AWARD for Citizen Bravery


Presented by Citizens on the Web News
To those Citizens of Toronto who fought for democracy on June.15.2000, in the face of Police State Tyranny instigated by the Harris Government.

   A Bust of William Lyon Mackenzie stands at the Western Corner of Queen's Park, celebrating the great man's fight for democracy. On a wintry day a century and a half ago. At a time when the citizens of Toronto were not allowed to freely assemble, William Lyon Mackenzie and a thousand citizens marched from the Montgomery Tavern to take on the Family Compact and the British.

   Persecuted in their time they were shot, some were hung, others went into exile. Today we recognize them as heroes.

   Those who are willing to fight the attack on citizens rights and democracy by the regime of Mike Harris are also being arrested, and they are being criminalized in the pro Harris corporate media.

   This page will be including the names of some of those arrested, honouring them for their courage and thanking them for their willingness to stand up and fight for the rights of Canadians.

   Some of these people may have broken the law, but should be forgiven. Most simply acted in self defense and in defense of others, during a police attack - and that is fully legal.

   Citizens who want to contribute to this awards page can contact the editor at

Honoured Citizens - names to be added as I get them - 24 arrested so far.

We also honour all of those people who worked to pull the weak to safety from the galloping police horses.
Jennifer Tsun helped people escape horse charges - she was not arrested

Shannon Mugge, 21
Bataiah Usha, 18
Sandra Smith, 47
Magaly San Martin, seized, assaulted and arrested at 3:45 p.m. on Thursday, June 15th, at Allan Gardens. Suffered from a hearing before a judge that made racist comments.

Francis Godfrey, 44, of Sherbourne St. arrested June.17.2000
Omid Zareian seized June 15th at Allan Gardens.

Homeless People Jailed
4. Dallas Garrison, 30
5. Benard Parenteau, 44
6. Darcy Skitt, 23,

* Sandra Smith and Omid Zareian -- were taken to hospital after police beatings, and both were charged with assaulting police. This is after they tried to assist people being harassed by police at Allan Gardens.
Sandra is a 47-year-old unemployed disabled woman. She wasn't even at the demonstration. She was also strip searched and mocked in front of male officers.
Omid was beaten by police in front of the OCAP office and later beaten again at 51 Division.