owned by the private sector thru these deals are far more costly and deliver lower quality service. They are a problem not a solution.
    - Medical Savings Accounts: User fees for the sick. Each person gets an allowance to spend on health care. When the allowance runs out you must pay fees. This system victimizes the sick, rewards the healthy with rebates and it is costly as it requires an expensive administration to run it.
    Notes on the Canada for Argentina Solidarity March – Feb.2.2002



  •    The Canada for Argentina group held a pot banging solidarity march this Saturday. Starting at the Museum it wound through kilometers of wintry streets to the Argentinian Consulate. A metallic beat echoed from the walls of tall buildings. This was protest music of the people, and marchers drummed during the entire walk to show support for those suffering in Argentina, and that people in Canada care about their plight. Victims of a corrupt national government and unethical forces of globalization like the International Monetary Fund, Argentina’s economy is devastated. Exploitation by multinational corporations and bad economic policies have created an insurmountable national debt. The people are victimized by increasing unemployment, poverty, homelessness, sickness and hunger. 27 people have already been killed in food riots and many others are dying from the lack of the main necessities of life.

       The Canadian government has been a long time supporter of the International Monetary Fund, and Argentina is the latest of a long list of countries destroyed by its policies. Again we have evidence of our government acting in the worst interests internationally, while the citizens of the nation wish to act for the well being of peoples in other nations.

