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"I really liked the first section, the philosophy. It explained some of the things that someone was trying to tell me a few weeks ago. He was afraid - of letting go, of enjoying it too much, of not wanting (or being able) to stop. And yet at the same time not wanting me to stop. He was afraid that if he told me, I would never do it again for him. Once he had accepted that I would stop any time he asked and I would do it anytime he asked, he felt more comfortable. He finally "lost control" as he called it and came in my mouth. He apologized over and over for not having called a halt to the activites before hand. When he was done talking… I told him that I had enjoyed it more than I had on any other occasion, not because of what he had done, but because he finally felt comfortable enough to do it.

"You probably really didn't want to read that, but I want to say thank you for putting an article like this where people can get it. It is truly helpful and interesting."

"It was a wonderful help in both our sexual and nonsexual relationship."

"Your details on blowjobs is awesome, I keep coming back and reading it over and over again. I guess that you could call me a perfectionist… I am desperate to share this work of art with my friends and have given them all of the details that I can remember."
"I was quite enlightened on the topic. I kept thinking I was doing something wrong and I find out it was the guy who was a little screwy. Thanx…"
"I have lots of experience with this subject. I find that when the correct environment for a blow job is present that there are several human physical actions that take place. First the couple must be sexually aroused, then as unusual as it may seem it is the female that usually initiates the blow job. It seems that the female depending on the method of sexual interlude she is anticipating is the one to start the method of the encounter. It seems that if the female has head on her mind that's what is going to happen. If have initiated blow jobs to women on several occasions. To do this one must not forsake the key to all sexual endeavors with any woman. The key is foreplay. Women need it, demand it, and must have it to get to the sexual level that takes a man only minutes. The same safety procedures should be observed when a man is anticipating intercourse (to avoid the dreadful ejaculation) that he should keep the goal in mind. My girlfriend says think of baseball or something. Believe it or not this works! When you're humping away with all kinds of wild sexual thoughts flying through your mind during that moment when you know you're going to explode think rock climbing or fishing. It works!! Also it is a good idea for anatomy to come into the question. The penis is a a multi-faceted body part; study it and learn the various sensitive spots - they are most beneficial when giving the ultimate blow job."
"Interesting information. Should get my significant other to read it. She already gives great head, but one supposes there is always room for improvement. I may make you a patron saint in my new church - Tantric Catholicism."
"We had nothing to do tonight and were reading your article on oral sex. It sounds like you know your stuff. My girlfriend is going to practice tonight. I will get back to you if she needs any further instruction."
"Truly awesome essay… I really loved it. Hope many more men read your essay. Can I get your permission to send it to a few (gay male) friends of mine?"
"Agoopa, agoopa, goopa, ahuh-huh! Way to go bro! I personally found that, while I'm no butt pirate myself and do not particularly find the idea of a man's hairy buttocks particularly appealing, the first time a woman was engaged in giving me a blow job (little or no blowing involved, thank you very much), her tongue started sliding down around my anus. At first I was like, 'hey, what the f@#$%!!!', then all of a sudden, I found myself arching my back and letting her suck down all the dingleberries she wanted!!! Wow!!! Of course, after I sobered up and saw what was lying next to me (300 lbs of gretchen) I wasn't surprised that her face was in somebody's ass. Anyway, it was enjoyable at the time; I still don't know which one I like best, the tongue or the sepository!!! Time to move to San Fran!!! Later King!!!"
"Great article. I learned some great tips and I am sure my boyfriend will be happy."
  1. "Your page is great.

  2. "Concerning risks of oral sex: There is one single case of a blowjob resulting in pregnancy (this is verified by the London Journal of Medicine, I believe… one of those medical journals, anyway). A young female was fellating her new boyfriend. New boyfriend came in her mouth, she swallowed, and just then her ex-boyfriend, who wasn't too pleased about being an 'ex,' busted into the room and began to stab both of them repeatedly. In the process, young woman got stabbed in the belly. It sliced open her stomach near the top, releasing semen into her body cavity. Normally the gastric acid would have killed off all of the sperm and whatnot, but she hadn't eaten all day, and this was mid-afternoon. So, the sperm manage to work their way down to the fallopian tubes, swim up them the wrong way, and find an egg, which had been released a few days before (as you know, optimum fertilization period). Egg is then fertilized, and pregnancy proceeds as normal. Cæsarian delivery, as young woman was only 14 and did not have the hips for a 'real' birth. Now, one might say, 'yeah, right! How do we know her and her boy weren't just fucking and didn't want to say so?' I would refute them easily: the young woman had no vaginal opening! I don't remember the Latin for the term, but she didn't.

