Federal Election 2000

Latest News: Federal Election 2000 National Results: Nov.27.2000
National summary: (301 seats; 151 required for majority)
List below is votes cast, percent of popular vote and total number of seats won.

Liberal Party of Canada
5,216,768  40.79  173
Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance
3,263,578  25.51   66
Progressive Conservative Party
1,562,196  12.21   12
Bloc Quebecois
1,366,096  10.68   37
New Democratic Party
1,091,604   8.53   13
The Green Party of Canada
104,460     0.82    0
Marijuana Party
66,361      0.52     0
No Affiliation
35,197      0.28     0
Canadian Action Party
27,405      0.21     0
18,683      0.15     0
Natural Law Party of Canada
16,971      0.13     0
Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada
12,637      0.10     0
Communist Party
8,918       0.07      0

Total votes: 12,790,874
Eligible voters (est.): 21,400,000
National voter turnout (est.): 60.00%
1997 national voter turnout:   67.00%
To View Election Day Live results at Elections Canada - Click here
Doomsday Clock Unveiled by Canadian Action Party - Nov.25.2000

   Canadian Action Party leader Paul Hellyer unveiled a Doomsday Clock at the US Consulate in Toronto yesterday.

   "We're minutes from midnight," Hellyer said.

   Ten minutes to be exact. And midnight marks the point where the USA has taken Canada over to the point that we are the 51st State.

   Hellyer will move the clock ahead five more minutes if the Liberals win a majority. And he encouraged Canadians to vote strategically for a few Canadian Action Party candidates and perhaps other parties in places like Atlantic Canada.

   Hellyer says another liberal majority government would
- continue deals with the World Trade Organization (WTO), leading to for-profit health care and education, and allow US agribusiness to bankrupt our family farms.
- continue secret negotiations toward a US/Canada customs union and our use of the US dollar.
- continue to push for the FTAA or Free Trade Area of the Americas which will give giant US corporations free reign with a National Treatment clause and lower our environmental and labour standards.
- open the few remaining protected areas of Canada's economy to US takeovers.

   Hellyer explained that Canada has one of the weakest federal government in the world, and the highest concentration of foreign ownership.
Milton Chan's current prediction for this Federal Election - Nov.26.2000
Liberal 153
Alliance 58
PC       11
NDP      12
Bloc     40

Too Close to call  27
Total 301
Straight Goods - November 24, 2000
Pre-election Extra edition of the Straight Goods bulletin
- Lindsey McKay makes a compelling case that the right to abortion is a
fundamental, if unspoken, condition of straight sex .
- Linda McQuaig calls Stockwell Day a gunslinger in the health-care corral
At Straight Goods - Nov, 2000
- Exclusive federal election coverage and commentary
- Two-Tier is Here - Gillian Steward.
- Puncturing polling myths: Pollsters talk about polling.
- "Two-tier" debate highlighted erosion of health care - Cindy Wiggins.
- Liberal platform, Martin mini-budget in lockstep with February IMF "recommendations"

- Election animation gallery  Day and the Dinorsaurs, Count Chretien,  and other visions
Remembering Democracy in Canada's Federal Election 2000
By Gary Morton - Nov.22.2000

   Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day isn't quite sure about his name these days. Some people call him Stockwell while to others he's Stockwell Dork and Doris Day.

   Stock brought this on himself during our federal election by bringing up the issue of Direct Democracy. In turn it led to the humourous Doris referendum and a shallow national debate by the media and our politicians on democracy itself.

    Prime Minister Chretien is consulting an ethics counsellor as he denies that his wheeling and dealing with bank bosses and corporate chieftains is unethical. Tory Leader Joe Clark is also in ethical turmoil as he explains why he spent time calling Chretien for his own game of wheeling and dealing.

   Doris or Stock is perhaps the big loser in this as in some newspapers he is trying to prove that he isn't a bizarre racist, woman hater or Martian. And he really may be all of those things - who really knows?

   On the referendum issue he has certainly proved himself an enemy of our rights. Stock wants to hold a referendum on the right to choice in abortion and he is portraying it as the democratic and Christian thing to do.

   It is neither. As a former member of a direct democracy group and a Christian (though not part of any church) I spent some long years considering the issues. My personal conclusion on abortion has been that the right to choice is an established right in Canadian society. A good comparison is with Stock's right to a name. Only he has the right to decide whether his name is Stock or Doris. We have no right to hold a referendum vote to decide it for him. So if you get my take you can see that it is the same with abortion. The proper Christian and humanist position is a conservative defense of our established rights, and in abortion that right is the right to choice. The public at large does not have the right to vote that right away.

   We also don't have the right to vote minority rights away or to vote our own rights away. Such actions are a total misuse of direct democracy and they are not democracy at all.

   Some people would have us all as drones sitting on computers voting on every crazy thing in the world. You probably know that in most elections most people don't vote so I guess the number one policy in the world would be that we are undecided as to where to go with our lives and nations.

   Then there is the question of the informed vote. How much voting can you do on issues you know nothing about?  And who is controlling the information you are already receiving?

   I suppose that in Canadian direct democracy the info would come from government, corporate media and the National Citizens Coalition. Not the best of sources - and it would mean that the public would not be in control of the vote at all. In application out of control direct democracy leaves the door open to demagogues and other forces of negativity. These forces do not believe in the will of the people. What they believe in is the ill will of the people, harnessed and manipulated by them so they can build a sick society in their own image.

   This harnessing of negatively even shows through on the simple issues -- many proponents of direct democracy are always calling for votes on taxation. And of course they are all people who don't want to pay taxes. Yet the fact is that tax issues have to be decided by representatives, because citizens can't vote fairly when the issue is whether they should put money directly in their pockets.

   Of course I'm always going to vote to toss myself some fast cash and that is why you can't allow me to do that. Sure I want to see some horrible serial killer get his neck chopped, and only for revenge. We don't think clearly on emotional issues, but there are some issues that are suitable and where direct democracy works fine.

   In Toronto during the days of the forced megacity, citizens wanted to get informed on models of city democracy and to decide by referendum on a final system. It never happened but it would have been a good form of direct democracy where citizens got informed and decided on their own style of government.

   Clearly direct democracy has to be used sparingly. There are only certain issues it applies to and it has to be a slow process where the public becomes clearly informed. We don't need demagogues, manipulators or mad men with insta-Vote computers as our government.

   Yes we don't need them, and we also don't need the wheelers and dealers. Our Prime Minister and party leaders stumble around like people who have forgotten what democracy is … and as they try to remember they keep getting it somewhat muddled. In their state of confusion they continue to wheel and deal with media, bankers and corporations - the upshot of this being that we the people are fading away.

   Every time our leaders forget to consult us they are voting to take our right to democracy away. We might want to call it a new form of directly dishonest democracy, and we might want to note that it is killing us all.

