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  • Media Contacts for Ontario
  • Politicians Online E-mail - Canadian
  • Private Investigation Site
  • Toronto Yellow Pages
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  • CTV News Net
    City TV Toronto
    The Guardian
    The Times of London
    Toronto Star News
    Epress Video News Clips
    Globe & Mail News
    The Toronto Sun
    Indy Media News
    National Post News
    Pulse24 News
    CBC Newsworld
    CNN News
    Now Magazine
    EYE Magazine
    Canada News Wire
    The Nation
    The Ottawa Sun
    The Varsity
    Montreal Gazette
    Kingston Whig Standard 
    Frank Magazine
    Ottawa Citizen
    The Progressive Review
    CKLN Radio
    London On Free Press
    San Francisco Chronicle
    ABC News
    Calgary Herald
    News Hub  
    Halifax Herald
    Guelph Mercury
    Saskatoon Star Phoenix 
    St. Catherines Standard 
    Ottawa Start
    Cambridge Reporter
    Silicon Valleynews
    Space ProgramNews
    Vancouver Sun
     The Hill Times
    World News Index Page
    The Federal Government 
    Disaster Info Network
    Northern News 
    House of Representatives
    CNET Canada
     Ultimate Collection NewsLinks
    Saint JohnTelegraph
    Environment Links
    Sudbury Star
    Edmonton Journal
    Windsor Star
    Canadian Legal Resources
    Pakistan News
    Ryerson Polytechnic U
    University of Toronto 
    York University
    -- More Activist and Citizen News Sites --

    Mother Jones News
    The Village Voice
    News at Openflows
    Mainline Activist News
    News at
    UN Wire
    Canadian Dimension
    Forests Org
    Eat The State
    US- Working for Change news
    Grist Magazine
    Red Pepper
    OPIRG Anti-Racism Media  Education
    World Socialist Web Site
    Socialist Worker
    In These Times
    Environment News Network
    Guerrilla News
    Whirled News
    Corporate Watch Site
    Canada Law Union News Page
    Green Left Weekly
    Amnesty International
    Dollars & Sense Magazine
    The New Left Review
    Monthly Review
    The Progressive
    LifeBoat news
    Media Lens
    Labor Notes
    Texas Observer
    Against the Current
    Common Dreams
    Women's review of Books
    Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars
    The Progressive Populist
    PR Watch
    New Politics
    Left Business Observer
    Rethinking Schools
    Multinational Monitor
    Media Channel
    Bad Subjects
    a- Infos
    Read News from the American Civil Liberties Union
    Guerrilla Media
    Afrikan Net
    Earth First Action Update
    The Citizens Handbook
    The Environment News Service
    Multinational Monitor website
    Third World Network -News Site
    Cyber news at
    Windspeak Canadian Aboriginal News
    National Post Satire Site women'snews
    Human Rights Watch
    Vancouver CommunityNet
    Worldwatch Institute
    Human Rights Watch
    Forest Action Network
    The U.S,Freedom Forum Online
    Znet Community and activist news
    Z Magazine Canadian news
    Internet Law Journal
    Globalization Update News
    Environment News
    Tao News
    Cansolidated,anti-authoritarian newsletter from the west-coast of canada
    Independent Media Windsor
    US Activist News
    Socialist Worker
    torontoweb radio;
    Women Leaders Online
    Intelligence Online
    Electronic Privacy Info Center
    Colorlines news
    Women Against Violence - Europe
    ThePublic Information Network