    Contact Canada for Argentina

    By Gary Morton
    US, NY, WEF, Activists Beaten Unconscious and Pepper Sprayed - Feb.3.2002
    Afghanistan: Urgent action needed on prison conditions - Feb.2002
    - The lives of thousands of prisoners in Afghanistan are at risk because of the conditions in which they are detained.
    Indymedia offers alternatives to the WEF and corporate globalization - Feb.2002
    Governments should act on Corporate Responsibility and Democracy Report – Feb.2002
    OTTAWA - Democracy Watch called on governments across Canada to pass measures recommended in the report released today by the Canadian Democracy and Corporate Accountability Commission to help ensure corporations act responsibly and governments are citizen-driven.
        "Corporations across Canada will only act responsibly when laws require them to act responsibly," said Duff Conacher, Coordinator of Democracy Watch and Chair of the Corporate Responsibility Coalitions, "If Canadian governments do not respond to the broad call for stronger corporate responsibility and democratic reform laws, they will prove that they are corporate-driven and don't care about ensuring Canadians have key rights and powers to hold governments and corporations accountable."
       The Commission endorsed almost all of the proposals of Democracy Watch's Corporate Responsibility Coalition
    Duff Conacher, Coordinator of Democracy Watch  Tel: (613) 241-5179 Email:
    CorpWatch - February 1st, 2002
    - WEF Protests: A Challenge for Anti-Globalization Movements
    - Brazil: Porto Alegre Day One
    - Argentina: Nation Pays Debt--To Democracy
    - USA: Enron Gave List of Favored Names to White House
    Hunting the Hunters: Women Hunt Saboteurs - Jan 2002
    From:  "A. Gibson" <>
        Heidi Prescott is national director of The Fund for Animals. She has been arrested for violating hunter harassment laws numerous times including spending two weeks in a Maryland jail for rustling leaves and speaking to hunters. Heidi was the sole protester bearing witness to President Clinton's infamous duck hunt.
    Toronto Council Watch: Special Budget Edition - Jan 2002
    The Toronto Environmental's Alliance's next edition of Council Watch is out.
    Click on the web address below to find out what environmental programs are in danger of being cut this year - its a long list that includes smog programs, pesticide reduction, the City's new waste diversion targets and transit.
    There is still time to reverse the cuts. Find out what opportunities you still have to participate in the City Budget 2002.
    Transcript of Science for Peace Forum and Teach-In - Jan.2002
    - How Should Canada Respond to Terrorism and War
    Greenpeace - January 2002
    - Extinction is forever...
    Getting your MP to act takes one minute
    Parliament resumed sitting this week and endangered species need your help.
    After three tries, the government is bringing Bill C-5, the Species at Risk   Act, to a vote.  Your MP needs to know you value a strong law that protects Canada's species and the proposed bill isn't strong enough.
    MPs need to know the bill needs to be changed to truly protect endangered species by protecting their habitat, usually forests.  The current version only protects habitat in 5% of Canada, and our endangered species need 100% protection.
    They've waited long enough.
    Please take a minute and use our website to send a free fax to your MP letting them know that you support strengthening Cill C- 5.  The Greenpeace  Canada Take Action page is at:
    At Straight Goods - Jan 2002
    - Public not told about Advisory Council links to private health
    - Barrie Zwicker wants to know: What really happened on Sept. 11th?
    - Tuition deregulation plan forced on protesting students
    - Ontario disability benefits process punishes applicants
    - Show us the campaign money - Aaron Freeman. Canada's election law makes
    disclosure of political donations essentially optional.
    - Planned BC welfare cuts make a mockery of Liberal election promises
       The Nation and the Nation website will be featuring special reports from the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil; from the expected protests in the streets of New York City; and from the suites of the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City, where the World Economic Forum will be meeting. Watch this space for further info.
    Montreal series of activist audio - Jan 2002
    Some interviews and recorded talks given by activists in Montreal over the last few months are available to listen to on Below are the web addresses to access each interview. The audio files are accessible
    through realplayer which is free at
    - Ontario Coalition Against Poverty: Montreal Recap
    - World Economic Forum: NYC Mobilization
    - Solution Solidarity? Canada’s New Anti-Terrorism Bills
    - Canadian Anti-Terrorist Bills & Civil Liberties
    Have your say in the Toronto City Budget – ONLINE - Jan.2002
    From: Lauren Carter <>
       Don't you think we should have a say in how our city is created? They do it in other places, like Porto Alegre, Brazil, where thousands of people - average citizens from suburbs and shantytowns - are involved in deciding city spending.
       Humanize Toronto is doing our 2nd annual Experiment in Real Democracy to get citizen input into the budget process and show City Hall that it is indeed possible.
       We need a BRIEF MOMENT of your time in order to do this.  Please FILL OUT OUR SURVEY at and pass it on. Call Lauren at 416-203-3573 for more info or to help some more.
    At - Jan.20.2002
    - NYC Newspapers Smear Activists Ahead of WEF Protests
    Occupation at the University of Guelph -  Mon, 28 Jan 2002
       Students occupy President's Office to demand education be accessible for ALL people!
       Guelph - Early this morning a group of eight students began an occupation of the administration offices at the University of Guelph. This is the latest step in the students' struggle for accessible post-secondary education.
       Since 1985, the Federal Government has consistently and deliberately underfunded all forms of public education in Canada.  Here in Ontario, the Harris Government has taken this idea and run with it.  They have slashed funding for colleges and universities in the name of "common sense".  As a result, tuition fees have become unaffordable for many potential students - increasing 126% since 1991, students are graduating with enormous debts - averaging $25 000, and universities have turned to private funding.  Year after year, the Administration at the University of Guelph has sited insufficient government funding as the primary reason for tuition increases.
       Yet, as the group of occupiers points out in their demands, the Administration has not devoted any of it's budget toward attaining long-term, sustainable funding, but instead relies on corporate and alumni donations to balance the budget.
       On numerous occasions students at the University of Guelph have tried to explain to the Administration, the impacts of rising tuition fees and overwhelming debts.  Their voices have not been heard.   "We are tired of being ignored by the administration," says Cory Legassic, a third year student . "We've been going to committee meetings, rallies and public forums and it seems like our voices are falling on deaf ears."
     At approximately 8 am, today, a group of students entered the Administrative Offices armed with  notes for the office staff, hauling gear to secure the office, and a large supply of food and water.  They are now
    locked down inside the offices and have issues six demands.  They read as follows:
    1.  A public, official U of G declaration in support of accessible education; including a commitment to lowering tuition fees and a denouncement of de-regulation and privatization.
    2.  U of G devote 50% of all new funding, from any source, to reducing tuition fees for ALL students.
    3.  U of G spend more money lobbying the governments for increased funding than soliciting private, alumni, corporate and other donations.
    4.  U of G stop accepting any funding or donations that have any conditions attached, as they inherently limit OUR academic freedom.
    5.  U of G pressure the Provincial government to alter legislation in order to create a representative, democratic UofG Board of Governors with a majority of student-elected seats.
    6.  Complete legal and academic amnesty for all occupiers and their supporters.
       In support of the eight occupiers, many students are putting up posters, handing out leaflets, performing guerrilla theatre, and informing students about the occupation.  Two such students are Aundraya Rivera, a third year international student, and Bandana Sharma, a third year Arts student. Aundraya says that tuition fees for international students are significantly higher than for the rest of the student population.  "The struggle to overcome expensive tuition fees is only one of the barriers I've had to face during my time at the U of G.  I have been penalized by professors for writing papers from a non-corporate perspective.  If students think that corporate donations do not infringe on academic freedom, they need to think again."
       "The occupation is being done in solidarity with the Queens and Trent actions in opposition to deregulation and high tuition." says student activist Bandana Sharma.
            Future actions for University of Guelph Students include an Ontario-wide rally taking place in Toronto on February 6 organized by the Canadian Federation of Students.
    World Economic Forum Resources at the Nation
    At the BBC- Jan.29.2002
    - Militants kidnap US journalist
    At the Star - Jan.29.2002
    - World's mountain ranges endangered, UN warns
    At the CBC- Jan.29.2002
    - B.C. teachers prepare for strike Monday
    Premiers, Feds and the Media Unite to Dismantle Medicare
    By Gary Morton, Jan.27.2002

