Some Major Artistic Activities


Jan. 1997 Performed Doubletalk, at du Maurier Arts Ltd. Winnipeg
          Symphony New Music Festival.

Mar. 1997 Performed Beryl Markham - Flying West With the Night,
          at The National Aviation Museum, Ottawa.

Nov. 1996 Performed Five Windows, comprising 5 original solo works,
          including the premieres of knee-deep in clouds, and Ode to
          Harmona, at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Oct. 1996 Performed one-woman music theatre work, Beryl Markham -
          Flying West with the Night, at The Music Gallery, Toronto.

May. 1996 Eliptosonics was performed by James Winn, on New York New
          Music concert, in Danny Kaye Hall, N.Y.C.

Feb. 1996 Brent Lott, dancer/choreographer, premiered his dance to
          McIntosh's wind quintet, Patterns and Digressions, at a
          GroundSwell concert at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Jan. 1996 Premiered 9 Foot Clearance (McIntosh was piano soloist) with
          the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Bramwell Tovey
          in the du Maurier Ltd. New Music Festival.  This work was
          commissioned from McIntosh by the WSO for this festival.

Apr. 1995 In Her Journeys, comprising two multimedia one-woman shows,
          at the Winnipeg Art Gallery - Solitary Climb and the
          premiere of Beryl Markham, Flying West With the Night,
          created through a grant from the Manitoba Arts Council.

Feb. 1995 Solo concert of own compositions at The Music Gallery,

Feb. 1995 Residency, Leighton Artist Colony, Banff Centre (also many
          other Residencies there in other years).

Jan. 1995 Performed ...and 8:30 in Newfoundland, at du Maurier Arts
          Ltd. Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra New Music Festival.

Nov. 1994 Solo concert of classics - Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Bartok
          and Bloch at U. of Winnipeg concert series.

Oct. 1994 Solo concerts, U. of B.C., and Seattle, Washington.

Oct. 1994 Quintet Bristol Freighter premiered in GroundSwell concert
          at Western Canada Aviation Museum.

May  1994 Performed McIntosh the Stein Way in Edmonton New Music

Mar. 1994 Performed a full evening concert of music/theatre works in
          a one-woman show at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Feb. 1994 Performed McIntosh the Stein Way twice for Alberta Theatre
          Projects series, in Calgary.

Dec. 1993 Recorded works for CD "Another Byte of McIntosh", during
          residency at Leighton Artists' Colony, Banff Centre, Banff,

Oct. 1993 Performed McIntosh the Stein Way and Secret Messages at the
          University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and for the
          Pasadena Conservatory of Music.

Apr. 1993 Gave premiere performances of Murkings, a one-woman
          multimedia show, in GroundSwell new music series, Winnipeg.

Apr. 1993 Excerpts from video Serious Fun With McIntosh selected for
          inclusion in "Angles of Incidence - Video Reflections of
          Multimedia Artworks", co-published by The International
          Council for Computer Communication and The Banff Centre for
          the Arts.

Feb. 1993 Performed McIntosh the Stein Way in the Winnipeg Symphony
          Orchestra's du Maurier Arts Ltd., New Music Festival.

Jan. 1993 Performed improvised music for Dream Rite dance
          performances, choreographed by Rachel Browne, in Women in
          View Festival, Vancouver.

Dec. 1992 Performed McIntosh the Stein Way at Banff Centre.

Oct. 1992 Panelist/Performer at Glen Gould Conference, Toronto.

Sept.1992 Performed Dream Rite in Winnipeg, with members of
          Contemporary Dancers, choreographed by Rachel Browne.

Aug. 1992 Performed Interfacing, a one-woman multimedia show, at the
          Edmonton Fringe Festival.

July 1992 Performed Interfacing, a one-woman multimedia show, at the
          Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

Mar. 1992 Performed Dream Rite in the INDE Dance Festival, Toronto; my
          music created on commission, for choreographer Rachel

Mar. 1992 Performed Fringe Benefits and Interfacing one-woman
          multimedia shows at Pomona College, Claremont, CA., and
          Pasadena Conservatory, Pasadena, CA.

Mar. 1992 Braille for the Wind's Hand was premiered in GroundSwell new
          music series, Winnipeg.

Feb. 1992 Performed Solitary Climb, a one-woman multimedia show, in
          Ottawa, as part of Espace Musique's new music series.

Feb. 1992 Performed Nanuk with Rivka Golani, (who commissioned the
          work), on GroundSwell concert series, Winnipeg.

Jan. 1992 Performed one-woman show Fringe Benefits three times in
          Women in View festival in Vancouver.

Jan. 1992 Margins of Reality was performed by the Winnipeg Symphony
          Orchestra as part of its first New Music Festival.

Jan. 1992 Performed Solitary Climb in a Toronto New Music series

Nov. 1991 Performed ...and 8:30 in Newfoundland in Dallas, Texas, as
          part of the Voices of Change series.

June 1991 Performed Made to Scale in the Canadian Electroacoustic
          Community Festival, "Perspectives", at Concordia University,

Feb. 1991 Queen's University Women's Scholar, solo concert, panelist,
          and creative workshop, Kingston, Ontario.

Jan. 1991 Performed Solitary Climb and gave creative workshops at
          Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick.

Fall 1989 Made professional video "Serious Fun With McIntosh".
          Distributed by Winnipeg Film Group.  Broadcast on CBC TV.


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