    Ontario & Canadian Activist Sites

  • The Toronto Coalition Against War & Racism
  • OPIRG Anti-Racism Media  Education
  • The Canada-Colombia Solidarity Campaign
  • Humanize Toronto
  • Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform
  • The Ottawa Peace and Environment Resource Centre
  • Canadian Voice of Women Peace
  • Toronto Video Activists
  • Reclaim the Streets
  • Hamilton Indy Media
  • Whirrled News
  • Canadian Journalists for Free Expression
  • The Citizens Handbook
  • Ontario Teens for Education -
  • Centre for Social Justice
  • Sierra Club of Canada
  • Citizens for Local Democracy
  • Freedom for Animals
  • Ontario Clean Air Alliance
  • Niagara Action for Animals -
  • Ten Days for Global Justice
  • Citizens for Renewable Energy
  •  Ontario Coalition Against Poverty http://
  • National Farmers Union
  • Science for Peace
  • Ontario Coalition for Social Justice
  • Gene Action -
  • ACT for DisarmamentNews
  • Police Brutality O Canada-
  • Housing Again Site
  • Psychiatric Survivors
  • Toronto Environmental Alliance
  • Free University of Toronto
  • STORM (Save theOak Ridges Moraine)
  • Canadian news
  • Guerrilla Media
  • Metro Network for Social Justice (MNSJ) - Toronto
  • Canadian LabourCongress
  • Citizens concerned about Free Trade
  • Greenpeace International
  • Ontario Welfare Watch
  • People Against Coercive Treatment
  • Ottawa area  Resources for Ottawa Democracy
  • Toronto Disaster Relief CommitteeWeb Site
  • Campaign to Defend Refugees and Immigrants
  • Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation
  • Bicycle Action ARC
  • Anti Racist Action
  • The Ontario Federation of Labour
  • The Ontario Health Coalition
  • Toronto Coalition Against Racism
  • Canadian Environmental Law Association
  • Radio Station CIUT at 89.5 FM.
  • The Canadian Council on Social Development's LinksPage
  • Car Free Day in Toronto
  • Citizens Against Private Prisons (CAPP)
  • Target Policing Opposed page
  • See - Towarda Greener and Healthier Toronto
  •  UVOTEOnline is discussing government bills
  • Anti Harris Site up in Tokyo.
  • Education Issues Site - Universityof Windsor Access 2000 Committee
  • Toronto Web Site for the Rights of Psyhiatric Patients - Queen Street Patients Council
  • Opposition to the Dumping of Toronto's Garbage atAdams Mine - http://www.adamsmine.comor
  • Education Issues Site - Universityof Windsor Access 2000 Committee
  • International Committee for Penal Abolition
  • New Discussion the health Care Debate is up at CanTalk

  • Tales of Police State Toronto and USA
  • Showdown at Queen's Park-June 15 2000
  • The Safe Park - Reports of 1999
  • PJ the Cat's Megacity Pet Bylawprotest page
  • Coalition for a Federal Banon Pepper Spray
  • Reports from Meetings & Rallies
  • The student action web site
  • Oak Ridges Moraine page
  • Canada Community AccessSite
  • Festive Earth
  • Generation Fuck You
  • Peaceful Parks Coalition
  • Canadian Social Research Links
  • Vancouver Community Net
  • VancouverSave Stanley Park
  • The Greater TorontoLand Use Planning Coalition
  • The Black Hole of Conservation
  • FairVoting BC
  • AquarianAge Tenant Site
  • Listing of Toronto - serviceand anti-poverty resources
  • Kettle Lakes Coaltion to Save Oak Rridges Moraine
  • Politics Site
  • CanadianAction Party
  • Socialist Register
  • Conservation Council of Ontario
  • Link to Federal Government Publications
  • Canadian Alliance for NativePeoples
  • Citizens concerned about Free Trade
  • Canadian Alliance in Solidarity with the Native Peoples