   It is time to reform the system, but let's do it through a slow and sensible process. Otherwise the manipulated majority might vote to end it for us all.
Stockwell Day Sites - Nov.2000

  • http://www.daywatch2000.com
  • http://www.banthealliance.org/
  • http://www.canadianallianceparty.net/
  • http://www.stockwelldaysucks.org/
  • http://www.stockwelldork.com/

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    Climate Summit - Canada Fossil of the Day - November, 2000
       Canada has captured three fossil-of-the-day awards from world environment groups, for its stand as the climate summit goes into its second, critical week in The Hague. Canada is now one of the three least green of the 160 governments attending the summit. The worst offender is Japan, followed by Canada and the United States third.
       "I think on every possible issue, Canada is fairly consistently taking the route the least consistent with environmental integrity," said Robert Hornung, director of climate change of the Pembina Institute. "Canada's record here is really nothing to be proud of."
       The international criticism is that Canada is trying to create ways to avoid having to actually cut down on emissions at home.
       Instead, it wants to make sure it has the widest possible scope to earn credits against its own missions by cutting down on gases sent up in other parts of the world. Failing that, Canada wants to be able to count any possible natural absorption of carbon -- into trees or agricultural lands -- as a credit toward emissions.
    "Time to Consider the Real Issues," Says Russow
    QUEBEC CITY-- November 18, 2000 -- Joan Russow, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, was arrested 3:30 PM EST, Saturday November 18, 2000, and was detained for 3/4 of an hour. Russow was visiting the jail which is being
    emptied to accomodate the anticipate protesters against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) meeting in April, 2001.
       It is anticipated by the organizers of the FTAA meeting that this Quebec City jail will be needed to detain the peaceful protesters expected at the FTAA meeting.
       Quebec police said it was against the law to take a picture of the jail. The police also took away the film from a Le Soleil photographer who was present.
       "My arrest and the Quebec City jails show that the Chretien Liberals are preparing to turn Quebec City into a battle ground against its own citizens," said Russow.
       The FTAA is a major step in expanding corporate control and subsequently in reducing our sovereignty and control over our economy. It means deregulation and devolution of powers to corporations.  It will be another blow to the environment as these corporations promote waste, contribute to climate change, and produce toxic and hazardous materials.  A Green government would dismantle the WTO and abrogate NAFTA and the Free Trade Agreement.
       "Corporate control of the government should be the Number One Issue in this election," Russow added.  "Chretien acts as a corporate lackey with his trade junkets all around the world, selling Candu reactors to regimes with gastly human rights records. Canada's human rights record was  tarnished by Chretien at APEC.  The Canadian Alliance has accepted  vast amounts from corporations too, with $25,000 a plate dinners. The  NDP has done nothing when given the chance to speak out as provincial  governments."
       "That is why we are the only real alternative for voters," Russow said. "Unlike the other previously elected parties, we don't accept corporate political donations and consider these donations as being corruption.  I challenge the other parties to come out and say where they stand on these vital trade issues."
       Russow was accompanied by Jean-Claude Balu, the leader of Parti Vert du Quebec, and other Party officials and Green Party of Canada candidates. Russow had also taken a photograph of the jail and when the police aggressively demanded the photograph from her, Russow refused and put the photo in her pocket. The police then detained Russow and placed Russow in a detention cage for 45 minutes.
    For further information, please contact:
    Joan Russow, Leader
    Cell: 250-415-7004
    David White, Press Secretary,
    Phone: 250-598-0071, Fax: 250-598-0994
    At Now Toronto
  • Suing Stockwell - shocking comments about respected defence lawyer Lorne Goddard raise questions about Alliance leader's fitness for office by Scott Anderson

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    See Stockwell Day as Mussolini!
    Ann Emmett's Canadian Action Party Web Page is posted at
    At Straight Goods- Nov.2000
  • Day's Alberta record makes mockery of "democratic" image - Gillian Steward
  • What journalists give to get political access- Mark Bourrie
  • Canadians lying? Why love health care and vote for tax cuts?
  • Count Chretien, Saviour of Medicare - new Jim Kempkes animation:
  • Welcome and election commentary from downtown Killaloe

  • Straight Goods Features: http://goods.perfectvision.ca/Features.cfm
    - Top 10 reasons why Canada's a great place for millionaires - Jim Stanford
    - Party comparisons on environment, health care, transportation, women, broadcast policy
    Thinking of Voting Alliance? Think Again - Nov 2000
       That is the title of a comprehensive e-mail from Dave Clarke of Edmonton has been spreading like wildfire throughout Canada.
       It begins:
    "If you're thinking of voting Alliance, as a protest against the Liberals, or because you agree with some aspects of their platform, the following is provided so that you are able to vote with your eyes wide open."
       A revised version of the e-mail WITH FULL CITATIONS has been posted to the front page of http://Buzz.CA , a new website for Canadian news and discussion.
    Alliance report recommends medical user fees - Nov.2000
       A Canadian Alliance discussion paper called Five Steps to Better Health Care suggests patients be charged user fees and more private businesses be allowed into the medicare system.
       The Alliance document also suggests giving Canadians $2,000 a year to budget their health-care use.
       Patients would be covered if they exceeded that amount, but would be enticed to stay out of the medicare system by the chance to keep what they didn't spend.
       The controversial discussion paper reflects positions that are under consideration for Alliance policy.
       Michael McBane, national co-ordinator of the Canadian Health Coalition, called the plan incredibly dangerous. "It's dismantling the advantages of medicare in favour of American-style health care. That's what it is.''
    The Canadian Action Party Retains Eddie Greenspan In Bid To Expand TV Coverage - Nov.11.2000
    Leaders’ Debates Show Need For Political Alternative, Says Hellyer
       Toronto, ON -- The Canadian Action Party (CAP) has retained prominent criminal lawyer, Edward Greenspan, to assist in the party’s bid to gain more television coverage during the federal election campaign.
       "We were barred from the national leaders’ debates and we are all but invisible on the national TV news, so we have gone to one of the best legal minds in the country for help in this matter," said Mr. Hellyer. "We have an important message about the fragile future of Canada and we are going to do everything we can to get that message out to the Canadian people."
       On CAP’s behalf, Mr. Greenspan has written letters to the presidents of the three major television corporations: Robert Rabinovitch, CBC, Gerry Noble, Global, and Ivan Fecan, CTV.
       In his letter, Mr. Greenspan states: "The Canadian Action Party has an extremely important and legitimate message to be conveyed to the Canadian public. Accordingly, I am writing to request that the Canadian Action Party be allocated additional ‘no charge’ broadcasting time from each of your braodcasting organizations."
       Mr. Greenspan suggests that a total of 30 minutes of "no charge" broadcast time be given in one block or in six individual five-minute blocks. "At present," he writes, "the ‘no charge’ allocation is for two minute segments which is insufficient time to seriously impart the political message of the Party."
       CAP’s lawyer has requested that Mr. Rabinovitch, Mr. Noble and Mr. Fecan respond by late today. If there is no response, further action will be taken.
       Mr. Hellyer noted that the role of the media -- especially television which is such a popular medium -- in a democracy is to inform the public. "Right now, the media are concentrating on the five major parties, in spite of the fact that Canadians are forming other parties because the ‘same old same old’ isn’t good enough. Is it responsible journalism to ignore this fact?"
       The CAP leader held a press conference in Ottawa today to discuss his party’s efforts to gain more exposure. He also introduced the CAP federal candidates -- " a dedicated team of Canadians" -- for the National Capital Region, and gave his analysis of the election campaign to date which he described as "petty, irrelevant and not responding to the crisis facing Canada."
    For more information, please contact:
    Kathleen O’Hara -- 1-877-629-0841 or (416) 535-4144
    Email: info@canadianactionparty.ca
    Website: www.canadianactionparty.ca
    Women's Election - 2000 Reasons to Vote - Thu, 09 Nov 2000
    Canada Election - Women’s Election: 2000 Reasons to Vote

