Disumbrationist League

Dismembership Application

The selection process and initiation rites of the Disumbrationist League are not public knowledge. To the right is a transcript of a conversation recorded by government agents in the process of an investigation that had nothing to do with the League - in it, a Mr. William Lee, author of a science fiction book called The Ticket That Exploded, is being given instructions by an unnamed District Supervisor for the League.

Monica Lewinsky, Luther Blissett
Co-chairs, Recruitment and Membership Committee

Joining the Disumbrationist League

You see this noose, Lee? This is a weapon... an enemy weapon.

In this organization, Mr. Lee, we do not encourage togetherness, esprit de corps. We do not give our agents the impression of belonging. As you know most existing organizations stress such primitive reactions as unquestioning obedience. Their agents become addicted to orders.

You will receive orders of course and in some cases you will be well-advised not to carry out the orders you receive. On the other hand your failure to obey certain orders could expose you to dangers of which you can have at this point in your training no conception.

There are worse things than death, Mr. Lee, for example to live under the conditions your enemies will endeavor to impose. And the members of all existing organizations are at some point your enemy. You will learn to know where this point is if you survive.

You will receive your instructions in many ways. From books, street signs, films, in some cases from agents who purport to be and may actually be members of the organization.

There is no certainty. Those who need certainty are of no interest to this department. This is in point of fact a non-organization the aim of which is to immunize our agents against fear despair and death. We intend to break the birth-death cycle.

As you know inoculation is the weapon of choice against virus and inoculation can only be effected through exposure... exposure to the pleasures offered under enemy conditions: a computerized Garden of Delights: exposure to the pain posed as an alternative... you remember the ovens I think...