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: ... Poor Jim.

  Don't cry for me, Dimmy Kleiner,
  The truth is, you're just a whiner: 
  Simpering, whimpering,
    Never too relevant,
  But with an ego
    Big as an elephant ... 

  Don't post your trash, little Quirky
  We all know you're a turkey
  Running on empty
  Word diarrhea,
    Thought constipation. 

  And as for free speech, and the right to post,
  Well, you never really wanted it,
      Except if YOU had something to say,
  You'd use a megaphone,
      To interrupt a theatre or film,
  And cry "censor" when they took it away. 

  And as to logic:  we we all impressed
  To hear the Selby was of national interest; 
  We are waiting now,
    Until you discover the earth and solar system are also a part
    And you'll post to world.news to tell us whenever you fart. 

  Don't cry for us, dimbulb Kleiner
  You really should try a one-liner
  For you go on so,
     Ranting and lippng,
  Dribbling on just
     Like a nose dripping ... 

  Give us a break, 
    And get out of your rut.. 
  For under a pony tail .. 
    We often find a horse's butt. 

Above lyrics NOT copyright, and may be freely
republished or performed as desired.


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