       Political parties are moving to the Right. This federal election has the fewest women candidates in a decade. Canada Election - Women’s Election: 2000 Reasons to Vote provides an election forum for progressive and equality seeking women. It is produced by a coalition of women and women’s organizations in partnership with Womenspace and the National Association of Women and the Law.
       The message is - Our Voices and Our Votes Count - for a woman’s right to choose, for social programs, diversity, and tolerance. We want equal representation and decision making in the political process.
       The bilingual website is designed to offer information on party platforms, elections and voting, important issues for women, research documents, press releases, feminist commentary, and links to women’s organizations, election websites and resources.
       There is a lot at stake for women in this election. While the several parties are in a competition over who can offer the best tax cuts and debt reduction program, the women=s equality deficit remains huge and pressing. This website will help identify which party is more likely to support critical issues for women, such as health care, childcare, public
    housing, initiatives against violence against women, support for women=s groups, progressive immigration law reform, support for aboriginal women, equality rights for lesbians and other pressing issues.

    Canada Election - Women’s Election: 2000 Reasons to Vote
    Email: women@istar.ca
    Friends of Canadian Broadcasting E-News
     - Election 2000 issue -  Thu, 09 Nov
    This is online at http://friendscb.ca/en/vol2iss1/enewsvol2-1.htm
    It includes Stockwell Day's Secret Paper: Sell CBC TV
    The Canadian Students Federation [CSF] has produced a "Federal election 2000 MEDIA kit" [27 pp in PDF] in which they analyze the issues and the platforms of four [5 with Bloc] political parties
    To see CFS's grading of party platforms and performance go to http://www.newswire.ca/releases/November2000/02/c0576.html
      "The Report Card .. examines the post-secondary education platforms of each of the mainstream parties. Key issues include funding, student aid, tuition fees, research and development, and overall vision for education. The governing Liberals' record and the parties' policies were also taken into consideration.
        "The Canadian Alliance gets a failing grade (F), while the Liberals pass with a 'D,' the Progressive Conservatives earn a 'C,' and the New Democratic Party comes out on the top with a 'B.' ... the
    Bloc Québecois has a well-developed position on post-secondary education in Quebec [but] not for Canada." [Strangely, there is no mention of the Canadian Action Party's platform.]
    Straight Goods bulletin (Nov.2000) from http://www.StraightGoods.com
    - Rich and marginalized? Here's a tax cut, by Linda McQuaig
    - Putting a lid on special interest political ads, by Aaron Freeman.
    - Time to debate Social Canada - CCSD
    - How do federal parties line up on environmental policy? - Gary Gallon
    The Edible Ballot Society wants to help you eat your ballot and sell your vote.
    See - http://www.tao.ca/~wrench/
    Election 2000 Voter's Guide to the Atmosphere - Nov.2000
       You can help make climate change, clean air and clean energy a Canadian priority.  The “Citizen’s Guide to the Atmosphere” outlines some of the ways you can help push the UN Climate Summit onto the election agenda. If you would like to order hard copies, email stopclimatechange@davidsuzuki.org .
    WWW.CLICKFORCLEANAIR.ORG Urges Party Leaders To Address Un Climate Summit - Nov.2000
       One in one thousand Canadians have visited www.clickforcleanair.org and up to 500 faxes a day are being sent.  The site has shifted its target from the Prime Minister to all party leaders and the Canadian Minister of Environment.  Environment Minister David Anderson's campaign headquarters was so overwhelmed with the recent shift in faxes to his office, staffers pleaded to have them re-directed.  The site has helped generate the public concern essential for forcing the federal government to make some of its boldest commitments on transboundary air pollution and a national climate change business plan.  Nevertheless, the federal government is still pushing for loopholes in the Kyoto Climate Treaty.
       YOU can now fax the campaign headquarters of the party leaders to urge them to put the UN cClimate Summit, clean air and clean energy on the election agenda.
    Visit http://www.stopclimatechange.org
    Federal Housing Debate -  Spin Doctoring on CounterSpin - Nov 02, 2000
    (Real Housing for Real People, or Another Bedtime Story.)
    By Doreen & Gary
       Tonight CounterSpin with Avi Lewis held a discussion called Housing and Homelessness As An Election Issue. The Liberal Red Book III calls for 680-million dollars in aid for Canada's homeless, but only if the provinces match it. Some housing advocates think this is a good beginning. Cathy Crowe of the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee wants the Federal Government to spend one percent of its budget on housing. She is elated to be one sixteenth closer to her goal.
    - read the full report
    At Now Toronto Magazine -  Nov.2000

