Diana McIntosh is recognized as an original, witty and innovative artist. These qualities are revealed in her unique and dynamic career as composer, pianist and actor. Her solo performances throughout Canada, in Europe and the United States, include six concerts in New York City. Among her commissions for new music are works for orchestra, chamber choir, vocal and instrumental soloists, dance, mime, and electronic tape. "9 Foot Clearance", for piano and orchestra, her most recently completed major work, was commissioned by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra for its 1998 New Music Festival; the performance, for which McIntosh was soloist, won a standing ovation. Two CDs feature McIntosh's music exclusively: The Original McIntosh and Another Byte of McIntosh. Her video, Serious Fun With McIntosh, featuring four of her multimedia one-woman works, is available from the Winnipeg Film Group. In recent years she has attained a high profile for her one-woman, inter-disciplinary creations, in which she has explored singular ways of working with voiced texts in a theatrical relationship with music. Her repertoire also includes many works of other composers, particularly, though by no means exclusively, those of this century.

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469 Kingston Cr., Winnipeg, Canada R2M   0V1
Tel: (204) 233-4163 Fax: (204) 237-3773

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