The 2nd Annual Toronto Celebration of Radio Art in May 2003 with performances, broadcasts, and a conference. Also, included this year is a special commissioning/residency opportunity presented by New Adventures in Sound Art, CBC Out Front and Charles Street Video.



New Adventures in Sound Art

New Adventures in Sound Art is a non-profit organization that produces performances and installations spanning the entire spectrum of electroacoustic and experimental sound art. Through workshops, lectures, and demonstrations that teach a new perception of sound, New Adventures in Sound Art offers the opportunity to educate artists and audiences both locally and abroad.

New Adventures in Sound Art now offers four series through the year. Sound Travels has grown from two European tours, residencies and concerts across Canada to an annual outdoor summer concert event on Toronto Island. Deep Wireless is a festival of Radio Art in the spring with performances, workshops, broadcasts and other special events. In the fall is the newest event SOUNDplay which is being launched this month. And finally, Sign Waves is an ongoing series of site-specific sound installations.

New Adventures in Sound Art has produced two educational booklets on radio art and installation sound art. There are plans in the works for more booklets - pick up a free copy at one of our workshops or seminars!

SOUNDplay - a new annual series that puts sound at center stage in the context of visual images and words.

Sign Waves - An exhibition of interactive sound and media installations throughout the summer of 2002.

Sound Travels 2002 - The Fourth Annual Outdoor Island Event.

Deep Wireless - A radio art festival in April, 2002.

Performances - Descriptions of past performances in Canada and Europe.

Listening Samples - Hear Sound Travels performances at

Sound Travels FAQ - Everything you need to know about Sound Travels!

Audience in the Center - Diffusion Practice at Sound Travels - article by Artistic Director Darren Copeland on how Sound Travels is redefining electroacoustic concert practice.

A Practical Guide to Diffusion - article by ABControl software programmer Chris Rolfe that is full of great tips on multi-channel diffusion!

Repertoire List - List of works in repertoire with web links.

Technical Links - web links to our hardware and software developers.

New Adventures in Sound Art

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Sound Travels is produced with technical assistance from:

Harmonic Functions

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