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Mike Steventon + Michelle Kasprzak = _badpacket_

_badpacket_ is a performance art duo founded in May 2000 by Mike Steventon and Michelle Kasprzak. To date, we have presented nine unique performances, and screened our documentation tapes across North America and internationally.

_badpacket_ uses performance as a vehicle for the exploration of contemporary issues relating to the interfacing of humans and technology. _badpacket_ combines the use of digital, analogue, and live elements, which allows us to plunder the immediacy of the internet, the fluidity of live video mixing, and the responsive interactivity of performance.

A _badpacket_ performance is a non-narrative mix of improvisation and set pieces, using video projection and digital media as central elements, which are captured and submitted to our human-centred analysis and reflection. The use of video projections creates virtual canvases, which incorporate the media space into the performance space, and allows the actions of the performer to intervene in that media space. These multiple representations allow us to combine material that would be impossible to present in a conventional performance. Central to our technique is collaboration with each other, and with the audience, to create a unique layered environment that taps into our hopes and fears for the future of technology.

Within the theme of "our hopes and fears for technology" each performance focuses more closely on specific areas. Some examples include: commercial exploitation of the human genome, regenerative tissues, patents, pharmacology, factory farming, the technologies of war, decontamination and disease control, and the role of communication technologies in an era of corporate globalism. The performances are suggestive rather than investigative and are concerned with underlying social issues related to these technologies such as trust, fear, autonomy, dependence, and greed.