       In our aging society nothing is more important to Canadians than the public health care system. At this point in history public health care and expanded services and coverage are the priority of the people.

       In spite of this the establishment in Canada has a different vision … one without ethics. Their priorities continue to be tax cuts and the handing over of invaluable public systems to large corporations.

       Canada's Ten Premiers want to continue to buy votes with tax cuts and do favors for corporate backers. The money for giveaways isn't there in the current economy so they want to dismantle our health care system in order to get that cash. This week they created their own special interest power group called the Premiers' Council on Canadian Health Awareness. Its agenda is to weaken the Canada Health Act through a new disputes resolution mechanism, scale-down the health system, hand delivery of services to private sector corporations and frighten Canadians into believing dramatic changes are needed for Medicare to survive. The scaling down will involve delisting drugs, treatments and services. There will be user fees, co-payments and so on.

       The corporate television, radio and print media and the federal government are also involved in this game to dismantle health care. The Feds lack dollars for tax cuts and have brought in Anne McLellan to look at ways of chopping Medicare. The media is owned by corporate interests that would like to see more privatization and generally works with the other political forces to help create a scare that will justify this fresh attack on health care. If their goals are achieved Medicare will be badly damaged with the only winners being corporations pulling in vast profits. We’ll have a huge number of Canadians that won’t be able to afford drugs and health care and the resulting downward spiral that comes with a crippled population.

       In stories this week the media works hard in its attempt to create a state of public panic. They have Premier Gordon Campbell saying that the system of universal health care that Canadians have identified as their number one priority is in jeopardy. Then they have Mike Harris saying, "Our health-care system is on life support and it is fading fast. We don't have enough tax revenue to fully fund health care, so there either has to be more federal funding, or we're going to have to find another mechanism."

       They present us with scare tactics, yet they don’t present sensible voices on the issue and they don't note that Campbell and Harris are ideologues that have been overseeing a criminal dismantling of public services … characters that would tell any lie to justify their pro corporate political agendas.

       The federal liberals are in the same pirate boat. We have a bunch of conservative liberal candidates running to replace Jean Chretien, and every one of them needs a couple million in corporate donations to run a leadership campaign. These people have been bought before they ever got out of the gate … and even those that haven’t been bought have abandoned their previous vision of a better Canadian society that is publicly owned and controlled. They can't act on behalf of the people when it comes to health care issues.

       In one of his last essays Tommy Douglas said “… even at my age I'll trek this country from the Atlantic to the Pacific to stop Medicare from being destroyed.”

       Yet we’ll likely have to do more than that. Building the strength of the defenders of Medicare is the only way to oppose the anti Health Care Establishment.

    Here is a list of meetings people can get involved in to help save Medicare
    Province-wide Campaign to Defend Medicare

    The following is a list of important kick-off local organizing meetings for the Ontario Health Coalition's campaign to save Medicare. The meetings will start the planning process for an unprecedented community organizing campaign.

    Algoma - Save Medicare Campaign Plenary Wednesday, February 13, Days Inn, Sault Ste. Marie. 7 - 9 pm. Register by contacting Elsa at 705-949-6235 or

    Burlington - Save Medicare Campaign Plenary  Tuesday, January 29, Burlington Baptist Church, 2225 New Street, Burlington. 5:30 pm  registration, 6 - 9 pm meeting. Register by contacting Ed at 905-681-0242.

    Chatham - Save Medicare Campaign Plenary Saturday, February 9, UAW Hall, 88 Elm Street, Wallaceburg. 10 am - 2 pm.  Register by contacting Bela at 519-627-8112 or

    Hamilton - Defenders of Medicare Convergence Saturday, February 16, Hamilton Central Library, Hamilton Room. 10 am - 2 pm.  Register by contacting the Hamilton-Wentworth Health Coalition at 905-516-5690.

