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Upcoming presentations:

_badpacket_ will be performing interrupt_8 for the Mountain Standard Time performance art festival on April 5, 2003, in Calgary, Alberta. Live audio soundscaping by Lewis Kaye. More details will be posted closer to the performance date.

Recent past performances by _badpacket_ include:

- _badpacket_ prepared Cryptographic Alphabet Soup and participated in a telematic dinner party for Horizon Zero 5: EAT! on Dec 21, 2002.

- interrupt_7 at the 7A*11D 4th International Performance Art Festival on Saturday November 9th, 2002.

- memory_defrag as part of the Wavelength series in Toronto, ON at Lee's Palace.

- array_1 attheTranz<->Tech Video Art Biennale.  (Oct. 2001)

- interrupt_6 at the ultrazone.01 festival in Montreal, QC at Theatre La Chapelle.

- Web stream to the Webcast Lounge hosted by Station Rose at Art Frankfurt.  Web stream presented by Year Zero One and provided by Trick Media . (May 2001)

- Opening Night of the Video Primer show at the Art Gallery of Ontario .  (May 2001)

- Opening Night Party of the iMAGES Festival  at Lee's Palace (Apr. 2001)

- In the "Videodrome: Body + Blood / Picture + Sound" show in the 7A*11D International Performance Art Festival (Nov. 2000)

Recent screenings:

-Video documentation of interrupt_1 was screened as part of the Live Biennial of Performance Art.  interrupt_1 was in a program at Video In studios, Vancouver, BC, Canada, on Nov 17, 2001. 

- Video documentation of interrupt_2 was screened as part of the Light Plays Tricks Festival in Kingston, ON, Canada, on October 20th, 2001.

- Video documentation of past _badpacket_ performances ( interrupt_1 and interrupt_2 ) were screened as part of "POTSHOTS:  Recent Performance Installation and Video Art" in Chicago, IL, USA at Artemisia Gallery on Aug 24th, 2001.  Curated by Louise McKissick.