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Welcome to the idio-audio COMMUNITY, this electronic mailing list is designed to be a forum to discuss independent and experimental music in the Toronto area.

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What does Indie/Experimental mean? Well ... that's up to you, but I like to think that it's music for a "specialized" market of people -- those of us who really enjoy the confused and disturbed look our house guests give us.

IDIO-AUDIO does not represent a genre -- it represents music produced Independently, or on Indie labels, that is of an experimental nature -- In any genre. We can strengthen and promote the Independant scene in this city and supersede dependency on the main stream media by communicating. This list is a good medium for that.

This list will be uncensored, irreverent, and any with delicate sensibilities are encouraged to stay the fuck away.

Ideas and comments are welcome.

idio-audio Charlie



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