  • Viking's Guideto Alternative Sites
  • Socialist Action Newspaper Website
  • The Student Activist
  • Link to FederalGovernment Publications
  • E-mail Addresses of WorldLeaders
  • RCMP LinksPage
  • Movement forthe Survival of the Ogoni People
  • Canadian Charterof Rights and Freedom
  • resistance page   Free Ontario Site
  • THIS Magazine
  • National Film Board ofCanada
  • Quest Canadian Citizen News
  • Metanoia - Canadian Politicsand Policy site
  • Go to the Think Collection of Canadian Editorial Pages
  • Northumberland CoalitionAgainst Poverty
  • Canadian DimensionMag
  • Canadians for Direct Democracy Website
  • Canadian Politics- The Pork Barrel Site
  • Council of CanadiansSite
  • Money MonetaryReform Magazine
  • Links to OfficialCanadian documents
  • The Defenceof Canadian Liberty  Committee
  • The DemocracyModel group Toronto
  • Opposing private jails in Ontario -  SavePublic Jails Site
  • Ontario Federation of Labour Newsletters
  • The Alliance for People with Developmental Disabilities- phone 905 884 1810
  • Toronto DollarWeb Site
  • Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty
  • Radically Canadian WebSite
  • Committee to Defend Democratic Rights at U of T
  • First Nations Links
  • Global Community Centre, Kitchener-Waterloo's organization
  • The Independent Student Organization of Toronto -
  • Northumberland CoalitionAgainst Poverty
  • United Way of Toronto
  • Food not Bombs Web Sites listing
  • Food Not Bombs - TORONTO
  • Public Housing Fightback against privatization –416 760 2111
  • Democratic Coalition of Montreal/ Coalition démocratique de Montréal (CDM)
  • Charter Committee on Poverty Issues
  • FairVoting BC
  • Workfare-Discuss List web site
  • Activist Consulting Site
  • Family Alliance Ontario web site
  • CNIC    Canada’s National InterestCouncil
  • Guelph Coalition Againstthe Harris Cuts
  • The Hiroshima Day Coalition, 463-9163
  • CanadianCoalition Against The Death Penalty
  • Caledon Institute
  • Greenest City Program
  • Hamilton Against Poverty Events Calendar
  • Parkdale against Poverty 416 531 2411 ext 246 or248
  • Parkdale Legal Services 416 531 2411
  • Chiapas Support Group
  • Radically Canadian Web Site
  • LIFT-  Low Income Families Together
  • Canadian Labour Congress
  • St. Lawrence Centre Forums
  • Canadians forProportional Representation
  • Coalition for a Public Inquiry in the death of Dudely George. 416 537 3520
  • CREDO - Committee to Restore Democracy in Ontario- Web Site
  • Canadians for Direct Democracy
  • Ontario Coalition Against Poverty -- call 416 925-6939 WebPage
  • COC (Councilof Canadians -
  • Canadian Grey Panthers
  • Toronto Rape Crisis Centre:Multicultural Women AgainstRape (416) 597-8808.
  • Ottawa area Resources for Ottawa Democracy
  • Workfare WatchPage
  • OntarioEducation Alliance
  • People for Education . WebSite
  • OntarioNetwork for Human Rights
  • The Toronto DailyBread Food Bank
  • Link to HandsNetWelfare Reform Watch
  • Downtown Tenant legal Services fax 978 0819
  • Public Service Alliance of Canada
  • Assembly of First Nations
  • Canadian HumanRights Commission
  • Amnesty International
  • The Centrefor Social Justice
  • Federation of OntarioNaturalists
  • GreenpeaceCanada
  • Metro Toronto SocialPlanning Council
  • Rainforest ActionNetwork
  • Toronto Coalition Against Racism
  • University of Toronto OPIRG
  • Waterloo Region Coalition for Social Justice
  • NAPO-National Anti-poverty Organization
  • CCPI- Charter Committeeon Poverty Issues
  • Disabled Women’sNetwork (DAWN)
  • NorthhumberlandCoalition Against Poverty

