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January 23 - 7:00 p.m.
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra's Centara New Music Festival

Centennial Hall, Winnipeg

Through the Valley: Milgaard   McIntosh has just completed the writing of this orchestral work, and she will be the guest pianist/narrator in its premiere performance with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, which commissioned the work through the Manitoba Arts Council.

The epic struggle of Joyce Milgaard to free her son David who was wrongly imprisoned for 23 years was McIntosh's inspiration and focus for the writing of this 25-minute work. Maestro Bramwell Tovey was so moved by Joyce Milgaard's book, A Mother's Story, that he asked McIntosh, a long time friend of Milgaard, specifically if she would like to write an orchestral work about it.

March 13 - 12:00 noon
Jean McKulty Recital Hall
Wm. H. Buset Centre for Music and Visual Arts
Lakehead University
Thunder Bay, Ontario

March 15 - 8:00 p.m.
The Music Gallery
St. George - The Martyr
Toronto, Ontario

March 24 - 8:00 p.m.
National Aviation Museum
Ottawa, Ontario

Slipping The Bonds - From Birds to Bondar   This is McIntosh's recently written one-woman theatrical musical tribute to Roberta Bondar, Canada's first woman astronaut. McIntosh will perform this 55-minute show at the above venues.

This theatrical work is a celebration of the development of flight - from monks jumping and flapping off monastery walls to Bondar's rocketing into orbit. It is written for live spoken text, acoustic piano (or electronic piano), percussion, and electronic music which is mixed with Bondar's voice from an interview with McIntosh.

March 31 - 8:00 p.m.
Eckhardt Gramatte Hall
University of Winnipeg

In a concert titled Another Look to Spain, presented by GroundSwell, Winnipeg's new music series of which McIntosh is a Co-Artistic Director, she will perform the following solo piano works:

Agregats Sonores, etude III ................... Maurice Ohana
Suburbis ........................................... Federico Mompou

Concert Curator for this program of solo piano works by lesser-known Spanish composers is GroundSwell's guest curator Jose Evangelista, of Montreal.

August - days TBA
St. Norbert Arts and Cultural Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba

McIntosh will perform a one-woman version of Through the Valley: Milgaard. This 25-minute solo version is for spoken text, piano and tape. See comment under January 23 above, for a description of the work.

October - days TBA
Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art
The National Gallery
Rome, Italy

A solo 45-minute concert titled In, On and Around the Piano, a program of four of McIntosh's contrasted pieces using various combinations of piano, tape, spoken text, extended vocal techniques, mouth percussion and movement will be performed by her several times for the Fondazione Donne in Musica, Project Contro Canto. Works to be performed are Doubletalk, Go Between, All in Good Time, and The Mountain Gods.

October - days TBA
East African Aeroclub
Wilson Airport
Nairobi., Kenya and other venues in Kenya to be determined

Beryl Markham - Flying West with the Night. This 50-minute one-woman theatrical musical work by McIntosh will be performed by her. The work combines McIntosh's original music for piano and tape with live spoken text from Markham's fascinating autobiography, West With The Night. McIntosh's dramatic work recounts the incredible experiences of the intrepid pioneer flyer, Beryl Markham, who learned to fly in Kenya, was a bush pilot, scouted elephant for the white hunters, and became the first person to solo the Atlantic from East to West, in 1936.

Other presenters please note availability, for your venues,
of performances and workshops by Diana McIntosh.

She delivers program notes that sound real but extremely cerebral. They are so profuse, her audience hears but tiny samples of the music.

Diana McIntosh is, in fact, a mountaineer. She combines music and mountains in a full-evening one-woman show SOLITARY CLIMB in which her audience shares a daring experience "scaling the sheer face of new music."

Maude Pilly (a favorite Diana McIntosh character) comes from the backward Dandelion, Manitoba. She is wonderfully sophisticated, perhaps from reading unintelligible program notes.

A partial list of solo works by Diana McIntosh
available for performance on tour:

Solitary Climb, 1990, a full-evening (80 minutes) one-woman music/theatre piece of new music and mountains. With magnificent slides of climbs she has made, mountaineering gear, recorded mountain climbing sounds (live as well as played on a keyboard sampler), and much music on and in the piano, including Climb to Camp and Made to Scale.

Eliptosonics, 1979, theatre piece for piano and spoken voice (8') with slides, tape (13').

Shadowed Voices, 1988, a theatre piece for piano, extended vocal techniques, percussion and digital delay (10').

Aiby-Aicy-Aidyai, 1983, for toy piano and extended vocal techniques (5').

Doubletalk, 1983, for extended vocal techniques and electronic tape (5').

...and 8:30 in Newfoundland, 1985, theatre piece for extended vocal techniques and digital delay (10').

Glorified Chicken Mousse, 1984, a recipe piece by the composer's other persona, "Maude Pilly" (5').

Sampling the Communication Parameters in the Ambience of Structural Phrasing and Dynamics in Contemporary Music, 1986, a theatre piece for spoken voice, piano (12').

Tay Ploop, 1986, a theatre piece for kitchen percussion and electronic tape by "Maude Pilly" (5').

Process Piece, 1988, a theatre piece for food processor, two pots, a measuring cup, a wooden spoon and vegetables (5').


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