    Kingston - Save Medicare Convergence  Wednesday, January 30, Kingston Public Library, Johnson & Bagot Sts., Kingston. 6 - 9 pm.  Register by contacting the Kingston Health Coalition at 613-374-5211 or

    London - Defenders of Medicare Convergence Saturday, February 16, 2nd floor, London Community Resource Centre, Dundas & Colbourne Sts., London. 10 am - 2 pm.
    Register by contacting the London Health Coalition at 519-453-1837 or

    Timmins - Save Medicare Campaign Plenary Thursday, February 21, CAW local 599 office, corner of 2nd and Balsam Streets. 7 - 9 pm. Register by contacting Ben at 705-235-8121 x 7599 or

    Toronto - Medicare IS Canadian Action Meeting  Sunday, February 3, Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, 10 am - 2 pm.  Register by contacting the Toronto Health Coalition at 416-929-1545 or

    Windsor - Save Medicare Convergence  Saturday, February 9, CAW Hall, 1855 Turner Road, 10 am - 2 pm.  Register by calling the Windsor Health Coalition at 519-256-8082 or

    For more information, please contact Natalie at the Ontario Health Coalition 416-441-2502 or by email at

    Canadian Health Coalition -
    Ontario Health Coalition -
    - The Future of Medicare By Tommy Douglas
    - Hasty Diagnosis; Influential Senators are Quietly Making a Case Against Medicare as we know it, by Thomas Walkom  Toronto Star January 4, 2002
    - Senator Kirby's conflict of interest, by Michael McBane Hill Times  December 10, 2001
    ACLU News - Jan.26.2002
    - Oppose Attempts to Allow Unchecked Domestic Spying!
    At the Star - Jan.26.2002
    - Afghans claim U.S. Special Forces soldiers killed the wrong people
    At Corporate Watch - Jan.2002
    - Greenwash 10  The UN's Global Compact, Corporate Accountability and the Johannesburg Earth Summit
    This new report documents corporate influence on the United Nations and calls on the UN to implement measures for accountability.
    At Mainline News - Jan.24.2002
    - The Bushes, the CIA and the Bin Ladens
    At Counterpunch - Jan.24.2002
    - Former Beirut Hostage Speaks Out on the Guantanamo Prisoners
    At - Jan.24.2002
    - ABC Omits U.S. From Human Rights Report
    55 Arrested at US Mission to the UN Urging Changes in U.S. Foreign Policy – Jan.22.2002
       Fifty-five people were arrested on the steps of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations this morning as they called for a change in US foreign policy that would continue the legacy of peacemaking begun by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In the spirit of King's anti-war stance, the men and women occupied the steps of the mission demanding an end to the war in Afghanistan and renouncing any expansion of the war.
       Tuesday's act of nonviolent civil disobedience was the culmination of a four-day series of presentations and training reflecting on the life of Dr. King.
       "Dr. King's dream of a just society has yet to be realized. As King said, 'The greatest purveyor of violence is my own country,' said Ceylon Mooney of Memphis, TN, one of those arrested today. "As I and many others have seen, this is still true, and our collective conscience calls us to confront not only the violence committed on behalf of Americans, but also the institutions committing those acts."
       Joining the group on Tuesday morning were Amber and Ryan Amundson, widow and brother of Craig Scott Amundson, who was killed on September 11 in the attack on the Pentagon.
       "Bush has said that the 'war on terrorism' requires sacrifice from the American people. The nonviolent protest in front of the US Mission to the UN is really a frontline battle of the war on terrorism, and the people who were arrested are showing the sacrifices needed to lead to a true victory against all forms of terror," said Amundson.
       The protest was sponsored by War Resisters League (, Voices in the Wilderness ( and Kairos Community/ALC.
    At the CBC - Jan.23.2002
    - Relatives of Sept. 11 victims want U.S. to compensate Afghans
    The Right to Hunt Tories (Opposing Tory Right to Hunt Legislation – Jan.2002 )
     * PJ the Cat’s funny but true story of his visit to the Tory leadership gathering and debate in Toronto on Jan.17.2002.
    - Read the full report.
    Global Internet Liberty Campaign News Digest
    Read the GILC Alert Volume 6, Issue 1 January 17, 2002
    - Complete newsletter is posted here
    Electronic Frontier Foundation- Latest bulletin
    * Hollywood Forces Publishers Worldwide to California Court
    - Read the full issue of EFFector