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    MORE Activist and News SITES

    Corporate Welfare Shame Page
    Alternatives Information Library
    Democracy Watch
    Independent Media Centre of Philadelphia
    Global Grassroots Resistance Directory
    Camp Chaos Web Cartoons
    Electric Sheep Web Cartoons
    World Socialist Web site
    National Conference on Civil Disobedience
    Rainforest Action Net
    Coalition for Amazonian Peoplesand Their Environment
    People's Global Action
    Canadian Politics
    Council of
    Bytes for All
    THIS Magazine
    Disaster Info Network
    Media Watch
    Anarchyand Art
    YES Magazine
    SocialistRegistern the Web
    Radia Cognito CIUT 89.5 FM-
    Free Speech Internet Television
    Human Rights Internet
    Human Rights inChina
    Animal Rights Resources
    World Poverty Net
    Foodnot Bombs Web Sites listing
    TAO Home Page
    African Women Global Network
    The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
    Silencing the Net, The Threat to Freedom of Expression Online
    Links to Global Climate Change Resources
    Link to Earthroots
    Youth Action Online
    Bay Area Action
    Vancouver Poverty Net
    Actionin Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor
    Vendorand Artist news NEW YORK
    Pirate Radio News Page
    The MAI Information Centre
    East Timor ActionNet
    United Nations Online Human Rights Site
    Direct Action MediaNetwork
    Los Angeles AlternativeMedia Network
    Protecting Our Oceans Page
    GlobalPeace Walk
    Continental Congress Direct DemocracyBulletin Board.
    KebeleKulture Project Citizen news
    Institute for GlobalCommunications
    CSARHomeless Site.
    Historyof Police corruption in the USA
    Un High Commissioner for Human Rights - site contains human rights documents
    TheCypherpunks Home Page
    Surveillance Camera Players
    2600: The Hacker Quarterly
    San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness
    Canadian National Anti-Poverty Organization
    USA- National Coalition on Police Accountability
    USA - NationalCoaliton for the Homeless
    USA Law Centeron Homelessness & Poverty
    Hacker News Network
    Chaos Computer Club
    United NationsHuman Development News and Reports
    Homes NotJails ( Bostonchapter)
    Canadian CivilLiberties Association
    Canadian Campaign Against Child Poverty
    People's action for threatened habitat
    Cult of the Dead Cow
    The formativeworld parliament of the united peoples
    ChiapasAlert Network Homepage --
    InternationalCentre for Human Rights and Democratic Development
    Jubilee2000 Coalition- Save the World from Debt
    Renegade- Activist News
    WorkfareLinks Site
    USA Citizens'Council on Health Care
    CommunitasNews Network
    NewHooCanadian Politics Listings
    Mid-Atlantic Infoshop
    Canada VolunteerNet
    Million Marajuana March
    Homeless Peoples Network emaildiscussion list
    People-CenteredDevelopment Forum in Washington State
    California HomelessCivil Rights page
    Charter Committee on Poverty Issues
    Preamble Center
    The OrionSociety
    Real Change, Seattle's homeless newspaper
    Street LifeArt Gallery
    Immigrants Rights.
    Seattle Food Not Bombs
    Seattle Area Volunteer Listings
    Not One More! Children and Violence
    Socially Responsible Investing
    Community Development Society: CDS Resources
    Homeless People and the Internet
    San FrancisoFood Not Bombs
    National Coalition for the Homeless
    WHEEL issues of homeless women.
    Homeless Women's Network.
    Corporate Welfare Home
    Share the Wealth
    Britishactivist contact data
    antiprison privatization site
    Golem Alternative news articles
    Freedom Anarchist Press
    Oxfam America
    PsychiatricSurvivors page
    CounterMedia USA
    American Alliance for Democracy
    Revolt Archive
    Chiapasthe land the culture the people web site
    Natural Life - Canada'sAlternative Newsmagazine
    See the PrisonIssues Desk webpage
    Web ActiveUSA Protest site
    Raze the Walls Prisoner Support Group
    Women's Liberation Archives
    Alternative Media links
    Maximum Security Democracy
    Radical Left Youth Coalition
    Boycott Board
    LYMECThe Liberal and Radical Youth Movement of the European Union.
    Ruchell MageeDefense Fund
    Diaspora.Comglobal black network.
    L.A.Bridge is a LA based Progressive Newspaper and Calendar.
    Centerfor Global Education
    Digital Freedom Network banned, censored, and sensitive poltical documents.
    Reporters sans frontièresworks to help imprisoned journalists.
    Seventh Seal links
    New York FreeMedia Alliance
    San Francisco FreeMedia Alliance

    Elizabeth FrySite
    Reform Watch
    Hate Watch
    World Wildlife Fund

    The California Democracy Network
    Institutefor Alternative Journalism
    Link to The VirtualActivist
    Link to the Public Citizen
    Arm the Spirit WorldLiberation News Archives
    Institute for Food and Development Policy
    Support Indigenous Sovereignty  Page
    Campaigns and Elections Online
    California Voters Society -US Politics
    Democracies Online News
    About Spying by Governments  CovertAction Quarterly
    The CIA Chiefs of Staff of ForeignGovernments
    Pretty Good PrivacyPage
    The Electronic PrivacyInformation Center (EPIC)
    Unions on the Internet
    The Internet Privacy Coalition(IPC)
    The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
    Voters Telecommunications Watch (VTW)
    PrivacyInternational (PI) i
    Guide to Investigative Journalism on the Net
    Law - LegalLinks
    Corporate Crime and Business Criminals
    United for a Fair Economy/Share the Wealth
    World Bank Reform Campaign
    IMFReform Project
    The DevelopmentGap
    Focus on theGlobal South
    Institute forAgriculture & Trade Policy
    Interhemispheric Resource Center
    Trade& Sustainable Development Links
    Institutefor Alternative Journalism
    Alliancefor Public Technology
    Center for Democracy and Technology
    Center forMedia Education
    The InternationalGay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC)
    TheInternational Peoples Tribunal on Human Rights and the Environment
    Green Money Journal
    Politica lEmpowerment Resources
    The Corporate Europe Observatory
    The Environmental Research Foundation
    The Multinationals Resource Center