Dear World Wide Web Traveler:

At Happyclown Inc. we are true believers in humanity and our planet. We envision a prosperous future in a friendly and safe Global Neighborhood where respect for life, liberty, justice, equity, mutual respect, and integrity are ensured by caring and involved leaders.

Happyclown continues to build on the service we provide to our clients by keeping up on the latest trends and opinions. We strive to understand the sensibility, aesthetic and state of mind of the common man and we provide our clients with the ability to relate and communicate with the people of this world in a friendly way.

I hope that Happyclown can provide a new interface between the citizens of the world and the important entities that are our engine for change.

It is my hope that these web pages will spark your interest in the many projects and products that we present on behalf of our clients.

Adam Weishaupt IX
President, Happyclown Inc.

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