    At the Star - Jan.21/23.2002
    - Clement aide's $300K salary draws jeers
    - Flaherty `native' remark sparks storm
    - McLellan's `open mind' and medicare by Thomas Walkom
    - Explain prison camp photos, Britain tells U.S
    Guide: World Economic Forum, Jan 31, NYC
    - Indymedia's Guide to the World Economic Forum
    - fact sheet
    At STRAIGHT GOODS – Jan.20.2002
       Afghanistan etc. - The biggest bomshell of the war...- ... could be what former former US diplomatic staffer Michael Springman is saying about CIA  links with the terrorist attacks on September 11.
    Buses to NYC for the World Economic Forum!
    Contact: Mob4Glob Logistics <>
       The World Economic Forum has been called the 'Capitalist International'.  It is a gathering of major corporate heads and policy makers from the principal rich governments.  They meet regularly to plan coordinated strategies to further destroy the environment, wreck labour standards, privatize public assets and services, and militarize the planet for the sake of profits.  They must be opposed!
       The WEF is meeting in New York City this year, and an international mobilization has been called to oppose their meeting, and their agenda.  Be a part of it!
       Toronto Mobilization is organizing buses to go to NYC for the demonstatrions and a counter-conference organized by
       Book now - tickets are going fast!  First come first Served... Price: $80 - $100 sliding scale
       Buses leave dinner time, Friday Feb 1st and will be back in Toronto by Sunday night.
       Office hours: Monday - Thursday 3 - 7, Toronto Health Coalition office, 427 Bloor West, Email: Phone: 416 208 0785
    At the Globe and Mail - Jan.22.2002
    - Guantanamo Bay Prison camp faces rights challenge
    At the Nation Magazine – Jan.21.2002
    - Beyond Jihad Vs. McWorld by BENJAMIN R. BARBER - The only war worth winning is the struggle for democracy.
    - Letter From Uzbekistan by RAFFI KHATCHADOURIAN - Desperate to be rid of a repressive regime, many turn to militant Islam.
    - Unfriendly Skies by BRUCE SHAPIRO - A routine day of air travel turns into an ethnic-profiling nightmare.
    - Up Against Ashcroft by DAVID CORN - Democratic criticism of the Attorney General has been extraordinarily muted
    At Counterpunch – Jan.2002
    - Argentina: Confusing Tales From Progressive Economists By Lawrence McGuire
    New on Corporate Watch - January 18, 2002
    - Star Wars: Protecting Globalization from Above
    - Tell Shell to Stop Polluting Curacao
    * USA: VP Tried to Aid Enron in India
    * India: Dam Being Built on Backs of Poor, Critics Say
    * USA: Bush Bans Unions at Justice Department
    * USA: Bush Faces Flak Over Links to Defense Contractor
    * Argentina: Food Emergency as Gov't Looks into Capital Flight
    * USA: Washington Pressures EU to Drop GMO Labeling
    * Coalition Fights NAFTA
    * Union Wants WTO to Hold Guatemala Liable for Maquila Abuses
    At STRAIGHT GOODS – Jan.20.2002
    - Northern Alliance warlords charged with extorting, settling scores calling in US air strikes - Chris Johnson.
    - Occupation at Queen's! - Students have occupied the principal office at Queen's University to protest  deregulation.
    - We don't want no ivy league - Adam Davidson Harden. The tuition de-regulation protest song.
    - Canada bottom of the barrel on green issues - Janice Harvey. When it comes to the environment, Canada's effort is dismal.
    - Saskatchewan organic farmers make history - Don Kossick.  Farmers file class action lawsuit against Monsanto, Aventis.
    Headlines - Jan.20.2002
    Globe and Mail -- B.C. labour groups plan massive protest
    (Workers to protest after BC Liberals announce 11,700 job cuts to raise money to pay for a corporate tax cut.)
    BBCArchbishop attacks war on terror
    CBCHalf a million flee Congo volcano
    Guardian - UK terror detentions 'barbaric'
    Reports and photos from the Toronto Walk for the Disappeared - Jan.16.2002
       In a society growing war-like through government and media propaganda, three dozen walkers brave cold and wind to make a statement against War, Racism and Repression.
    - full report and photos
    At the BBC - Jan.15.2002
    - concerns for captives being ill-treated en route and on Guantanamo Bay
    At the Globe & Mail - Jan.15.2002
    - U.S. bombs Afghan hideouts; more captives go to Cuba
    - U.S. special forces begin southern Philippines role
    Photos - Bloor West for Peace Protests Canada Sending Combat Troops to Afghanistan - Jan.12,2002


