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Belgium, Brussels
Czech Republic, Prague
Finland, Helsinki
France, Angers
Germany, Bonn
Greece, Athens
Hungary, Budapest
Italy, Milan
Italy, Savona
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Netherlands, Utrecht
Norway, Oslo
Norway, Stavanger
Poland, Warsaw
Slovenia, Ljubljana
Spain, Corunna
Spain, Oviedo
Sweden, Stockholm

UK, Coventry
UK, London
UK, Manchester

North America:

Canada, Gloucester, ON
Canada, Toronto, ON
USA, Ann Arbor, MI
USA, Englewood, NJ
USA, Milwaukee, WI
USA, Morristown, NJ
USA, Pittsburgh, PA
USA, Pleasanton, CA
USA, Portland, ME
USA, White Plains, NY

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South America:

Brazil, Florianopolis
Brazil, Niterói

Middle East:

Israel, Tel-Aviv


South Africa, Cape Town

East Asia/Pacific:

China, Beijing
China, Shanghai
Japan, Tokyo
Japan, Tokyo
Philippines, Makati City
New Zealand, Auckland