  3. "Oral Sex is illegal in Cincinnati, as well. Oddly enough, however, the rest of Ohio does not consider this illegal (anal sex and homosexual interaction, however, are a different story).

"I'll keep trying 'Philosophy' and 'Techniques' - I'd imagine it's probably the most widely accessed page on the 'net so far (excepting Microsoft). Look forward to reading, visiting every now and again to read anything new you've got - you're on my 'hot list' now."
"Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you did a really good job in describing a great blow job. I consider myself and have been told on many occasions by many different people that I am especially good at this task. I consider myself a master :-) I do all the things that you mentioned, except that I also tune myself into the man's body… it's a spiritual thing; I know what he is feeling and that way I can give him exactly what he needs. Anyway, it was neat to read about it. See ya."
"I just saw your pages on blowjobs. I am currently involved in a great relationship. I pride myself on my prowess at pleasing my boyfriend, and found myself exclaiming, 'Hey, I do that!' at many things on your page. This is truly awesome."
"Your article rules! Every woman should read the article before attempting to give a blowjob."
"You left out an importatnt facet of The Best Blowjob He's Ever Had - and this is desire. No man enjoys pumping the face of his beloved if he doesn't believe that she is enjoying herself. A woman should endeavor to treat her lover's penis like an ice cream bar in the Sahara - you love to suck it and don't dare for a second to take it out of your mouth until you're done.

"The Best Blowjob I've Ever Had was when my girlfriend at the time (later revealed to be a psycho bitch from hell - another story) pushed me down on the bed, and out of the blue (or blew as the case may be) sucked me off, swallowed hard, thanked me, and went back to reading her book.

"Otherwise, a classic piece of literature. I'll be sure to bookmark it on my Netscape and pray that my girlfriend discovers it."

"Great articles, but there's one assertion I disagree with, which is your contention that swallowing or not swallowing per se doesn't matter.

"Personnally I really get turned on by a woman swallowing, especially if she makes a show of it. I get turned off by a woman rushing to the sink to spit out my semen which disturbs the on-going flow of the sexual mood (which contrary to what people say can continue after male orgasm!).

"Of course, the woman doesn't have to swallow, she just has to show that she enjoys the semen, whether it's actually going down her throat, or over her breast, face, hair etc."

"The first real blow job I had was from an expert. She loved to suck her lover with a passion. I thought that most women found it to be insulting if he man wanted to be blown. Not this lady, she knew all of the methods you talk about and she practiced them with a skill you would not believe. She could 'deep throat,' like the head and shaft, take a testicle in her mouth and lick from bottom to top. When it came time, she would concentrate on the head while using her hand on the base to produce the must intense orgasm I have ever had. Luckily, I had many, many encounters with my lady friend before we had to break it off for fear of being discovered by our spouses."
"Thank you!

"I found your article very stimulating. I recently had a conversation with my boyfriend about how I don't give "Blowjobs" and we ended with him saying that I should rent a pornography and then tell/show him what I learned. However, since I was browsing on the net and found your informtive article I no longer have to rent a porno because you have given me plenty of subject matter to work with. I do have one problem with your column though and that is the Anal-Penetration section. It is just wrong and shouldn't be done. You should not be sticking your tongue into a hole that someone defecates out of. Even if you clean the person thuroughly its not enough. There are many other ways to give your partner pleasure other than wiggling your tongue inside his rectum."