  • Canadian Afghan Combat Role Should be Vigorously Protested – Jan.2002
       Defence Minister Art Eggleton has announced that Canada will send 750 combat troops into Afghanistan with the Americans … a move that completely kills any reputation we had as a peacekeeping nation independent of warlike Washington.
       What makes this action particularly ugly is the way it is being done. Eggleton all but begged to join Canada with the British-led International Security Assistance force in Afghanistan, which has more of a peacekeeping role. We weren’t needed for that force so Eggleton and the liberal legions of war decided to do some more bootlicking in Washington in hopes of getting Canada into Afghanistan with American troops. Now they have succeeded and Canadian troops will be present in Afghanistan to participate in a violent shoot out and hunt, tracking former Taliban troops and al Qaeda people.  Since the Taliban have already surrendered, this is a military campaign on behalf of American vengeance and nothing else.
       “The Americans asked the Canadian forces – and only the Canadian forces – to operate alongside their troops,” Eggleton says.
       Also in the media today are stories of villages in Afghanistan where the people are eating grass to survive, and reports from other areas where the Afghans are begging for an end to the bombing and killing of civilians.
       Instead of aiding the starving, wounded, sick and destitute, our government is sending in combat troops that will aid in the bombing and misery near Khandahar. Our Canadian tradition of peace is being totally violated and the media is pumping out nothing but propaganda and interviews with people that think a combat role in a devastated nation is something wonderful. Wives of our military men are said to be happy about this, but perhaps they won’t be when they find out their husbands will be exposed to depleted uranium that has been spread across Afghanistan by the American bombing.
       This new military role is a blow to Peace and Canadian Sovereignty. It ties us tightly to US military action and wretched American foreign policy decisions.
       Canadians should protest vigorously in an attempt to counter the corporate media and the war propaganda sweeping the nation. The liberals are staking us to a future where the dream of peace will be forgotten. Their Canada is a lap dog nation that attacks when called upon by Uncle Sam.
    By Gary Morton
     Mayor Lastman Meets with Hell’s Angels While Refusing to meet with Homeless Groups– Jan.12.2002
       Cathy Crowe of the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee has sent out a post noting that Mayor Mel Lastman refused 17 requests for a meeting on homeless/housing issues.
       After being confronted on the Megacity Mel show Lastman finally agreed to a meeting this January, but it never took place as he later decided to send out a nasty letter labeling Cathy a professional protester who uses public TV to attack him.
       Faring much better than Cathy are the Hell’s Angels. Mel went to the trouble of popping up at the hotel for their Toronto Convention to greet them, and appeared in the Toronto Sun in a photo op with some of the Angels.
       Perhaps if the homeless start selling a lot of drugs, tailpipe bombs and hit pistols, and Cathy and friends dress in gang jackets, they will qualify for a meeting with Toronto’s crazy mayor.
    By Gary Morton
    Electronic Frontier Foundation- Latest bulletin
    * Norway Indicts Teen Who Published Code Liberating DVDs
    - Read the full issue of EFFector at citizensontheweb
    FTAA a Threat to Western Hemisphere's Forests – Jan.2002
    The Free Trade Area of the Americas would endanger forests by:
    - Limiting conservation measures in the service sector.
    - Loss of democracy and public involvement. Governments would surrender to unelected international tribunals the adjudication over their safeguards for forest protection.
    - The FTAA would weaken standards that prevent the importation of invasive pests, species or threats from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
    - Spread of invasive species. Precautionary measures aimed at preventing the spread of ecologically and economically destructive invasive plants and animals would be further impeded if proposed Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) measures are adopted.
    - Genetically modified tree risks. If the draft text is accepted by FTAA countries, they will be required to allow the patenting of genetically modified organisms, including genetically engineered vascular plant and tree species capable to disrupting native ecosystems.
    At The Nation -Jan 2002
    - JEROME M. SEGAL: A New Middle East Approach
    - JOHN NICHOLS: Huey Freeman: American Hero
    - ERIC ALTERMAN: Judging the Wise Guys
    - WILLIAM D. HARTUNG: Making Money on Terror
    - Robert Scheer's Examination into the Enron Scandal
    Bush Administration Caught up in Ugly Enron Collapse – Jan.12.2002
    - At least 15 Bush officials owned Enron stock (Toronto Star)
    Dangerous Times for Civil Liberties and all Life on Earth - Jan.12.2002
    - Nuclear war an option, India says (National Post)
    - Supreme Court rules dangerous refugees can be deported to face torture risk (National Post)
    At FAIR -  Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting - Jan.2002
    - NYT Buries Story of Airstrikes on Afghan Civilians
    Environment, Child Care and Help for the Homeless Face Steep Cuts in Toronto’s 2002 Municipal Budget - January 8, 2002
       The first proposal for the 2002 Municipal is in. It includes a proposed 4.81% increase to property taxes and numerous cuts.
    Cuts include:
    - Big cuts of $2.6 million to hostel services support to the homeless.
    - Deferral of $1 million from child care centres’ health & safety costs.
    - A reduction of $700,000 in library materials.
    - Eliminating environment days.
    - Across-the-board reductions to environmental planning.
    - A $124,000 reduction of translation services at City Hall.
    - Charging schools $1.5 million to pick up waste for schools.
    - Increased gapping (leaving staff positions unfilled). The budget proposal to gap public health at 5.6% and the library at 3.8% leaving these areas understaffed.