  • Report on Rebuilding the Left
  • Liberal losers

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    Federation of Canadian Municipalities announces its 10 Point Action Plan for Sustainable Communities and its election challenge to the federal parties.
    Video at Net Show
    Raging Grannies Rage at Stockwell Day - Oct.29.2000
       VICTORIA - Stockwell Day lost his cool with a quartet of elderly female protesters - Victoria's Raging Grannies. Day says their heckling was abusing his freedom of speech.
       The Grannies paid admission to hear a breakfast speech from the Alliance leader and when they heckled Day other Alliance supporters shouted them down and tried to remove a banner accusing Day of bigotry.
       Fran Thorburn, 68, said she was dragged away by Alliance supporters.
       Later, in Penticton, B.C., Day said he didn't realize the protesters were the Grannies. For the second day in a row, Day was greeted by protesters in Alliance strongholds, Friday in Calgary and yesterday in the British Columbia capital.
    NDP leader says Alliance based on Hatred - Oct.28.2000
       NDP Leader Alexa McDonough says the Canadian Alliance and its policies are based on hatred.
       "Those policies are based on a whole approach to politics that is based on blame, that is based on hatred, that is based on the notion that it's each person for themselves, that is based on the question of `What about me? I only care about me and the hell with everybody else,' '' McDonough said during a visit to a farmhouse in Regina.
       She continued saying, "Those are mean-spirited policies that I don't think reflect the values of Canadians. It's shocking to Canadians that the federal Liberals have also reflected those same kinds of mean-spirited policies over the last seven years.''
    Day Opposes Abortion and Same-Sex Marriages - Oct.2000
       Stockwell Day appeared on the 100 Huntley Street show to say he'd allow a free vote on banning abortion if his MPs
    wanted it. Day indicated he'd use the notwithstanding clause to veto same-sex marriages.
    G20 scandal - government waste! - Oct 2000
    NDP Candidate denounces government waste at G20 Summit
       David Bernans, the NDP candidate running in Lasalle-Emard, is demanding that the Chair of the G20 Summit, Paul Martin, apologize immediately for the shameless waste of 306 dinners thrown-out at the Sheraton Hotel on Tuesday night in Montreal Quebec.
       This food could have been given to Concordia University¹s People¹s Potato Soup Kitchen just down the street, or dozens of other organizations, or even the young protesters outside!² Bernans complained. ³Why book two opulent dinners for 306 guests in two hotels at exactly the same time without a plan for the food that was not going to be used? This disgusting display of privilege and waste symbolizes everything that is wrong with globalization and the G20! Paul Martin says that the benefits of globalization ought to be extended to the world¹s poor. Maybe distributing some of this perfectly good food would be a way to start the process.
       Bernans learned that the G20 Summit had booked two dinners for Tuesday night; one at the Sheraton Hotel and the other at the Windsor Ballrooms. Since delegates opted for the Windsor dining experience, the Sheraton dumped its 306 sumptuous meals in the garbage. Of the 306 meals, 180 were for delegates, 76 for bankers and 50 for police.
    POLICE MUST STAY NEUTRAL - from the NDP (Oct.26.2000)
       Howard Hampton wants a government guarantee that the Conservative cabinet won't introduce regulatory changes to make it legal for police to endorse political candidates. With federal and municipal elections happening now, Hampton fears that the Conservatives will quietly change a regulation in The Police Services Act today in time for police to actively endorse candidates legally.
       Sources in the Solicitor General's office confirmed last week that the government is considering a changing to the regulation behind closed doors and without public consultation.  Hampton says the government should respect the existing regulation of the Police Services Act that bans police from endorsing candidates.  The NDP Government introduced the law that granted police some political powers, such as running for office, lobbying and engaging in political education, where previously they had no such rights. But endorsements cross the democratic line, Hampton asserts.  Last night, Hampton debated the issue with police union representatives on a live phone-in show and attracted considerable support for his view.
    AT NowToronto- Oct.2000
  • Alliance flirting hurts Nunziata campaign By Enzo Di Matteo
  • Michael Valpy sparks NDP hope of taking back Trinity-Spadina By Glenn Wheeler

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    At Eye - Oct.2000
  • Send in the clowns BY GREGORY BOYD BELL

