Diana McIntosh

/ pianist / composer / performance artist /
"O n e  o f  m o d e r n  m u s i c ' s  m o r e  m i s c h i e v o u s  m i n d s"



"There's the audience, and an idea - and I'm the window through which we connect."
Diana McIntosh

up-coming C.O.N.C.E.R.T.S

Diana McIntosh

"McIntosh...uses her entire body as an instrument. It was like catching a shortwave broadcast from outer space. She is a wonder, and she is witty and inventive in the bargain."
Dallas Morning News

"An individual but genuinely poetic atmosphere."
New York Times

"Full of mysterious sounds."
Washington Post

"Multimedia performance is a natural outgrowth of the age, and McIntosh is one of its important voices."
Christian Science Monitor

"Pianist puts some fun on music series menu."
Toronto Star

"Diana McIntosh's sound arsenal."
Ear Magazine (New York)

"Her multi-media concert...was thoroughly entertaining for every breathing soul in the audience."
Interchange (Winnipeg)

"She's so inventive you can't believe what you're listening to, and you can't stop."
Edmonton Journal

"Virtuoso composer, pianist, show-woman - Winnipeg's Diana McIntosh - is one of the wonders of the Canadian contemporary music world. Contemporary music is not often so engaging, entertaining and delightful."
The Halifax Chronicle-Herald

"In finding her own voice, she has developed an individual style of composition and performance, using her voice, piano, electronics and movement, that transports us to other worlds and times."

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469 Kingston Cr., Winnipeg, Canada R2M   0V1
Tel: (204) 233-4163 Fax: (204) 237-3773


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