"Although you described the pleasure that can be had by the receiving end of a blowjob you didn't describe how pleasurable it is for a guy on the giving end. Nothing can compare with the feeling of a penis jumping and dancing in your mouth and throat as it unloads its nectar for swallowing. The taste of seman is unlike anything else in the world and the only true end to the best blowjob is to gently swallow all of it, then milk the penis completely dry."
"Incredible information - I'm passing this along to my partner. On a related note: a zine I read regularly had an issue devoted to sex, and included a wonderful article about giving head - the writer clearly had great knowledge of her topic and her advice was to make the act a singular experience for the recipient in whatever way possible. Her method was to provide a well-practiced technique, and then to make a production of swallowing, complete with moans, other sound effects, and prodigious smacking of the lips, etc. Speaking as a recipient aficionado, a woman who swallows with gusto is unequalled in the annals of truly memorable blowjobs. The blowjob, in my opinion, can even be mediocre, so long as the woman (in my hetero case) finishes with a flourish like that. A transcendent experience!"
"Thanks for your articles. I enjoy sucking and getting the guy to the point where he is thrusting deep inside and emptying his load. I get off on that as much as he does from my sucking."
"Your argument is well thought out and very intelligently stated. The only problem that I have with it is that it is so totally ridiculous that no one could possibly believe it. The fact that you have torn a simple blow job apart and over analyzed it to the point of lunacy simply tells me that you need a good one yourself. Have a nice day!"
"Your article on bj's is very informative. All women that like men should read it. Hey, but along that same note… Have you written an article about how to pleasure a woman? Many men out there simply do not have a clue about what a woman wants. I know they are surfing the net, so while they are scanning the eye candy, they might actually learn something about women. I hear many men complaining about women only wanting relationships, and not casual sex. Can you blame us? Many men simply do not have the equipment that it takes to please a woman. In this instance, I am not referring to their physical hardware. I am trying to say that most men are really terrible lovers, and they think that they are more attractive than they actually are. I am sure a lot of women would be grateful to such an article. Women are tired of having to gasp and scream as if they are enjoying themselves. I know this because I hear it from a lot of women. Thanks. I hope to see an article soon. PLEEEEEZE!"
"I am just about 70 years old and I have yet to receive a complete 'blowjob' from a woman. Oh, some have sucked my cock, but no one has continued to the point of ejaculation. I watch XXX-rated videos and I envy the studs that get the desired treatment so regularly that it must be almost boring. Oh well, maybe in another life---!"
"I thought you were just an enigmatic marketer…but replying and being helpful with my question (about your medication against premature ejaculation,…remember?) showed me you are a great guy. thanxxx a bunch, buddy. you are a pal."
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for straight talk about sex and blowjobs in particular. You're right, men are inarticulate about what pleases them, and the books in the bookstores don't help with specifics, and especially, the fears and feelings of men about sex. I like your writing and your honesty. Keep it up (no pun intended)."
"My boyfriend and i have been going out for a while and i wanted to give him head but had never done it before. The tips and tricks in your essay helped me prepare for it and give him a good blowjob. He greatly enjoyed it and we both thank you for helping."
"You know what? This article is pretty dead on, because this is exactly the behavior my friend Ben exhibits when I sucked him off the other night! At first, when I started massaging his crotch and kissing him seductively on the lips, working my tongue back and forth over his teeth and gums, Ben seemed hesitant. 'What if it's too good, Mark? What if I can't stop? What if I can only bring myself to completion by ravaging your lean, muscular frame?' he asked. (1. Fear of Possesion) 'That's just a chance we'll have to take,' I whispered as I slowly unzipped his pants, a knowing grin spreading across my boyish face. His pants dropped to the floor as I pulled his cock out of the flap in the front of his purple silk boxers. I started slowly, massaging his manhood with my fingers and then my lips and tongue, moving gently at first, then with a firm grasp. 'Oh god! Oh god! Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod!' Ben started to moan softly to himself, as though it were his mantra. Soon, however, he's screams began to reach a cresendo, and as I polished the hilt of his flesh sword, it seemed to me as though several men were yelling in unison, a cacophony of tumultuous voices crying out in both ecstasy and agony. Suddenly, without warning, Ben grabbed the back of my head by the hair with one hand and began smashing my nose with his free fist! 'I can't stop myself! I'm so sorry, Mark! I'm so fucking sorry!' he blubbered as he hammered away on my face, the mouth of which was still wrapped tightly around his masculinity. (2. Fear of the Monster) Immediately, however, he was taken over by pain, so wracked with it as he was that he quickly withdrew from me, and as he did so, began to shower the room with his seed, spraying it hither and tither with nary a care. It shot forth in spurting bucketloads as he hollered his man-fury at the heavens, muscles tensed, back arched. 'It hurts so gooooooooooooooooooooooooood!' he bellowed like an animal. (3. Fear of Pain) Then however, without warning, he keeled over and died. (4. Fear of Death)

"The moral to this story, I'm lead to believe, is don't discount the Four Fellatial Fears. They are quite founded in truth. God bless us all."

"I first encountered your How To Give Your Man the Best Blowjob He's Had in college years ago, back in the dark ages of command-line ftp and telnet. If someone saw "www" they assumed it was a typo; .edus, .orgs. and even .mils outnumbered .coms; and the most graphic thing one could encounter on Usenet was usually a story.

"My girlfriend and I were discussing the fine art of oral pleasure the other night and I mentioned your article as 'something I had read long ago, wish I'd saved it.' To my delight, I was able to find it even in this dot-com world."