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    Homeless can Vote - Oct.2000
       Elections Canada has made it possible for the homeless to vote. Any homeless Canadian who slept in a shelter the Saturday before Nov. 27 can cast a vote. All that person will need is a signed piece of identification such as a health card and proof from the shelter's director that they spent the night.
    Federal Green election platform - Tue, Oct 24.200
    (Condensed version of post)
       The platform deals with LETS and alternative progress indicators as proven precursors to monetary reform, both essential to any "green money" scheme. It mentions fair trade and the abrogation of NAFTA and WTO.  And it mentions the 1966 Covenant of Social, Economic, and Cultural rights, in which every member state of the UN committed to guarantee the human right to food and housing.
       Also the 1992 commitment to invoke "polluter pay" and "precautionary" principles in their laws, and to reject transference of harm to environment and human health.  All told, an excellent list of our concerns in Toronto today.
       I hope you will consider voting Green, and eradicating the ideology-driven top-down parties of corrupt mass media delusion from Canadian politics. Our objective in this election is to run a full slate in the Metro Toronto area
    (see list of candidates currently at http://www.green.ca/english/ridings/Ridings-Ontario.htm)
    and to achieve support equivalent to federal NDP or Tory (6-8%) taking our votes preferably from the CA & Liberal support which we believe to be weak and prone to shift.
    Contact Craig Hubley
    President - Toronto-Danforth Greens
    Joe Clark - LIVE WEB EVENT
    On Tuesday, October 24, the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark will address a major fundraising dinner in Toronto. He will speak to the specific elements of the PC Party's election platform, in the context of his vision for Canada.
    The speech will be carried LIVE on our website from 6:30 PM to approximately 8:00 PM (Eastern Daylight time). Log onto www.pcparty.ca.
    If you log into the event, please let us know how this new technology works for you!
    Susan Elliott National Director/Directrice nationale
    Homes not Bombs Pickets Eggleton - Mon, 23 Oct 2000 00:
    From:  TASC <tasc@pop.web.ca>
       Amount Canada will spend on war (including attack helicopters, grenade launcher systems, machine guns, submarines) in fiscal year 2000-2001: $11.2 billion
       Amount Canada will spend on a new affordable housing construction program to address the national crisis of homelessness in fiscal year 2000-2001: $0.
       Canada Needs Homes, not Bombs!
       Nonviolent Pickets of War Minister Art Eggleton's Toronto Election Office Saturdays, Noon-1:30 pm, from October 28-November 25 520 Wilson Heights (at Sheppard-just east of Downsview subway station). If you cannot make it, call Eggleton's office to express your outrage: (416) 638-1700
       Say no to Star Wars and Massive War Spending,
       Say Yes to Affordable Housing
    Two major issues ignored by the Liberals and most political parties are those of poverty and militarism, both of which are rapidly increasing in this country. When Ottawa says there are no monies for affordable housing, they turn around and buy attack helicopters or contract for grenade launcher systems. And while Eggleton parades his "respect" for the average Canadian soldiers, hundreds of Canadians veterans are suffering and dying from exposure to depleted uranium during the Gulf War: their pleas for assistance and treatment are treated as "psychological" problems.
       On October 6, Eggleton, the former mayor of Toronto, again ignored the plight of the city's homeless when he announced a new $36 million military contract to construct consolidated facilities at the Downsview war base. This could have provided over 1,000 units of affordable housing. New contracts are announced daily for attack simulator systems, grenade launchers, upgrades to CF-18 fighters which already fire 6,000 rounds a minute, and more. And Eggleton is a loud cheerleader for the U.S.-revived Star Wars nuclear war fighting program. Meanwhile, 2-3 homeless people die every week on the streets of Toronto.
    For info: call Toronto Action for Social Change at 651-5800; tasc@web.ca
    Reality Check: Liberals have reneged on 50/50 spending promise - Oct.2000
    OTTAWA--An Alternative Economic Update released today shows that between the 1997 election and fiscal 2001, the Liberals will have spent only 2 per  cent of the fiscal dividend on social investment, compared to 98 per cent  on tax cuts and deficit reduction.
       This runs counter to pre-1997 election promises to spend 50 per cent of the fiscal dividend on social programs.
    Full story: http://www.policyalternatives.ca
    Paul Martin Unveils Alliance-style Tax Platform - Oct.20.2000 -There is something for almost everyone in Paul Martin's Liberal mini budget, but the tax cuts favour wealthier Canadians and there is nothing to help the very neediest and the homeless.
    Connie Fogal of the Canadian Action Party did a recent study on the unworkable Alliance tax plan. Read it and wonder why the liberals are imitating the Alliance.
    read the full document.
    Canadians Discuss Issues on the Net - Oct.20.2000
       Canadians now can express their opinion about local, provincial, and federal policies affecting their lives. They can suggest a wide range of improvements, new programs, and make propositions for the forthcoming elections. Discussions, Propositions, and Voting facilities have been provided for Canadians at
       Anybody can use these facilities, free of charge, after simply subscribing to this public service.
    Private health care not wanted - Oct.20.2000
       A report by the Conference Board of Canada reveals that most Canadians don't want private interests taking over health care services.
       The report says health care costs are expected to double by 2020, when 31% (4.5 million) of Ontario's population will be over age 55 and in need of more medical care.
       It's clear Canadians want the universality of basic medically necessary services covered -- that is non-negotiable.  50% to 70% would not support user fees or other forms of privatization of health care.
    Feds Ducking Environmental Assessment on Adams Mine - Oct.20.2000
       Federal Environment Minister David Anderson won't make a decision about whether to call an environmental assessment into Toronto's plan to send its garbage to the Adams Mine until after the election.
       The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has yet to report to Anderson on the controversial Toronto trash plan, and probably won't until December.
       "There's lots of pressure coming from here, within our caucus, but he (Anderson) is not responding to political pressure," Judy Sgro said.
       The truth is that Anderson knows the Adams Mine has not undergone a thorough assessment. He could order one right now and he isn't doing it because the liberals want to duck the issue.
    Milton Chan's Federal Election Prediction page -  Oct.2000
       Milton is running site prediction the seat outcome for the parties in the Federal Election.
    Mel Lastman's Dead Election - Oct.18th.2000
    (And the Fat Federal Fringe)
       Municipal and Federal Election fever has hit Toronto. This fever is best described as one that has put people to sleep and in the end it will likely kill us all with bad democracy.
     - read the full article
    PM will have to catch up, Women's March Committee says
        OTTAWA, Oct.2000 - After 50,000 marchers converged on Parliament Hill today to support demands to end violence against women and poverty, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien sent them home with nothing but a directive to talk with his Ministers and the provinces. He will have to catch up to women, organizers of today's march on Parliament Hill say, because "we're on the move and we're not stopping," says Terri Brown, President of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women and CWMC Member. Representatives of the Canadian Women's March Committee met with the Prime Minister
    following the largest mobilization in the history of the Canadian Women's Movement.
        An angry Brown says the Prime Minister wasted her time. "He showed a profound lack of leadership."
        "We wanted him to make a commitment that our 13 demands would be reflected in his pre-election "mini-budget" on Wednesday."
        "All he came back with was a reminder that he had appointed a number of women to profile positions in his government."
        "The PM just doesn't get it," says Nancy Riche, Canadian Labour Congress Secretary-Treasurer and member of the CWMC. "While appointing women to high positions in government may be a noble gesture, he in no way addressed the realities of the lives of the majority of women in Canada today."
        The CWMC program, "It's Time For Change," is made up of 68 proposals for legislative and policy reform ranging from the protection of women's social, economic and cultural rights, women's work, the human rights of immigrant women, Aboriginal women, and lesbians, the support of the human rights of women around the world and the encouragement of women' s active citizenship.
        Riche says: "The Prime Minster is going to have to catch up with us now because we are going to work and will continue to organize and push for what we want."
            The Canadian Women's March Committee (CWMC) is a coalition of 24 national organizations.
    For further information
    Toronto Rally to Open Fall Federal Election - Oct.12.2000
       Confidential Liberal party plans call for Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to fly to Toronto Oct. 22 and stage a giant rally to open his fall election campaign.
       Chrétien is to call the election in just 10 days, on Sunday Oct. 22 for a vote on Monday Nov. 27.
       Finance Minister Paul Martin is expected to deliver a mini-budget Oct. 18 containing details on the Liberals' tax cut program, as well as its debt reduction strategy. Martin's mini-budget is also expected to offer a $200 fuel tax rebate to lower-income Canadians.
       In Ottawa, the main campaign headquarters has been chosen in a downtown building on Metcalfe St. Similar headquarters are being established in all provinces and many Liberal MPs have leased campaign space in their ridings.
    Toronto Council passes the Garbage Buck to the Federal Government - Oct.6.2000
       Mel Lastman passed the garbage buck to the federal government today saying that the city will not go ahead with the controversial plan to ship millions of tons of garbage to the water-filled Adams Mine in Kirkland Lake if the feds call for an environmental assessment before Februrary 2001. In that case the city would then move forward with another plan to ship to a US landfill. David Anderson (Anderson.D@parl.gc.ca) is the federal environment minister and the public will now be pressuring him for an assessment of risky plan.
    - read the report
    Pickering Reactor Hearing - Oct.7.2000
       Opponents of restarting Canada's oldest nuclear power station at Pickering will have their say before the country's nuclear safety watchdog says Dr. Agnes Bishop, president of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.
       The federal watchdog has still rejected demands for a study by an independent review panel. Staff members said public concerns don't justify asking federal Environment Minister David Anderson to appoint such a review panel. An environmental screening report by the commission also concluded that no study was warranted into possible alternatives to restarting the station or the environmental effects from a Chernobyl-style accident at Pickering. Research for the screening report was done by Ontario Power Generation, which operates the province's power stations.
       That anyone would restart the old cracked wreck of a Reactor demonstrates how little our government cares about possible environmental catastrophes.
    Alliance Platform Buried by the Shadow of Trudeau - Oct.6.2000
       Proving himself as mighty in death as in life, Pierre Trudeau has reached from beyond the grave and chipped 6 percent off Alliance support, knocking them down to 19 percent from a high of 25 percent.
       An election call is pretty much a certainty as conditions will never be more favourable for the governing liberals. Alliance leader Stockwell Day added to that certainty a week ago when he announced he would be spending millions to boost his image. Without a doubt liberal strategists asked themselves why they should wait for a spring election, when to do so would be a way of giving Day more time to buy popularity.
    The Day Platform
        I have a friend who starts laughing every time Day appears on TV. And yesterday Day was at his best, absorbing a dousing of chocolate milk hurled by protesters. The milk hit Day as he burst through the curtains on stage with music pumping and thousands of supporters applauding.
       Shaking off the attack, Day went on to prove himself all wet by unveiling a weird and in some ways offensive election platform. The document bearing the unoriginal title "A Time For Change" ducks out of Day's ridiculed flat tax for now. Most of it is a straightforward plan to make corporations and the rich richer. The $81 billion tax-cut and debt reduction plan cuts taxes for the well to do and is completely unrealistic.
       So-called law-and-order elements see Day scrapping the gun licensing and registry program. Day promises to drop the price of fuel by 3.3 cents a litre by eliminating GST charged on top of other gasoline taxes, and reducing federal fuel excise taxes.
       For some reason Day wants to dump VIA Rail. From an election standpoint Day will only lose votes with that promise. Voters should also live in fear as to what Day might do to the CBC.
       Alliance spin-doctors boast that their plan delivers much more debt reduction and tax relief than the Liberals can or will. But it is questionable just where the money will come from to pay off the debt when Day is giving it all away in tax breaks.
       Day and the Alliance want to look bigger and better than the liberals in all things from image through law and order to debt.
       Stockwell Day does cast a clever illusion. Too bad for him that for the moment the illusion remains crushed under the shadow of Mount Trudeau.
    Alliance Stuck in Western Mud - Oct.3.2000 - An Ipsos-Reid for The Globe and Mail and CTV News says that the Canadian Alliance has not been able to break out of its Western base.
       The Liberals have a lot of votes in places where that equals a lot of seats, but the Alliance, on the other hand, has a lot of votes in places that don't yield a lot of seats.
       Poll results say the Alliance would likely gain some seats in the West where the Liberals don't have a lot of seats.
       The Alliance needs to rise above 30 per cent in Ontario before it can bite into the Liberals' monopoly. At present the Alliance has just 21-per-cent support in Ontario
       The Liberals, at 56 per cent, have an incredible 35-point lead in the province.
       If the Joe Clark Tories gain support in the expected fall election, it could be game over for Alliance Leader Stockwell Day.
    Pierre Trudeau Dies - Sept.28.200
       Former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who touched the lives of a generation of Canadians in countless ways, died Thursday afternoon at the age of 80. A state funeral is being planned.
    - Story at the CBC