    At the Globe- Jan.8.2002
    - 'Pakis' remark draws fire for Bush
    - Russia: Grigory Pasko gets four years in a labour camp for speaking out for the  environment
    - Support Grigory Pasko Web Site with photos
    At the Toronto Star & the Globe - Jan.7.2002
    - Wildlife in 'crisis ... Commission blames pollution, human activity
    - GDP value must reflect eco-health, report says
    At the National Post - Jan.7.2002
    - Advisory committee recommends ban on xenotransplantation for now
    The Detailed Conspiracy Theories on 9/11 - Jan.2002
    - Several files detailing the strange facts and possible conspiracies in regards to Sept.11.2001
    Mullah Omar escapes on Motorcycle – Jan.5.2002
    Info from various sources
       Afghans, even those that hate the Taliban and al Qaeda are reluctant to play Judas and turn over Mullah Omar and Osama bin Laden to a military court controlled by George Bush. In this phase of the war on terror President Bush has proved to be his own worst enemy. Had he not decided to attack the American judicial system with the creation of his own bogus military tribunals, Afghans would probably have turned over Omar and bin Laden a while ago.
       Taleban militia leader Omar has now escaped from his hideout in southern Afghanistan on a motorbike as American forces close in at Baghran. And if Omar is eventually captured the Americans will have trouble maintaining credibility in any trial as they would have to explain why Omar should have turned Osama bin Laden over to them when they refused to present evidence to the Taleban government in power at the time.
    Canadian troops will face ambush in Afghanistan– Jan.5.2002
       A US special forces soldier has been killed in an ambush in Khost, and at the same time Canadian Defence Minister Art Eggleton is announcing that Canada will be contributing ground forces to the multi-national peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan. About 700 soldiers, most from the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, will leave for Afghanistan in the next few weeks.
       Canada participated in the war and bombing of Afghanistan, and that means our peacekeepers will be seen by many as unwanted foreign invaders like the Americans and the British. They will likely face ambush and our government may learn the hard way about the hypocrisy of trying to play warrior and peacekeeper at the same time.
       The presence of our troops will work to inspire guerillas to attack and thus work counter to peace. Peacekeepers from neutral Muslim nations would be better. A best decision of government in Canada would have been to stay out of the Afghan war, but good decisions have not been forthcoming. Like little boys anxious to play cowboys and Indians, the liberals have been in a rush to send in fighting forces and peacekeepers. The cost has been Canada’s reputation as a credible peacekeeping nation, and lives will probably be lost before it is over.
    Free University of Toronto January 2002 Courses
          We invite all to become part of a free, open, and all-inclusive learning and sharing community.  Those who have never had the opportunity to experience post secondary education due to personal, academic, or financial reasons are encouraged to participate in the Free U of T either as students, teachers, volunteers, or those who wish to simply "drop-in."
    - Click here for the full course list and information.
    Ban the OsamaMobile – Jan.4.2002
       As Western governments nail bite and spy on us in fear of a terrorist attack, a terror outfit that is much bigger than al Qaeda is on the loose.
       In Canada alone in the year 2000 these terrorists caused 227,500 injuries to Canadians and killed nearly 3,000 people, with innocent pedestrians, animals and cyclists being key targets.
       These killings are planned by the big Auto Manufacturers and executed by the brainwashed consumers that drive their death machines.
       The instruments of death, called autos, should really be dubbed OsamaMobiles … though the truth is that they kill far more people than Osama can. In Canada al Qaeda hasn’t managed to launch a single attack, making that group small potatoes compared to the OsamaMobile Manufacturers.
        In spite of the wave of death nothing is being done by our government to ban these terrorists and their weapons of mass destruction. Daily we must live in fear, not knowing whether our pets, family and friends will survive the latest attack of the road warriors.
       The brainwashing done by the Auto Manufacturers and their media is so thorough that those of us that dare suggest banning these high speed killers are laughed at by phony forces of freedom and others that think they know better.
       Just yesterday an OsamaMobile terrorist crushed former US President Bill Clinton’s dog Buddy under his wheels. Yet there are no cries for revenge or bombings here or in America. People just shrug and say the collateral damage is a price we have to pay for freedom, which is also what they say when our bombs mutilate civilians in foreign nations.
       I guess they figure that we wouldn’t be free if we walked, jogged, cycled and stayed healthy. Animals would be in chains if they could cross a street without being turned into hamburger … and local communities would be devastated if people actually worked there instead of 60 kilometers away. Worst of all, think of what we would be doing to our children. They would have to live in a clean future world that hasn’t been destroyed by our greenhouse gases. I suppose we’d all be manacled if we lost the freedom to drive, kill and maim … and weep when we also become the victims.
    By Gary Morton 2002
    Christmas Gift of Medical Horrors- Jan.3.2001
    - Five Little Genetically Modified Piggies
    At the Toronto Star - Jan.3.2002
    - U.S. Muslim leader to be jailed indefinitely
    - Don't lie! You're on candid camera
    - Western media accused of anti-Islam campaign
    At the Globe and Mail - Jan.3.2001
    - Thousands of Afghans likely killed in bombings
    At the Guardian - Jan.2.2002
    - US bombers kill 100 Afghan civilians
    Out in the Cold with the Homeless and the Dead
    (Deaths of Homeless People Protested by the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee – Dec.31.2001)


