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>> For 20 years Mike Steventon has been working collaboratively with those who wish to use creative technologies to create their own media outside of the mainstream. His experience covers design, photography, film, video, television, audio, performance, computers and digital media.

Mike Steventon graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1981 and collected a distinction for his Post Graduate work at St. Martin's College of Art , London UK. While in London he taught at the Royal College of Art and at the Artec centre he developed the use of computer technologies within the arts and initiated projects with cultural organisations including the National Theatre, The British Library and the Institute for Contemporary Arts. He was a founding member of the Despite TV independent media collective and has lectured on art/culture/politics in London, Oxford, Liverpool, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Milan, Toronto and Banff.

In Toronto, Mike has taught New Media at Seneca, Centennial, The International Academy of Design and is currently working in the Academic Computing Centre at the Ontario College of Art & Design. Mike is on the board of InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre. He has widely exhibited interactive installations and performance works. He is currently collaborating with an international team of artists and engineers to develop the Art Interface Device (AID), a microprocessor platform for building electronic installation art that is distributed under the General Public Licence.

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>> Michelle Kasprzak is an award-winning artist, researcher and lecturer currently investigating interdisciplinary practice, performance and collaboration. Through her role as faculty with the Canadian Film Centre's new media programmes, she develops and delivers curriculum that addresses methods of prototyping in a collaborative environment. She brings the most current issues in new media to the attention of the public through her efforts as the Producer of the Interactive Arena, a lecture series presented by the Canadian Film Centre that invites influential thinkers to share their critical insights with the community.

Michelle is an accomplished public speaker, having lectured about her work and research across North America. Her lectures and artwork are frequently featured in international media, most recently appearing on the Independent Film Channel, Media Television, and Fashion Television. Her solo artwork and collaborations have been exhibited across Europe, North America, and virtual space. In 2001, she was honoured with the InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre Emerging Electronic Artist award. She has developed many long-term artistic collaborations, most significantly working with established electronic artist Mike Steventon, exploring the intersections of performance and technology as _badpacket_. She is currently part of an international team of artists and engineers developing the Art Interface Device (AID), a microprocessor platform for building electronic installation art that is distributed under the General Public Licence.

The products, services and experiences that Michelle develops as art emerge from her ongoing research. With her artistic and pedagogical pursuits as inspiration, Michelle is investigating experience engineering, 3D visualization, interface design, prototyping, performance techniques and technology, and hybrid environments.

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