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P L U N D E R P A l © ® Z A
A Festival of Cultural Appropriation

For immediate release:

A nnouncing the Plunderpal©®za Performance Event

The Plunderpalooza Performance Event will rattle your cage beginning at 8 p.m. on Friday, September 26, 1997 at Lee's Palace. This multimedia performance of art and satirical cultural commentary will feature Toronto's plunder sound pioneer John Oswald, local experimental band Sucking Chest Wound, and Negativland's Mark Hosler.


Beyond simple quoting or re-purposing, the artists exploring appropriation seek to create a new generation of work from plundered fragments of existing material, using familiar media archetypes to create challenging new works of art that reflect the media saturated world that surrounds us.

Mark Hosler and San Francisco-based provocateurs Negativland have been producing their unique brand of cut-up 'culture jamming' since their first album in 1980. The band gained international notoriety in 1991 after they were forced to destroy copies of the since "U2" as a result of legal action by Island Records and Casey Kasem.


John Oswald, creator of ground-breaking works such as "Plunderphonics" (also destroyed as a result of legal action by Michael Jackson's label) and the double album "Grey Folded", is among the originators of the genre, with works dating back to the mid-1970s. Through his writing, recording, lecturing, visual art and involvement with The Music Gallery and Music Works Magazine, John continues to be one of the most active, creative and articulate voices probing the issue of copyright and cultural appropriation of art today.

Provocative and enigmatic local artists Sucking Chest Wound have mutated since 1980 into various incarnations during their many years of artistic exploration. Their album "War on Drugs" topped college radio charts across Canada. Sometimes described as Canada's Negativland, the group has a reputation for providing the unexpected with each rare live appearance. Other artists to appear will include Sook-Yin Lee and the Rust Brothers, Monty Cantsin and The One Armed Bandit, Victor Warlord and Michael Philip Wojewoda, DJ Saint Blameless and DJ OXO.

s m o k i n

In addition to the performances, the three-day Plunderpalooza festival will include a panel debate and film screenings. Ticket prices for the Plunderpalooza Performance Event at Lee's Palace on September 26 will be $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Tickets available at Rotate This & Primal Scream.


Contact: John Magyar
Idiosyntactix Strategic Arts and Sciences Collective
(416) 469-8378

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