    Quotations from Pierre Elliott Trudeau:

    "The state has no place in the nation's bedrooms." -- Dec. 22, 1967.

    "I will use all my strength to bring about a just society to a nation living in a tough world." -- April 7, 1968, Ottawa news conference the day after winning the Liberal leadership.

    "Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant: No matter how friendly and even-tempered the beast, one is affected by every twitch and grunt." -- March 25, 1969, speaking to the Press Club in Washington, D.C.

    "When they get home, when they get out of Parliament, when they are 50 yards from Parliament Hill, they are no longer honourable members, they are just nobodies." -- July 25, 1969, House of Commons.

    "Fuddle duddle." -- Feb. 16, 1971, Trudeau's account of what he said to an Opposition MP in the Commons.

    "I believe that Canada cannot, indeed that Canada must not survive by force. The country will only remain united --it should only remain united -- if its citizens want to live together in one civil society." -- Nov. 15, 1976, national TV and radio address regarding Parti Quebecois election in Quebec.

    "The French won't take us over and neither will the Pope, although he's not the menace he used to be." -- Nov. 25, 1976, news conference.

    "So long, trained seals!" --Oct. 21, 1977, concluding a news conference in Ottawa.

    "We peer so suspiciously at each other that we cannot see that we Canadians are standing on a mountaintop of human wealth, freedom and privilege." -- Dec. 31, 1980, New Year's message.

    "I walked until midnight in the storm, then I went home and took a sauna for an hour and a half. It was all clear. I listened to my heart and saw if there were any signs of my destiny in the sky, and there were none -- there were just snowflakes." -- Feb. 29, 1984, announcing at a news conference he was resigning as Prime Minister.

    "I think we have to realize that Canada is not immortal; but, if it is going to go, let it go with a bang rather than a whimper." -- March 30, 1988, denouncing the Meech Lake Constitutional Accord before a Senate Committee.
    Chrétien pushing for a fall election -Sept.23.2000 - Jean Chrétien has told his cabinet he wants to take Canadians to the polls in a general election in late November. The Prime Minister has chosen Nov. 27  as a possible voting days.
    NOT CALM at Burnt Church - Wed, 27 Sep 2000
    Info from Ann Pohl <annpohl@interlog.com>
       The situation remains critically tense at Burnt Church.
       Many traps HAVE been removed. However, there is still considerable resistance within the community to allowing the DFO to remove any more.
       A recent press release from non-Native observers states that they have seen no guns in evidence since the beginning of their support effort there a year ago. The conclusion derived from this news is chilling: the considerable media about weaponry and the possibility of an armed confrontation may be yet another SET-UP to project the image of Aboriginal Rights activists as violent, militant and unreasoning. As we know all too well from Oka, Gustafsen Lake and Ipperwash, this media spin is created in order to justify terrible levels of repression that Canadians would never countenance on any other group of people within (or. for that matter, outside) their national borders. It also leads to criminalization of the people who are the victims of the states' human rights abuses - and to death.
    If you have not yet written to the government of Canada to express your concern, panic or disgust at what is happening, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SO: Prime Minister Chretien   <pm@pm.gc.ca> Tel: (613) 992-4211; Fax: (613) 941-6900
    News sites on the Issue

  • http://www.afn.ca/Burnt%20Church/burnt_church_news.htm
  • http://www.tao.ca/~beinglightbeing/burntchurch/
  • http://www.canadianaboriginal.com/news/
  • http://www.prairienet.org/cpt
  • http://www.turtleisland.org/