  • Homelessness is a National Disgrace Banner at the morgue
  • Cathy Crowe speaks on the deaths of homeless people
  • March to the Princess Margaret Hospital
  • TDRC March and Drummers
  • Homeless guy speaks on the deaths of friends
  • Sarah Vance speaks at Princess Margaret hospital

  • STORY: People from the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee and the ranks of the homeless met in bitter cold outside the coroner’s building this morning to continue actions for shelter and housing programs.

       During the holiday week at least two homeless deaths occurred in a three day period. These deaths could have been prevented as the TDRC and other groups have lobbied the Mayor's office for years with recommendations for more shelter beds, warming centres, health measures and harm reduction shelters.

        Tuberculosis is spreading at the crowded shelters as the city fails to heed health warnings. Though space is available at the empty Princess Margaret Hospital and the Armory the city is again playing a game of rationing shelter, acting on a questionable emergency basis and rules that leave people on the streets in freezing temperatures or in disease-ridden shelters.

       After a talk on the deaths at the Coroner’s building, angry protesters marched across downtown to the Princess Margaret Hospital to demand that it be opened for shelter space … and later found that it wasn’t completely empty as a gang of police officers emerged through the doors. Horseback police and a number of cruisers were also present to hinder the protest.

       We have a city that doesn’t want to pay for more shelter space yet has plenty of cash for unessential policing and heating an empty building … which seems to be part of a general trend toward a misguided form of security. Billions are being spent to prevent terrorism in a federal security budget, though there haven’t been any terrorist attacks in Canada … and likely won’t be.

       Believers in security should perhaps consider that genuine security arises from a person first having a home. Homelessness is really a form of economic terrorism where those that fall through the cracks of the rat race are left to the mercy of the streets, to be victimized by harsh conditions and ignorant social forces that thrive on using or bashing the poor.

       Housing really has to be part of social policy and programs. People are homeless and dying now when the economy is fairly strong, and the lack of affordable housing grows each year in so-called prosperous times.

       For many people insecurity is growing, and elected officials need to change their outlook. Working people lack stable housing solutions and the unemployed quickly hit the streets. The roots of our fears and suffering aren’t foreign terrorists. Stupid or stupefied city, provincial and national governments are the source.

    Contact the TDRC

    Upcoming Events:
    Toronto Disaster Relief Committee General Membership Meeting
    All Saints Church
    Thursday Jan. 3rd, 2002 (6:30pm)
     (Corner of Sherbourne & Dundas, use back door)

    Homeless Memorial Vigil
    Tuesday Jan. 8th, 2002
    Trinity Square
    (behind Eaton Centre)
    Located at the south side of Church of the Holy Trinity

    * This write-up and photos by Gary Morton

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    Some people have lost faith in democracy, but there really is nothing else except faith in the tyrant.