The Beneficial and International
Disumbrationist League


Founded by Edict of His Imperial Majesty, Norton I, 1869

An organization for the assistance of international Disumbrationists in whatever form that may take for undertakings of many sorts. We are a service organization with only the good of mankind at heart. Our philanthropy of service knows no bounds, because of the universal love we ruthlessly cultivate. Only bigots and the mentally ill fear us, and we extend our love even to them.

  • Disumbrationist League Man of the Year, 1997: David Bowman
  • Disumbrationist League Woman of the Year, 1998: Monica Lewinsky

  • Directive from the 1998 Congress
    A Disumbrationist vanguard is the only plausable savior in a world where the machines of order have finally lost their credibility.
  • The Reasons for the Unexpected Difficulties of Modern Life by Nancy Owlglass
    Our identity is partially (or even largely) shaped by a replicator system that does not have the same interests as the replicators that created and shaped our pleasure/pain instincts, and that seems to reproduce well in the hive model in which one source disseminates and many cells serve and defend.
  • The Dangerous Adventure of Fellatio by Ishmael Gradsdovic
    Now the question is not "Did Monica Lewinsky give Bill Clinton a hummer?" but "What kind of hummer did she give?"
  • The Criminal Bee by Hakim Bey.
    Law has mutated from a complex but many-dimensional tool of the oppressor class to the subtle, fatal, all-pervasive self-image of the spectacle.
  • The Electronic Revolution by William S. Burroughs. Special Weapons and Tactics
    Fictional dailies retroactively cancelled the San Francisco earthquake and Halifax explosion as journalistic hoaxes, and doubt released from the skin law extendable and revenous, consumed all the facts of history.
  • On the Misdefinition of Memetics by Luther Blissett
    I attack Lynch's proposed definition, and I feel compelled to go further and to question his motives for presenting it. This is looking more and more like the act of a provocateur from the Disumbrationist League.
  • What is the Disumbrationist movement? by J. David Oznot
    Excerpts from Oznot's "American Radical and Reactionary Militias" - not endorsed by the Disumbrationist League.
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