Eugene Martynec has been involved in all facets of music making since high school in Toronto in the late 1960 s. He has performed, composed or recorded with pop groups, pit orchestras, music for visual media, modern dance and live theatre. He studied electronic music, composition and orchestration with Dr. Samuel Dolin at the Royal Conservatory of Music where he received 2 scholarships to study electronic music (1970-1975). His interest in record production resulted in Juno Awards (Canadian Grammy) in 1981 and 1973 for his work with Bruce Cockburn , pop groups "Rough Trade" and "Edward Bear". He has produced over 40 record albums from 1969 to the present. He has been awarded Canada Council and Toronto Arts awards for music composition.

His main interest now is performing live interactive electroacoustic music and the use of alternate controllers for music making. The following is list of activities using the unique program "Midi-ax" in live performances over the last five years.

1992 to present- formation of Toronto Post Modern Music Ensemble to air music using live interactive music processes, concert performances with pipe organist Eric Robertson at St. Pauls Anglican Church in Toronto, performances with classical guitarist William Beauvais including a performance of "Terror and Erebus" with actor Carolyn Guillet at Artword Theatre, performances with Canadian Contemporary Music Collective at the Music Gallery, performances with The Glass Orchestra and solo performance at University of Toronto-Walter Hall (Faculty of Music) March 1997. Also national radio performances for CBCs "Two New Hours" with the Glass Orchestra and William Beauvais.

First solo CD release Fall /Winter 1997 of composed and solo interactive electroacoustic music titled "Silica".

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