CRITICAL MEDIA is a non-profit organization formed in 2001, to develop and support the critical examination of new media in Canada and abroad.
Our goal is to promote and further public understanding of media art and emerging art practices in diverse media.

Central to CRITICAL MEDIA's aims is the presentation of events including
symposia, exhibitions and performances which will serve as a vehicle for
communication between media art, multidisciplinary practitioners and the
general public. CRITICAL MEDIA seeks through these activities to develop an
interdisciplinary dialogue.


>> encourage interdisciplinary research and collaborations in old and new media.
>> support the critical, interdisciplinary examination of art and technology practice in society
>> foster exchange, collaboration and dialogue between the artists and scientists.
>> develop international exchanges involving artists, scientists and scholars.
>> create contexts for collaboration between scholars and practitioners in the arts and sciences by developing symposia, exhibitions and workshops.
>> work actively in collaboration with other national and international organizations and institutions to further the exploratory goals of interdisciplinarity and new media.