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    Employment Insurance for Caregivers-Sept.2000
    OTTAWA - New Democrat MP Peter Stoffer has introduced a bill in the House of Commons that would provide Employment Insurance benefits to persons who care for disabled family members.
    "Presently there is no recognition or allowance for individuals who care for family members", Mr. Stoffer said. "As our population ages, more and more people will require care by family caregivers. This bill will help Canadians by making the option of home care financially viable."
    The bill would allow individuals who voluntarily leave employment, or lose a job because of conflicting demands between their job and care giving, up to 52 weeks of Employment Insurance benefits.
    Is it Stock or Laughing Stock - Sept.18.2000
        You are invited to a $25,000 a table dinner with Stockwell Day this October 18th in Toronto. But you aren't invited to interview him scrum style on parliament hill.
        As Alliance leader Day's style is not much like that of Preston Manning. Today Stock introduced himself at the Hill with the news that he frowns on boring media scrums in chaotic hallways. Rather than match wits with reporters, the Stock will be doing his own commercials. That's right - no more boring politics. With signs and banners, bells, whistles and props, Mr. Day will be spicing up the TV news.
       And believe me, if you take a look at the product he is selling (the Alliance) you have to believe that he needs every single one of those props.
       Canadians now know that Stock is a good beach boy and one heck of a salesman, but what about politics itself?
       Well, here there's a problem. And that is that Day doesn't want to work. At least not on Fridays. He said that the other day after roaring into shore on his water scooter. Modeling the latest in water wear, Day informed Canadians that working Friday's was too hard on Alliance MPs.
       It is true that politicians don't have to work all of the time. I mean, look how Stock and Ralph Klein worked things out in Alberta, where they once shut the entire legislature down for the fall season.
       So is it Stock or Laughing Stock?
       You decide.
    Alexa accuses Day of gimmicks and stunts - Sept.16.2000
       NDP Leader Alexa McDonough is displeased over the dumbing down of Canadian politics by Jean Chretien and Stockwell Day. She says Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day has been all-show since he was chosen in July.
       Last week Day roared up to a B.C. beach on a water scooter, wearing a wet suit like some kind of movie super hero. Day's message was that he wants MPs to get Friday's off so they can spend more time at home.
       "I think Canadians have grown a little weary and more than a little skeptical about the idea that gimmicks and stunts should be allowed to substitute for real politics," McDonough said.
    New Federal Election Act -Sept.16.2000
    Amendments to the Canada Elections Act, as a result of Bill C-2 passed by Parliament earlier this year, are now in effect.
       Under the changes, third parties must now register with Elections Canada if they spend over $500. They will have a spending limit of $150,000 nationally with a maximum of $3,000 in each riding.
       Political parties must provide more detailed financial reports under the revised Act and there are new rules regarding trusts and transfers from constituency associations.
       Also under the new law donors to political parties will receive a tax credit of 75 percent on their first $200 in donation (up from $100) effective the current year.
    Clark and Day Win Byelections - Tue Sep 12.2000
       Stockwell Day and Joe Clark have been elected to the House of Commons.  Clark will become the MP for the Nova Scotia riding of Kings-Hants, and Day for the British Columbia riding of Okanagan-Coquihalla.
       Joe Clark got 53. percent of the popular vote, Kaye Johnson for the NDP got  27.1 percent and Gerry Fulton of the Alliance got 16.1 percent.
       Stockwell Day had it easier in Okanagan-Coquihalla where the major parties did not run candidates against him. He picked up 70.1 percent of the popular vote.  Ken Ellis of the NDP got 12.7 percent. Noteworthy in these by-elections is that the smaller parties brought about a debate on the issues and showed in the polls. Jack William Peach, Canadian Action Party got  4.2 percent of the vote and Joan Russow of The Green Party got 7.7 percent.
    Chretien, Premiers Reach Health Care Deal -Sept.11.2000
       The ten premiers, and the territorial leaders, have agreed to a deal with Ottawa that will restore more than
    $5 billion to health care over the next five years.
       Prime Minister Jean Chretien called it a great day for all of us.
       In the agreement the federal government will increase annual transfers to health and social programs from the current $15.5 billion per year to $21 billion in 2005-2006.  There's also a $1 billion dollar medical equipment fund, an $800 million pool of money for health care reform and $500 million to improve information technology.
       Newfoundland Premier Brian Tobin saved the agreement by putting forward a non-derogation clause that says nothing in the agreement will affect provincial jurisdiction over health care.
    PM Blasts Day's Health Plans - Sept.10.2000
       Prime Minister Jean Chrétien has attacked Stockwell Day for an Alliance Party proposal that would eliminate the federal government's unilateral ability to penalize provinces for violating the Canada Health Care Act.
       "This means clearly that there will be no medicare any more," Mr. Chrétien told reporters yesterday. "He does not want to have any possibility for the national government to force the provinces to respect these five conditions of medicare that every one agrees so strongly in Canada."
    NDP Demands Appeal of WTO Drug Ruling -Sep.9.2000
    WINNIPEG - NDP health critic Judy Wasylycia-Leis has called on the federal government to appeal the World Trade Organization decision delaying access to generic drugs.
    She said Canada should do everything possible to make sure Canadians have access to reasonably priced pharmaceuticals. The federal government's decision to repeal its own regulations rather than appeal the WTO ruling will delay access to generic drugs and their much needed cost savings.
    "This government has signaled to international pharmaceutical companies that it's open season in Canada," Ms. Wasylycia-Leis said. "The Canadian drug industry has been deregulated to the point that increasing drug costs are now threatening the very survival of medicare."
    Joan Russow, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, is running against Stockwell Day and an NDP candidate in Okanagan-Coquihalla, B.C. (Election is Sept. 11; URL is http://www.voterussow.org
       Here at CanadaElection.org we are endorsing Joan Russow as the best candidate in this race. Stockwell Day's political medicine will only serve to breed division in Canada. We need a new party that really wants to heal Canada, and that makes Russow and the Green Party the only choice.
    Canadian Action Party is running Jack Peach in this byelection.
    NDP Candidate is Ken Ellis for the September 11 byelection.
    Will the Alliance be Canada's Fifth Place Party? - Aug.31.2000
    - read it on the opinion page
    Long's Secret Benefactors Mean Tougher Campaign Laws Needed - Sept.1.2000
       Secret benefactors have wiped out the $800,000 debt Tom Long incurred during his failed Canadian Alliance leadership bid.
       Canadians also don't know who footed Long's $3-million campaign this spring.
       "Tom Long should come clean. Tom Long should respect the need for transparency and accountability in a democratic society by telling us where the money comes from and who's paying the bills," said Democracy Watch spokesman Aaron Freeman.
       Long has steadfastly refused to provide information about who funded his campaign or paid off his debts.
    Alliance Playing Survivor in Attack on Maritimes - Aug.22.2000
    Newfoundland Premier Brian Tobin says a Canadian Alliance proposal to eliminate business subsidies within two years of forming a government would turn Canada into a chaotic version of the TV series Survivor, where castaways are pitted against each other.
       He attacked the Alliance proposal calling it a silly, immature suggestion that ignores successful government partnerships in such sectors as high technology, aviation and the oil sector of Alberta -- the home province of Alliance leader Stockwell Day.
       "Stockwell Day wants to turn the whole country into a game of Survivor where only one person emerges at the end of the day with a big prize," Mr. Tobin said.
       Tobin also attacked the Alliance last week over comments by a senior party member, John Mykytyshyn, that dismissed Atlantic Canadians as lazy.
    50-plus rule for Canadian Political Parties Upheld - Aug.2000
       Canadian political parties must run at least 50 candidates to enjoy the benefits of registered party status is a reasonable' way of measuring their commitment to the political process.
       The 50-candidate rule is not an unconstitutional violation of the right to run for Parliament, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled yesterday.
      But the court struck down a section of the Canada Elections Act that allows only candidates from registered parties to have their party name listed on the ballot in general elections, saying that rule infringes on the rights of Canadians to cast an informed vote.
      The court's ruling amounts to partial victory both for the federal government and for Communist Party president Miguel Figueroa.
    Day Freaks After Alliance Pollster Attacks Easterners - Aug.2000
       Stockwell Day tried to distance himself from embarrassing comments made by a Canadian Alliance official who suggested Atlantic Canadians are unwilling to work and concerned primarily with receiving handouts. The comments brought to mind the insulting stuff members of the old Reform Party used to come up with.
       The remarks were made by pollster John Mykytyshyn, a member of the Alliance's National Council. Mr. Mykytyshyn said at a panel discussion that the Alliance was expected to do well in its first election in all regions except Atlantic Canada because "people in the eastern provinces believe in handouts" and being paid for doing nothing.
    Alliance Leader Stockwell Day got hit by protestersin Toronto (Aug.15). Day went to the Fiddler's Green Irish Pub on Wellesley St. E. and was met by people who hate his stands on women's issues and gay issues.
    Alliance Launches Sour Grapes Attack on PM’s Sporting Life– July.29.2000
       Prime Minister Jean Chretien has been engaging in a lot of summer sports. This week while white water rafting Chretien saved another rafter from a deadly spill into the rapids.
       All of this has drawn the ire of the Alliance, which wants Chretien portrayed as an old man. This week the Alliance is conducting an Internet poll asking Canadians to vote for the sport Chretien is most likely to turn into a photo op.
       Bungee jumping garnered the 26% of the vote in the Alliance poll and alligator wrestling and Aussie rules football tied at 14%. Croquet got 8%.
       Perhaps Stockwell Day plans to upstage Chretien by wrestling with God, and beating him.
    Native candidates could run in up to 31 federal ridings - July.2000
    (Natives fight back against the Canadian Alliance)
       First Nations candidates will run in key ridings in the upcoming federal election, possibly in a new First Nations Party. This is to influence what has been seen as a white man's process.
       Bill Wilson, an official with the First Nations Summit of B.C. says they will try to field candidates in those areas where aboriginal people have influence.
       Aboriginal voters could sway the outcome of two federal seats in Atlantic Canada, two in Quebec, seven in Ontario, two in Manitoba, two in Saskatchewan, four  in Alberta, and upwards of 12 in British Columbia.
       In British Columbia, natives plan to target the Skeena riding of Mike
    Scott, an Alliance MP and a vocal critic of the Nisga'a treaty.
       Matthew Coon Come is the new national chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), which represents 633 native communities across Canada. He is inspiring native people to act politically. Coon Come is not going to sit back and let the Alliance continue to attack aboriginal rights.
    Scumbag Rocker Nugent Plugs Alliance- July.2000 - Aging right-wing rocker Ted Nugent was just in Winnipeg speaking to a rally of lobbyists against gun legislation. Nugent, a Yankee, blasted Canadians who voted for Liberals who introduced gun registration.
    "Invest in freedom, join the Canadian Alliance!" shouted the burned out rocker.
    Scarborough Grit a Closet Alliance Man - July.2000
     Alliance leader, Stockwell Day admits that he is looking for Liberal turncoats, and Liberal MP Tom Wappel of Scarborough Southwest says he would consider jumping ship to the Canadian Alliance.
     Wappel expects to get the liberal nomination again, while praising the Alliance and Day at the same time. Wappel shares Day's opposition to abortion and one has to really wonder just what he is doing in the liberal party. If Jean Chretien has any backbone he'll refuse to sign Wappel's nomination papers.
    Stockwell Day - Rise of a Hot Air Balloon - July.2000 - Report on the recent National Post Poll and the Rise of Day.
    - Read it on the - Federal Election 2000 opinion page.
    Marijuana Party Federal Election Site is at http://www.marijuanaparty.org
    The Canadian Alliance spoof site has been launched at
    Day Rides Wave of Confusion to 1rst Ballot Alliance Victory - June.25.2000
       Tom Long has recreated the national far right under the Alliance, destroying the grass roots nature of the party. An American/Canadian, who used American style multi-million dollar telemarking and advertising to elect Mike Harris in Ontario, Long had been riding a wave of success.
       He took that success to the right wing Alliance, and led a pack of 4 candidates on the biggest spree of voter confusion in history. Perhaps more dead people were signed up to vote in this contest than the living. If anything positive has come of it, then it is that the truth has been exposed to Canadians. These sorts of politicians, built on the Mike Harris model, come forward with platforms to give the appearance of  a grass roots nature. Nothing could be further from the truth. The goal of the Alliance is to obtain power by any means in order to deliver Canada to far right ideologues and wealthy (mostly American and Foreign) Big Business people. Once they are in power they will make only the barest wooden motions towards actual dialogue with the public, and will lead Canada quickly toward a period of violent breakup and revolution, where the have nots will do battle with a celebrity class of haves.
       We see the spectre of a party that claims to have 200,000 new members. Yet only just over a hundred thousand voted in the leadership contest, and the leadership speeches were delivered before a mostly empty hall.
       The idea of direct election of a party leader is a good idea, that the Alliance has now disgraced. This massive exercise in telemarketing is a big setback for direct democracy. They even managed to discredit telephone voting, which many people thought was secure. The
       As Stockwell Day rises, fear should also rise across Canada. It will be the end if these incompetent fools gain control of parliament.
    Alliance of Wolves - May.9.2000 - Alberta Premier Ralph Klein is now a member of the Canadian Alliance and supporter of leadership candidate Stockwell Day. Considering Klein's current campaign to destroy Medicare with privatization, he fits right in with the extremist Alliance crowd. Tom Long is another keen new member of the Alliance and one good thing about the new party is that it is drawing all of the Wolves out of the Conservative Party and placing them in a handy pack. Making quick electoral extermination an easier task for the voters.
    Liberal Campaign Co Chair Reeks of Big Money - Apr.00 - David Smith has been named co-chair of Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's third national election campaign. Smith was a minister in Pierre Trudeau's cabinet but lost his seat in 1984.
       In 1993, Smith and Co. delivered 98 of Ontario's 99 seats. In 1997, 101 of 103 seats.
       One of Smith's colleagues is Jeff Lyons, a Conservative fundraiser and former law partner. Smith worked with Lyons, convincing Megacity Council to grant Mediacom rich advertising contracts for transit when more competitive bids were available.
       Smith lobbies for developers, and Lyons has added a new dimension to membership on the Police Services Board, as its resident political hack.


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